Thursday, June 30, 2011

QUT4 Envisioning Night

Today is the day we gathered for a night together as QUT4. Earlier, I tried making Apple Crumble for the first time. And it turned out real good even though the crumble was a disaster and I had to improvise. :P

Mini Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble for my dear QUT4 members :)

One thing I know, is that I'm going to love this new group. Especially when there are many hungry girls. Love to cook for willing mouths. :D

The night itself was also a good one. Got to know my new group members more. We also were told our responsibilities and the new groups goals/visions.

After all that, S was so kind to go out of her way and send me back home. Driving an extra 20km before she could get home. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Want To Escape

Today's the only day this week that I'm spending the whole day at home. And it is when I realize, I really can't stand it. I was glad to have a day at home, just playing computer and stuff. But no...

Not to say I don't enjoy waking up late, catching up on my blog posts, playing Sims Medieval, and surfing FB. I enjoy that time a lot. I also enjoy being in my room.

Oh well, I guess part of studying overseas is also to train your endurance towards certain things...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bus-Hopping Tuesday

Left the house at 3pm again. This time, I went to Indooroopilly and got some ingredients. Then, I took another bus to the city. Ate lasagna for my dinner before taking another bus to Southbank.

Lasagna for dinner

Got on the 88 bus. After a while, I realized it doesn't go onto the Busway until "Buranda". So once it arrived at the busway, I quickly got off and went to the other side. Took another bus from there back to Southbank.

AL and JC picked me up from the station. Then, we drove to Koorong. It's a Christian bookshop and there was a 15% discount. We browsed from 6pm till 6.50pm but I didn't get anything. JC bought "Purpose Driven Life" as a gift to me. :)

We went to the prayer meeting and I took the bus home after that...

Monday, June 27, 2011


Was just hanging around at home till 3pm. Took the bus to the city and another bus to Materhill. There, we gathered and took another bus to Sunnybank.

About 12 of us invaded JustSoy. I ordered a dessert which had 2 scoops of green tea ice cream, some glutinous balls, and red bean. I was disappointed because they just chucked everything into the bowl but if you look at the picture, it is neatly placed.

Just Soy, Sunnybank

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean (original vs picture in menu)

The girls

J and I (showing our teeth and squinting our eyes) :D

It was only 5.45pm when we left. Took another bus to another area in Sunnybank. Then, AL brought us to this Taiwanese shop (beside Little Taipei Foodcourt). There, G, K and J
joined us.

Food there was quite reasonable. For AUD7.40, I had a Minced Pork Rice set which allows us to choose a drink (Wintermelon or Calpas) and a packet of Taiwanese Snacks. I choose the Fried Chicken.

Minced Pork with Rice Set - AUD 7.40

Minced Pork with Rice

Special Fried Chicken

We finished dinner and continued talking till 8.30pm. Then, we decided to go to G's place and play "Settlers of Catan".

Everyone left at 11.30pm and I took the bus back. Got home at 12.10am and was quite pissed to see a few things in my room. One of them was that 2 of my shirts had holes in them. No thanks to the dog...

Shirt No.1

Shirt No.2

Anyway, I washed up and went to bed...

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Got up at 10am today, had breakfast and cleaned up. Then, I took my shower before having quiet time. Had lunch and played "Sims Medieval" for a while.

Took the bus to Toowong and another bus to UQ. Saw someone's phone on the floor of bus as I was getting down. Called Translink but the operator just said "The driver will pick it up later". I just hope someone else doesn't pick it up before he does...

Today's sermon was about conflicts and how to resolve them. I found it really useful. As usual, we stayed around till 6.40pm.

Then, we went to Old Town for dinner. It was a combined dinner with QUT2. I had Hokkien Noodles which were quite good.

Later, we took the train to Roma Street and from there a bus back home...

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I got up at 1pm today and did my quiet time. Had pancakes and a burger for my breakfast and lunch. Wasted some time on the computer till it was dinner time. Super unproductive...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time-Flying Friday

I got up at 7am today to do my quiet time. Then at 8am, I had my breakfast and started to make 2 portions of MarsBars Cheesecake. It took my 4 hours (including clean-up) to complete. I don't know why it took so long. Gone were the days where I'd have kitchen helpers. :P

After that, I did my laundry and reheated some spaghetti for lunch. I was so naive to think that I could take a nap after making the cheesecake. Anyway, I continued using till 2pm.

Took a short nap and later got ready for Lifegroup. Left the house at 4pm and arrived at about 5pm. Witnessed 2 weird incidents today. :S

Today's Lifegroup was different because we watched a Movie instead. Movie title was "Pay It Forward". I've watched it before but enjoyed watching it again. Strong and powerful message from the movie.

