Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Month Just Ended

I woke up just in time to watch Heroes Episode 3 live streaming. Unfortunately, it was loading very slowly and the show didn't run smoothly. So, I decided to cancel it and wait and download the clearer version.

Ate some mooncakes for breakfast and started downloading Heroes. Went downstairs to watch "Superhero Movie". It was quite funny but not really suitable for kids. Had lunch at home and went upstairs to burn some DVDs.

At about 2pm, SS called and asked me to go to their house. They came from GG's house and picked me. C was watching Pokemon and I joined him. At 3.30pm, he had a sudden crave for McD's Shaker Fries.

So, we took some money from SS and went to McD's drive thru. We bought a Ayam Goreng McD Set, Double Cheeseburger Set, Large Fries and got a free banana pie because we had the drive thru sticker.

We ate our food while watching more Pokemon. At 4.30pm, SS drop us (SS, K and I) in GSC to watch Babylon AD. Our main purpose is to use up the "buy 2 free 1" voucher that expires today.

The story line and the action were not nice at all. The only thing that made this movie "pass" was because of its mysterious and suspenseful factor. The viewers were only told the truth about the girl towards the end of the movie.

After the movie ended, we went to the Bowling Alley to use the toilet. Then, we went to Jusco to buy "bubble tea" and "Auntie Annie's". By the time we were done, it was 7pm. We walk to the old wing and SS picked us up.

We waited for C to come back so e could go for dinner. C came back and told us he hurt his head while playing ball. Before going for dinner, we dropped K at dance class. Then, we went to Tai Thong in SS2 for dinner.

The food was just standard. Nothing special but the food took very long to come. While waiting, I showed C the Candy BT hack and he was very impressed. The total bill turned out to be RM 100++. We used the "RM30 off" voucher and paid only RM 60++.

We then went pick K. We drove straight to their grandmother's house to meet her. All of us went to Kanna Curry House for supper. We sat there chatting as they are going to Pangkor for holiday tomorrow.

We left the place at around 11pm. SS drove me home to take a few set of clothes and my laptop. Then, we drove back to SS's house. It was already 12am. I watched Heroes while waiting for my turn to shower.

After showering, I came down and used the laptop for awhile. Now, I'm waiting for K to finish watching her shoe before going to sleep. Don't wanna leave her alone downstairs right. I know, I'm a good cousin. Haha...

Monday, September 29, 2008

DY's Birthday Celebration

Woke up at 9am and my whole right arm was is PAIN!! Turned on the laptop and used it for awhile. C was in the shower so I waited for her to come out. After showering, we waited for C to shower.

His friends were already in the living room waiting for him. When we were all ready, we hopped into the car. With directions from C, I drove to KDU and dropped C there. Then, C gave me directions to go to Sunway Pyramid.

We found a parking spot at CP2. I loved the parking system there because it tells you if that particular parking spot is occupied or not. Green for available Red for unavailable. They also tell you if you turn left, there is XXX amount of parking spaces and if you turn right, there is XXX amount of parking spaces.

AC told me to meet him at Big Apple. So, C and his friens went their own way and I went to look for Big Apple. While looking at the directory, a receptionist came and asked me if I needed help. Great service here!

She told me that there is no Big Apple in Sunway Pyramid and they only had J.Co. Then, I called CQ that was with AC. She told me that they will be late because they are going to pick ZS. So, I walked around and ended up at the skating rink.

I was considering buying something to eat. It was either a Baguette from Delifrance, Donuts from Dunkin Donuts or a Frosty from Wendy's. At last, I choose to buy a Chocolate M&M Frosty from Wendy's (it was the cheapest).

Just then, AC called and told me that ZS and JJ are waiting for me outside Starbucks. I walked all the way back to the Starbucks in the new wing (right above J.Co). I waited and looked around for them. Then, I called ZS to ask him where they were.

ZS said they were at the Starbucks in the OLD WING!! So, I had to walk BACK to the old wing to look for them. After meeting up, ZS and JJ brought me to RedBox to meet up with AC and CQ. We then went in and ordered our lunch.

While waiting for the others to arrive, we chose some songs and started singing. I was devastated to see that there were NO LYRICS for English songs!! DY and HX came 10 minutes later followed by AL and MY who came 10 minutes after them.

After singing for about half an hour, our lunch was served. The Fried Rice I ordered tasted very plain. It was the worst fried rice ever! We left at 3pm. All of us paid DY's share since he was the birthday boy. Each of us paid about RM 13 per person.

Then, we went to S+J to buy AC's phone accessory. next, we went to Häagen-Dazs to eat the Fondue!! It was my second time having this and it is still very yummy!! Each of us paid about RM 12 per person (6 of us paid for DY). After eating, AC said he was very happy! Haha!

Very yummy Fondue from Haagen-Dazs

Birds-eye View of this expensive dessert

Then, we went to buy herbal tea. I didn't buy any drinks from there though. After that, we said bye to AC and the people following his car. DY and AL went to take the monitor for me. I went CP2 to look for my car.

Then I drove around to look for the lift. This is when I started to hate this parking system because the signboards and road directions are CONFUSING!! Anyway, I still managed to drive to the lift where AL and DY was waiting.

They help me loaded the monitor (bought by SS for RM70) and returned my towel. I then borrowed AL the heroes DVD. I reparked my car and called C. He said he was done and I told him to come to the car park.

I picked him and his friends and we went to the autopay station. We exited the building after paying. When we left the building and entered the main road, we didn't know which road to take until it was TOO late.

We ended up paying a toll and going somewhere far. Luckily, I followed some signboards that lead us back to PJ. We drove by famous landmarks in PJ like Assunta Hospital, Jaya One, jaya 33 and so on but none of us remembered how to get out of here and go back to 1U.

We then passed by Amcorp Mall, SDC and the police station. Calling SS didn't help much too because we were confused with his directions. Luckily, when we came to somewhere, C's friend remembered how to go back.

We came to much familiar roads and managed to find our way home. So, we finally reached SS's home at 6pm. Then, we got the news that we are going to have a family dinner tonight. We left at 7pm and went to "lou di fang" in Cheras.

The food there was nice and it came quite fast. SG ordered 20 pieces of "mar kiok" for dessert. All of us managed to finish it without fail! We went back SS's house and watched some AODP. Then, I drove home.

I showered and used the laptop to update the 2 posts 2 days ago. Now, I'm writing the draft for today. It is already 1.30am and mum, dad and E has just finished watching MNE2. Night.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unexpected Sunday

I woke up and checked my facebook. Then I wait for CM to fax the map (to her house) to me. Instead, she sent it through MSN to me. After changing, I took my wallet and phone. Then, GM and I went to SS's house.

We waited in their house for the kids to get ready. Then, we went to Damansara Perdana for Dim Sum. This shop is owned by SS's friend so we decided to try out the food.

The dim sum was NOT nice! The "lobak gou" (steamed radish) tasted sour and some of the dim sum were HARD! I'm probably not going there anymore if I have the choice. Since he was SS's friend, he charged us RM 60 only.

We went straight to CM's house to see her baby (now named LDW). The other 2 kids were in the SSJ temple with their dad. We stayed and played/looked/disturbed the 3 week old baby for about 45minutes.

Reached SS's house at 1.45pm. Just then, AM called and asked if I wanted to play badminton. I rejected her because I was too tired to drive back to Bangsar. Out of nowhere, C and C said they will drive me there and because they wanted to play too.

I informed AM and C drove us (C, C, GM and I) to Bangsar. We dropped GM at home and I went to take the Badminton rackets. Then, the 3 of us went to BSC to meet up with AM and the rest of them.

YM, AM, SC, KK, A (AM's colleague) and Unknown (A's GF) were already there. There were no one else in the badminton courts so we used ALL 3 courts. I sparred with KK for about an hour. he told me to practise hitting hard.

Then, I got very sweaty and tired. After resting, I played a game with AM versus A and Unknown. We lost badly because AM didn't run when the shuttlecock went at the back of her. Then, I played a game with YM against C and AM. We each won one round and had to go so we couldn't continue the last round.

