Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week Ends

Woke up at 8.35am and quickly got ready and drove everyone to SS's house. We then went to Eden for brunch. By the time we were done, it was about 10.15am. SS paid the bill and we went to their house.

Set up our Wii there and played till about 2pm. All of us except LC then went to Petaling Street to have "wanton noodles". After that, we went to DGG's house and visited them while SS helped to fix one of their pipes.

Wanton Noodles

At about 4.45pm, all of us then went to Jusco with DGG, YL and YS. YS was so generous to treat all of us to 2 quarts of Baskin Robin's Ice Cream! She bought the 2 quarts and we finished 90% of the 2 tubs in less than an hour.

Mint Ice Cream

At 5.30pm, we quickly rushed back to PJ because we needed to sent YS to work. She ended up 15 minutes late though. Anyway, we dropped SS, M and K at SS's house and drove back home to pick GM and shower.

Once home, I waited for my turn to shower. Then, we went back to SS's house. At about 8pm, we went to Rock Cafe for dinner. It was a food court next to Pak Li in Sunway Damansara. LC and I ordered a Carbonara and Sizzling Lamb Chop and shared them.

The food was not bad but we didn't expect the "cafe" to be a food court. SS paid the bill again and we went back to SS's house for about 40 minutes. Then, we rushed home to watch Ghost. To our surprise, it started at 10pm!

It was already 10.40pm but we still decided to watch the other 20 minutes. After that, I watched the last episode of Big Experiment before coming back up to blog and use the laptop. Mum and dad just came home too. Night anyway...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekends Without Parents

Woke up at around 9am and used the laptop till about 11.30am. I then ordered Pizza from PizzaHut for lunch. Watched Hitman and had lunch next. After lunch, I used the laptop again.

2 Pizzas and 1 Garlic Bread

M went to MV, J went out with her friends to a club, and E was playing the Wii. I then decided to go over to 112 at about 3pm. We talked for 20 minutes before starting Mahj0ng. Played till 6pm and lost RM 8.

Came home and waited for them to shower. We then left the house at 6.30pm and went to pick M from MV. Then, we drove straight to SS's house. All of us went in and waited for K to be ready. After that, we went to Uptown for dinner.

SS brought us to the Hokkien Fried shop and ordered 4 plates of noodles and 4 sets of Chicken Wings. At about 9pm, SS paid and we went back. As usual, dropped SS and family off before going home.

We dropped GM and J at home while M, E and I went to 112. I played with the kids for a while before we started looking at a bunch of old pictures. Spent quite some time asking YM who each of them were.

At 11pm, we went home with 6 dumplings (homemade by CM's mum-in-law). Started using the laptop to blog and facebook. It's 11.41pm already and I should go to bed soon since we arranged breakfast with SS early in the morning. Bye...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Time To Relax

Was on my bed thinking and thinking till over 3am. Thankfully, I still managed to fall asleep. Woke up at 8am and used the laptop before getting ready for exam. Drove out at 9am and reached HOL at 9.30am.

Ordered a cup of Iced Chinese Tea and sat there till 10.10am. Then, we went to the exam hall and went inside at 10.30am. 2 hours later, we came out. Exams were okay, not hard and not too easy. Anyway, everyone was happy because exams are over and it's time for FUN!!

We went to Sun Ming in Taman Connaught for lunch. This time, the service was really much better and the lady who took our order was clear and patient. I ordered "Char Siew, Siew Yoke" Rice and a cup of Iced Chinese Tea (RM 0.50).

Char Siew, Siew Yoke Rice - RM 5

After that, we went our seperate ways and I went home. Used the laptop till about 4.30pm and went downstairs to play the Wii. At 6.30pm, I went to shower and waited for the rest to do so too. All of us were ready by 7.30pm so we drove to SS's house.

We reached there at about 8pm and we went to Chan Kee for dinner. SS ordered some dishes and paid for the dinner. After dinner, we dropped them home before heading to McD Centrepoint.

Drove-thru and bought a Chocolate Cornetto McFlurry and a Large Fries. Total was about RM9. Once home, E played with the Wii while M, J and I used a computer each. Went downstairs at 11.20pm to ask E to go to bed.

