Friday, October 31, 2008

ProCom Assignment COMPLETED!!

Woke up at nearly 10am today. Had a stick of "Tim Tam" and lots of water for breakfast. Went upstairs and did some ProCom assignment. Facebooked, listened to songs and burned some CDs too.

At 12.40pm, I went down for lunch. Came up again and did ProCom again till 5pm. Went downstairs to watch Mythbusters till 6pm. Then, I continued with my assignment.

Had dinner and came up again. Continued with assignment while also chatting. We also talked about the Cruise with dad. At 10.30pm, I COMPLETED THE ASSIGNMENT!!
didn't shower cos was too late. scared get scolding by dad.
Now all that is left is the visual-aids that DY suppose to colour on Sunday. Went down to eat a Curry Puff that dad heated for me. Don't have to worry about this anymore!! Now left with CT assignment!!

Watched an episode of Rugrats and came up. Chatted and started writing this post. Wow, only 5 paragraphs to represent my day. How DULL!! Tomorrow should be fun.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Woke up at 9.30am in the morning. Used the laptop till 11am. Went downstairs to have some pineapple tarts for breakfast. When I was about to leave, I spent 10 minutes looking for my phone.

In the end, I found it but suffered a HEARTACHE! My phone was under the table and in THREE pieces! Phone, battery and lid! I stared at it for awhile before picking it up. Luckily, there were no scratches or dents. Everything is fine!

It was already 11.55am. AC called and I told him I'm coming now. I drove to TPM and met him at ENT3. I went to park my car and noticed I ran out of petrol. Hopped into his car and we went to Old Town for lunch.

He ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang and "Xi Mut Lai Cha"while I ordered a new set that comes with Homemade Chicken Rice (minced meat) and Ice Lemon Tea for RM 8.30.

RM 8.30 SET - Reasonable and tasty

We went back to APIIT just in time for class. Mr Jonathan taught us about resumes and CVs. After class people from SARC came to promote the Dance2Nista.

Dance2Nista is a Inter-College Dance competition that will be held in APIIT this Saturday. For RM 15, we get a goodie bag (worth RM 30), entrance to Dance2Nista and also a ticket to EUPHORIA (worth RM 40).

DY was interested in this and he convinced the rest of us to go too. We went to CT class and Miss Intan's class went on for an hour. Then, she gave us a break.

After some discussion, we went downstairs to buy 5 tickets for Saturday's event! Did I mention AL was sick and did not attend class? AC paid for him temporarily.

5 Dance2Nista Tickets = RM 75

We also bought some Bubble Tea. They were selling many flavours of bubble tea. RM 4 for Ice Blended and RM 3 for milk tea. I ordered Nescafe Ice Blended but only remembered to take a picture of it after I finished.

Nescafe Ice Blended Bubble Tea (RM 4) - The pearls were nice and sweet!

Miss Intan continued her class and we sat there for another hour. After class ended, AC dropped DY and I near our cars (just next to each other).

I remembered I was nearly out of petrol so I asked DY where was the nearest petrol station. He lead me to the one along the main road to APIIT BBJ campus. He left me there while I refilled RM 15 of petrol.

Then, KW and I sat in the car for 10 minutes before we finally came to a U-turn to go back to Sri Petaling. I think I used up RM 5 out of 15 of the petrol I pumped.

Dropped KW at the station and came home. JL's mum was here so I couldn't park at my usual spot. Came in and watched Mythbusters with M. This episode was "Spy" themed. They busted myths related to heists and robberies.

Then, I showered and used the laptop. Had dinner and came up to do our ProCom assignment. At 10pm, I brought the laptop downstairs to discuss with my group members while watching Mythbusters.

This episode was a follow-up of the episode we saw earlier. At 11pm, I brought the laptop back upstairs and continued with my assignment. I finally stopped at 2.40am and decided to blog.

It's 3.12am now. Going to sleep now. Morning!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Woke up at 7.45am just in time to hear my reminder ring. Rushed to turn it off. Used the laptop and downloaded another 2 parts of Heroes. Did some stuff on the laptop and smsed AC.

He told me they were meeting in APIIT at 9am. I wasn't told anything so I decided not to go. Left the house at 9.40pm and reached APIIT at 10am. Had few pieces of chocolates for breakfast.

Went to the second floor to look for ZS, FK, JW and DY. Taught JW and ZS some questions and also compared my answers with JW. I realized I had some mistakes and corrected them on the spot.

At 10.35am, we went downstairs for class. Mrs Kwan taught us a new topic and let us choose between doing the tutorials or our assignments. At 12pm, she dismissed us.

After AL and AC finalized their assignment, we went to submit our assignments. ML stayed behind because he still had some stuff to do. The rest of us squeezed into AC's car and went for lunch.

We decided to go Yoke Heng for lunch. We ordered vege, "lala", "har gou", "specialty tofu" (wet one), "specialty pork ribs" and a kettle of "kuk pou". I loved the tofu and ribs! The total bill was RM 94 for 6 of us (RM 15 each).

Then, we drove back to ENT3 for ProCom. Waited till 2.30pm before Mr Jonathan said some stuff about our assignments for 10 minutes. Then, he dismissed the class and went back.