We went home and changed. Then, we went to AP's house. We ate some Instant Noodles that AM cooked. Then, we walked to Sri Nirvana to have some drinks and roti. Sat there chatting for about half an hour before we went home.

I showered at home and we drove back to SS's house. We waited till 8 pm before dad called us. He told us to go have dinner at Thong Kee. So we picked SS from the salon and went to the restaurant.

The food was quite nice and the Honey Lemon drink there was good. After dinner, we sat there and discussed about a day trip. All that was just wasted time and false hopes. Most probably none of them would come true.

J and I followed SS back home. Then, I decided to stay over at SS's place because C would be following me to Sunway tomorrow. So, C sent J back home and I went to take my clothes and packed my stuff to sleepover.

When we came back from my house, I turned on the laptop in SS's house and started chatting. C watched Heroes Season 2 till about 2am while I was half watching and half chatting.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

200th Post!!

Woke up and used the computer. SS came to pick GM up. I washed up, packed the laptop and followed them to SS's house.

I left my things in SS's house and we (SS, SS, GM and I) went to Ikea or breakfast. C was working in Pavilion, C was sleeping and K was in her school helping out with the SPCA Car Wash.

There we very little cars in Ikea's P2 parking bay. I ordered the RM 0.99 french toast for breakfast and had the free coffee. When we were done, we went back home.

SS brought GM to Assunta hospital for an eye check up. I stayed at home with C and SS while waiting for them. At 12pm, dad came. SS dropped C in Ikea and dad in 1U.

When dad and SS came home, we drove the Avanza and SLK for the Charity Car Wash. It was RM10 per car but they didn't do a proper wash. They just sprayed water on the car, applied some soap and simply scrubbed.

They also didn't vacuum and clean inside of the car. The car didn't look any cleaner after that. Came back and used the computer. We waited till 1pm for GM and SS to come back. Then, we went for lunch.

We went to a Wanton Mee shop in Section 17. It costs about RM 31++ for the five of us (including 10 pieces of additional wanton). Dad and GM went home and I stayed in SS's house. I was so bored that I played DOTA with the PC again.

Then, SS, SS and I went to pick C from Ikea. Then, we went to a car shop in town and SS discussed some stuff with him. Then, we went to pick C up from ParkRoyal. We reached SS's house at 6pm.

K was already back from her car wash event. At around 7pm, dad called. J wanted to eat Hokkien noodles and so SS suggested we have dinner at Champion Duck in Damansara Utama.

We actually ordered from the shop OUTSIDE champion duck. They rent the place during the night. The noodles were nice and tasty. The total bill was RM54++.

We went back to SS's house and turned watched some photos on the TV. Then, we played S.H.E's new album on the TV. After that, someone suggested we go to Dessert Bar for dessert. So, we drove there.

There were no legal parking spots anymore so we double-parked. We ordered a fondue and other desserts. If you ask me, the fondue from Haagen Dazs is much nicer! The total bill was RM 110++ (double our dinner).

Some mango drink

Fondue for RM 38

We left the place at 11pm and reached home at 12am. I'm going to sleep soon because I'll be going out with SS tomorrow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Friday Already!

Woke up at 7.30am and took turns to wash up. Then, we went to eat "Bak Kut Teh" for breakfast. After we were done, AL, ZS and I (in AL's car) went to BSC while DY (in his car) went to pick HX.

We reached BSC at 10am. We then played till 12pm before going back to my house. We took turns to shower as usual. Then, they printed their Moral Studies assignment. That idiot (DY) decided to skip class and went home with HX!!

AL went to pump some petrol at Shell. Then, we went to MY's house. AL had lunch in her house while ZS and I went to Good Tea for lunch. I ordered a "rou gan" fried bun and a cup of Iced White Kopi.

After lunch, we went to bind their assignment. On the way back to TPM, it was VERY jam!! We saw AL few cars in front of us. All of us finally reached TPM at 2.40pm. We parked and walked to class.

We were 15 minutes late and Mr Warren was teaching us about Normative and Descriptive Statements. There were only one third of the class present because today is the HAND IN DATE for our assignment!!

Then, at 3.10pm, he gave us a break. He said he would start accepting assignments at 3.30pm. So, we went down and bought some stuff. Then, we went to hang around in the level 2 corridor (near masters rooms).

At about 3.40pm, we went upstairs to hand in our assignments. There was a very long queue and my team members decided to wait for the queue to die down. After handing in our assignment, I drove KW to the LRT station and went home.

The drive was smooth except when I was going back to Bangsar from Mid Valley. When I reached home, only GM was there. Turned on the laptop and started managing my FB games.

Then, since my AEU donator's access (I won the caption contest remember?) has just been started, I decided to download LOS (Last One Standing) directly from AEU's server! Their speed never goes less than 25kbps!!

AEU also suggested that we use FlashGet to maximize our download speed. While downloading FlashGet, I played my first game of DOTA with the PC. When I was done, I went down for dinner.

Then, I came up and installed FlashGet and started to download LOS 1 and 2. Now, I'm downloading LOS 2, 3 and 4 at a go and the average speed is still amazingly 25kbps (60kbps highest so far)!!

I'll probably try to play another game of DOTA later. That's all for today. I might write another post on a miracle facial soap later. Depends on my mood. Bye...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Woke up around 8.15am and turned on the laptop and settle some stuff. Then, I showered and packed my stuff. Ate another "zhang" for breakfast. Before leaving, dad wanted to give me some money but I told him I had enough.

Then, I drove to APIIT to look for ZS and AL. Our appointment was 10am but luckily, AC was just as late as me and we arrived TOGETHER! Then, we drove to Seri Kembangan.

AL sent his car in to add skirting for his Saga. Then, he sent it to the Exhaust shop 2 doors away to change his exhaust and add a fake one. We waited for his car to be done the whole time. We even saw an accident on the opposite side of the road.

Accident happens...

When we were done, we went to Yoke Heng. Unfortunately, the shop was closed for the week. So, we went to another restaurant few doors down for lunch. We ordered fried rice and 2 plates of noodles.

While waiting for the food to come, AL bought some fruits for us as thanks (for accompanying him). When the food came, we all agreed that Yoke Heng was much better. Besides, the waiter had a very sour face which made us hate her.

We paid up and went back to TPM. AC had to go back because of some stuff. We reached the class for ProCom at 1.15pm. The lecturer came in and only started the class at 1.45pm. He discussed some stuff about our assignment and dismissed the class. We then stayed in the class till another lecturer came in.

Then we went down to 1-2 for CT. We were given some tutorial questions and were asked to look for the answers. Then, one and a half hours later, we discussed the answers. She decided to NOT discuss what we couldn't answers. That really made me upset for the rest of the class.

We went to MY's house and I parked my car there. Then, I transferred my stuff to AL's car. We then drove to the western food restaurant we went to last week. It was 6pm but the stall only opens at 6.30pm.

So, we went to another "coffee shop" to have dinner. I ordered a plate of fried rice (rm5) and ordered an Iced Kopi. Then, we sent MY home and DY and I (in his car) and ZS and AL (in AL's car) drove to DY's house.

We passed through 3 tolls (RM 2.20 each) on the way to Klang. Then, we went to HX's house to pick her up. We went to DY's house and played some Basketball. I stayed out of the game because I didn't like to play. Soon, we went back in his house and took turns to shower. They did some parts of the assignment and I helped out a little.

The worst thing about his house was that he was using his neighbors wireless connection (with their permission) but there were about 5 computers using it!! That caused us to keep disconnecting. There was HSPA all over Klang though.

At 11 something, we came out and sent HX back. Then we went to Taman Bukit Tinaggi for supper at "1 to eat".

The service there was very fast. We ordered some satay and I ordered ABC. The ABC had a lot of ingredients inside and was quite worth it for RM 3.80. When we were done, we went into a nearby CyberCafe.