I then used the Wii to play 1 level of "Indy". Once I started playing, I noticed the vast difference of quality compared to the visuals in my room. Graphics and gameplay is MUCH better in my room. So after I was done, M helped me transport the Wii back.

Started blogging till about 12.20am and should be sleeping soon. Night...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

11 Hours More

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop for few minutes before going down to help GM burn some "gam zhi". Came back up to use the laptop again for another hour before going down to do the same thing.

After 12pm, my study-laptop session begun. Went down for lunch at 2.30pm and came back up to do the same. At 3.30pm, all of us went to A&W. I ordered a SuperDuper Chocolate Eclaire since there was no Mint ice cream. After that, we went home.

SuperDuper Chocolate Eclaire - RM 4.10

Used the laptop for a while. Went to take at nap at 5pm and played "Indy" later. Used the laptop till 7.30pm and went down for dinner. After dinner, used the laptop and did an EXCEL TABLE for RESTAURANT CITY.

Actually I'm not that obsessed. But its just the satisfaction we get when completing these kind of thing. At about 9pm, mum brought E and I to Starbucks since she is going to Singapore tomorrow and we won't see her for a few days.

Ordered a Venti size Java Chip Frap while mum ordered a Green Tea Frap. Came home at about 10.30pm and started blogging. I tried to do a more advance table for RC but YM ended up helping me. She really can think of all these ideas. Cool!

Venti size Java Chip Frap (split in 2 tumblers) - RM 13.50

It's 12am already and I shall finish this post and do a final round of studying before going to bed. less than 11 more hours to our last exam. Good luck, everyone...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wee No Wii

Woke up at 8.30am and used the laptop till 9am. Went to shower and get ready for exam. After that, drove to BBJ and went to HOL. This time, I ordered a Iced Kopi (RM 1.50) while we were sitting there.

Went to the exam hall at 10.30am and went in at 11am. Most of what I studied came out but the paper was tougher then expected. Anyway, I came out half an hour before it ended and am quite confident on scoring.

Drove home and used the laptop for a while. Then, I went to shower and proceeded to 112. AM and I then walked to Sakae Sushi in BV2. It was already 2pm by then. I ordered Chicken Katsu Cheese and Kakiage. I had Green Tea while AM had plain water.

Chicken Katsu Cheese - RM 10.90

Kakiage - RM 1.90

Sample of 2 new dishes

The food was good and I thank AM for that. While eating, a chef came out and gave us 2 new dishes to sample. Both of it were quite good and also tasted like Teriyaki chicken. Anyway, we were done by 3pm and AM paid the bill (RM 29.95).

We then went into MPH for a while before going back to 112. I used AM's laptop for about 1 hour and 40 minutes before taking a short nap. I then continued using her laptop till about 7.10pm. SC came home and he drove us to Section 17 for dinner.

We went to "Jackson" again but this time I had "Lo Mien". YM came to join us after her dinner. SC paid for the dinner and we drove back to 112. Stopped by Petronas and Guardian before that.

Lo Mien - RM 5

Back at 112, YM gave me a Lan cable so I could finally use my laptop. At 9pm, we watched Mr Siao together. After that, YM, AM and I played RC. Watched NTV7 with AM till about 11.15pm. I then decided to go home.

Came back and used the laptop to start blogging. It's 11.55pm now and I'll probably go to bed in half an hour. M's still studying though... Anyway, bye...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preparing For Tomorrow

Woke up at 9.30am today and went downstairs to have some digestive biscuits with milk. After that, I came upstairs and used the laptop till 10.30am. Then, I studied a while before using the laptop till 12.30pm.

Went down for a break and came up to study again. Used the laptop till about 2.30pm before going downstairs for lunch. After that, I came up and played 2 levels of "Indy" before studying again. Then, I continued with this laptop-notes pattern till 7pm.

I went downstairs to watch some TV before having dinner. Next, I came upstairs to use the laptop for a short while before showering. At 8.30pm, M and I started playing "Indy". We managed to complete 1 level and the batteries were dead in the middle of our second.