We sat there discussing our ProCom assignment before we left. Today, I dropped KW and JT at the station. Then, I came home.

Reached home at 3.40pm. M's friends were here. I went upstairs and used the laptop. I brought the tub of La Cremeria and finished the rest of it (half of it). Tested out the "remote desktop" that AC taught me.

Then, wrote yesterday's and today's post. Downloaded songs from HSM1 and HSM3. Now, I have all the songs from HSM1, HSM2 and HSM3. Burned TF into 2 DVDs.

YSY sent me this funny pic. Enjoy!

After dinner, I'll going to watch Heroes. Bye...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Temporarily Unhappy

Woke up in the morning and didn't eat anything for breakfast. Got ready and left for APIIT. Brought some biscuits along though. Just when I came out of the house, an old Chinese lady asked me to drop her at TMC.

I decided to help her because she was carrying 4 bags! The whole time in the car, I was crossing my heart hoping she doesn't turn to me and ROB me.

We did some simple chatting and I managed to drop her at TMC without getting hurt. I probably shouldn't do such acts of kindness and stupidity anymore.

Reached ENT3 at 10.10am. ZS told me ENT3 was closed. So, we sat in my car and waited for AL to arrive. AL came at 10.30am and drove us to McD.

He bought 2 hashbrowns while we did our QM. At 11am, I went to buy a regular Sprite and shared it with ZS. Later, we ordered 4 Apple Pies (one for each of us and another for MY).

At 12.30pm, we stopped doing our assignments and went to pick MY and went for lunch. I went to the toilet in her house because I was having an "emergency" (small one, hehe). Then, we continued our journey.

We went to Mooi Mooi in Old Klang Road (opposite the 4-face-god temple). I ordered a Char Siew, Siew Yoke Rice but didn't order drinks (because I HATE the rude waitress there).

Char Siew, Siew Yoke Rice (RM 4.50) - Ordinary

After lunch, we went back to MY's house to do our work. AL and I ended up playing with few of her dogs while ZS (afraid of dogs) played some games on my phone.

We left her house at 3pm and went to APIIT. Surprisingly, we managed to get in even though I wore slippers and all of us wore SHIRT and JEANS! We accompanied ZS till 5pm for his mother to come pick him.

After driving home, I had a bad headache. I downloaded Heroes and went to sleep. Woke up at 7pm and saw my download at was 60%. Then, J came upstairs and the Internet DISCONNECTED!!

I was FURIOUS!! I intentionally unplugged her connection about 4 times. She went downstairs and started her drama. Before that, I quickly went inside the bathroom and showered.

After I came out of the shower, dad was waiting for me outside. He talked to me and I told him what happened. He gave me a short lecture and went downstairs to ask J to apologize to me.

M came upstairs and told me about J's drama earlier. I was happy to hear how DRAMATIC she became when I was in the shower. Downloaded Heroes again and went to have dinner.

M, J, E and mum went to 97. I smsed mum and asked her to buy a cup of Hot Chocolate for me. She went to Coffee Bean and got me half a cup (she drank the other half).

AM came to pick me up for Badminton at 9pm but I told her I didn't want to go. I carried on with my assignment. This time, I was slightly more serious. After some asking help and also giving some, I managed to finish all questions except the last one.

Mum came back with the Hot Chocolate and I gulped it down. It wasn't hot anymore because she bought it quite long ago. After drinking, only did I noticed that it was not from Starbucks! No wonder I still had a slight headache!

At 11.30pm, dad came home and I asked him to help me with the last questions. We discussed till about 12.45am before I found the answer. He misled me earlier.

I quickly wrote a draft for this post and went to carefully rewrite parts of my QM assignment. Finished everything by 1.30am and downloaded Heroes. After getting ready to sleep, I went to bed at 2am...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Woke up at 9am today. Used the laptop and had some "Tim Tam" for breakfast. Then, dad wanted to go for breakfast. Since I needed to go to CzipLee, I followed him. Mum came along too.

We planned to eat at Nirvana but it was closed. So, we parked our car and went to CzipLee. Dad went to BV to cut his hair in the RM15 shop. After 10 minutes, I choose my testpad and mum paid up.

College Pad (RM 3.30) - Cool looking right?

Then, we walked to "Kopitiam 71" and met dad there for breakfast. Dad didn't cut his hair because there were too many people there.

I ordered a Chicken Porridge and dad ordered a Kopi. Mum and dad talked about Moleskin and other stuff while I finished my porridge. It was NOT nice at all. Too watery!

Chicken Porridge (RM 6.50) - Bad, bad, bad...

Dad paid and he went to cut his hair. Mum and I went to Berry's to buy Cappuccino Bun for GM. Then, I drove home. Before we reached home, dad called. We turned back to pick him up.

In the car, he told us he decided not to cut his hair because there was only an old-man there. The old guy even asked a customer permission to have breakfast. And he even told him that his hands were SHAKING!!

I used the laptop for awhile before we went out for lunch. Mum brought E to Gardens for Thai food. Dad brought the rest of us to Hing Kee (somewhere near Maluri??) for lunch.

They had air-cond rooms but the waitress was very rude! Hate her attitude! Dad ordered 2 noodles, 5 "sui gao" and some meat (char siew and siew yoke). I didn't order any drinks.