Nice ABC with many Ingredients

They played DOTA while I updated my blog/ chat/ watch them play. it is 1.44am now. Going to leave the CC soon. Night...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unexpected Events

Woke up at 6.30am and downloaded some parts of heroes. The connection was much faster today. Went back to sleep. Before that, I noticed that my phone battery was quite low. So, I turned on the radio to drain its battery (so that I can charge it later).

Woke up at 8.30am and combined the four parts of HeroesS3E1. Then, I downloaded 2 parts of S3E2. Went down and ate some "tau sah piah" and some "rou gan". Got ready for college and went to pick up AM.

I was suppose to pick her up at 9.30am but I only reached her house at 9.48am. Luckily, she was only 10 minutes late. I managed to find a legal parking spot today. Then, I walked to APIIT. Took today's star paper while going in.

I saw nobody outside L1-1 so I decided to go to the lab. Then, I saw ZS using the computer in the lab. He was playing the Word Challenge on Facebook and I helped him with it. At 10.30am, we walked back down to L1.

After going to the washroom, we saw our classmates in L1-6. We went inside and they told us that class was here today. Then, ZS told me that there was a test TODAY!! I remember her telling us about a test but TOTALLY forgot that is is today.

Anyway, Mrs Kwan came in and asked us to sit 2 chairs away from each other. The test was quite easy though. The test ended at 12.10pm. We then went to my car and drove to Good Tea for lunch.

I ordered Claypot Chicken Rice (RM4.50) and Milo Ice (RM2). When we were done, we went to the fruit stall and they bought some fruits. Went back to ENT3 and we still had half an hour to spare! AL and DY played DOTA while ZS and ML watched Heroes S3E1 on my laptop.

We went to our ProCom class at 1.45pm. The lecturer came in the class but only started the lecture half an hour later!! The lecture ended early and we stayed in the room. We had our CT group discussion for our assignment. Then, we played some cards and continued to hang around.

At 4.30pm, we went back to APIIT. DY and I went to the convenient store to and bought a "Nescafe Ice" and a packet of "Mamee". The rest of them went straight to the auditorium. We talked while waiting for Mr Warren to come in and start teaching.

He called each of the group's name and a representative from each group went and took the CSFF form. Then, he started his lecture on STD's. It was actually very horrible and sad when he told us about their symptoms and how some people suffer from it.

When the class ended, I dropped KW and JJ in the LRT station. Before we even turned into the road (where the LRT station is), it was already jammed. Then, an ambulance came and stopped in front of the station. When I passed by, I saw many people looking here and there but I couldn't find any victims lying around.

While leaving, I saw another ambulance arrived. Drove back home and the highways were smooth. Once at home, I had my dinner. I downloaded another 2 parts of Heroes S3E2. M came home and mum, dad and her watched "The Secret".

After I showered, I went downstairs and joined them. This is the second time I'm watching it. The last time I watched this, it inspired me to create this blog. I wonder what I'll do next...

When I came upstairs, I noticed that I downloaded S3E1 instead of S3E2!! So, I downloaded them again. M came up at 10.15pm and she watched Heroes S3E1 on the desktop. I was chatting with AL, ZS and AC online.

Now, I'll finish writing this and go to sleep. Or maybe I'll stay up to watch Distraction. Haih....

** Went downstairs to watch Distraction. The guy's G5 Desktop was smashed into bits, His Vespa was damaged but his WEGA TV was not hurt at all. Came upstairs and decided to make myself a new message alert tone. So, I ripped the "mmmmm" (the part where Tim Kring's name appear and there is an eclipse) from heroes. From today, every time I receive an SMS, that sound will play!!**

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Woke up at 8am. Turned on the laptop and went to Got-Heroes.com to look for the download links. The links weren't posted yet because it hasn't aired. Then, I read the forum and saw that a website Justin.TV , is streaming it LIVE!

I decided to check it out. To my surprise, it was 7.56PM (4 minutes to showtime)! I quickly restarted the VAIO (sound problems remember) and was just in time to watch the live streaming of the Heroes Season 3 premiere!! There was also a chat at the right hand side.

During exciting moments (example: Sylar came for Claire), many of us flooded the chat box with stuff like "RRUUUUUUUUUNNN" and "go Claire! run!". It was fun to watch 2 episodes of Season 3 online. Thanks alot to our host Rudjard. It was my first time watching an American Series Live Online!!

Unfortunately, streaming live also means watching the COMMERCIALS!! At least they weren't boring because I haven't seen any of these ads before. Went down during a break to get some Chocolate Filled Oreo's for my breakfast.

After the show ended, I went to BSC to pay for the badminton court bookings. I paid RM 64 in total!! That's alot of money!! (am RM8, me RM16, dad RM40!!). Came home and watched Heroes Season 2 from my homemade super clear DVD.

Then, I went upstairs to look for the Heroes Graphic novels. I continued from Graphic Novel number 79 and had to catch up to 104!! The graphic novels were 18MB per episode. It took quite a long time to load.

Went downstairs for lunch. When I saw what was for lunch (pork and some broccoli), I decided to skip lunch. Instead, I had an ice cream cone plus a third of the small tub of Cremeria Ice cream for lunch. The ice creams were very yummy!

Read some graphic novels, Firefox got stuck a couple of times because I loaded about 4 novels at once. Then around 5pm, I started working on my moral assignment. I finished the essay around 7pm. Then, I attached it and emailed it to my team members.

Went downstairs for dinner and saw the pork and broccoli was still there. I suddenly didn't feel like eating pork. So, I ate lots and lots of broccoli together with my rice! Went upstairs and finished reading the graphic novels.

Watched Amazing Race Asia 3 at 8.30pm. Then, at 9 something, AL asked me to look for 青苔 (Chinese and Thai version). Because James (the singer) wasn't that famous and being a Thai singer (couldn't find him on limewire), it took me slightly more than an hour before I found and downloaded it.

AL even asked me to forget about it half an hour after he requested for it. One hour of hard work just to listen to two 4-minute songs. Even so, I felt very satisfied when I found it. Damn happy right now.

My Heroes download is taking FOREVER!! Since this afternoon, I've only been able to download 1 part out of 4 parts. The downloads keep breaking and stopping. Their average speed is 6kbps!! The lowest was even 968bytes!! Hopefully, by tomorrow I download all four parts.

Now, I'm writing this post and hope to sleep early today. Night.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Woke up at 8am and downloaded MR40. Then, watched the MR "dinner special" and an interview with "Fan and Kam" on the laptop. After showering, I ate a piece of cake, a "heong pang" and a "zhang". All of that were brought back from dad's Malacca trip.

Then, I left for APIIT at 10am. When I reached TPM, I saw that some cars had been clamped. AL just arrived and he convinced me that they won't clamp our car. So, we walked to class.

Everyone else was already in the class waiting for QM to start. AL and I sat at the back of the class because there wasn't any seats left. Today's topic was Financial Mathematics! A very interesting but complicating topic!

Class ended at 12.30pm. 11 of us (CQ, WL, AH, JJ plus the usual 7) went for lunch in 2 cars (AC's and mine). AC suggested Secret Recipe and everyone agreed. But when we saw the prices, some of us felt like leaving.

Since we already sat down, I ordered a BBQ Chicken. When the food came, I was surprised to see RICE!! The chicken was nice but the sauce was too sweet. I finished everything except the rice. In the end, I mixed the sauce with the rice and cleaned my plate.

BBQ Chicken (RM 13.50 before tax)

We paid the bill at 1.45pm. (CT class starts now!) AL wanted to drive my Avanza back and I allowed him. We reached APIIT and waited for the lift. The six of us (that followed my car) were half an hour LATE!

Miss Intan took our ID's which made me EMO for the first half of the class. Then, ZS and AL drew a cartoon version of our "favourite teacher". I then took a picture of it and send it to some of our classmates. I felt much better after the break.

I used PhotoDJ from my phone to edit the ZS's sketch

With that inspiration, He did this!

She then talked to us about our "Minutes of Meetings" for our assignment. Then, she dismissed the class and those that had problems our questions went in front and asked her. At the back of the class, I was transferring files here and there.

