Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Month Has Passed...

Woke up at 10am today and something sparked me to work on my assignment. When I was done, I went to shower and put on my contacts. Mum then brought J, E and I out to BV for lunch at Delicious. Dad wasn't here because he brought M for her competition.

I ordered the "Aglio Olio" to try as it was my first time. Unfortunately, it was too tasteless for me. Had to add some Tabasco sauce and chili flakes to give it some "spice". After that, we ordered the Classic Chocolate Cake for dessert and it was DELICIOUS!

Aglio Olio - RM 15.90

Hainanese Chicken Chop - RM 19.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

Mum paid the bill and we went back home. She actually wanted coffee but all of us were too full. Got home at 1.30pm and I started uploading some pictures. Wrote parts of this post so that I won't have to spend so much time doing this tonight.

At about 2pm, I watched "The Accidental Husband" with my laptop. The movie was quite short and I didn't really enjoy it. Went downstairs for some ice cream before I came back up to relax on my bed.

At 6.30pm, dad called me and asked me to pick M up from Sri Kembangan. Half way there, dad called and said he could pick M up. Since I wasn't really sure how to get there, I asked dad to pick her while mum and I made our way home.

Back home, I quickly removed my contacts and went to shower. By the time I was done, it was already 7.50pm. Unfortunately, M, E and dad still wasn't home. They came back at 8.10pm and we had to wait more than half an hour before we could go out for dinner.

By the time we reached the restaurant, it was already 9pm. We went to Chatterbohkx and I ordered 22 (baked rice with pork). Unfortunately, the guy wrote 32 which was fried rice. It was good but kinda overpriced if you ask me.

Chicken Cube Fried Rice - RM 10.80

Iced Milk Tea - RM 3.80

When we were done, mum paid and we left the restaurant. I wanted to buy a cupcake from Bisou to try but they were already closing. So, we went back home instead.

It was already 10pm by the time we got home. Started blogging and chatting till now (11.41pm). I'm gonna end this post here so, good bye and good night...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tired, Satisfied, Happy, and Upset (for a while)

Woke up at 8.30am and smsed AC to ask him to call me before he reached my house. Went back to bed and he smsed me at 9.30am saying that he was leaving his house now. So, I got up and took a shower.

At 9.50am, he picked me up and we went to Bangsar Village. We went to Theobrama's Chocolate Lounge for breakfast as planned. My pancakes were okay but weren't as nice compared to the last time I tried it.

AC's breakfast (Waffles + Tea) - RM 3.99

My Breakfast (Pancakes + Long Black) - RM 3.99

Both of us sat there till about 10.30am before we paid the bill and left. Then, we drove to DY's rental home. DY wasn't there yet but we saw the door wide open and a van was parked right outside.

We went inside and the two workers came to talk to us. They didn't even check if we rented the place before telling us what they have done and what will be done. While they did their work, AC and I surfed the net.

Moments later, the owners came to the house. They recognized AC so they started passing us some stuff and arranged certain things. Before they left, DY, HX, and DY's parents arrived.

After that, DY's parents and HX started cleaning the house while AC, DY and I went to the garden. We started with collecting the huge dead leaves scattered all over the garden. Then, we broke them into pieces before putting them in big rubbish bags.

By the time we were done, it was already over 1pm. Next, we took turns using the mattock (the Malay word for it is "cangkul").

This is hard to describe but the garden actually has steps. And nobody tended the garden for a very long time so now the steps became a hill! The stairs were literally buried in soil and roots.

So we used the mattock and tried to "dig up" the stairs. In an hour, we managed to dig up 2 steps. There is still one more step to dig up but we were too tired to continue. Even so, all of us were still very satisfied with what we had done.

All of us left the place at 2.50pm and AC had to drop me home. Everyone went out for lunch so I took a nap while waiting for my lunch to be "delivered". At about 3.20pm, dad and the rest came back with some Taiwanese noodles.

Went downstairs and gobbled down my lunch. It was quite good actually. After that, I stayed downstairs and watched Digi Music Top 20. Though they play almost the same songs every week, I still enjoy watching it.