Sui Gao (RM 1 each) - Tasted fine.

2 Noodles (RM 30) - Nothing Special.

Char Siew & Siew Yoke (RM 32) - Crazy price. Liked the Char Siew. Can't say the same for Siew Yoke.

The Receipt (RM 70.30) - Dad paid.

After that, dad went to his client's place to collect something. Then, we went to DGG's house to visit them. Stayed there and played with the baby for almost an hour. We also talked about the cruise trip.

We left at 4pm and went home. Stopped at a bank before that. Came back and used the laptop. Dad went to Puchong and J went out with her friends. I then wrote yesterday's post till 6pm.

Went downstairs to eat some ice cream. There was only 1/4 of Chocolate Temptation left so I quickly finished it! Watched "Don't Tell My Mother..." on National Geographic Channel.

At 7pm, we went for dinner at Rendezvous close to DGG's house (taman maluri). The place was very dim, stuffy and had many mosquitoes. I ordered a SourSop Ice (drink) and a Spaghetti Carbonara.

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM 9.80) - Too watery but smells very nice!

Soursop Ice (RM 5.80) - Too SOUR! The soursop was GREEN!! Not bad.

The Receipt (RM 82) - Dad paid again.

A car was blocking us so dad honked him. We went to AA Pharmacy in Bangsar before going home. Mum bought some stuff while dad went to TMC to buy bread.

He bought "Gardenia: Breakthrough" which cost RM 4.50!! The usual white bread is only RM 2.10. You know what they say, Health is Wealth. Haha. Does that even make sense?

At home, I showered and used the laptop. Currently discussing some maths with KW through MSN. Should be sleeping early today. Bye.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happening Evening

Woke up at 10.30am and used the laptop for awhile. The girls were in the temple and mum went to the temple at 11am for some talk. I did some QM assignment until they came back at 11.30am.

We went for lunch at Sakae Sushi in BV at 12.30pm. **For this post, I'll try a different format. I'll display the picture, then explain.**

Sakae Chawanmushi (RM 3.90) - J and I ordered 1 each. It was still steaming hot when it arrived. Ordinary...

Summer Crunch (RM 9.90) - M took this off the belt. It is something we haven't tried. YUMMY!!

Unagi Tama Maki (RM 13.90) - J ordered this from the menu. The unagi was very tough and hard. NOT GOOD!!

Ebi Tempura (RM 15.90) - J ordered this. I didn't try it. Looks cute though.

Tuna Handroll (RM 1.90) - I ordered it since it was cheap. Not much tuna inside.

Soft Shell Crab Handroll (RM 3.90) - We ordered 4 of these. The crab was quite nice.

Sakura Ebi Kakiage (RM 5.90) - Mom ordered this. Deep fried vegetables. Only mum and I ate it.

Chicken Katsu Cheese (RM 9.90) - I ordered this cheesy dish. Only I ate it but it was Nice!

The Receipt (RM 147.30) - Mum paid.

After paying, M and J went to the RM15 hair salon to cut their hair. I walked to CzipLee to buy a test pad. Mum brought E to help do the "kolam" in BV.

CzipLee was closed so I walked back to look for M and J. They were still getting their hair done so I went back up to check on mum and E. On the way, I bumped into MJ.

Upstairs, mum and E had just paid. They went in and started doing the "kolam". It was RM 10 for 4 packets of coloured rice. You can use the rice to fill the 6 pieces of "kolam". Besides, the money goes to charity. With the receipt, you can get a free drink at Starbucks.

I got bored looking at both of them so I went to look for M and J. Once I arrived, they were done. We walked back up together. Mum and E were still doing the "kolam". So, M and I decided to walk to Toy's R' Us.

We stayed there looking at toys for more than half an hour! (just like kids). Then, we went back downstairs to look for them. They were nowhere to be found so M called mum.

They were in the toilet washing their hands. We waited for them to come out and went to Starbucks after that. We collected the 2 free drinks. After we finished, we went home.

Black Current?? (RM 0) - Complementary Drinks for doing the "kolam". Not that nice.

Since "House Bunny" was only screening at 7.50pm, I used the laptop and did some QM. Watched "Fan and Kam: TF edition". Then, we got ready and left the house at 6pm.

Picked K up and we went to Ikea for dinner. There we MANY people there! Many people queuing for the food, queuing for ice cream, and also queuing to pay for the furniture!

Dad, M, J and I went to Cineleisure to buy the tickets first while Mum, K, E and GM went to the restaurant. We came back and reached the Ikea Restaurant at 7pm.

We waited in line till 7.25pm before we got our food and paid! We also bought for MM and AC since we were already in line. The four of us (M, J, K and I) quickly ate and left. When we left, the que was even longer!

Ikea Meatballs (RM 5) - I ate 10

We walked outside the mall and entered Cineleisure by the side door. This is because the girls were afraid of the people in masks. Those people were dressed up as hulk, saw, ghouls, Darth Vader and also hellboy.

We went in the cinema at 7.50pm and the movie ended at 9.30pm. It wasn't as funny as expected but still a funny movie with some moral values. I called dad and he told SS to pick us up.

