Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr Babies??

Alarm rang at 9am and I snoozed it and went back to sleep. 3 minutes later, it rang again! Decided to wake up and use the laptop for a while. Wanted to have cereal for breakfast but we ran out of milk. Had to eat biscuits instead.

Went to shower and got ready for college by 10am. I then drove to TPM and met up with the rest of them in the parking area. Together, we walked to our class. It was our first CSA (Computer Systems Architecture) tutorial.

Our lecturer introduced himself and briefly asked us for our names and where we are from. This guy's body language and speech gave me the impression he was very "pro". He has 8 years of teaching experience in APIIT and is from India. Claims to be a good programmer too!

The one thing I felt funny about him was that he referred to us as "babies". "If one baby disagree, I will choose the groups for you". He was also our first lecturer that asked for our contact number and email!

At 12pm, he dismissed the class. We then went to Good Tea for lunch. I was looking forward to eating the claypot chicken rice but when I went there, it was closed. So, I ordered a "wat dan hor" instead.

Wat Dan Hor - RM 4.50

My noodles came in a few minutes and was quite nice. Pricing was reasonable too. We talked and finally parted ways at about 1pm. I dropped ZS back at APIIT before driving home. Reached home at about 1.30pm and used the laptop.

Went to sleep at about 5.20pm and woke up an hour later. I planned to go cycling but didn't go in the end because it was too late. Continued using the laptop till 7.40pm before having dinner. Facebooked and Cracked till 9pm and went to shower.

At 10.30pm, I went downstairs to watch DH. Came upstairs and blogged till now. It's 12.40am already and I'm gonna sleep soon. Night...

Monday, June 29, 2009

First Class of the Semester

Alarm rang at 7.30am and I quickly went to shower and got dressed for class. Drove to TPM and reached there at 8.10am. Our class was occupied so DY, AC and I went to the admin and asked for the new location.

After that, we met with ZS and went to our class. Our lecturer was already inside waiting for us. She showed us the scheme for SAD (Systems Analysis & Design) and asked us to introduce ourselves.

Through that, we got to know some new faces and also get to know our lecturer. She's a part-time lecturer that works as a project leader for web development projects! Due to her constant use of "right" at the end of her sentences, I'll refer to her as "Miss Right".

By 10.40am, we left APIIT and went to "Old Town" for brunch. It was 10.58am but the waiter still allowed us to order the breakfast set. I ordered Set 1 as usual and added RM 1 to change the drink to milk tea.

Old Town Breakfast Set 1 (milk tea) - RM 4.90

Later, we paid the bill and drove on to Mid Valley. I took the wrong turn and ended up in Mid Valley Car Park when I intended to park at Gardens. ZS and I went to collect the tickets at the gold class counter since the kiosk was offline.

Transformers 2 ticket (online booking) - RM 7.50

After that, we reunited with AC and went into the cinema. DY, AL and MY came later because they were stuck in a jam at Old Klang Road. Luckily, they came in the cinema hall with still some time to watch the ads.

Two hours and thirty minutes later, our movie (Transformers 2) ended. The ending was kinda disappointing because we expected MORE action. Even so, RM 7 was worth it for this "Hot" movie with nice Computer Graphics.

We came out of the cinema hall and went straight to the toilet. Next, we went to Chopstick Noodle House as suggested by AC. I wasn't that hungry so I just ordered a Honey Dewy. It was shaved ice with some honey dew syrup and "nata de coco". Not bad actually.

Honey Dewy - RM 5.50

The waitress here was kinda rude when ordering though. Unfortunately, AC was eating his "Mango Tango" (Mango Shaved Ice) when the waiter came and wanted to take the Mango Tango back and insisted that there was no problem.

AC let him bring it to the back and called for the manager. The manager came in and told us that an employee realized his ring was missing. So, they wanted to check if the ring was inside the "mango tango".

Our friend then asked the manager why did the employee even wear his ring while handling food! The manager couldn't say anything but "Sorry". AC got tired and finally canceled the order and let the case rest, for now. I'll tell you later what he did...

Back to the day, we finished up and paid. We parted ways and I drove home. I used the laptop to chat and facebook for a while. Started watching GWTC and talked to AC later. To my surprise, he sent a feedback form to Tai Thong about what happened! They called him back shortly and clarified that they found the ring by the sink...

At 6.15pm, I decided to cycled to 112 and pass a CD to SC. I then cycled round the area again. Was probably one of my longest rides by myself. Back home, my knees were feeling funny and I was panting. Rested for about 15 minutes before showering.