QUT3 - 24/6/11 (Credit B)

After the discussions, I took out the cheesecake and was happy that many people ate it. Within 10 minutes there were only 6 pieces left. :)

Mars Bars Cheesecake

Took the 10.13pm bus to Kenmore and walked home. Got back at about 11pm and took my shower. That's all for tonight. I wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Got up at 11am today. Slacked around till 2pm. Then, I went to take the bus. Went to Indooroopilly but was devastated to see that they weren't anymore discount for Mars Bars! I waited for it to go down from AUD3 to AUD2. But they cancelled the promo and now its AUD4!!

Didn't buy anything there. Bought a foot long Meatball sandwich from Subway. Then, I took the bus to the city. Walked to the Woolworths in the city but they didn't have the discount too. Ended up buying the large packet of Mars Bars. Oh well..

Later, I went to uni and did some revision before the exam. Went to Q block at 5pm and waited for the exam to start. We went in at about 5.20pm.

The exam went pretty well. But I didn't really enjoy it because I had to write lots of stuff just to get 4 marks for each question. I managed to come out early though.

Finished my other half of the sandwich before going to Coles. Bought Cream Cheese and Thickened Cream before taking the bus home.

Once home, I started writing this. My holiday officially starts tonight! Wonder what I'll do...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Almost Over

Woke up at 12.30pm today. Only started studying at 5pm. I think I only did about 4 hours of revision for the whole day.

Tomorrow is my last paper and I can't wait for it to be over!

Waking Up Early

I got up very early today and left the house at 5.50am. Took the 6am bus and arrived at the city before 7am.

Bought myself an "Extra Value Brekky" from Hungry Jacks again. Yes, I'm visiting Hungry Jacks for the second time in less than 24 hours.

Extra Value Brekky - AUD 4.95

Then, I went to QUT and studied for one last time. Sat for my paper at 8.30am. It went quite well. I managed to come out before the exam ended.

Walked to the city and was going from supermarket to supermarket. Bought some stuff before walking to Myer Center for lunch.

Curry Pork Rice - AUD 4.95

Later, I went to the library and used the computer. Did a bit of revision. Then, I bumped into TL and we chat till it was time for prayer meeting.

Today's prayer was slightly different. I liked it though. Later, I took the bus home and had a nice and relaxing night...

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Exam in QUT

Got up at 10am and had breakfast. Cleaned up and washed up as usual. Did my quiet time before studying. Then, I went out to take the bus.

Arrived at QUT at about 3pm. Then, I continued studying till 5pm. Walked to the classroom for my exam.

One major difference between QUT and UCTI is the exams. They don't have halls. Instead, they split the students into few groups and assign them to classes. Each class will have a facilitator. You can leave as early as you want, but can't leave 15 minutes before the exam ends.

I left about half an hour before it ended. Headed to Hungry Jacks for dinner. Ordered the usual stunner deal.

Took the bus home and quickly went to bed...

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I got up quite late. Did an hour of studies and had my lunch. Then, I took the bus to Indooroopilly. The UQ bus was delayed so I missed the pre-service prayer.

Hot Dog

After service we went to Hawken Drive for dinner. As usual, we ate at "Song". I decided to try "Lo Mee" again. And this time, the color was right but the noodles and sauce texture was totally different! This was "wanton mee" but they said its "Chicken Lo Mee". Gosh!

Lo Mee - AUD 9.80

When we were done, I took the bus back home...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh No!

Got up at 11am and had my breakfast. Did some chores and took my shower. By then, it was time for lunch. Made myself some garlic bread.

Garlic Bread

Later, I camped in my room studying and snacking till 6.15pm. Had dinner and went back to my room for the rest of the night...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Combined Lifegroup

Got up late today. Didn't get much studies done too. Took the bus at 4pm to the city. Walked with a few friends to an apartment in Roma Street Parklands. Our combined lifegroup was in a recreation room there.

It was really nice to have so many people together. We had pizza for dinner and played some fun games too. Praise and worship was also great.

Went back at 9.30pm but I missed my bus. There were some drama there but I managed to get home safe. Phew...

Took my shower and went to bed..

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Went to Indooroopilly to check if the chocolates were on sale. They were, but I'm still waiting for it to come down to AUD2 per pack. Ended up buying a cup-a-soup before heading to Crazy Clarks. Bought something before going to the city.

Then, I went to Officeworks to get some stationary. Next, I went to 7eleven to buy some junk. It was their "$1 Day" so a few items were on sale for AUD1. I bought 3 cans of Mother (300ml) and 2 packets of Twisties.