Before going home, we went to the Bazaar to buy a 2x2 Rubik's cube. SS picked us up and we went to his house. At 11pm, we went out for supper. SS brought us to Original Kayu in Damansara Indah.

2x2 Rubik's Cube - RM 10

I was surprised!! They had a whole 4-story shop lot to themselves and called it Wisma Original Kayu! They only used 2 floors of it though. Nice floor, Air Conditioned, Granite stairs, 2 function rooms and with at least 5 plasma TVs. Not forgetting a lift!

Wisma Original Kayu - Damansara Indah

As usual, we ordered Roti Tisu. I had a Teh Tarik. At 11.45pm, SS paid and we went off. Just then, we realized the menu was displayed on the plasma TV! They even had a TV just for adverts!

Reached home at 12.15am. I was too lazy and tired to turn on the laptop and blog. So, I used my phone and verbally drafted this post. Fell asleep at 12.45am...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun Saturday

Woke up at 9.30am and downloaded the final 2 episodes of TF. My Donator's access has expired but luckily I kept the links!! Had 2 chicken floss bun for breakfast.

M and mum were on the way to the Curve but came back because dad wanted to go too. Dad bought 20 pieces of "Sui Gao" for us (10 for TKK) and we went downstairs to eat.

Sui Gao - RM1 per piece

After that, I wanted to start doing my QM assignment but decided to follow them to Curve instead. We parked at Cineleisure and went upstairs. M went to the Bazaar at Curve to buy a rubik's cube. Mum then went to the magazine shop while E, Dad and I went to the cineplex.

We took the lift to the wrong floor. So, we took the escalator down another 2 floors. We lined up to buy HSM3 tickets. Dad bought 4 tickets (buy 1 free 1 promotion from HSBC bank) for RM 22. LC was suppose to watch with Mum, Dad and E.

He couldn't make it so Dad called SS. So, SS drove to Cineleisure and gave me his token. SS and dad went upstairs for the movie while SS, M and I went back to SS's house. We picked K and went to Centrepoint for lunch.

We went a few rounds before finding a place to park. Then, we walked to Black Canyon. I ordered a Mexican Iced Coffee and a Tuna Salad. While waiting for the food, I turned on the laptop. M then told me the guy from the other table kept looking at me!

My food came first and I was the first to eat. SS's was served next but she went to the toilet. The girls were worried about her and gave her about 3 smses. M's food was the last to be served and SS came back just when we started eating.

Tuna Salad RM9.90

Mexican Iced Coffee RM 8.50

My tuna salad was ordinary and the coffee was disappointing! The cup in the picture looked much bigger!! The coffee was very bitter, which I didn't like. After lunch, SS paid (RM119) and we went to 7-11.

Then, we went home and watched some TV. I laid on the floor and my face started to feel VERY itchy!! I scratched my eyelids and face till my eyes were quite red. Writing about it even brings back the itch...

I went to the back and washed my face. Didn't feel any better though. SS took out some chocolate for us to eat. After that, I couldn't stand the itch and went upstairs to wash my face again!with eumora better

Came downstairs and felt much better. Ate a hot dog that SS bought from Ikea as a snack. When SS finished watching TF 22, Dad, SS and E came back. Mum was still shopping in the Curve. Then, SS, M, K and I went to the room and watched TF 23 and 24...

The finale wasn't that nice because none of them got married! The series ended with 4 of them getting ready to fight a million soldiers. LAME! Then, we showered and got ready for dinner. Dad went home to pick GM and J.

At 7.30pm, we left the house. LC came home just in time to join us for dinner. We then drove to the Curve to pick mum up. She misinterpreted the information and waited for us at McD in Cineleisure.

So, SS turned back and LC went to bring mum to the car. Dad suggested Leo's in SS2 (where Public Bank used to be) and SS drove the nine of us there.

When we arrived, dad, GM and J were already there. We sat down and looked at the menu. I realized I forgot to bring my phone and was disappointed because I saw many interesting food there!

I ordered a "Encholato" (Steaming hot Leo's Enriched Coffee, shower over a chilling cold Italian Mint Gelato), "Gelato on Toast" and "Fish n' Chips". The others ordered some drinks and food too.

My Encholato came and I had to borrow mum's phone to take a picture of it. I poured the coffee into the ice cream. Then, I ate the ice cream and finished the drink in less than 5 MINUTES!! It was NICE!

**Mum's cam = Low Quality Pics = SORRY!!**

Enrich Coffee + Mint Ice Cream

Just after I poured the coffee

**Pic Unavailable - Coffee sets to the bottom**

Before my toast arrived, SS gave me my phone under the menu! I was disappointed that she didn't give it to me earlier because I could have taken a picture of my Encholato with it. On the other hand, I was happy that I could take photos of my other dishes!!

The toast arrived and I took a picture of it. K ordered a Thick Toast (thick peanut butter spread) and I decided to take a picture of that too. The gelato was nice but didn't really go well with the toast. Perhaps next time, I'll order French Toast...

Gelato on Toast - RM 5.80

Thick Toast - RM 2.80

Next came my Fish N' Chips. The fish was quite thin but it was tasty. The fries were plain and the vege tasted different. It was also quite inconvenient for them to put the fries UNDER the fish...