Dropped KW and WL at the LRT station and continued the journey home. The roads were smooth and there wasn't any jam. When I reached home, I found out that J's friend is here AGAIN!

Changed my clothes and brought an ice-cream cone upstairs to enjoy. Then, I mindlessly use the laptop (dunno what to do). Went to have a short nap in my room. After that, I came out and played this game called "Amorpheus Plus". This game got me playing it for about an hour!!

Then, at 7.30pm, I went down to have dinner. After my shower, I continued to play "Amorpheus Plus" for about another half an hour. Then, I went to AddictingGames.com to look for some nice games to play.

At about 11pm, I stopped playing and started updating this post. Now, I'm transferring some episodes of MR to the desktop so that I can burn it into a DVD! Night...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

TV is Exciting

Woke up at 9am in the morning. The rest of the family were sleeping but M was already attending her seminar in Kasturi. GM was awake as usual. Went downstairs and noticed that my Avanza had been lent away.

Used the laptop till it was about 11am. Went downstairs and ate a "zhang"(dumpling) for breakfast. SS and SS came. We watched "Don't Mess with the Zohan" but 10 minutes later, our player had problems reading the disc.

SS and SS went home while the rest of us watched some documentary. Dad went to the temple and picked M from Kasturi after he was done. I came upstairs and searched for more MR songs online.

Dad and M came home at 1pm. He brought us (M, J and I) for lunch because mum and E was already full. J wanted to go to Quan's and planned to go visit our nephew later. We reached Quan's around 1.40pm.

Went in and looked at the menu. 5 minutes later, we were ready to order. I asked for a "Fish and Chips" and 1-litre of Ice Lemon Tea. About 15 minutes later, the drinks were served followed by our food.

1 litre size Ice Lemon Tea **it was really RICH with lemon!!** (RM7.50),
500ml Jasmine Tea (came with set) and 500ml Ice Lemon Tea (RM5)

Fish and Chips (they score 1/5 for presentation)

A customer complained to them because he waited for his order (garlic bread) for too long. He told them if it didn't come in a minute, he will cancel it. So, he paid and left. The garlic bread was then eaten by the staff. **Secret: J ordered the garlic bread too and his garlic bread was served to J earlier**

I could only finish 3/4 of the Ice Lemon Tea. It made my throat very dry because there were LOTS of lemon inside. My stomach was bloated with water! M helped me finish the rest. It was raining when we were leaving. So, we went straight home instead.

Even after reaching home, my stomach was still bloated. It only begun to feel better half an hour later. I searched on the Internet and found out how to RIP audio from RMVB files. It actually takes a lot of effort!

First, convert the RMVB file to MP3. Then, using Windows Movie Maker, cut the location of the song. Then, make the ending end smoothly. Next, publish the song onto the computer. It will be published in WMA format. So, I need to use another converter to change WMA into MP3.

At 6pm, I was satisfied with the amount of songs I have ripped. I even uploaded them on sendspace copied them to my phone and shared them on AEU. After showering, I was just in time to watch HSM: My School Rocks. I already knew who was going ot win because I read Becky's blog.

Dad went to pack some noodles for our dinner. He reached home just before 8pm. When pouring the noodles, he accidentally spilled some of it. That cause some chaos for 5 minutes. After the mess was cleaned, we ate the noodles for dinner while watching MR39.

During the break, we cleared some of our plates. Then, we watched MR40. When it was almost going to end, KK and AP came. They made some unnecessary comments while the rest of us (including GM) were trying to concentrate and feel the emotions of this finale.

MR ended with a happy ending while the cast sang 月亮代表我的心. KK asked to switch the channel and watched football. I came upstairs and started to rip 月亮代表我的心. KK and AP left after 10 minutes.

I then asked mum to get my Avanza back from MM's house. If you borrow someone's car, shouldn't you return it yourself? Or would you ask the person if he WANTS it back? And expect him to COME and take it back himself? In the end, dad went over and drove the car back.

Lazed around using the computer and talking to M. Then, we watched the trailer for Season 3 of Heroes. The trailer really made M and I excited about this season. It's going to be a really nice season. Here's the trailer.

Then, I started to write this post. Now, I'm downloading the TV-RMVB version of MR39. I probably will wake up in the middle of the night to download MR 40 and the other Specials.

Decided to backup my blog instead. I stopped at my 104th post and now, I have 194. Which mean I have to back up exactly 90 posts! It is 1.40am now and I just completed the back up.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Woke up at 9am. Used the laptop and downloaded some stuff. MM called around 10am and asked me to follow her to Glenmarie to fix her car. Her radiator was still leaking after last week's repair.

I quickly ate my breakfast and got into the car. When I called her, she told me she called the tow-truck to come and get her car. Why didn't she tell me earlier? Went back inside the house and booked the badminton court for Friday.

At 10.35am, MM smsed me and told me that AC is having his breakfast. She wanted me to go over so she can show me the way to Kiara Club. I was burning YCOM into a DVD so I waited for it to start burning before going downstairs.

Just as I started the car, MM and AC hopped in. Since AC was supposed to come alone initially, MM asked him to lead me to the club. There was one time where he was undecisive and another time where he gave me the WRONG directions. MM and him got into a small "talk" because of that.

I then drove back home and dropped MM at 97. Then, I drove to BSC to pay AM's booking and my booking. The office is closed on weekends so I drove back home. I watched Diamond Dust Rebellion (Bleach Movie 2) on the desktop when I reached home.

GM heated up yesterday's supper for our lunch. I only ate my lunch when the movie ended at about 1pm. AC gave me a missed call at 1.34pm. Was I supposed to know what to do? No. So, I continued to use the laptop.

Then, MM called and asked if I am ready to go pick AC. I said yes and went downstairs to start the car. MM came just in time and I drove to the club to pick him up. I drove to Nam Chuen and waited in the car with MM while AC went down to buy their lunch.

M called and I told her to wait there for me. We waited for about 20 minutes because AC ordered Char Kuey Teow. When he was done, I went to pick M and her friends (EC and DT) from the Maybank Bus Stop.

I dropped EC and DT at EC's house and dropped AC and MM in MM's house. When we reached home, GM asked us if we wanted to have dinner with SS. We agreed and she asked J to call SS. Used the laptop from 2.30pm till 5pm.

After all of us showered (except E, who refused), I drove the five of us (GM, M, J, E and myself) to SS's house. We brought the Astro card along to watch tonight's MR at their house. We reached there around 6pm. C was watching some movie with her friends and C was in Singapore working as a promoter.

After resting for a few minutes, we left the house. We went to Section 17 and looked for this restaurant called "6 to 10 Grill". I ordered a "Special Chicken". And a large "Watermelon Juice".

Special Chicken (RM 12.50)

Large Watermelon Juice (Rm5)
*Even fingers like to CamWhore*

Our bill. Thanks SS for paying.

All our food came in less than 10 minutes. The chicken was nice but the sauce was too plain. Compared to Sri Petaling, the "large" fruit juice was much SMALLER for the same price. We finished dinner at 7pm. SS paid and we went home.

At 105, we watched MNE2 (Money Not Enough 2). At 8.30pm, we paused the movie and watched MR38. Then, we continued watching MNE2 when MR was over. I didn't really enjoy the movie and feel the emotions (especially the sad ones).

This is because when they speak in Hokkien, there is NO SUBTITLES!! I do understand Hokkien but most of the time, they just speak TOO FAST!! The movie was over at 10 something.

C came back from her movie. After she showered, we (SS, GM, C, M, J, E and I) went for supper. We decided to go to Kayu in Aman Suria. We ordered a Roti Tissue and I ordered teh tarik. E had Roti Canai while C had Maggi Goreng. We also ordered 2 purees (comes in two's) just to try it.

My cup of Teh Tarik

3-plate long Roti Tissue (RM5)
*can't really see the length form this angle*

The puree/puri we ordered (similar to Tossai)

SS paid up and we left. Went to 105 to take some stuff. Then, I drove back. While driving, we talked about some stuff that happened today. At home, I rushed to the toilet and had a quick shower.

