Monday, January 31, 2011

Happening Day!

Woke up at 10.30am and got ready. Then we went to Gardens. I went to cut m hair at QQCut. Later, we had lunch at Dragon-i. Ordered their "Siew Long Pau" and "Lau Sha Pau".

Siew Long Pau

Lau Sha Pau

Then, we spent the rest of the day walking all over Mid Valley. In the end, I bought 5 shirts. During our break, we had Krispy Kreme and "Guai Lin Gou".

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed

Guai Lin Gou

Went back home at 6.30pm. Few weeks ago, we complained about the service at Chili's. Someone replied my email and they sent us RM100 worth of vouchers.

Chili's Vouchers

Waited for J to finish tuition before going to Delicious for dinner. There, I shared a Carbonara Spaghetti with M. We also ordered Wedges with Sour Cream.

Carbonara Spaghetti


For dessert, we had their Classic Chocolate Cake. It wasn't so nice anymore though...

Classic Chocolate Cake

Came home and made Konyaku jelly using our new moulds. We'd be eating them during our reunion dinner.

Jelly in moulds. :)

Started using the computer till about 11.30pm. Took my shower and spent the rest of the night talking to JW...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Bad End

Woke up at 11.30am and washed up. Then we went to Mid Valley for lunch. Ate at Tony Roma's and I ordered Onion Loaf. I was so full after that half loaf. I also stole some food from M and E.

Onion Loaf (half)

Next, we went to the IT Fair and bought 3 harddisk from Seagate. M bought a MicroSD too. Before going home, we went to Gardens Club and settled something too.

At home, I helped GM fix our new pineapple for CNY. Went upstairs and took a nap because I was having a headache.

I woke up at 9pm and knew that the others went out for dinner. Used the laptop for another hour before going down for dinner.

Ate cereal and had some yogurt. Came back up to blog and use the computer. Going off to shower now. Bye...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long Happy and Tiring Day

Woke up at 9.30am and dad brought me out for breakfast. We went to SNM and I ordered Roti Planta. It was tasteless. And even after I finished my Planta, dad's thosai wasn't here. The lady even dare tell us that we came later than another table. WTF.

Roti Planta

Paid the bill and went to BSC for a while. Then, we parked at Gardens and went to the IT Fair. It was 10.50am and we were surprised to see a huge crowd in front of the exhibition hall.

The gates were closed so everyone was just standing there. Finally at 11am, they opened the gates and everyone flooded in. Even after waiting 5 minutes, there was still a steady flow of people cramming into the place.

Everyone rushing into the fair

So, we decided to join the crowd and just push the way in. Walked the whole place and collected broshures. Then, we sat at the food court to decide what we want to buy.

Next round, we bought Kaspersky and collected the freebies at the counter near the exit. And for the third round, we bought my new laptop. Asus X42JR. :)

By the time everything was settled, I was very hungry. Ended up at Oasis for lunch. So I ordered my usual RM4.80 lunch. This time, their portions have shrunk. :(

Lunch - RM 4.80

After that, I drove Dad to collect his car. Came home at about 4pm and fiddled till about 5pm. Got ready and left the house at 6pm.

Met up NM, NA and FN at the LRT. With my GPS, NA drove to Batu Caves. It was our classmate's 21st birthday. Her family booked a big hall and decorated it like it was her wedding!

The stage and the cake

It was supposed to start at 7pm but we waited till 8.40pm before she arrived. At about 9pm, we had our dinner.

Indian food served there was good. And it was more savoury than spicy so I had no problem eating any of it.

We kept ourselves company and left at about 10pm. NA dropped me home. We shall be meeting again soon.

Back home, I showered and used the computer till night...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dad's Birthday

Woke up at about 9am and finally went for Dim Sum in Ming Court. Love their fish balls here because they were very smooth!

Fish Balls

Lo Mai Kai

Chee Cheong Fun

Lo Bak Gou

Black Sesame Paste

Later, we went back to her place and watched TV till we got hungry. At 1pm, we drove to Big Tree Foot.

This time, we only took the "liew" without any noodles. Each of us ate about 5 pieces and were full after that. We were also lucky to have some crispy Fu Chuk!

Fu Chuk

Brinjal and Taufu

Other fried stuff

Went back to her house and I packed my stuff. Left Ipoh at about 3pm. Drove back without stopping and finally reached home at around 5.05pm.

Unpacked everything and rested in front of the TV. At about 7pm, I took my shower and waited for the rest to get ready.