Fish N' Chips - RM 10.80

We sat there chatting for about half an hour. LC also met her high-school friend there. At 10pm, dad paid the bill and we left. I was surprised that the bill was so REASONABLE (not going to use the word "CHEAP")!

The Bill - RM 139.10 (after Discount)

It was only RM 139.10 for 12 of us and 24 items! Well one of the reasons for this was because OCBC card holders get 20% off for ala-carte items. A great deal indeed!! Both families parted and we went home.

At home, dad told me APIIT sent him my results! They probably were afraid that I didn't tell them about my results. Luckily, I had nothing to hide! I then asked that about our Family Cruise trip for this year-end.

My Academic Report sent to my Parents!!

GOOD NEWS!! SG agreed to come along which means the WHOLE family will be there!! It would be the first FAMILY HOLIDAY we ever had TOGETHER! Really looking forward to this. Well, there is still some finalizing left to do...

Came upstairs to use the laptop and started blogging at 10.50pm. The girls went to sleep because they have to wake up for Sunday School tomorrow. Going to upload the photos and will be sleeping after that. Bye...

Friday, October 24, 2008

First Day of HSM3

Woke up at 8am to and asked the others to wake up. They didn't bother so I went back to sleep too. At 9.30am, DY called AL and we woke up. We told DY we were on the way.

All of us quickly got ready and left the house. We went to MY's house and I drove my car home. In the rush, ZS left his wallet in AL's car and I left my clothes in AL's house!!

I went down to get my racket and shuttlecocks. Drove to BSC and realized I forgot to take the receipt. So, I detoured back home. After collecting the receipt, we went to BSC again. Just then, AL realized he DIDN'T bring his bag.

DY, ZS and AL's racket was all inside! So, I asked them to go in and play with 3 rackets first while I went to 97 to borrow another racket. We played till 12pm and went back.

We saw the shop open and went in to buy 3 cans of 100plus (RM 1.60 each). Then, we went to my house to shower. MY came to look for us in my house. The guys took a long time styling their hair. AL did my hair just for fun.

After all of us were ready, we went for lunch. DY and HK didn't join us because they went to the post office and went to pick up HX. We went to Nam Chuen and I ordered Rojak and Fish Ball Soup.

The Rojak wasn't that nice because there wasn't much fruits and sauce. After I finished the Rojak, I was already quite full. So, I just ate some noodles and finished the fish balls and fish cakes.

ZS came into my car and we parked in Gardens. Found a place to park within 5 minutes. Then, we walked to GSC to collect the tickets. Then, MY called and said they couldn't find a place to park because they parked in MV!!

I told them to take their time and called DY to ask where he was. When everyone arrive, we went into the cinema to watch High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2.35pm)! Personally, I preferred HSM1 and HSM2 more than this one. MY agreed with me too.

We then went to Radioactive and Echopark to look at some jackets. After that, we went to Pet's Wonderland to look and some pets and accessories. Then, we said bye to each other and went our own ways.

I walked to McD to buy a Strawberry Milkshake. The waitress made a cup of it and threw it away. The second cup was served to me. It didn't taste as nice as it used to be. I guess the milkshake is going off the shelves soon.

I walked back to Gardens and drove home. It was raining outside but luckily there was no jam. At home, I used the VAIO till 5.30pm. Then, I went into my room and slept till 7.30pm!!

Heard K's voice outside and decided to wake up. Went down and had my dinner and then came upstairs to shower afterwards. Used the VAIO again till about 11pm. SS and SS came to pick K up at about 10.30pm.

Dad made some "cheese on bread" for E and I. I went down to eat it and watch "Most Evil" with mum. At 12am, the show ended and I came upstairs. Started writing this post till now (1.17am). Going to sleep now! Night...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sleepover at AL's

Woke up at 7.15am automatically. Then, mum told me that she is having breakfast with GG and PP. Mum told me that they need to be at Sentral at 8.30am so I decided to join them.

I got dressed and went to 97. PP told us to come in to wait because GG wasn't ready. When we went inside, GG was clueless about the breakfast. He continued eating his breakfast and read his papers.

So, mum made toast with pork floss for herself and me. I stayed there till about 9am. They loaded their luggage into mum's car and mum drove us to KL Sentral. In the house, they gave me some "pocket money". RM150 total

Toast Bread with Chicken Floss

After dropping them at Sentral, we went home. DY was waiting outside and he showed me his car's rear windscreen. It was cracked into many many pieces because there was a grass-cutter cutting grass on the highway. They probably hit a rock and the rock flew into his windscreen.

Dy's Rear Windscreen

He came inside and I quickly got ready and packed my stuff. At 10am, we left my house. Went to BSC to pay for tomorrow's court but the man wasn't there. So, I left dad's number to his coworkers (lifeguards maybe).

I then went back home to give dad the details and asked him to pay for us when the guy calls him. Then, I led DY to APIIT. We arrived at ENT3 20 minutes later. AL and AC were already there.

We did and discussed some of the QM assignment till 12.10pm. Then, we went into AC's car and he drove to McD for lunch. AC ordered a Big and Tasty Regular Value Meal for me and I paid him.

Big and Tasty!!