Mum said she was happy because she achieved a certain number of sales this month. Since she was in the mood, I jokingly said "So you should buy me a fm-modulator for my iPod". And after explaining to her what it was, she wanted to bring me to buy it.

I told her to wait because I wanted to see what song was next on the chart. Each song got better and better. In the end, we only left home AFTER the programme! E came with us too because one of the objectives were to visit "Tutti Frutti".

Mum drove us to BSC and the first place we went was MacStudio. There was only one fm-modulator left and it costs RM259. Though it has a charger, I still don't really need it. Therefore, I told myself not to waste my parents money.

Just as we exit the store, I saw Hush Puppies! The store was just next to MacStudio and THE slippers were on sale! Went straight in to check it out and was convinced by mum to get 2 pairs. So in the end, mum paid RM 152.83 for both pairs of slippers! Thanks again, mum!

10% off for the first pair (White slippers, Purple soles),
and 20% off for the second pair (Black slippers, Red soles),

I bought another 2 pairs!
Nah, the soles are strapped with Velcro so I can switch them to my liking!

Next, we went to M&J and collected M's contacts. Mine weren't there yet so I will have to come again. Later, we went over to Tutti Frutti for some yogurt. I mixed mango and passion fruit together and mum paid RM 12.30 for it.

270 grams of Yogurt (Mango + Passion Fruit) - RM 12.30

The three of us sat there and enjoyed the yogurt for about 15 minutes. After that, we went over to Times Bookstore. E bought her friend a birthday present before we made our way home.

Once we got home, my (Yes, it is MINE!) Rav4 was nowhere to be found! J then confirmed that GG drove it out to buy 4D. I was kinda upset because of that. I think the fact that I had new slippers calmed me down a little.

Anyway, I realize it is silly to be angry over a car, but even so, I'm still angry. Either he apologizes, or I won't start a conversation with him for a few days. Yes, I admit I'm stingy and selfish but I am only human. Sorry to disappoint you (anyone that is judging me right now).

Went upstairs to use the laptop while waiting for my turn to shower. Then at 7.45pm, I drove E, J and mum to Seri Kembangan. We were suppose to meet M, EC and dad at Yoke Heng for dinner. But when we arrived, it was closed.

So after we parked the car, all of us went to this shop called "Foong Lian". They specialize in Claypot rice so we ordered two sets. Each set came with a soup and a plate of vege. Therefore, we had 2 bowls of claypot chicken rice, a bowl of cucumber soup, a bowl of pig stomach soup, two plates of vege, and some rice.

Iced White Coffee - RM 2.80

Old Cucumber Soup (from Set 1)

Pork Stomach Soup (from Set 3)

Yau Mak (one of the veges available for the sets)

Beansprouts (one of the veges available for the sets)

Claypot Chicken Rice (comes with every set)

The bill - RM 72.60

The food wasn't great but it made all of us so full! Mum paid the bill and all of us went home. Back home, I watched an episode of Heroes while uploading pictures. Started blogging and chatting till it was 1.20am.

Then, mum came in and talked to me about her success. Before she went out of my room, she said "I'm going to be the top agent of the year!". I said "Congratulations" but now I want to tell you something you already know, "You Create Your Own Universe!".

Anyway, it's already 1.55am. I should really go to bed now or I'll be super tired later. So, good night everyone...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Post Number 700

Was getting out of bed when I suddenly realized, it's the light in my room was brighter than usual. Immediately after that, I knew I was late! I overslept for an hour so I had to quickly wash up and drive off without breakfast.

Traffic was really slow on the way to college and I knew for sure than an accident had happened. For almost 2 years of driving, this was the second time the traffic was so bad. Continued driving on until I was under the bridge with the Maxxis advertisement.

The first thing I saw was two policemen diverting traffic to the left side. Then, I noticed a guy lying motionless in the middle of the road. About 15 feet away lies his motorcycle. There were other motorcyclist who stopped at the side and watched the drama like a movie.