Used the laptop till about 7.30pm before going downstairs to have dinner. After that, I came upstairs and chatted while I blogged. Watched "Leverage" and "House" from 9pm till 11pm. When the show was over, I used the laptop to blog and chat as usual.

Just before 12am, AC called and asked me to check my MBUS results. I checked mine and got A+. Anyway, forget bout the past, It's quite late already and I suppose I'll be sleeping soon. Bye...

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Couldn't really sleep this morning. Was wide awake in the middle of the night for more than an hour. M then woke me up at 7.15am. I quickly showered and packed the laptop and Wii. GM, M and I then went to pick OJS up.

Next, I drove to KDU and dropped M and OJS there. Continued driving to 105 and went inside. Waited for the rest of them to get ready before the 6 of us (GM, SS, SS, C, K and I) went into the Avanza.

SS drove us to Segambut and we joined SGG and family for Bak Kut Teh. One thing I achieved this meal was NOT eating MEAT! Kinda impossible especially for BKT but I still did it. The mushroom, vege, "tau pok" and "you tiao" were all good. Total was slightly over RM 50.

GM followed SGG and family while I followed SS and family back to 105. K watched her Korean drama while SS, C, and I each used our own laptops! Around 1.40pm, C woke up and we went to buy lunch for everyone at McD.

Initially, we wanted to drive-thru but changed our minds because there were more cars than people in line! C waited in the car while I went down to buy lunch. 2 Fillet-o-fish and 1 Big Mac for them while I had a McChicken.

McChicken Set - RM 5.95

We then brought the food back to 105 and feasted there. After lunch, I continued using the laptop till 6.30pm. Went to shower and got ready for dinner. At 7.40pm, all of us went to DU to meet up with the rest of my family for dinner while C came later.

We went to the usual Hokkien fried place for dinner. Dad ordered quite a few dishes of noodles and also some chicken wings. SS ordered some satay from the Satay Kajang Shop few doors down. At about 8.20pm, C and C went to pick M from KDU.

Chicken Satay - RM 0.60 / stick

The dinner went on as usual and the three of them joined us later. After dinner, mum, dad, GM, E and M went back in 1 car. C drove back while SS drove the rest of us back to 105 too. Stayed in 105 for another 10 minutes or so before driving back home with J.

Right before 10pm, I was already in front of the TV. Towards the end of the show, our whole family was watching the "Ghost". I then came upstairs to blog right after the show ended. Gonna upload the pictures and go to bed soon. Night...

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Woke up at 9am today and had some biscuits for breakfast. Used the laptop to facebook and watch GWTC. Later, I played a little bit of SMG before going for lunch at 12.30pm. We dropped E at school before driving to "3rd Mile Square".

Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken - RM 9.00

Ice Cream Toast - RM 4.20

Ice Blended Mocha - RM 6.80

Bill - RM 62.05

We had lunch at "Old Town White Coffee". The food there was good as usual. Only thing I didn't like was the ice cream toast. Mum paid the bill and we went back to E's school to collect her report card and bring her home.

While Mum was talking to E's teacher, I walked around my primary school. There wasn't much changes except that everything seems to have shrunk. Didn't really talk to the teachers because most of them from my generation had already left the school.

At 3pm, we finally went back home. Used the laptop to pass time. At about 6pm, I went cycling with SC. We went to Bhp to pump air into my tyre. Next, we cycled around the housing area till about 6.30pm. It was a nice ride matched with perfect weather!

Anyway, I went to shower and we finally went out for dinner at 8.20pm. Dad brought us to Rajah Brooke again thanks to mum's nagging. I ordered a Kolo Mee, Kaya Butter Toast, and Blueberry Tea.

Blueberry Tea

Kolo Mee - RM 6.00

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 1.20

Kolo Mee was good but portion was too small and price too expensive! I could even make better toast than the one I ordered. Blueberry tea was something special though, tasted just like sparkling juice.

Dad paid the bill and we went home. Used the laptop till about 10.30pm before getting a phone call from AM. She asked if I wanted to go supper and I quickly answered "yes" since I was dead bored.

10 minutes later, SC, AM and YM came to pick me up. SC then drove us to Ming Tien in Taman Megah. AM ordered food while the rest of us just drank. I had teh tarik which was quite good. Talked till about 11pm and went home.