We then went to Brickfields and had dinner at this Hainan Restaurant. Since it was dad's birthday, about 13 of our closer relatives joined us.

After dinner, we came back home for cake. SS bought a Tiramisu Cake which was good. Everyone stayed till about 10.30pm.

Watched American Idol till it was 12am. Then, I came up to blog.

Will be going to the IT fair tomorrow. Night...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Runaway Food

Woke up early again. This time, we headed to Ming Court. To our dismay, it was CLOSED! So we drove to Ipoh Garden East for Hakka Mee instead.

White Coffee

Hakka Mee

Later, we went to Tesco and bought some groceries. Headed back home and I helped JW prepare lunch. She was making Carbonara Fettucini.

Her dad came home and all of us had lunch together. Then, we watched "Untraceable" and some TV till 5pm.

Dropped J at the gym and both of us went to Gunung Rapat. After about 30 minutes, we decided to go back to Seng Kee for it.

Came home and rested for a while. Then at 6.45pm, we went out again with her dad. Picked J and we went for dinner.

Initial plan was to eat at this place that sells Western Food. But, it was closed. So we went to another shop that sells Claypot Noodles. That was CLOSED too!

In the end, we drove to the famous Tom Yam place for dinner. Food was good and the place was quite busy.

Came back home and watched "Inception". I showered and used the laptop while watching. Later, we watched "Oblivious" on 8TV and that show was HILARIOUS!!

Anyway, I'm gonna end this post now. Night...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We woke up at 8.30am and washed up. Went to Thila for an Indian breakfast. Ordered Apam Manis and Tosai.

Apam - RM 1 (each)

Tosai - RM 1

After breakfast, we went to Intrico and bought more cooking stuff. The boss gave us a fair amount of discount! :)

Back home, we watched some TV before having lunch. JW's dad bought some chicken rice home. Later, I rested for a while till about 4pm. Watched RED and the movie was full of action and comedy. :)

Then, we used our laptops till about 7pm. All of us went out for dinner. Was supposed to go for Tom Yam but it was jammed.

So, we ended up at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Food came fast and it was okay. In about an hour, we were home.

It was then time for movies. First was Despicable Me, followed by The Crazies! Awesome movie night. :P

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. Night...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Visiting Ipoh Again

We woke up at 10.30am and took turns to wash up. Packed our stuff and left home at about 12pm. Ordered Banana Leaf in SNM for lunch.


Went back home to get our stuff before leaving for Ipoh at about 1.20pm. Took a slightly slower and more relax drive there.

Arrived at about 3.30pm and settled down. Watched Piranha till it was dinner time. Watching it in HD was cool but gory. Haha. :P

Had dinner at her house. Later, we watched TV till about 8.30pm. We all then headed to the Pasar Malam.

Walked around and bought lots of food. Finally went back at about 10pm and ate whatever we bought. :P

Bubble Tea

Potato on a stick (as seen in Bangkok)

Pork Bun

Muar Zhi

Dai Gau Min

Jin Lung Pau

Taiwanese Sausage

Watched more TV before I went upstairs to shower. We then watched the last half of Toy Story 3. It was super clear and nice.

Anyway, it's 1.15am already. Goodnight!

Monday, January 24, 2011


JW called me at 12pm and I quickly woke up. Picked her up and went to Tropicana City Mall. Had lunch at Ninja Joe and was super full after that.

3 Burgers - RM 12.90

Shurikens - RM 4.90

Then, we went to get another mouse from the computer shop. This time, they sold it to us at RM16. A dollar cheaper than our last visit.

Went back home to pick J up from school. Then we pumped petrol and bought more ice lemon tea from Shell.

Back home, we made mini cupcakes for JT's birthday. We only used 18 cupcakes so the rest was for us to keep. :P

At about 7pm, we had dinner. Cooked an omelet which was okay. Had some pau and tarts too. Waited for M to get ready.


Finally at 8pm, we went to SC's apartment with the guidance of AM. Transferred some movies to my Xtreamer while we played with JT. Had lots of fun there. :)

It was done by 11pm so we quickly went home. Watched TV till 1am before coming upstairs to blog.

Anyway, it's 2.15am already. Goodnight...

Sunday, January 23, 2011


J woke me up and I realized it was already 11.30am! Showered and picked JW up. Then, we went to Sakae Sushi for lunch. Was really hungry by then because we had a hard time finding parking.