I felt sorry for the victim and it was probably a hit-and-run because I didn't see any car stopped by the highway. Hopefully the person who hit the motorcyclist would go surrender soon or die of guilt.

By the time I reached the Maxis car park, it was already 8.40am. Went into the shuttle van but it only drove off when the van was full. By the time I got to class, it was already 9am. There was a quiz going on and it was too late to join in. So I just sat there quietly till the class ended.

After that, we went over to the main building for our lab class. All of us followed the instructions on the tutorial and created a file but none of us could run it. The lecturer spent the whole hour looking for a solution but still couldn't find it. So, the class ended without us learning much.

Class ended at 10.30am and our next class was only at 3.30pm. We went to Jojo's Little Kitchen at Kuchai Lama for an early lunch. I ordered the "Fried Pork Pan Mee" and it was quite delicious. Still prefer the traditional one though.

Fried Pork Pan Mee (Dry) - RM 6.00

When it was time to pay, I checked my wallet and realized I had only FORTY CENTS left! KW had to pay for me. After we paid, we drove to DY's rent house. There were only two chairs so the rest of us sat on the floor.

We played rummy, used our laptops, and someone even started a karaoke session. Though the house is only 5% furnished, we still enjoyed ourselves. Can't wait till everything goes into place so we can really crash at his place.

At 3pm, we made our way back to APIIT and went for our last lab class for the day. We spent an hour exploring the C codes for stacks and queues and I was satisfied after I managed to modify it and do what the tutorial wanted.

At 4.30pm, YCY dropped us at the car park and I drove home after saying bye to everyone. On the way home, traffic was heavier than usual again. Later, I found out that it was caused by another accident because I saw a tow-truck trying to tow a car.

Back home, I took off my contacts and went to shower. Then, I watched TV with mum downstairs for a short while before taking a nap.

M woke me up and told me to get up for dinner. Was very grumpy for no reason but I still managed to drive everyone out to PJ for dinner. It was actually some vegetarian restaurant that mum used to visit once a week when she was still working in the area.

The food was good and mum said the price was reasonable (RM116 for 5 dishes and 2 coconuts). But if you ask me, I'd rather have vege sandwich from Subway for dinner than paying so much for average tasting food.

Butter Prawns

Deep Fried String Mushrooms

Green Curry with Taufu

Fried Long Beans

By the time we got back home, it was already 9.30pm. I started using the computer till now (1.30am) and I shall go to bed soon. Gotta wake up at 9am tomorrow. Bye...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Typical Day

Woke up at 7am today and did the same old stuff. Arrived at the parking lot and saw AC in his car. We took the shuttle van as usual and went for class. The two hours of VB was nice as I was taught something new.

After class, all of us went to L1-9 for our NML test. It was quite an easy paper but there were still some stuff I didn't know how to answer. Even so, I'm pretty confident on getting an "A" here.

All of us went to McD for lunch and somehow A joined us. I got myself a McChicken Set and ordered the sundae ice cream (add-on). Sat there till about 1.45pm before we went back to APIIT.

My lunch - RM 7.55

KW and I went to class while the rest went to park their car. The lecturer came in and started teaching us a new chapter. Moments later, AC called and told me they weren't going to come for class. WTF!

Ignoring them, we stayed in class till it ended at 3.30pm. We had to wait quite a while before the shuttle van arrived. Dropped KW off at the LRT before driving back to Bangsar. Since I was still early, I went to refuel my car before picking M from school.

Back home, I stayed downstairs for about an hour playing a TD (Tower Defense) game on my iPod. Took off my contacts and went to take a bath. When I was done, it was already 7pm. Even so, I still decided to watch the second last episode of Glee.

That particular episode was very gloomy because that was where all the bad stuff happened. Had my dinner at 8pm and quickly came up to watch the last episode. This episode wasn't any better but the ending was comforting. Enjoyed the final song though.

Now, we will just have to wait till they continue airing the rest of the episodes of season one in April. If I'm not mistaken, there are four more episodes for Season one. Can't wait to see what happens then.