Turned off the Wii and went downstairs to watch TBL Season 6. Came up and referred to the notes and used the laptop till 10.30pm. Then, I went downstairs to watch DH. Came up and studied one last time before going to bed. Bye...

Monday, May 25, 2009

1 Down, 2 to Go!!

Woke up at 8.30am and used the laptop for a short while. Went to shower and left the house at 9.30am. Reached HOL at 10am. Sat down there and recalled my stuff while occasionally chatting with them. Only ordered a cup of Chinese tea.

Half an hour later, we drove 50m to our exam hall. We then went upstairs to continue our revision. At 11am, all of us went inside the hall. The exam ended at 1.10pm and all of us came out. It was quite easy because what I studied came out in the exam.

Anyway, we drove 4 cars to Sri Petaling and went to KFC for lunch. I ordered a Zinger Combo for RM9 (including tax) but gobbled it down and forgot to take a picture. After that, we went back to APIIT to settle the early intake stuff with the admin.

Went home only at 3.40pm. While at the traffic light outside the mosque, I went and scratched my face. All it took was a slight scratch to make blood come POURING out of my face. The tissue was right at the back of the car and I couldn't stop the car.

I then resorted to using my left hand wipe off the blood while using the other hand to drive. After each wipe, more blood came out. By the time I reached home, my hand was covered in blood. Most of it were already dried though.

Right Hand - Front

Right Hand - Back

Left Hand - Finger

After stopping the car, I climbed to the back and took the tissue. Went into the house and went straight for a shower. It was okay when I showered but while drying myself, I accidentally did it again. Fortunately, there was tissue nearby and the bleeding stopped quickly.

Used the laptop for about an hour before taking a short nap. Then, I used the laptop till 7pm and went down for dinner. After that, M and I played "Indy" together. At 9pm, we went downstairs to take a break.

Ended up watching Without A Trace and switched to Bio-Nik (Malaysia's version of Bionic Women on TV3) during commercials. At 10pm, I came back upstairs to use the laptop while studying till 11.50pm.

Since it was getting late, I started blogging about today till now (12.28am). Going to bed as soon as I post the pictures. Night...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

In Less Than 12 Hours!

Woke up at 10.15am and used the laptop. Went down for some cereal before going to shower. After that, I recalled some MBUS stuff and used the laptop. At about 12pm, I tried to configure the Internet settings for the Wii.

Unfortunately, there was some error which I don't know how to solve. I gave up and watched the girls play with the Wii. At about 1.30pm, dad came home and brought us out for lunch. We went to this restaurant in Old Klang Road named "More More Vegan House".

The prices here were slightly on the high side. Anyway, I ordered a "Maryland" which came with 2 pieces of "meat" fried with bread crumbs, a piece of fried banana, and some salad. It was not that bad. We dad then paid after we were all done. Total of RM 49 or 4 dishes and 1 dessert and 1 drink.

O...K...Loh?? Who would DARE do that to their menu?

Maryland - RM 12.90

Dad dropped us home and went to pick GM. I did another recalling session till about 4.40pm. Then, I played with the Wii for a short while before using the laptop again. At 6pm, AM, SC, YM and KK came over and played with the Wii too.

I went to shower at 6.30pm and we went out for dinner at 7.25pm. We went to Cheras to have our family dinner. We got caught in the traffic jam and we only reached the place at 8.20pm. Besides that, we still had to wait for the food to come.

About 20 minutes later, we started eating. DGJ paid the bill and all of us went home after that. Dad went to TMC to buy some groceries while we waited in the car. Reached home at about 10.15pm.

I then started the final recalling session before watching Ghost at 10.30pm. It ended at 11.30pm and I came up to blog and facebook a little. Will go to bed right after I "fish". Wish me luck for tomorrow's exam. Night!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

2 Days Left...

Woke up at 10am today and went down to eat the Roti Canai that dad bought. Then, I came up to use the laptop till 11am. After that, I went to shower and started studying when I came out. AC sent me some notes too.

I then played with the Wii for a while before we went out to Subway for lunch. I ordered a 6-inch Tuna sandwich which was quite good. After that, we walked to CzipLee Plus and went to CzipLee to buy some stuff.