After lunch, we went back. ProCom class was at 1.15pm. Next was CT at 3.30pm. CT was okay. She discussed the previous tutorial and gave us a break after an hour. skipped procom. jonat refused to teach.

AC and ZS went and bought some Bubble Tea from a booth in the foyer. They said it was nice but JW commented otherwise. Miss Intan continued her lesson. After that, she marked our attendance and we were dismissed.

JW and I stayed back to let Miss Intan check our assignment. Then, I drove to MY's house. We played some Street Badminton before leaving for AL's house.

Reached AL's house at about 5.30pm. Went to his room and did some QM again. I was stuck with a question for more than 45 minutes. Went down at 7.30pm for dinner with AL's parents and aunt.

After dinner, we came up and did more QM and used the laptop for awhile. At 9pm, we went out to Maluri to cut our hair. We went to AL's friend and he charged us RM10 per head. An hour later, AL and I came out with new hairstyles. ZS didn't want to cut his hair though...

We then went out for a drink with the hairdresser (a guy). In the mamak stall, we listened to his stories from work (teaching at Kuen Cheng). It was quite fun to hear stuff from a teachers point of view.

At 11pm, we paid up and left. We then took turns to shower in AL's house. We then continued doing our assignments. After that, they played DOTA while I facebooked and blogged.

At 2.30am, we did more QM till 3am. We then finally decided to sleep. AL kept disturbing us with his cold and lame jokes. Somehow, it still made us laugh very hard... That kept us up for another 30 minutes before we slept.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gosh, It's Wednesday!!

While I was still half awake, my legs had the feeling it was still on the ice rink. I even moved my legs and felt that I was really skating. Haha. Fell asleep after that...
woke up at 3 to shut down laptop.
Woke up at 8am and used the laptop and got ready for college as usual. Downloaded TF 20 and 21 (DVD-RMVB) and found out that DVD-RMVB version's 20 is TV-RMVB's 19!! Watched TF 19 and left for TPM.

Once I arrived, I saw many cars parking in the LEGAL spot got clamped! I then knew they were fined because they had problems with their ticket. So, I parked at the very end of the road and went to BUY a NEW ticket.

While buying, I saw AC and AL parking at the open air car park. I then drove over and parked next to AL's Saga. Scratched the new ticket and placed it on my dashboard. Then, we walked to class.

On the way, we peeped into the cars that got clamped to find out why they got clamped. Some of them even MODIFIED the ticket. At least now we know what NOT to do in the future.

When we walked into APIIT, we saw a Nescafe booth. The best thing was that they were giving FREE cups of Chilled Nescafe!! We quickly grabbed one each and went to class.

QM was like any other QM class. She taught us stuff and gave us exercises as usual. After class, we went to get ANOTHER cup of coffee! We walked around looking at what the booths were selling.

There was a shop selling computer stuff (portable hard disks, webcams, mouse, and many more). There was also a booth selling Dunkin Donuts! Last week, there was already a J.Co booth. Can't they think of fresher ideas??

We then went to Lucky for lunch. Originally, we planned to go in 2 cars (DY's and AC's) but somehow, LY wanted to drive CQ's car so we went in 3 cars.

When we arrived, I ordered Pork Chop and Spaghetti from the Western Food shop. My food came quite fast or maybe it was because I was the first to order. I also ordered Iced White Kopi.

Pork Chop with Spaghetti - RM 9.80

The pork was tough and the spaghetti was alright. The white kopi wasn't up to my standard though. Even the free Nescafe was nicer than this. Few of us hopped into DY's car and he drove back to TPM.

He gave us some APPOLLO earlier. In the car, he started giving us sweets! According to ZS, he must be SICK (hahahah... Just Kidding!). DY dropped AL and I at the open-air car park to get our cars.

We then drove our cars to ENT3 and parked it there. Went to class for ProCom and as usual, he came in half an hour after class was SUPPOSED to start. Like a routine, he started the class another 10 minutes later.

He told us he was considering banning laptops in class and tomorrow will be our "judgment day". Then, he continued last week's lesson. During the break, AC and JW were cam-whoring. Just then, AL pushed (purposely) JW's head and that made JW and AC KISS on their LIPS!!

After the break, he asked made us form groups of three's and asked us to write a script (1 job seeker and 2 managers interviewing him). KW, ML and I finished our script just before class ended.

Dropped KW off and drove home. Came upstairs and used the computer. Spent the rest of my evening searching for info about S-Video, RGB, Component and Composite. All TV stuff. I also opened the TV box for the first time to check what ports it has.

Mum came home and while opening her car door (to open the gate), her car door knocked my car's number plate! That made my number "1" fall off! She brought it inside and E happily brought it for me to see!!

My Number "1" !!

Went down for dinner at 7.30pm Came upstairs and personalised my RocketDock again. Looked for more icon images too. Then at 8.30pm, we went over to 97 because our grandparents are going home tomorrow morning.

I got my badminton stuff ready and brought them to 97. At about 8.50pm, they came and picked me up. We went to BSC and started playing. KK went to CK's house at first. So, YM and I teamed up against AP and AM.

When KK came back, AM rested while AP and KK played against YM and I. Then, AM joined YM and I to play against AP and KK. Next, AP stayed out so that YM and AM can team up against KK and I.