At 9.30pm, E and I followed mum to pick M from tuition. Right after that, we went to Bangsar Village because M needed to take some passport-sized pictures. Later, we went to Starbucks and bought some drinks.

Venti Java Chip Frappucino - RM 13.50 (after tumbler discount)

It got rather noisy and uncomfortable after sitting there for 20 minutes. All of us agreed to go home so we quickly left the place. Once back home, I used the laptop to start blogging and chatting.

It's already 12.20am and I shall end this post here. Going to bed soon. Bye...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Productive, but not Academically...

Woke up at 9am today and used the laptop for half an hour. Then, I went downstairs for some cereal before coming upstairs to shower and put on my contacts. Left the house at 10.10am and was late for class.

Surprisingly, AC and AL were late too. We got into the shuttle van together and went to class. The lecturer just started his class so we didn't miss anything. 2 hours later, the class ended and we went to our cars.

I drove to Sunway Pyramid to meet JW for lunch. It was my first time going to Fullhouse and it was well decorated. The concept was quite smart too. Both of us ordered the set lunch which was quite worth it.

I ordered the Dory set and that made me very bloated! The fish was good and the mash potato was delicious too. A jug of ice lemon tea and some very yummy mushroom soup was served too. The only thing that I didn't like was the mini-cake that came with the set as it tasted funny.

Set Lunch 2 - RM 16.90

After we were done with lunch, I transferred some movies and series into JW's computer. She did give me some songs and movies too. Now both of us have stuff to watch if we ever get bored.

The moment the bill came, JW quickly paid the bill. It just feels so wrong when a girl pays for a guy! I was so embarrassed but she still insisted. So I guess I have to treat her lunch another time...

We walked around the mall talking while our food slowly digested. Sat at Starbucks for a drink and chilled for a while before moving to McD for ice cream. Paid for the cheap ice cream and felt so bad for the second time!

Then at 5pm, I dropped her off at Sunway College before driving back home. I was stuck in the jam for an hour but I managed to avoid feeling stress. All thanks to my lovely IPOD TOUCH! Blasted music from "Glee" into my ears which made me enjoy the slow crawl.

Back home, I showered and had dinner at 8pm. Watched an episode of Glee before I went downstairs. Just like any other Wednesday, DGG and family will come to visit. SS and SS came too, followed by KK and AP.

At 10.20pm, everyone left the house. Came upstairs to start blogging but got sidetracked as usual. It's already 11.52pm but I haven't studied for the test tomorrow. Gotta end this post now to study. Bye...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Woke up at 7am and started my day with some music. Had breakfast while reading the newspapers before getting ready for college. Drove off at 8am and arrived just in time to be the last person to get on the shuttle van.

D was in the van too and he let me taste some of his "Monster Energy" drink from Australia. We got down at ENT3 and went to class. Miss Seetha came in and just let us do our own things. After class, I went to ask her about my assignment but she didn't really give any helpful criticisms.

Ignoring that, we went to an empty room and used our laptops till it was 10.20am. Then, we went to Deli Nasi Lemak and had our breakfast. As usual, I ordered Roti Planta and the others had Nasi Lemak.

Roti Planta - RM 1.50

We quickly finished our meal before walking to our next class. Sat through the 2 hour VB lesson and watched AC follow the lecturer. I couldn't try it out because I didn't have Microsoft Access.

When it was lunch time, we went over to Sri Petaling for a while. ZS, KW and I waited in the car while AC, AL and DY settled some stuff. Right after that, we went to Good Tea for lunch. I ordered Iced Coffee and Char Siew Rice.

Char Siew Rice - RM 3.80

Iced Coffee - RM 1.50

Lunch was quick and we went back to APIIT after that. Then, we went to another empty class and used our laptops. I managed to watch an episode of Glee before packing up and going for class at 4pm.

We sat in class for another 2 hours. The lecturer taught us about queues and repeated it again after the break. At 6pm, we took the bus and got off at the Astro Car Park. Then, I drove myself home.

Back at home, I used the laptop for a short while before taking my shower. And when I got out, I put on my contacts since I didn't wear it to college. Had dinner at about 8pm and came back upstairs to watch Glee.