Teh Tarik

Reached back home at 11.30pm. I quickly started blogging but then ended up chatting for a while. It's already 1am and I'll upload the pictures and go to bed. Have to wake up at 7am tomorrow! Really got to go, bye!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Car, Car, Car, Car

Only woke up at 9.30am today. Had some cereal for breakfast and used the laptop for less than half an hour. Then, I drove the Rav4 while dad drove the Benzo to Pudu. We sent the Rav4 for repair and dad went to buy some spare parts for the Benzo.

Later, we drove to SMKBB because mum couldn't start the Persona. Mum and M got into the Benzo and we all went home for lunch. After lunch, I used the laptop for another 15 minutes before driving the Avanza to SMKBB.

Dad and I then jump-started the Persona. Finally, we drove the 2 cars home. All the time I was in the car, the radio was playing MJ's songs non-stop. It was okay at first but got annoying after a while.

Back home, I used the laptop to facebook and watch GWTC. Took a nap at about 6pm and woke up at 7.10pm. Waited for my turn to shower and all of us left for dinner at 8pm. Dad brought us to Soong Kee in KL.

Most of us ordered the pork ball noodles while dad and E had porridge. The noodles were okay and the pork balls were nice but slightly too salty. One thing about this place is that you breathe in all the polluted air produced by passing busses.

Pork Ball Noodles - RM 4.50

Reached home at about 9.30pm and used the laptop to facebook and blog. It's close to 1am and I'm gonna turn the laptop off now. Bye...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Worst Orientation Yet

For no reason, LA smsed "Good Morning!! Wake up!! Sun is up!!". I slept for another 10 minutes before my alarm rang. Went downstairs to have some twiggies for breakfast. Came upstairs and showered before getting dressed for college.

Left the house at 8.40am and reached APIIT half an hour later. Sat in AC's car and waited for DY and AL to arrive. After that, we walked to the main building together. It was 9.20am at that time. Most of our friends were there and we went in line to get our "Orientation Packs" and IDs.

We then had 2 hours of briefing with Mr Anthony. Later, we went to PitStop for snacks. I did not order anything but "taxed" some fries from DY. Then, we rejoined the class for orientation. Another half an hour later, it was the scheduled lunch time.

DY went home and we also dropped KW off at the LRT. AC, ZS, AL, and I then went to pick MY up before going to Pizza Hut for lunch. We ordered the new Mediterranean Pizza which came in a set.

Mediterranean Pizza

The set came with 4 soups, a jug of Pepsi, bread sticks, and the pizza. We also ordered extra garlic bread. Since MY didn't like spicy food, she had a personal pan. Overall, the food was okay and so was the service.

Something different happened today though. AC was complaining to the waitress about the oily plates when she was serving us drinks. She went on serving us the drinks as if AC didn't say a thing. Pissed and shocked, AC called the manager over.

Once he said the waitress's name, the manager told us that she was OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) and emphasized that she can't talk or hear. Realizing this, AC and I suddenly felt so different. Anger and dissatisfaction became pity. AC was quiet for about a minute, probably feeling guilty...

Anyway, each of us paid RM 14 and went back to APIIT. It was only AC, ZS and I since AL had to help his friend with a deflated tyre. We were already half an hour late for the library briefing so we decided to wait outside. We also did this because AC didn't like "Miss Elephant".

At 3.30pm, we went back to L2-7 for the TI briefing. Luckily, this guy wasn't that long winded. The orientation finally ended at 4.10pm. But after the orientation, we did not get the time table as promised by Mr Anthony.

So, AC, ZS and I walked down to the admin to ask for the timetable. The staff then told us the timetable was not out yet in a RUDE tone. We left them with their grumpy attitudes and walked to our car. Said bye, then drove home.

Used the laptop till about 8pm. Since GM didn't cook, we went over to 97 for dinner. Didn't really eat much rice but we had LOTS of YUMMY fruits! Chatted and played PS2 till 10.20pm. Haven't really spend time with them so today was kinda nice.

At home, I used the laptop to facebook and watch my daily dose of GWTC. Started blogging at 11.30pm till now. It's 15 minutes to 1am! I'm gonna upload the pic and go to bed. Night...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Class Starts Tomorrow!

Was in dreamland when suddenly I woke up and heard my phone ring. It was AM asking me to go for breakfast with her. I told her to wait 20 minutes and I went back to sleep. 10 minutes later, I forced myself out of bed and washed up.

Drove down to 112 to pick her up. Then, we parked at Lucky Garden and walked to PrimeCare. AM went to see the doctor and got her MC. Next, we went to Baker's Cottage where AM bought some bread. Finally, we walked to Chun Heong and had our breakfast.