During our game, a group of Indians went upstairs and blasted their music. They were practicing their dances or Deepavali maybe. But what gives them the right to DISTURB the people that RENTED the badminton court?

Before we left, YM and I played singles for a short while. Just like Monday night, it was raining when we left. They dropped me home as usual. I took a 20-minute rest before showering.

After I got out of the shower, everyone had already came home. Used the laptop again and started writing this post. Somehow, I chatted here and there, played with performance configuration, and did some facebooking.

By the time I finish writing this post, it was already 1.50am!! I have to sleep RIGHT NOW or I'll be VERY tired tomorrow!! Night...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Day in Sunway

Woke up at 7.20am and went back to sleep. At 8am, I woke up and used the laptop. Ate breakfast at about 10am. Then, went to shower and got dressed. I checked my MSN and saw AL left me a message.

I smsed him and he told me MY hasn't woke up yet and asked me to come later. I left the house at 10.30am and reached MY's house at 11.50am. Went into her house and watched LOS on AOD while waiting for MY and her dad to get ready.

AL drove My's dad to 3 different banks to run his errands while we waited in the car. We then dropped him back home and went to pick ZS. We reached ZS house at 11.40am and only reached Sunway at 12pm.

I smsed AC to ask him to meet us at Ming Tian (below One Academy) for lunch. ZS and I ordered a Fried Chicken Rice (RM 5.50) and I ordered a Iced Kopi. The food came quite fast.

Fried Chicken Rice

AC came and saw what we ordered. He then decided to order the same thing. When his food arrived, AL decided to order that too!

The chicken was very tasty and crunchy but the vege was RAW! The curry was kinda sweet and I didn't take much of it. Donated my egg yolk to ZS while I ate the egg white.

We left the place at about 12.40pm. Then, we went into Sunway Pyramid and walked straight to the skating rink. DY and HX's brother joined us. I paid RM 13 for the entrance fee and extra RM 8 for gloves (Don't have to buy gloves if you already have a pair).

After we went in, we went to measure our foot size and collected our skates. We put our skates on and rented a locker and dumped our shoes inside. Then, we went into the rink. I didn't know how to move at first. After some advice from them, I managed to move slowly.

I stop holding on to the sides after 2 to 3 rounds. We stopped at 2.30pm because they had to resurface the ice. Continued skating at 3pm and stopped at about 4.10pm. Really admired those young kids that skated like professionals.

Skates - AC, ZS and I

At the end of the day, AC fell many times and even scratched his arm. AL fell once while ZS and I didn't fall at all. Actually, there were many times when I was about to fall but was either saved by my friends or regained my balance just in time.

I had a great time skating with them today. Definitely going to come back and skate some time in the future. ZS, AC, AL and I bought a cream puff each (RM 3.40). HX, her brother and DY didn't want to try it.

It was my first time trying it and it was quite nice. Quite expensive if you ask me. AL, ZS and I choked because the powder in the cream got stuck to our throats. After that, we went to look for some snacks to eat. HX, her brother and DY then left us and went to find their own food.

We decided to go to Uncle Lim for snack/tea. After walking all the way there, we found out that Uncle Lim was no longer there anymore. The four of us then walked to Old Town (inside Jusco) to eat.

I ordered a French Toast and a cup of "Enriched Old Town White Coffee (gao)" with ice. The food and drinks were okay. We sat there and chatted till about 5.10pm. We paid up and AC went to his car.

Enriched Old Town White Coffee (gao)

Old Town French Toast

AL went to but Herbal Eggs for My to eat later. Then, we went to Asian Avenue because ZS wanted to buy a comic book. 10 minutes later, ZS paid and we left. Walked to the car park and drove to the Autopay Station.

I went down to help AL pay the ticket. Then, we drove to the photo shop behind One Academy to wait for MY. At 6pm, she got in the car. AL was too tired so he asked MY to drive. I slept in the car for a while.

Before we reached ZS's house, I woke up. We dropped ZS at the main road and he walked home (only 100 metres away). AL then drove back to MY's house. It started raining before we reached her house.

Once there, I said bye to them and I drove home. It was raining quite heavily and it was quite dangerous because the only way to know if there is a car behind me is by their lights. What if a car's light were spoilt?

There was a slight jam going into MV. Surprisingly, the way back to Bangsar was VERY smooth. Of course, I managed to reach home safely. Had dinner and came upstairs to download Heroes Ep6.

Showered and used the laptop again. Couldn't find anything to do so started writing this post early. It's already 10pm now. Heroes is still going to take a while to complete. Will post again if anything interesting happens.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today is Monday

Woke up at 8am by my alarm. Used the laptop and went to shower. Got ready and left the house at 10am. Didn't bring along the VAIO because mum said she needed it.

Reached TPM and saw AL parking at the illegal spot. When I u-turned and went to park there, DY was already there. Together, we parked there. Then, we walked to class.

Mrs Kwan taught us Financial Calculus today. AL had his phone confiscated because he answered a call. He took it back after class though. Our QM assignments were handed out ot us today.

At lunch time, MY drove here and we decided to have lunch in Lunchbox. I had a hard time looking for a legal parking space. In the end, I decided to just park at a illegal spot. We then walked to Lunchbox.

