Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Short Adventure in Gardens

Finished 95% of my PITS assignment. Whoooohoooo!!! For the next 5 days I can relax! Went to Gardens around 4pm. We went to New Balance to leave M's shoe there for repair. We then decided to go to Starbucks for a change. We ordered a Venti Size Green Tea Frappacino (RM15.50 excluding tax), Venti Size Coffee Frappacino (Rm12.50 excluding tax) and a Cheese Cake.

What we ordered...
Then we went to Toys R' Us to check out the mini key chain rubik's cube. We finally bought it after much thought. It costs RM 22.95!! Later, we found out that it is quite stiff and hard to turn.

Keychain Rubik's Cube.

We then followed M to McDonalds. We brought two tickets for the chant from last week's McValue Meal. She gave it a try. I actually videoed her but unfortunately it was too noisy to hear anything.
When she was about to start her 1st chant, another "sesat" girl did it together. It was so funny. The cashier guy had to tell her. I bet you she was already looking for a place to hide her face. M did it and got 2 "congrats" ticket. Good Job Sis!! She exchanged 1 Big Mac on the spot. We decided to keep the other 1 for later.

Tada!! Winning ticket!!
(will post the video if I find a way to make the sound clearer)

Sent M and her friends to tuition just now. Going to take a shower now because We're going over to 97 to watch American Idol Final Performance Show.


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