Read a few pages from the books I borrowed but I didn't really do much. Haven't been writing my notes for two weeks now. That shows how low my self discipline is. Regardless of that, I still rewarded myself with some ICE CREAM!

Watched an episode of The Biggest Loser Asia with E before coming upstairs to write this post. Started chatting with a few friends while uploading pictures. It's already 11.40pm and I shall go to bed soon. Night...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Here and There

Woke up at about 10am today and went downstairs for some cereal. Used the laptop till it was 12pm before I went to take a shower. At about 12.30pm, I drove GG and PP to KL Sentral because they wanted to buy bus tickets.

After that, I sent them to the Millennium building in Damansara Heights. GG went to HSBC while we waited for him in the car. By the time I got home, it was already 1.50pm. It was too close to the movie time so I couldn't purchase it online.

AC, AL, MY and DY were already in Mid Valley so they bought the tickets. I quickly drove there to meet them in McD. They already bought a burger set for me so I quickly gobbled it down. Right after we were done, we went into the cinema.

McChicken Set (Regular) - RM 5.95

When we got in, the movie already started. Didn't miss any action because the characters were just talking crap. The starting of the movie was quite interesting because we didn't know what was happening.

Unfortunately, everything was predictable and lame towards the end. The action wasn't even close to what I expected when I saw the trailer. Please watch this movie ONLY IF you have already watched other movies and have TOO MUCH TIME.

The movie ended at about 4pm and we went to Jusco for a while. We left the place at 4.30pm and I went back home. I used the laptop till 5pm and took off my contacts after that. Took a short nap but J woke me up moments later.

I had to sent her to tuition so I quickly got up and took my stuff. Picked her friend at Telawi 7 before dropping them off at Jalan Bangsar. By the time I got home, it was already almost 7pm.

Used the laptop for about half an hour before having my dinner. Then, I came up to shower and went over to 97 right after that.

The adults were talking to each other while the rest of us entertained ourselves with the iPod Touch. Finally at 10.30pm, mum decided to go home. E was half-asleep so mum had to hold on to her while walking back.

I quickly came upstairs to write this post but got distracted as usual. Anyway, it's already 11.30pm and I shall go to bed soon. Good night...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trying New Things

Woke up at 9.30am and called 112. Nobody picked up but I still washed up and got dressed. Then, I called AM and she told me to go to 112 because the house phone was faulty. When I got there, I rang the door bell a couple of times but nobody came out.

After calling AM again, she told me that AP and KK were already in the hospital. So, I asked for directions to Assunta Hospital and drove myself there. Even though I wasn't very sure where it was, I managed to find it.

Went to the Maternity ward and saw a nurse pushing a baby out. I stopped the nurse to ask her where is room 3701 and she pointed the directions to me. AP, KK, SC and AM were inside the room when I got there.

SC then told me the baby just went out! He passed me but I didn't realize that was him! Anyway, his name is JTYW. I stayed for over an hour listening to their stories and also looked at the baby when he was brought back in again later.

At 12.20pm, I arrived back at home and decided to put on my contacts. Then, we went to Hartamas and tried out this restaurant called "B.Wings". It was actually a very small shop because they focus on takeaways and deliveries.

B.Wings @ Desa Sri Hartamas

The counter

We ordered a party combo and a set. Besides that, we also ordered a slush and a smoothie to try. The wings were quite good and the drinks was great even though it was quite expensive. About an hour later, we went off and drove to Assunta.

Party Combo 1 (12 wings + 2 can drinks + mash tots) - RM 29.90
*the 2 wings from the set was put into this basket too*

Mash Tots (from PC1 and MC4)

Fajita (from Meal Combo 4) - RM 8.70

Chocolate Banana Smoothie - RM 9.00

Strawberry Melon Slush - RM 8.00

When we arrived, CM and MS were there. Not long after that, WM and UJ arrived too. We spent about 40 minutes chatting and observing the newest addition of the family. On the way out, we saw KK and AP who were just going to visit AM.