Came out at 12am feeling all refreshed and comfortable. Wrote a draft and planned to write in detail tomorrow. Downloaded some stuff and used the laptop while waiting for the file to finish downloading.

At 1.05am, mum and dad reached home. They bought lots of "zhang" (glutinous dumpling) and some biscuits. Decided to download another file. Talked to C and she said she is watching MR 29 now.

It is already 2.15am. My download will be completed in another 10 more minutes. Then, I'll be sleeping. Looking forward to the double-episode-finale of MR later tonight.

Happy 18th Birthday

Friday, September 19, 2008

Unwise Decision

Woke up at 5am and couldn't get back t sleep. Downloaded some stuff and went back to bed. Woke up at 9am. Used the laptop till 9.45am. After showering, AL called. So, I quickly ate my breakfast and went to BSC.

We played some doubles and singles game. At 11am, 2 Indian ladies and their Chinese coach came and told us that they booked our court. We showed them our receipts and they showed us theirs. To my surprise, our bookings were the same!

The coach went to the office and talked to the workers. Then, oldies group (who booked 2 courts) allowed us to use court B while the Indian ladies played at court C. How can this even happen? The workers probably took the money but never recorded it.

At 12.20pm, we went back to my house and showered. When we were done, we drove to Nam Chuen. Chun Heong was closed for the day and this caused Nam Chuen to be flooded with people!

After 5 minutes of looking for a table, one of the stall owners asked us to take the collapsible table and set it up ourselves. So, we followed her instructions and placed our table in the middle of the sidewalk.

I ordered Chicken Rice and 2 popiahs to share among us. When we were done, DY went in AL's car while ZS came into mine. The road to MV from the mosque was jammed. So, I took a longer detour to McD. Just then, I realized that I need to pump some petrol into my car.

Was the jam a sign for me to pump petrol? Maybe. So, ZS sat in the car while I pumped the petrol. We reached TPM at the same time as AL even when he DIDN'T go to pump petrol. The reason? He used the OUG way which has many traffic lights whereas the way I took had NO traffic lights at all.

While waiting for the lift, I bought a Nescafe Black Roast from the convenient store. I told DY it was nice and he bought it too. In the lift, we saw Miss Sumathi. Dy asked her when is she expecting it and she said in December.

We were 15 minutes late for Moral Studies. He was teaching us about types of relationships and how they are formed. We sat on the top section but 5 minutes later, we decided to sit at the front row as usual.

During the break, we played UNO. Then, he taught us about relationship builders and destroyers. Class was over at 4.40pm. ZS, ML and I went cafeteria because I had to wait for AM to finish work.

I bought a bottle of Tropicana Twister Apple. ZS bought a drink and some food plus a packet of mamee (he owed ML). ML told us that his "GF" gave him birthday present. We asked him to open it and he revealed it was a wallet. He told us he will start using it on Monday.

I went to take my car and drove it in front of APIIT. AM hopped in and I drove home. On the way, she kept nagging me to go to Malacca tomorrow. To keep her quiet, I said "see first". She also gave me some money and asked me to pay for her badminton booking.

Came back and used the computer. At 7pm, I showered and had dinner. Then, at 8.30pm, all of us watched the final episode of YCOM and MR 37. Next, we watched the back part of "Music And Lyrics".

I searched for the controversy of using the Buddha image on "Music and Lyrics". Read the arguments for about an hour. Finally, I decided not to go to Malacca tomorrow. Bye.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things Are Getting Heated

Woke up around 7.30am. Used the laptop for awhile and had banana biscuits for breakfast. After using the laptop for another half an hour, I went back to sleep.

I went downstairs for lunch and got ready for college. Left the house at 12.45pm. Reached TPM just in time. Found a legal spot to park and walked to class.

Everyone were already in class except the lecturer. ProCom class only started 15 minutes later. The lecturer briefed us on our assignment for about an hour. Then, he gave us a "5 minute break" but he only came back 20 minutes later.

After class, all of us were HUNGRY!! We went to the cafeteria knowing that our CT class starts in 10 minutes. I bought a packet of Chachos Original while the others bought stuff like Nasi Lemak, sandwiches, Keropok, Mamee, and some other junk food.

We spent about half an hour eating in the cafeteria. Then, my headache started. After eating, we went up to class. The lecturer wasn't in the class because she went out. We sat down and did the tutorial questions given to us.

About 30 minutes before the class ended, Ms Intan discussed the answers and asked us about our progress of our assignment. She dismissed us and we drove to MY's house.

We played a short game of badminton while waiting for her to come home. She arrived 10 minutes later. We went into her house and DY asked her to show us her dogs. She brought us to the back of the house where there were a small room.

When she opened the door, all 6 cute dogs were jumping and shrieking (barking with a high pitched voice). It was worst than a kindergarten class.

We then watched AOD while MY got ready to go out. Then, we sat in AL's car and went for dinner. We had western food in a roadside stall in Sri Petaling. It is just in front of a Salon which is next to Berry's.

I ordered a Honey Cheese Pork and a cup of Ice Lemon Tea (Small). The food was okay. My favourite was their fries. At 7pm, there were many crows making noise above our heads.

Honey Cheese Pork (RM 9.50)

My bill was only RM 13. Went back to MY's house to get my car. Then, I drove home. The drive home was clear but I had to wait awhile at the traffic light in front of TMC.

Showered and used the laptop for 10 minutes. Then, as usual, went downstairs to watch AOD. Came upstairs at 10pm and saw that my Bleach wasn't loading. Because I still have a headache, I wrote a draft for this and went to sleep.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Woke up at 7.45am. Used the laptop till 8 something. Went down and ate another 3 pieces of donuts for breakfast. Played a game of "Break The Safe" with E. Scolded her for being too slow.

After getting ready for college, I asked dad for money. Went to BSC and paid for Friday's badminton court. Then, went to pick up AM before going to to APIIT.

I saw DY in his car and I asked him to park at the illegal spot with me. According to AL, if there is more than one car, they won't clamp. So, I called AL and asked him to park behind us too.

I was half an hour early today. Waited outside with some classmates for the previous class to end. AL came in the class with a new hairstyle and his brother's shirt. DY and I agreed that he looked very different.

Today's QM was more to a tutorial. She taught us for 10 minutes and we started cracking our heads while doing the questions she prepared. It was a nice QM class.

We then drove out for lunch. The road to Sri Petaling from the LRT station was Jammed! We decided to eat at Lucky. This time, I ordered a Pork Chop with Spaghetti for RM 9.80. It isn't those expensive western food but for the price, it was yummy.

The drinks that we ordered only came few minutes before we finished our food. Then, we all went to King's to buy some bread. AC, DY and ZS bought some food while the rest of us walked out empty-handed.

When we reached ENT3, DiGi told us that there was an accident between 3 cars. The cars were badly damaged. There was also one victim that died because of the crash. We went to the usual classroom but few minutes later, we found out that our class has been relocated.

I called JW to ask her where our class is. Due to some miscommunication, we ended up in the wrong side of the building. Luckily, we still managed to find our class. Learnt about Presentation Skills during ProCom.

After class, Ml and I walked to APIIT and took the lift to the fourth floor. We waited for JW and FK to come before going inside the office. Then, we called Ms Intan and waited for her to come and give us some comments.

10 minutes later, she came and told us our report's weakness and how to improve them. This session showed me how good a lecturer Ms Intan is. She really explained to us how a good project should be like and guide us on how to do it.

We then walked to the Auditorium for MS. Before class started, the bunch of us went down to the admin and collected our "academic report". Mr Warren discussed about Conflict Resolutions for today's class.

Class ended at 6.30pm. I waited with ZS for his mum while I kept trying to call AM. After 15 minutes, AM and I saw each other (she was having a meeting with another staff in his office). She came out and told me she won't be following me home.