6-inch Tuna Sandwich from Subway - RM 7.90

We then went home and I started recalling the MBUS stuff. When that was done, I went to play with the Wii. Was supposed to go to 112 but everyone was asleep except YM. At 6pm, YM asked me to come down but I told her it was too late.

Anyway, went to shower and waited to go out for dinner. Dad brought us to this Korean restaurant called Halun Khon in Amcorp Mall. I ordered a Korean Fried Rice Set which was only RM 7.90 for a reasonable portion.

Korean Fried Rice Set - RM 7.90

Japanese Pizza - RM 14.90

Japanese Pizza Video 1

Japanese Pizza Video 2

SS and family joined us later. After we finished our meal, the Japanese Pizza we ordered came. To our surprise, it was topped with cuttlefish that was TOO FRESH! They were still MOVING even though they were fried!

I tried some of it but I didn't like the texture of the pizza. M liked it though. K loved the cuttlefish. Anyway, dad paid the bill and we left. We went to Assunta to visit GM till about 9.40pm before we went back.

Bill - RM 104.16

We then went straight to 112 to celebrate KK's birthday. Once we arrived, the cake was already blown and the birthday boy was sleeping. Despite that, we still had the carrot cake which was good and stayed to chat.

We only left at 11pm! Once home, I started using the laptop. My RC rating was back to 4.0 so there was only 1 customer coming in. Had to start over to get people over-flowing the place and get back to the old pace.

Anyway, the modem was causing problems so it took awhile to get back online. It's 12.22am already and I'll be sleeping as soon as the pictures gets uploaded. Bye...

Friday, May 22, 2009

10 Years in a Day

Somehow, the moment I woke up and looked at the phone clock, it said 10.30am again! Anyway, washed up and used the laptop till 11.30am. Then, went down for breakfast and went to shower. By 12.30pm, I started my revision and did the BENV notes.

M came back at about 1pm and we played Indy till 1.20pm. Then, we went down to eat the Char Siew rice that mum bought. Came back up and recalled my MBUS again. Next, I went downstairs to have some ice cream.

Came up and played Indy again. After that, I read through my BENV notes again as usual. Before going to shower, I went to play some WiiSports and ended the game by playing the Fitness Test. I did very badly today and got 37. Sad...

Anyway, I then went to shower and used the laptop while waiting for everyone else to be ready. The rest of them took their own sweet time. We only left for dinner at 7.30pm. Dad brought us to Nam Chuan.

We ordered Tomato Bee Hun for 2 person, Hokkien Fried for 2, and a single serving of Yin Yong. I ordered Iced Chinese Tea and the others ordered their drinks. The total bill was about RM 34 (including drinks).

Hokkien Fried

Tomato Bee Hun

Yin Yong

Next, dad drove us to Assunta and we went to visit GM. DGG and family were also there. We stayed till about 9.20pm before going home. Once home, I used the laptop for awhile. The Internet was slow so I decided to watch J play Wii while my page loaded.

Alternated between watching people play with the Wii and using the laptop. It's 11.42pm now and I'll sleep after I manage to post the pictures. Night...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

27 Again...

Woke up at 10am and used the laptop till 11am. Went to shower and had brunch as usual. Then, I started to study till 1pm. I then played 2 levels of Indy and went downstairs for biscuits. Since the girls weren't back, I did my next set of revision.

At 2.40pm, I went down for lunch. Came up at about 3.10pm and started playing "Indy" again. After that, I did my final set of studies before playing Wii Sports. Tried the fitness test again today and got Age 27! Well, at least I didn't grow old.

Went to shower at 7.15pm and waited till 8pm before we went out for dinner. Mum brought us to Sakae Sushi and I ordered Chicken Karaage and Chicken Katsu. Took some sushi off the conveyor belt too.

Chicken(Tori) Karaage - RM 6.90

Chicken Katsu - RM 8.90

Total bill - RM 133.65

At 9.10pm, mum went to pay the bill and we went to meet her after we finished the tea. Once home, I started using the laptop till now. Internet is very slow so I didn't get to do much today. Anyway, going to bed soon. Bye...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

27 Years Old

Woke up at 10.30am and used the laptop till 11.30am and went down to have some chocolate cookies for brunch. At 12pm, I went to shower and came out to study. Wrote some notes while referring to the MB slides.