Kappa Maki

Spicy Salmon Handroll and Tuna Mayo Handroll

Then, we walked around till we got tired. It was about 3pm before we decided to go to Jusco and get some groceries for JW. Drove back to her place and quickly got her stuff.

Got home at about 5pm. All of us then got into the Avanza and headed to Amaya. It was raining heavily so they couldn't swim. I used the gym with SS and the others.

Later, it stopped raining so JW, J and E went into the pool. I walked around before joining them. Didn't really swim though.

At about 7.45pm, I went to the sauna for 5 minutes. Then, I took my shower and all of us went back to Bangsar.

Had dinner in Nam Chuan. Later, we went to TMC and bought groceries. Got back home at about 10pm and relaxed till 11.30pm.

Dropped JW back home. Watched TV with mum as usual. Came up at 1.30am and started blogging till now. Night...

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Woke up at 11.30am today and washed up. Then went to pick JW up. Got back home and ate fried rice for lunch.

At about 2.30pm, we went to McD and bought a Big and Tasty Set and some apple pies. Came back to use the computer. Napped a little while too.

We took turns to shower before leaving to Sierramas. Met AS there for a short while. The next time I'll be seeing her will be in Brisbane.

At about 7.30pm, we drove off. Since it was jammed, we detoured and ate at the Kepong Food Court which was opposite Heaven.

Ordered Char Kuey Teow and some Popiah for dinner. Got back home at about 9.30pm.

Char Kuey Teow

Us kids then watched Despicable Me. Even though it was my second time watching, I still enjoyed the movie and laughed a lot. :D

Spent the rest of the night using the laptop till late...

Friday, January 21, 2011

M Turns 18

The phone rang at 8.30am and we quickly washed up. Packed everything and went over to KK's room. At about 9.10am, we checked-out and drove down to Gohtong Jaya.

There, we had breakfast in another mamak. Ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik as usual. Yesterday's one was nicer. But the others loved the Nasi Lemak here.

Roti Planta

After that, we continued driving back down. By about 11am, I was already back at home. Had lunch at about 1pm. Then, M invited her friends over at 3.30pm.

JW told them what to do and they went on to make Potato Jackets and Chocolate Cookies. We used the leftover potatoes to make mashed potatoes. It was delicious!

Mashed Potato

We took turns to shower till about 7pm. Waited till 7.30pm before leaving the house. Dinner was at Wong Kok SS2 with the rest of our family.

I ordered Cheese Baked Rice as usual and it was great. M got the Birthday Drink which we later made her chug some down without using a straw! Check her facebook to watch it later. :P

Cheese Baked Rice with Pork

Giant "Birthday" Milk Tea

Birthday Girl

We were all full after dinner. But for ceremonial purposes, we got her a cake and sang her a birthday song.


Got home by 10.40pm and used the laptop for a while. Then at 11.30pm, I drove JW back. Came home again at 12.30am and watched TV.

Used the laptop till now. It's 2am already and I shall go to bed. Goodnight!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Night in Genting

Woke up at 11am and YM told me they will be coming at 11.30am. I quickly showered and packed. Then, we hopped into the car with KK, AP and YM.

Drove up to Gohtong Jaya and had Roti Planta. Later, we went up to Genting and checked-in to the hotel.

Roti Planta

Rested for a while before going out again. JW got herself a Genting card. Walked around for a while before going back to the room. Changed my clothes before we went to the Casino.

Burger King a4dabbles - RM 9.95 (Genting only)

Onion Rings

Played the slot machines for a while before meeting AP, KK and YM. Later, we followed YM and AP to walk around First World.

I ended up getting a shirt from FOS and another 2 shirts from BUM Equipment. Left our stuff in the room before going for dinner.

Dinner was at this restaurant inside the casino. We had some salad and soup. Then, I had Pork Chop for main course.


Mushroom Soup

Pork Chop

After dinner, we walked to Resort Hotel and sat at Coffee Bean to chat. Later, JW and I went to the arcade. Spent RM20 playing the games there.

They had this new game called "Anger Explosion" which was very fun and funny. We scored quite a few tickets there too.

Before leaving, we redeemed 3 items from the counter with our 310 tickets. Then, we went to First World. Used the WiFi for about half an hour.

Next, we went into the casino and played at the slot machines for about an hour. Spent about RM30 to earn 1GP. And with that 1GP, we were able to redeem a free room in First World.

Before going back to our hotel, we bought 2 packets of Cheezels. Watched TV while eating the Cheezels.

Finally at about 2am, we went to bed...
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