So, I walked to my car and drove home. The Mid Valley Ring Road was jammed. The fly-over to Bangsar was also quite jammed. Didn't expect any jam at this time of the day.

Reached home around 7.30pm. Took a shower and had my dinner. Ate another donut. As usual, came down for YCOM at 8.30pm and MR at 9.30pm. Today's episode of MR was nice because a very evil girl was caned by her mother!

Came up and used the laptop again. After eating 7 donuts, dad still told me that there is still some donuts downstairs. Haih, this is what I get for buying donuts for everyone. Going to sleep soon. Night.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Day Wasted

Woke up around 9.30am. Made myself a "ba gua" sandwich. Since there was no butter, I used condensed milk instead. Played some bowling on Facebook and did some other stuff online. Then, I decided to watch "Avatar: The Last Air Bender" from Project Free TV.

Had lunch at 1pm. At about 2.30pm, mum drove me to see the orthodontist that did my braces. I managed to persuade M to come along because I'll have to hang around Pavilion afterwards.

We reached the clinic at 3pm. We waited for about 15 minutes before it was my turn. I went in and she checked my teeth. She said my teeth didn't shift position and is fine. She then spent 15 minutes cleaning my teeth.

After paying up, we went to Pavilion which is just 100m away. We went to MOF (Ministry Of Food) and had ordered a Macha Zen (Hokkaido Red Bean Paste with Green Tea Japanese low-fat gelato ice cream and Japanese dumpling).

Macha Zen RM 12.50

We were about to order another dish to try but mum's customer was already coming. So, M and I walked around. Suddenly, we saw Coffee Bean. It was not like the usual Coffee Bean shops because it wasn't a shop lot but a temporary stage kinda shop.

We decided to have a drink and some cake there. When we walked in, a guy greeted us and asked us to take a seat. He then explained that they are doing "table service". We sat down and he gave us the menu.

M ordered a cheesecake and I ordered IB The Ultimate. Then, he introduced me to IB The Ultimate Extreme! I agreed and ordered that instead. After finishing our cake, he came and cracked some jokes before clearing the plate.

Ice Blended The Ultimate Extreme! Very Nice and Rich!

Then, M ordered another IB Sunrise. We waited for more than an hour before mum was done. She came and paid up when she was done. The service here is EXCELLENT and the IB here tastes nicer! Hope that the Bangsar outlet will implement this "table service".

We went to Nike Golf for 20 minutes and came out without buying anything. Then, we went to J.CO to buy some donuts. There were only about 5 customers in the queue. A drastic difference compared to a few months back.

I ate the Mango, Coffee and Da vin Cheez

We then left the building at 6.30pm. The parking cost mum RM7! We reached home half an hour later. After showering, I continued to watch Avatar. This episode (the final four episodes of season 3) were very nice!

Had dinner with M at 8pm. Watched YCOM at 8.30pm and MR at 9.30pm. Today's MR 34 was the best episode yet. You'll have to watch it for yourself if you want to know why. Came upstairs and fiddled with the webcam software that came with the VOSTRO.

At about 11pm, dad asked me why I bought the donuts but didn't eat a single piece. How could I forget? Haih, I'm getting old... Went down and ate 3 donuts! All of them were so YUMMY! Came upstairs and chatted with SS for awhile.

Going to sleep after I upload some pictures. Night.

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Great" Day

Only went to sleep around 1.50am because I was watching House online. Woke up at 7.45am and got ready for college. Spend about 1 hour on the laptop before going to APIIT.

When I reached TPM, I parked in a further but legal spot. There were still people in our class so I went up to Pitstop to meet WL and the others. Met ZS on the way so we walked together. Then, after 10 minutes, we went to class.

During QM, I used the "Candy" on ML's phone. I made it ring and after I asked it to stop, his phone continued to ring. The phone still rang for about 10 seconds after I exit the application and ML turned off his phone.

By the time it stopped ringing, Mrs Kwan already came to our place. She then accused me of calling ML. So, the idiot took my phone. During the rest of her class, I was too "hot" to focus on what she was teaching.

Even so, I wasn't that dumb to not bring any knowledge home. I asked KW when I was blur and I also looked at the board. At the end of the class, I got back my phone and "mastered" today's lesson.

We went had lunch at one of the coffee shops in Sri Petaling. MY came along with the 7 of us. MY and I ordered a Pork Meat Noodle (Kuew Teow) while the others ordered Chicken and Duck rice.

Went back to APIIT for CT after lunch. After half an hour, Ms Intan separated ZS, AL and AC because she thought they were too noisy. I knew how they felt because I just experienced something similar earlier.

Before the class ended, Ms Intan told us that we had to hand in printed copies of our WBS, Gantt Chart and Weekly Report. So, JW went to the lab and printed our groups documents. AC's group didn't start with their Gantt Chart yet.

So, he rushed it while his helpless group members (AL, ZS and DY) played games on their phone and laptop. Their excuse was that they couldn't help him. After that, we went to the lab because another class was starting.

While waiting for AC to complete his Gantt Chart, we watch ZS play some games on Facebook. At around 5pm, AC and DY printed their documents and handed it in. AC drove us to collect out cars.

While going to the LRT station, KW and I saw 2 different accidents along the opposite side of the road! That caused a very long jam from the start till the end of the road. Fortunately, my side of the road was clear.

After dropping KW, I wanted to drive back to TPM and enter the highway through there. At the traffic lights, was cleaning some crumbs off my pants (ate a muesli bar because I was too hungry).

When I was done, I looked up. To my surprise, the cars in front of me already were 50m away. Just when I was going to accelerate, I was honked by the car behind. Feeling ashamed, I drove quickly into TPM.

Just as I went on the highway, I saw a bus broke down at the left lane. Luckily, it didn't cause any jam. It started to rain when I almost reached home. Went into my house and showered.

Started writing this post but I went downstairs for dinner halfway through. There was a plate of rice on the table but mum said it was E's. So, when I went to take some rice, GM scolded me and said that there is rice on the table. I told her mum said it was E's and she replied " E is having fever! She can't take rice".

Just to end future quarrels, I ate the rice on the table. When I finished my dinner, I saw another bowl of soup on the table. I asked dad if the soup was E's and he said yes. So, without drinking the soup, I went outside and read the newspaper while eating ice cream.

Then, HISTORY REPEATED ITSELF!! GM went into the kitchen and shouted "Why you didn't drink the soup?!!". I decided to ignore her. Then, she asked M if I drank any of the soup. M said she didn't know. To avoid any of this from getting worst, I went upstairs with my newspaper and ice cream.

Although M was bugging me while I was writing, I still managed to finish this post 7 minutes before YCOM starts. Bye.

Before I forget,


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Boring Day

Woke up around 9am. Dad and J was already in FRIM. Showered and had some croissants for breakfast. After breakfast, GM asked me to help her burn some 金纸. After I was done, I came upstairs and did a part of my assignment.

Then, I updated yesterday's post. When I was almost done, MM came. We went for lunch at Delicious. While walking there, we noticed that 1920 isn't there anymore.

The non-smoking tables were all occupied in Delicious. We waited about 10 minutes until we got a table. Ordered a Caesar Salad but since we were vegetarian for the day, I gave all my turkey bacon to MM!! Sad...

Caesar Salad from Delicious

Classic Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

M ordered a Fried Vegetable Salad. I took a look at it and knew M wouldn't like it. And as I predicted, she didn't. Probably because it was more to Malay-Style Salad. Anyway, we had 2 pieces of Classic Chocolate Cake later.

After paying, we went to House of Sports to buy a Basketball for M's friend. While MM went to Cold Storage to get some groceries, we went to Starbucks. I shared mum's Green Tea Frappe and M's Chocolate Cream Chip Frappe.

Green Tea & Chocolate Cream Chip

After we went home, I watched the LOTDG Finale(21 and 22). Then, M and I played MapleSEA together. We showered and went for dinner. Dad brought us to somewhere in PJ. When we arrived, the shop wasn't there anymore.