After one chapter, I went to play "Indy" as usual. Went downstairs for lunch at about 2.40pm. Then, I came up and recalled the points for MBUS. After the successful attempt, I went to play more of "Indy".

At about 5pm, I started using the laptop and surfed facebook till 6pm. I then took a half an hour nap. At 6.30pm, I cycled down to 112 and went for 1.5 rounds of cycling with AM. Then, I went inside 112 and had some mango juice.

Since it was already 7.15pm, I cycled home and started watching Bleach. At about 7.45pm, I went down to have dinner with M. After dinner, I came back up to watch another episode.

Showered at 8.45pm and rushed downstairs to watch Mr Siao at 9pm. The show ended at 9.30pm and I came upstairs to use the laptop for a short while before revising on BENV.

When I was done, I went to my room and started playing Wii Sports. I did the tennis training and got the hang of it. Before I stopped, I went to do the fitness test. Turns out, my fitness age is 27!! Big improvement from the "80" I got when I first got the Wii. Not satisfies though.

Anyway, I then came out to blog while the others had their turn playing with the Wii. It's 11.42pm but I guess I'm gonna sleep early today. Night...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday XZ and SS!!

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop till 10.50am. I then had biscuits for breakfast. Next, I went to shower and started looking at my BENV slides. Wrote some notes for chapter 1 before starting to play 2 levels of "Indy".

After that, I went to work on another chapter. By the time I was done, I went down for lunch. Next, I came up again and played 2 levels of freeplay on "Indy". At 5pm, I then recalled back what I've learned for last week.

Since I managed to do that without fail, I went on to play another 2 levels of Freeplay. By the time I was done, it was already 6.30pm. I then went to shower after that. Then, I drove to 112 and waited for AM to finish cooking.

By 8.10pm, the food was ready. The spaghetti was okay and I finished it quite quickly. After that, we watched Just For Laughs on NTV7. Then, YM came home and she wanted to test a GPS. All of us then went around Bangsar to check the accuracy. GPS was okay but wasn't talking at times.

112 Spaghetti

Anyway, we headed back to 112 and decided to go to my house. Once home, DGG and family were there. AM and YM started playing with the Wii while SC helped solve DGG's CPU. I actually did everything correctly except I left out "@streamyx" behind the username.

At about 10pm, SS, SS and K came. We started singing the birthday song for the 2 of them and had cake later. By 10.30pm, everyone went home. I started using the laptop until M reminded me to watch DH.

I quickly rushed downstairs even though I was only 6 minutes late. Watched it with mum till 11.30pm. Then, I came up to blog and facebook till now. Gonna upload the pic and go to bed. Night...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fruitful Studies

Woke up at 10am and quickly washed up. Mum and I then went to Old Town in Jaya One for breakfast. We ordered 2 sets of toast (comes with a single kaya butter toast, half-boiled eggs, and a cup of black coffee) for RM 3.90.

Breakfast Set - RM 3.90 (before tax)

At first, I thought it was a good deal. Once the food was served, the portion was so small. Besides that, the egg yoke was hard-boiled and the coffee was VERY BITTER. You'll have to add RM1 to upgrade it to White Coffee or other types of coffee.

Anyway, we finished our brunch at 10.50am and went off after paying. We then went to a coffee shop in Happy Mansion to buy some pork and chicken for lunch. Then, we went home. Reached home at about 11.30am.

I started using the laptop till about 12.20pm. Then, I started revising my Managing Business. After I successfully recalled all the stuff in my brain, I played one level of "Indy". Went down for lunch at about 2pm.

Then, I did the same study-play pattern for 3 more times. By then, it was already 6.30pm. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with today's progress and am quite confident with MBUS.

Anyway, I quickly showered and drove down to 112. The plan was to go over and have spaghetti. Unfortunately, the plans changed. SC was not coming back for dinner. So, AM, YM and I went to Section 17 for dinner.

We went to Jackson's and ordered a plate of Hokkien Fried. I was so full after that. AM paid for the dish and we went back to my house after that. We played the Wii till about 9pm. Then, we went back to 112 to hang out.