Came home and did some studying till dinner time. After dinner, I took my shower and studied till 1am...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Stayed home the whole time today. Had spaghetti for lunch. Was studying for most of the time. Other than that, I was using the laptop to relax. It's almost 12am now. Night...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1234th post

Went to uni to study today. Was quite productive with JC and AL with me. At 6pm, I went to the city and ate at Hungry Jacks.

Took the bus home and did more revision. Watched Naruto too. It's almost 1am already. Going to bed now. Night...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Queen's Birthday

Today's a holiday in Australia. Didn't do anything exciting though. I got up at 11am and stayed at home studying and using the laptop. In a week's time, I'll be in the exam hall sitting for my first exam. Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Got up and had my brunch. Did a little bit of studying before I rushed out to catch the bus. Was a little late for Pre-service Prayer.

After that, we moved to the second hall for our service. It ended at almost 6pm and we hung around till 6.30pm. Then we helped pack the van with the equipments.

Took the bus to the city and we walked to Roma Street. Had dinner in Ajisen Ramen which was quite good. Had a fun time too.

Miso Chashu Ramen - AUD 14.50

Most of us then walked to the bus station and took the 444 back home. I got back home at about 10.10pm and took my shower.

Called JW and went to bed after that...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

QUT3 Professional Movers and Cleaners Co.

I got up at 6am today and took the 7am bus to the city. Arrived at 7.40am and since I still had time, I did my quiet time before heading to Windsor.

Went to JY's house and helped her move out. The guys loaded the furniture and transported it to various places. Meanwhile, the girls helped clean the house.

For lunch, JY bought us pizza. All of us had a wonderful picnic outside. Then, the guys went to a very interesting place.

We drove a truckload of household thrash to the dump site Nudgee. The cars have to line up to get in. Cars will have to get on a "Weigh Bridge" and they would measure the weight of the car.

Then, they will direct us to a numbered dumpsite. There were 5 in total and we were told to go to 2.

That place reminded me of Toy Story 3. What we then did was grab everything from the truck and THROW it down the deep pit. It was really stinky but all of us had fun throwing stuff into the pit, especially when there are many fragile items. :P

Dump Site Pit

JC having fun!

After a while, a bulldozer will come and squash everything. Actually this is just a transfer station. The thrash would be later sorted accordingly.

Bulldozer crushing the thrash

Before we leave, we had to drive onto the weigh bridge again. They will the count the difference between your car's current weight and previous weight. Then they will bill you according to the weight of the thrash thrown. We actually threw away 580kg and paid AUD25 for that! :P

As we leave, we can see a mountain of thrash!

Went back to JY's place and transferred the last batch of furniture which will be donated. Then, we rushed to Fortitude Valley and returned the truck at 4.20pm.

Headed to G's place for some 'Tong Sui" before J walked me to the bus stop. Took the 433 home and was back by 5.40pm.

To my surprise, they ordered pizza for dinner. Yes, I did have pizza for lunch and am having it for dinner again. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my dinner . :P

Afterwards, I cleaned up and started studying. Showered, blogged, lazed around till now. It's 11pm already and I'm gonna study a little more before ending the night. Bye...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday is for Fun

Was busy the whole day. Got up and cleaned the house. Then, I studied a very short while before leaving for Lifegroup.

I had a great time. I shared a testimony again. :P After Lifegroup, few of us guys stayed back and our brother TL showcased his awesome talents.

Got home at 11.20pm and went to bed...

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Got up and did some revision. Later in the afternoon, I helped AS bake cookies. Then, I helped her chop some chili too.

For dinner, we had Hainan chicken rice. For the first time in my life, I took chili so eagerly. It was just perfect for the weather.

According to the news, it was the coldest day in 11 years for Brisbane. 12.5 degrees! Don't worry, this doesn't happen a lot. Click here to read more.

After dinner, I did a bit more revision before going to bed...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Got up at about 12.15pm. That's 12 hours of sleep. Did some cleaning and ate my brunch. Took the clothes in and sorted some stuff.

Didn't do much today. Perhaps will study tonight. Right now I'm just waiting for dinner. Bye...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lesson Learned

At 7am I finished up and took my shower. Missed the 7.55am bus so I waited till 8.30am. Arrived in uni at about 9.45am.

Did some touch ups and went for our presentation at about 10.35am. It was bad. All my hard work was not shown because someone overwrote the files with our old ones.

Later, did some touch up before submitting the assignment. I then went to the garden and ate some biscuits and slept for a while.

Botanical Garden

After that, I went to Myer Center for dinner. Bought the Curry Chicken Rice from Japanese Bento.

Chicken Curry Rice - AUD 5.00

Then, I headed to uni for Unit Prayer Meeting in L Block. When it ended, J, AL and I stayed back and played with the piano. :P

We walked to the city together and J took the bus with me. Got home at about 10.20pm and had a long sleep from 12am till the next day...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Crazy Monday

Today was crazy. I was working on my assignment in the morning. Arrived in uni to meet my group mates at 3pm. Then at 4pm I went for my tutorial.