So, we travelled another 10 minutes and ate at Giant Bowl in SS2. In my opinion, the food there was bad and the service was terrible. We received wrong orders and had to pay for one of them.

Amazingly, there were still many customers coming in non-stop. The only possibly reason this is happening is probably because they sell "Organic Vegetarian" food.

Before going home, dad went to buy some Meat Floss. We also waited outside TMC while dad went in and bought some candles. Came home and lazed in front of the TV. After half an hour, I came up and used the computer. Played some JohnMS and going to bed now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boring Day

Woke up at 9am. Facebooked for a while. Ate some biscuits for breakfast. Mum and dad went out the whole day to bring mum's aunt and her friends "touring" KL. At 10.45am, MM called and asked me to drop her at BV2.

In the car, she told me that GM lost her purse in the market. When I reached home, M told me she ordered a pizza for lunch. Few minutes later, the pizza arrived and we went downstairs for lunch. We shared 1 large pizza (Hawaiian) and 2 bottles of 7up revive.

SS and SS came. They brought GM to GG's house while they went to fix their car. E started to feel feverish. At around 1.30pm, MM called and asked me to pick her up.

I then picked her up from BV2 and drove her to Glenmarie to collect her car. Waited for her to settle some stuff with the mechanic. Then, she lead me back home.

Reached the house at 3.30pm. Watched some Disney Channel with E and J. SS, SS and GM came back. SS watched WOWP with us. When they left, I asked E to practice her piano. I fell asleep while watching TV.

Woke up about 15 minutes later and went upstairs. M was playing MapleSea and I watched her. Mum and dad came back around 6pm. When M went to shower, I played JohnMS. Went to shower when M came out.

We then had dinner with MM, AC, mum's aunt and her friends. Dad brought us to Chef Low. The kids didn't really talk during today's dinner. It was mostly mum and MM who talked and entertained mum's aunt.

After dinner, we called CM and asked if we could go visit her. She told us KK and the whole family is here and we could go. So, we went home for awhile. Waited for dad to go TMC for awhile.

When he came back, dad, GM, J and I went to CM's house in Puchong. Looked at the newborn cousin for some time. The adults were watching some movie on 8TV while the kids played with some lanterns.

All of us left the place at 10.50pm. When we reached home, dad accidentally slammed the door on GM's finger. She bled quite seriously. Went in the house and she did some stuff to her finger.

E said she couldn't sleep so I kept her company. I laid beside her and waited for her to fall asleep. At 11.45pm, I came outside and drafted this post. Went to sleep at 1am but mum and dad were still downstairs watching MR on AOD...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Shocks and Surprises

Woke up early to watch SSJ 17 and 18. At 9am, I got ready for the interview and drove to APIIT. Picked my other group members (FK, JW, ML and BN) and drove to the company we are researching.
JW gave me directions and she brought me to the wrong road once. Luckily, we found our way back. Soon, we located Wong Electronic. Parked the car and went in. I was surprised because the company was smaller than I expected.
After I asked my share of questions, I waited for my members to interview that Miss Wong. Then, before we left, I took some pictures of their products and asked for their name card.
Then, we went back to APIIT and discussed some stuff. Next, we went to the lab to create the gantt chart. We finished the job around 12.40pm. Then, ML and I waited for ZS and DY to come. When they arrived, I drove us to Seri Kembangan and went to this restaurant called Yoke Heng.
This is my first time here but DY and the others came here about 2 or 3 times. This place is famous for its Lou Shu Fan and has been featured by Ho Chiak. We waited for AL and MY to arrive. Then, I ordered a Lou Shu Fan and a cup of white coffee.
The Famous Lou Shu Fan
The Lou Shu Fun was okay. Can't really taste it because the soup was hot. White coffee was not too bad. The total cost was RM 7.30, reasonable for a famous shop. Went back to APIIT and we wanted to buy stuff from the convenient store.
Since it was closed, we took the elevator up to the fourth floor. Once we entered, we got the news that our results are already out. After asking others how they did, ZS and I sat together and turned on my laptop. We then checked my results.
4 A+'s and 1 B+!!!

I gotta admit I was disappointed. Kinda was hoping for All A's.
We checked the results of ZS, DY and AL. None of them failed and all of them were happy. The only person that refused to check his results was ML, useless guy.
Today, we sat in the third row. We had a lecture for the first half of the class. Then, the other half was our open-book test. Mr Warren gave us 3 questions. The last one was hard. After the test, I compared with AL and the way he answered was different than mine. I don't think I did that well though. Probably 20/30.
Before I went home, I dropped KW at the LRT station and then dropped AL at MY's house. The drive home was not as smooth as usual. Took me slightly longer to reach home today. Finally reached home at 7pm.
After I showered and had my dinner, I watched SSJ 19. Then, I came up to use the computer for 15 minutes. At 8.30pm, I rushed down to watch YCOM 15. Came back up at 9.15pm to update this post.
At 9.30pm, everyone went downstairs to watch MR 33. To our disappointment, they were still showing MR 32!! I was so shocked and angry! After 5 minutes, I decided to give up. Came upstairs and search online for the reason for this disaster.
Then, I found out from one of the forums that TVB requested AOD to show MR 33 only on Monday. This is to synchronise the screening of the final episode. One good news though, next week will be Double Episode week till the final episode!!
Trying to finish this post by 10.30pm so that I can watch SSJ later. Bye.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unusual Day

Woke up early in the morning (7.30am) and watched SSJ on AOD from episode 9 to 16!! In between breaks, I had my breakfast and drank some water. At 12.30pm, I stopped watching and got ready for class. After lunch, I left for APIIT.
I was 10 minutes late but the lecturer didn't start the class yet. 5 minutes later, he officially started the class. We had some brainstorming session for 30 minutes because he was teaching us the definition of brainstorming.
Class was over 30 minutes earlier. We hung around the 2nd Floor looking at AC and AL's laptops. Then, we went down for CT class.
Ms Intan gave us a crossword puzzle to solve. After slightly more than an hour, we discussed the answers. Then, we sat in our groups and discussed about our assignment. We added BN to the group and handed in our WBS before leaving.
All of us walked to CQ's car. Her car got clamped and about 10 of us surrounded her car and even tried to remove the clamp. After awhile, they decided to pay the RM50 fine to avoid further trouble.

I reparked my car. Then, AL, MY, DY, ZS and I sat in AL's car. We drove to ZS's house to take some stuff. Next, we went to Bandar Puteri for dinner. After going a few rounds, we decided to eat in Mizi Shabu Shabu.

They have a personal hotpot for each person. I ordered a pork meat set (Rm 18.90) and ordered a cup of green tea (refillable - RM 1.50). I was so full after dinner. We went back to TPM and I drove home.

Controls for each hotpot

My Drink

The Pork Meat Set

After showering and typing half of this post, I went down to watch MR 32. Then, I came back up to finish this post. Gonna watch YCOM 13 at 10.45pm. Bye.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Cousin

Woke up at 7.40am and thought that I was late. Checked the clock on my phone and was relieved. Used the laptop till around 9am. While eating some banana cakes for breakfast, I watched YCOM 12 on AOD.

Went to class at 10am. Had Mrs Kwan's class. Learned some skewness of graph and stuff. Class dismissed at 12.30pm.
We went for lunch at the coffee shop opposite Alison. AC and I ordered Chicken Chop (mine was mushroom sauce). AC and I was so hungry. Our food came after the rest of the finished their lunch.

The chicken was nice and crispy at some parts. But, the sauce didn't taste nice. Well, for RM8.50 the quality is reasonabl. After we finished our lunch, we went back to ENT3.

We had ProCom class and the 2 remaining groups came and presented their mime act. During the break, I used the "Candy" to play around with ML's phone. The rest of them laughed along with me.
After class, we went to the Auditorium in APIIT for our Moral Studies class which starts an hour later. When class started, Mr Warren told us that our class is the last class that he is going to teach in APIIT.