Before we went home, we dropped mum off at Gardens. Dad then dropped J, E and I back home while he brought M out to buy some stationary. At home, I used the laptop till it was 5pm. Then, I went to pick mum up and got stuck in the jam.

Finally reached home at 5.45pm and continued using my laptop. Then at 6.20pm, I took off my contacts and went to shower. After I came out, all of us except GM and dad went to BSC for dinner.

Mum brought us to the Japanese restaurant in BSC called Kuriya. There wasn't any sets available so I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki and Tori Karaage. The Tori Karaage was delicious but the teriyaki was kinda disappointing.

Tori Karaage

Chicken Teriyaki

We sat there sipping our teas and playing with the iPod Touch for another 20 minutes before paying the bill. Then, we walked around and ended up at Tutti Frutti.

Tutti Frutti is a frozen yogurt stall located next to Times bookstore. They have 8 flavors of yogurt and many additional toppings. You can have as many toppings and yogurt you want because in the end, they weigh your cup and charge you RM5.30 per 100grams.

Tutti Frutti (Next to times, near to A Cut Above)

The four machines

Here is where you squeeze out some yogurt (mixing is allowed)

You can add your own toppings (we skipped that)

Then, you weigh it in (RM5.30 per 100 grams)

Plain Mango Yogurt (DELICIOUS) and Plain Grape Yogurt (yummy)

We made ourselves two cups of plain yogurt (Mango and Grape) because we'd rather pay for the yogurt than the toppings. And since it was a weekend, we get an RM2 discount for every 200 grams. Each cup weighted 215 grams so we paid RM 18.80 (after subtracting RM4) in total.

Then, we went over to M&J and waited till M did her check-up. We then stayed there till mum settled the bill. At 9.10pm, we came home and I started writing this post. Stopped in between to watch some TV and help dad configure something (Thanks AC).

I'm gonna end this post early because I'll be sending dad to KL Sentral later. Photos will be uploaded tomorrow because the speed is super slow right now. Goodbye and do enjoy the rest of the night! =)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Member Has Joined the Family!

Woke up at 10.30am today and had a pau for breakfast. SS and SS came to return the Avanza at about 11am. We talked for a while before I went upstairs to use the computer.

At 12.45pm, mum, dad and I went to pick the girls up from school. After that, we drove to Brickfields to pick E up. In the car, we started suggesting places for lunch. A super long journey later, we ended up at an alley in Jalan Bangsar.

Dad went through a dirty blue gate and into a dark room. Before going inside, I stared at it for at least 15 seconds wondering if I was dreaming! Dad then lead us to the cafeteria of the building (China Press).

Back entrance into the CP building

Passing by some rubbish

The entrance of the cafeteria

There weren't many people there and we were the only non-staff. The food here was edible but I guess that's the best you can get if you want a quick lunch. About half an hour later, we were done and dad brought us home.

Herbal Tea

Fried Rice

Fried Kuey Teow

Cantonese Fried Yin Yong

I read a few pages of "Teach Yourself C in 21 Days" and had some ice cream after that. Then, I started watching Glee. Two episodes later, I went downstairs to talk to KK. He told us that AM went to the hospital already and will be giving birth anytime soon.

When he went back home, I came upstairs and took my shower. After that, I watched another episode of Glee while waiting for everyone to get ready for dinner. At 7.30pm, we left the house and went to Wong Kok at SS2.

There were 16 of us at the restaurant and we were there for the birthday drink. I ordered a cheese rice and pork cutlet set which came with a drink and some fruits. We talked to our relatives till it was 9pm before we paid the bill and went to 105.


Blue Valley

Pork Cutlets with Baked Rice

M's Birthday Drink

All of us watched the music awards show from Genting on TV. Just before 11pm, we said goodbye and drove back home. Dad went to a petrol station and two banks to run some errands. By the time we got home, it was already 11.30pm.

I then watched the fourth episode of Glee till it was 12.10am. Started writing this post till now (12.52am) and I shall go to bed soon. That's all for today, good night...
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