After that, I went to get dinner in Myer. Bought pasta for dinner from Prega. Later, I went back to meet my group mates.

Mac Cheese - AUD 4.00

Went for the final lecture at 7pm. Then I joined my group members for discussion/work again at 9pm.

At 9.30pm, I quickly ran to catch the bus. Once home, I worked on my assignment to refine it till the next day without rest!

Read the next post for the rest of the day...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Got up early today and took the 8am bus. Walked to QUT and picked a nice spot to sit in the botanical garden.

Walking to QUT...

Botanical Garden

Did my quiet time there till 10am. Then, I went to meet my group mates. Only 2 of them turned up...

Quiet Time materials

Meeting ended at about 11.30am and I used the computer till about 12.30pm. Then, I went to Myer Center to get my food. Ordered Curry Chicken Rice from InHouse.

Curry Chicken Rice (M) - AUD 5.50

Later, I walked to Woolworth's but the locksmith outside was not open. Went inside Woolworth's and spotted a few good deals. Bought 2 items.

4x500ml Monster Drink - AUD 6.99 (AUD1.75 per can)

Funtime Party Pack - AUD 6.99 (1kg of sweets plus container)

Then, I took the bus to UQ and waited for the pre-service prayer to start. Later, all CCM QUT members went up to the simulcast hall.

Service ended at about 5.40pm. Hung around before going to "Funny Funny" for dinner. Had a really fun fellowship tonight.

Girls and Guys of QUT3 (many couldn't join us :( )

This is our names. :)

For dinner, I ate Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap. It wouldn't have been nice if they didn't give me that chili paste. I had to pour lots of it inside.

Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap - AUD 12.50

Can't read Korean. :P

Bulgogi Hot Pot

After dinner, I made it in time for the 430 bus at 8.30pm. Got down the bus and saw a very suspicious man. I saw him pretending to enter a house, then he waited there. After I walked a distance, he CAME OUT!

I quickly took out my umbrella and walked home with it (ready to strike!). Thank God, after a while he wasn't following me any more.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What A Saturday Evening

It was a pretty busy day for me. I got up and had breakfast/lunch at 12.30pm. Then, I went to uni at 2pm. Arrived at 3pm and did my quiet time in the garden.

Botanical Garden

Then, I started working on my assignment till it was 5.45pm. Went out to the city and bumped into SL. Later, I walked around and finally decided to eat at Hungry Jacks. It's my second time this week.

Cheeseburger Stunner Deal - AUD 4.95

After dinner, I went back to QUT and did my work at S block. At about 8.50pm, I walked back to the city and took the bus home.

On my way to S Block

Once back, I showered and continued working till it was 2am...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cookie Friday

Got up today and had my breakfast. Did some of my assignment before starting my quiet time. After that, I started my cookie making session.

First up, I gathered all the ingredients and measured them. Then, I started mixing them to for the cookie dough.

The mix (didn't expect so much!)

Then after all that labour, I used 2 teaspoons to dollop the dough onto the trays. Then, I put them in the oven. The cookies expanded as I feared. Luckily I prepared some space for them to expand.

The cookie dough ready to be baked

Cookies in the oven

It's a good thing they expanded actually. Because that means bigger cookies for everyone! :)

I used 3 trays at a time. Everytime a tray is ready, I'll take it out to let the cookies cool. Then, I'd dollop more cookies and put them into the oven.

Cookies "chilling" :P

Cookies are actually more work compared to a cake. This is because you have to constantly look at the oven and do batches of cookies. If it were a cake, all you need to do is dump it into the oven once.

I was done by 3.40pm and packed everything up. I quickly took my shower and got ready for LG. Took the bus to Kenmore Central and waited for another bus. If I had waited for the city bus instead, I would have got to the Lifegroup much earlier.

All ready to be stolen by the cookie monster!

Arrived in time for Pre-LG prayer. After that, E asked me where is my cheesecake and I told her I didn't bring any cake. You see, I was assigned to bring "Cake/Cookies 800g" and some assumed I'd bring cheesecake.

During dinner, many people praised my cookies. Some said it was as good as Subway's. AW told me I should sell them for a dollar each! :P

Actually, it was my first attempt to make cookies. I used a secret ingredient which helped me make this a success. It starts with the letter "P". Feel free to ask me about it.

Anyway, we had a great time in Lifegroup. It ended a little late today but I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.

Got home at about 11pm. Took my shower and started blogging till now.

Today has been a great day. Tomorrow will be my assignment day so please wish me luck and pray for me. Goodnight!
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