AM ordered a "Teh Nga Lat" for me and a bowl of "Pan Mee". As usual, AM paid for everything. After our breakfast, I dropped her back at 112 before going home. Used the laptop for a short while and went to watch TV.

Teh Nga Lat

Pan Mee - RM 4

At around 11.20am, I played SMG. Stopped at 1pm and had lunch. Came upstairs and completed the "Ultimate Assassin". Facebooked till about 3pm and watched GWTC. Later, I played SMG again.

By 5pm, I stopped playing the Wii and used the laptop to play "Turbo Cyborg Ninja X". The game was quite challenging and fun. Stopped playing at 6pm and drove to Brickfields to pick E from school.

Arrived at the school by 6.25pm. I waited for another 10 minutes till students started pouring out before I went down to look for E. It took 5 minutes to locate her because she was standing out of my view.

Anyway, we then went back home. By the time we reached home, it was already 7.10pm. I used the laptop for a while before going to shower. Used the laptop again till M came home. We then had dinner together.

Came upstairs to complete "TCNX". At 9pm, everyone went downstairs to watch Mr Siao. Came back upstairs to blog at 9.30pm. Read some blogs and was introduced to this website. There were so many interesting articles that after reading 1 article, I clicked another 2!

I had to force myself to STOP opening new pages and finish the articles. Thanks to this website, It's already 1am and I have orientation at 9am tomorrow. Damn, really gotta sleep. Night...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Spectacles, Free Movie

Woke up at about 10.15am today. Haven't woke up so late for a long time. Anyway, went downstairs for some water before using the laptop till 1pm. I then played SMG till 1.50pm before driving to BSC.

Went up to M&J and collected my glasses. This time, it only took about 15 minutes to collect the spectacles. Was at the auto-pay station but was surprised that "RM 0.00" came out. Since I didn't have to pay, I took the ticket and drove down to SMKBB.

New Specs...

...with Clip-on (lol)

It was only 2.18pm so I just waited another 20 minutes for them to come out. Drove home and told them about the free movie tickets in GSC, Tropicana City. We then had vegetarian lunch before getting ready to go.

GSC, Tropicana City was giving out free tickets for certain movies before they finally open tonight. All we had to do was cut out a GSC listing from the newspapers to get 2 tickets. Maximum of 4 tickets per person.

It so happen that today was the last day and we were watching the LAST screening! Which was "Confessions of a Shopaholic" at 3.20pm. And since there was one extra ticket, SS tagged along. M, J and I went there to collect the tickets and waited for SS to come.

4 Tickets to "Confessions of a Shopaholic" - RM 0.00

When we got into the cinema hall, the movie already started. First thing that I noticed was that the picture quality was not that good. Anyway, it was a fun movie with an emotional climax. Ending was obviously a happy one.

Due to lack of management experience, they didn't force the customers to exit through the backdoor. So, 99% of us went out the way we came in. As we were going out, the workers were preparing for the launching event.

Walked back to the car but stopped at this shop called Daily Fresh. All four of us had a Wafito (waffle) each and SS paid another RM 1 for an ice lemon tea. My wafito was spread with peanut butter and few slices of chocolate. The waffle batter itself was also chocolate. Tasted okay but the price was slightly unreasonable.

Chocolate Wafito - RM 3.70

We then dropped SS back to her house before driving home. I started using the laptop till about 7.40pm and went to shower afterwards. Next, we had dinner together and I went to watch TV. Came upstairs at about 8.40pm and started facebooking and blogging.

Uploaded the pictures and used the laptop again till 10.30pm. Watched DH till 11.30pm as usual. Came up to play "Ultimate Assassin 2" and stopped at level 15. Mum will be home soon. Night anyways...

Monday, June 22, 2009

C, Welcome Back

Woke up at 8.15am and used the laptop till about 10am. I then went to shower and get ready to drive to APIIT. Reached APIIT at 11am. Met up with the others and went to the admin to register for our next intake.

After settling with the admin, we went to the Cashier to pay our fees. Next, we said bye to each other and went home. Reached home at about 12.10pm and used the laptop. At 1pm, I ate a packet of chicken rice.

Left the house at 2.30pm to pick the girls up from school. Went to BSC with the intention of collecting our spectacles. Once in the shop, the guy said he needed one hour to cut my specs but M's one was done.

So, she collected hers and we went home. After we got down the car, dad rushed into the Avanza and asked if I wanted to follow him to pick C, SS and SS up. I agreed and sat in the car while he drove to KLIA.