I ordered Chicken Chop, KW ordered Fried Rice, DY ordered Lamb Chop and the others ordered Fish and Chips. After 20 minutes, KW, DY and my food was served. ZS and AL were so hungry they had to "borrow" my french fries.

Chicken Chop

The Chicken Chop was okay. The chicken was quite thin and what made it edible was the mushroom sauce. Fries weren't that nice. The coleslaw and vege was quite good.

Only after we (KW, DY and I) finished our meal, the other 5 plates of Fish and Chips arrived. Real slow service here. So, we waited till the rest of them finished. After paying the bill, (RM13.10 for Fish and Chips) it RAINED!!

We decided to wait for the rain to die down. We waited for about 10 minutes and decided to leave or else we would be marked late. So, DY went to get my car and drove it to the entrance. We gave him an umbrella so he didn't get very wet.

When he arrived, we dashed to the car and got ourselves wet! We dropped the others (who took our bags for us) and we went to park the car. DY and I each had an umbrella so we didn't get that wet...

We reached L2-3 at 2pm but Miss Intan didn't tell us off because we weren't half an hour late (and probably because she knew it was raining). We had her class for an hour or so. Then, she gave us a break.

After the break, she showed the class a video about the computer components. Then, she took our attendance and we were allowed to leave. I dropped KW off as usual and made my way home. sleepy driving.

At home, I finished the tub of Creameria Chocolate Obsession and let M do the honours of finishing the last scoop. Used the laptop for awhile. It was raining quite heavily. Suddenly, I heard thunder and the Internet immediately had problems. I turned off the modem and went to take a nap.

At 6.11pm, M woke me up. I then asked her to follow me to pick E. I waited downstairs till 6.25pm. I asked her again and she told me she didn't hear me the first time. GM had to nag her before she finally came down and went with me.

I took the MV way instead of the usual way. It was more or less the same, JAMMED! Both ways also takes 40 minutes to reach E's school. We only reached home at 7.30pm.

Showered and had my dinner. Then, used the laptop till about 8.30pm. AM called to ask me to play Badminton. She was short of one player. I agreed. We followed mum over to 97 to visit our grandparents.

PP bought me a pair of boardshorts and some chocolates for us. I sat there listening to them talk for about 15 minutes. Found out that mum crashed into someone this morning when she sent the girls to school.

Then, AM called and told me they were leaving. I then went home to take an extra racket (AM didn't have enough) and walked to BSC. Their car just drove in when I arrived at the complex.

Just then, AM told me she BOOKED 8PM but THOUGHT it was 9PM!! We were lucky enough that there was an empty court. We played till 9.45pm and an Indian man came and claimed the court.

So, we left the court and went home. It was raining so KK dropped me home. AM begged me to NOT blog about her careless mistake. I refused and even AP AGREED with me!!

Came home and had a karaoke session with some Mamma Mia songs. When I cooled down, I went to shower. Then, I continued to use the laptop.

J and M went to sleep at about 11pm. E and I were hungry so dad cut some chocolate cake (bought by J from some factory during her trip today). It was soft and quite tasteless. Not nice at all...

Does it even look nice?

Read some Reader's Digest and came upstairs to use the laptop and also started writing this post. Going to Sunway Lagoon tomorrow. So, going to sleep soon. Night...

**Before sleeping, I checked the Internet for info on the Scream Park and the ticket rates. I then found out that they are closed on TUESDAY!! Called AL and we discussed for about half an hour. So, our plans changed and I informed the rest. Its 1am already. Night...**

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dinner at Uptown Food Court

So we went to Uptown food court. There was a Maxis truck there giving away some stuff. There seemed to be nobody bothered about it. Dad asked if we wanted to go there but I told him "after dinner".

We met SS and family just as we wanted to sit down. I ordered a Fish and Chips from the stall "Pang's Western Food". We haven't been here for quite a few years already.

Dad used to bring us here quite often when we were young. I used to order Fish and Chips too. The Fish and Chips only costs RM 7!! My meal came quite fast and SS paid for me because dad went to order some other food for E.

Fish and Chips - Only RM 7

The fish was thin but I liked the taste and texture. Fries were better than the one from lunch. Coleslaw, bread, baked beans and the egg was okay. For so many things, I feel that RM 7 is really reasonable. Should come here more often...

After dinner, we spent some time talking to each other. I talked to K and listened to some of GM's stories. Then, we decided to leave. Both families said bye to each other and we went home. Maxis truck was already gone. Too bad...

Came home and the PPP light was off! After many attempts, I finally turned the modem off and stopped anyone else to turn it on for the next one hour. Burned LOS into DVDs and watched M play Glyph2.

Then, I went downstairs to watch a Discovery Documentary about A Search for a New Martial Arts Hero. The show ended at 11pm and I came upstairs. I turned on the modem and luckily, it worked!!

Used the laptop to do some Facebooking and then started to blog. Found out that it was ZW's birthday and I went to wish her. Halfway typing this post, the Internet was down again. This time, the PPP light was on but I couldn't go online.

Restarted the modem twice already. Hope I can finish this post early and go to bed. Its 12.44am now. Bye...

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