Since they are hiring a full time LAN subject lecturer, Mr Warren will have to go. Well, too bad for the students that are taking the next intake. Lucky us.
Today's topic was Divorce and Marriage. For the first time, he asked me for my opinion and even asked me to answer into the mic. Class ended at 6.40pm. KW and I walked to my car.

Then, when I started the car, I heard some some metal inside the car scratch into eac other. That gave me a scare but I continued driving. While driving, I heard some scratching of the metals again. I hoped for the drive to end quickly.

It was raining heavily when I reached home. I honked and J came out and opened the gate. I drove in to drop my bag and take an umbrella. Unfortunately, I misjudged the distance and kissed the outer grill.

Went to park my car and walked back in. Dad was already outside and he told me off for kissing the grill. When I wanted to shower, J went into the bathroom. While waiting, I used the laptop for awhile.

Just then, someone called and dad picked it up. By the way they talked, I knew a good news as arrived! I have a new COUSIN!! Grats CM for delivering a baby boy. Welcome to the family!

After showering, we had dinner together. I told dad about the car and he said it was probably water in the fan belt. Came upstairs to update this blog. Hope I finish this post before 8.30pm so I can watch YCOM 13 hot from the oven!!
Finally, we have the full collection. Thanks to our dad's cousin-in-law.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Woke up early in the morning (7.45am) automatically. Turned on the laptop and started downloading MR. Ate some biscuits as breakfast and watched 4 episodes of SSJ in a row followed by YCOM 11.
At 1.40pm, I drove mum, E, J and picked up our grandparents for lunch. We went to Montese since mum knew our grandfather liked lamb. I ordered the set lunch (chicken corn soup + ribeye steak + ice cream + tea/coffee for RM18.90++)
Chicken Corn Soup
Ribeye Steak (pic is too bright)
Tea + Ice Cream
We finished about 2.15pm. The ribeye was too tough to chew. When we finished our mains, the waiter brought us 2 cups of tea and 2 ice creams (suppose to have 1 of each only). We told him we only ordered 1 set but he was happy to let us have the other set of dessert. Happy.
The only thing upset me was he served us tea without asking us if we wanted coffee. Sad. So, I let my grandma have my tea. Overall, the food was okay. Nothing that special.

Dropped mum home and we went to Lucky Garden. My grandfather then went to buy some lottery ticket. Then, we drove on to SMKBB to pick M up. We were outside the school at 3pm but waited another 15 minutes for M to come out. Reached home around 3.30pm.
This lunch trip made me realise that this grandfather of mine is does not nag me around that much while driving. In future, I don't think I'll have no problems driving him around. Happy.
Came home and downloaded more stuff. Played some JohnMs. Just when my download reached 96%, the internet line DCed. I clicked another download and went downstairs. Turned on AODP and watched some previews.
I then found out that MR is now RM25 and yet we still haven't subscribed! Dissapointed. Dad was home. So, to try to pressure him more, I stayed on the channel for about an hour. Hopeful. Switched to 553 and watched some documentary on jails.
When the show was over, I switched back to AODP and left the TV on for the rest of the day. Bored. After dinner, half our family were watching AODP. Still Bored and kinda angry already. Suddenly, dad called AOD and SUBSCRIBED!
Somehow, I didn't feel as happy as I thought I would be. Maybe because I think this as his responsibility? Anyway, I'm still thankful and happy. We have to leave the decoder on StandBy for an hour before watching. So, I came upstairs and blogged while some of them went to 97.
*Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with Milo Powder is GREAT! Just tried it since all the ice cream left in the fridge is vanilla flavoured.*

Monday, September 8, 2008

Typical Monday

Woke up at 7,30am. Ate some "keropok" for breakfast. Showered, got ready and went to APIIT. I was the last member of the group to arrive. Then, we officially started our meeting/discussion.

We finished our meeting at 10.10am. Then, we went upstairs and waited for QM class to start. When were ready for QM, another lecturer, Sarinah Tambi, came in. She replaced Mrs Kwan for today.

Then, during our lunch, we went to McD (behind TPM) since we only had 1 hour. Parked my car near the Volleyball court and all of us walked there.

I ordered a Big n Tasty Set as usual. While eating, we were looking at the "Drive-thru" customers and most of them were Malay. AC and DY tried the new Mudpie McFlurry (RM 5.50 before tax) for dessert. DY said he still preferred the normal McFlurry.

Went back to APIIT and walked to class. There was a new lecturer sitting behind the class observing us. She would be taking over Ms Intan sometime later. Ms Intan thought us about WorldWideWeb for the first half of the class. Then, she used the rest of the time to show us some A+ assignments.
After class, ML, ZS, KW, AL and I sat along the corridor chatting for 10 minutes before leaving. Then, we went home. The drive home wasn't as clear and smooth but still okay.
At home, E was having piano lessons and J was sleeping. I went upstairs and used the laptop and did some stuff. M, mum and dad went to watch some table tennis competition again at 5pm. I went down for dinner at 7pm and came back upstairs.
Watched SSJ 04 and played some JohnMs. In JohnMs, KW brought me to kill Zakum. From LV 120, I became LV 199. Then, with his help, I turned LV 200. He left the game and I was alone. I rebirth and trained till LV 101.
Dad, mum and M came home. They brought some "pau" for our supper. Settled some stuff on facebook and now updating this post. Shall sleep after this. Night.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just Another Sunday

Woke up early in the morning. After drinking some water, I went back to bed. Woke up at 9am and downloaded SSJ. Since we had to return AJ's car, we invited our grandparents, GTA and AJ for Dim Sum Brunch.

We got ready and went to Eden Dim Sum City for brunch. We also invited SS and family. It was GTA's first time so we waited for him after the DesaParkCity roundabout and lead him to the restaurant.

We sat in a table outside. SS, SS, C and K came and joined us few minutes later. After we were done, dad paid the bill (RM109 without charging money for the tea). Then, we switched back to our own cars and went home. E followed GTA home to accompany our grandparents.

At home, I updated yesterday's post and watched SSJ 02. Then, I joined a raid in the MHA game from Facebook. After that, I decided to play JohnMs. Mum, dad and M were going to watch some table tennis competition in Cheras. That left us "dinnerless".

So, I called SS and asked him to come and pick us. At 6.30pm, he came and drove us to his house. Amazingly, there were only 10 cars waiting at the traffic light from TTDI to Bandar Utama.

In SS's house, I joined C in the "computer room". Had a home-cooked dinner (by SS) at 8pm. Some of them were watching Camp Rock outside. Instead, I just stayed in the room and played more JohnMs. After reaching LV108, I stopped the game and started updating this post.
We should be going home anytime soon. Goodnight.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Another Saturday

Woke up around 9am. Didn't have any breakfast. Did the closing ceremony for the Mint ice cream. Then, started updating yesterday's post.

Bye bye Mint Ice Cream, see you in Oktober.
At 1.42pm, mum asked J to change from her school uniform to her "outside" clothes. J refused. So, mum didn't want to bring her along. After 5 minutes, mum gave in and asked J to come along. J then decided to stay home and protest. So, mum drove E, M and I to have lunch.
We had our lunch at Chili's in BSC. It was very noisy because there were doing some major renovation upstairs. I ordered a Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers. It was slightly spicy and sticky but still nice.
Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers
Total bill = RM 99.90

Went home around 3pm. Watched MR 28 and YCOM 10. Then, played some JohnMs. At 6.30pm, we went to GTA's new house to have dinner with our grandparents that just arrived in KL this afternoon.
On the way, dad found out that the Mercedes's car light could not be switched on. So, he drove without the light. We reached GTA's house around 7.15pm and waited for the food to come. The food finally came at 7.45pm.
After eating, the kids took Simba's ball and played football. The lazy me just laid down on the bean bag and watched them play. After awhile, I went out and dipped my feet into the pool and walked around.
Dad sliced some pears for us. Then, I joined the "adults" on the round table and listen to them talk. At 10 something we finally went home. Because it is very dangerous to drive without lights, we drove AJ's RAV4 home.

At home, I checked some stuff and wrote a draft for this post before going to sleep.
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