Stopped at gate 4 and saw the 3 of them. Loaded their luggage in the car and we drove back to their house. They shared their experiences during the long drive. Dad and I went in their house for about half an hour before going home.

By 5.30pm, we arrived back at our house. I went to shower and came out to use the laptop. At 6.20pm, I played SMG in my room. SS and family came to our house at 7pm. Then, we went for dinner together.

Dinner was at Nam Chuan. We ordered some noodles and dishes. The food was reasonably priced and also quite yummy. Dad paid for the food and SS paid for drinks. We went home after dinner and had some durian.

Later, the "young people" came to my room and played with the Wii. At about 10pm, they went home. I started blogging, facebooking, and chatting till now. It's 11.47pm and I should be sleeping very soon. No pictures today. Bye...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Woke up at 9am and used the laptop till about 11am. Drove to BISDS and picked the girls up. Ordered pizza from Dominos as our lunch. At 12.10pm, the pizza came and I paid RM 40 for it.

I ordered the "Terminator Set 1" which came with 2 regular pizzas, BBQ Chicken Stix, and a bottle of Sprite. For the pizzas, I ordered "Classified Chicken" and "Tuna Temptation". The pizzas were both really nice.

BBQ Chicken Stix

Classified Chicken (top) and Tuna Temptation (bottom)

Used the laptop again till about 2pm. Then, I went over to 112 and played with the kids for about an hour. After that, they went home and I chatted with YM and AM. About 20 minutes later, we went to Devi's Corner.

I had a Teh Tarik while YM, AM, and AP ate. At about 4pm, we went to Pasar Malam to walk around. AM bought herself and I a piece of "Jin Nong Pau". Walked back to 112 and ate, talked, and chatted till 6.20pm before going home.

M and dad were watching "Ghost" while E was showering. Once E came out, it was my turn to shower and get ready. Finally left the house at 7.10pm for dinner. We ended up in Damansara Utama. After going a few rounds, we finally settled in "Toast and Coffee".

I ordered a "Nasi Lemak Biasa" and a "TC Special", both which were quite satisfying. Besides that, the music they played was exactly my type of music. The waiters were Burmese and most importantly provided good service.

TC Special - RM 2.80

Red Bean Soup - RM 1.50

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.50

Nasi Lemak Biasa - RM 2.50

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang - RM 6.90

Mee Siam - RM 4.90

Chicken Chop - RM 8.90

Breakfast Set - RM 4.90

Had some of dad's curry chicken which was good too. Unfortunately, M's Kaya Butter Toast was the worst ever. But according to M, her Chicken Chop was YUMMY! So, I guess we will definitely be coming back here someday.

Total Bill - RM 39.20

Cute Toilet Sign

After dad paid, we went to Lucky Garden again to buy a burger for GM. Dad then went to TMC to get some groceries while the four of us joked in the car. Finally reached home at 9.30pm. Used the laptop for half an hour before rushing down to watch Ghost.

Another great and suspenseful episode of Ghost just ended. Then, I came upstairs and chatted while blogging till now. It's 11.50am and I shall go to bed as soon as I upload the pics. Night...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swensens for Dinner

Woke up at 8.50am and went downstairs to have a "pau" for breakfast. Came upstairs to use the laptop till about 10am. I then watched some TV before continued using the laptop.

Dad went to buy lunch from Chun Heong for us at 1pm. I had pork meat noodles and came up to play BTAF with E. After half an hour, she went on to play some other games while I fell asleep on my bed.

When I woke up, it was already 4.30pm. Used the laptop for a short while before going downstairs to watch TV again. M came home with her friends and played Wii in the living room. Watched them for a while before using the laptop again.

At about 6pm, I went to shower and get ready for dinner. By the time everyone was ready, it was about 8pm. We drove to SS2 and had dinner in Swensens for the first time. Everything here was very pricey but the service was good.

Food was okay but the serving speed was slow after 9pm. I ordered this dish called Tic-tac-toe. It's a sourdough sandwich with melted cheese and ham. The ingredients was so-so and the bread was nice. Fries was tasteless but coleslaw was good.

Mini Ham Cheeseburger - RM 8.90

Sunny Omelette - RM 8.90

Tic Tac Toe - RM 23.50

BBQ Chicken Burger - RM 16.90

Fish and Chips - RM 21.90

After dinner, M ordered "Choco Pop" for dessert. It was just chocolate ice cream coated with cocoa pops on a cone. The worst thing about it was that they already prepared this earlier and left it in the freezer. This made the ice cream hard to enjoy.

Choco Pop - RM 9.90

Mango Madness - RM 13.90

Total Bill - RM 119.50

Dad ordered "Mango Madness" for everyone to share. E and I ate most of it. The mango was okay. Wouldn't say the ice cream is that "GREAT". Anyway, dad paid the bill and we went back to Lucky Garden.

We bought a packet of noodles from "Nam Chuan" as GM's dinner. By the time we reached home, it was already 10pm. I used the laptop to facebook and blog till now. It's 11.39pm and I shall try to sleep before midnight. Bye...

Friday, June 19, 2009


Woke up at 8.45am and used the laptop. Went downstairs for some water and came up to use the laptop again. At about 1pm, M came home. Dad then brought the 2 of us to Menara Mutiara Bangsar for lunch.

We went up to the food court at 2nd floor and bought Nasi Beringin from Stall 20. I just had the nasi beringing and a piece of fried chicken. Ordered teh tarik too. Nasi beringing and teh tarik was normal. Best was the CRUNCHY chicken!

Nasi Beringin with Fried Chicken - RM 4

Teh Tarik - RM 1

After lunch, dad dropped us home and went out. M and her friends were playing Wii at our house while I stayed upstairs using the laptop. Played SMG at about 6pm till 7.30pm. Waited for the girls to get ready before leaving for dinner at 8.30pm!

By the time we found a place to eat, it was already 9pm. We went to this place in Section 17 that sold Charcoal Hokkien Fried. We ordered 10 pieces of "sui gao" but the guy gave us another 1 for free. The "sui gao" was quite good and so was the sauce.

Sui Gao - RM 8 for 10

Dad wanted to order 1 serving of "Lo Min", "Hokkien Fried" and "Cantonese Yin Yong". The lady immediately said minimum 2 servings so we ordered 1 serving of "Lo Min" and 2 servings each of "Hokkien Fried" and "Yin Yong".

After dinner, we packed some food for GM and went home. Started using the laptop to surf the net and blog till now. It's already 11.53pm and I'll be sleeping after I upload the pictures. Night...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exactly 7 Days Till Next Intake!

Woke up around 8.30am, washed up, went downstairs. Had "Twiggies" and "Cream cone" for breakfast while watching TV. Then, I came up to use the laptop till about 11am. Started playing SMG till 12.30pm.

Dad came home and brought mum and I to Brickfields. We decided to go for lunch at Sin Kee. Dropped my phone when getting out of the car! Luckily everything is still working and not much damage was done.

During my last time here, we ordered few dishes and shared. This time, we each ordered individual portions. I ordered "Sweet and Sour Pork Rice" and "Wheatgrass Juice". For some reason, the restaurant was very packed. There were no place else to sit so we had to share tables with strangers.

Sweet and Sour Pork Rice

Wheatgrass Juice

There was no menu so I didn't know how much each dish cost. Total was RM 49.50 for 5 meals and 2 drinks. Anyway, the pork was too soft and the sauce was just okay. After we left (about 1.30pm), there were still many customers. After dad paid, we dropped mum at KL Sentral and went home.

Used the laptop for a short while before going to 112. AM and I went to Kopitiam 71 where she had her lunch while I just had a cup of "Iced White Coffee". After that, we both went to SMKBB to pick M and J up.

Iced White Coffee - RM 2.50

Waited for M to come out before driving to 112. AM went back to her house and so did we. Used the laptop again before playing SMG. At 4.30pm, AM called and I cycled down to meet her. We walked to SNM to have tea and did some errands before and after that.

In SNM, I ordered Roti Bom and Teh Tarik while AM just ordered Roti Planta. My Roti Bom was the worst ever. It was just plain dough without any sugar! Worst still, my drink had some insect inside! The worker brought it to the back and gave me a new cup. Can't be sure if its the same cup though...

Roti Bom (whats that black dot? didn't eat that part!)

Teh Tarik (only can see the insect after the bubbles popped)

We chatted a while before AM paid and we left. Hung out in 112 till about 5.30pm before dad came to pick me unexpectedly (due to miscommunication). Left my bike there and followed him to sent AC to BKC.

After that, we went to Toyota Service Center and collected the Avanza. Dad and I then drove both cars home. Before dad went out for badminton, he dropped me at 112. SC opened the gate for me and we talked a bit. Then, I cycled back home.

Used the laptop to facebook and watch Mr Siao. At 8pm, I went to shower and had dinner after that. Started using the laptop again to blog and chat. Nothing else to blog for tonight so, bye...
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