Hokkien Fried - RM 5

I only went home at 11.40pm because I was watching CSI:M with SC. I then turned on the laptop and started blogging. Went to facebook and also visited blogs. It's 1am already and I should be sleeping soon. Night...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crazy Fun

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop till 10.30am. I then went to shower as usual and studied after that. By 11.30am, I was done. Started playing "Lego: Indiana Jones" till about 12.45pm. AM, SC and YM then came to try out the Wii.

After about 5 rounds, mum said invited everyone out for lunch. We all went in 1 car to "My Elephant" in Happy Mansion. It was closed so we decided to eat in MM cafe. I ordered Fish and Chips which were just okay.

Fish and Chips - RM 14.90

At about 3pm, we left the place and went back home. We continued playing with the Wii. Cheered them and had quite a fun time. At 5pm, the 3 of them went home and I cycled down to join them. We were supposed to go cycling but the sun was scorching.

I then watched AM, YM and AP play mahjong till 5.30pm. Then, the clouds started blocking the sun. AM, SC and I then quickly went for a round of cycling. After that, we rested for few minutes in 112 before I cycled back home.

It was already 6pm when I reached home. Used the laptop for 10 minutes and went to play the Wii. Got stuck at a level of "Indy" and decided to turn it off. Went to shower and came out to use the laptop again.

Waited for dad to pick M up before we went out for dinner. We went to Mama Sayang and had vegetarian dinner with DGG. After dinner, we came back to our house. I tried helping them with their desktop since UB wasn't home.

Sea Coconut - RM 3.50

I spent 1 hour and 30 minutes trying to install the 3 missing drivers. With the help of SC, I managed to do that. Now, all there is to do is sent it back to them and hopefully their Internet works.

Missed "ghost" because of that. So, I'm watching it online now. Probably end at 1.20am. Should be going to bed by then. Night...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

J's Birthday

Woke up at 9am and went to wash up. Then, I started studying/memorizing. At about 11am, I was done. Happy to say that I covered 3/5 pages. I then went down for some snacks and came back up to play the Wii.

At about 12pm, mum and E came back. We waited for E for almost half an hour to get ready for lunch. Since it was already over 1pm, we decided to go to D'lish instead of Delicious. I ordered a Spaghetti Carbonara but it was not as nice as the one in Delicious.

Spaghetti Carbonara with Turkey Bacon - RM 14.80

After eating, M and I went downstairs to buy 2 games for the Wii. I choose "Avatar: The Burning Earth" and "Lego: Indiana Jones". We then went back to meet mum. Mum paid the RM 54 bill and we went home.

Once home, I used the laptop for awhile until M was free. We then played "Avatar" together. At 4pm, we had to recharge the batteries for the Wiimote. After that, I played alone as M was busy. Around 5pm, I stopped and let M and E play.

I took my bike outside of the house and realized it was raining. So, I came back inside and told AM to cancel the cycling session. Went on watching the girls play till about 6.30pm. I then went to shower.

At about 7.10pm, all of us were ready to leave the house. We hopped into the Avanza and drove to Kepong. Went to D'Foodland for dinner. SS and family plus AJ and GTA came too. The food took super long to come so we played Monopoly Deal.

After a long wait, the food finally arrived. By the time we finished our dinner, it was already 9.45pm. We then went home for cake. UL and AC came to our house to join us. After some preparation, we started singing the birthday song to J.

Then, the Ice Cream Cake was served. This was a new flavour from Haagen Dazs called "Cappuccino Truffles". It tasted pretty similar to "Coffee" but had some chocolate cream inside. Anyway, I had two servings and went upstairs to join the others.

J's Birthday Cake

LC and M were playing with the Wii. In less than 10 minutes, all the kids came upstairs to join the commotion. We took turns to play till about 11.45pm. After that, everyone went home. I started blogging till now.

It's 12.37am already and I guess I'll sleep soon. Night...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Intense Exercise

Woke up at 10.30am and had twiggies for breakfast. Then, I used the laptop for a while before going to shower. I then started studying after that. A dragonfly came upstairs so I went to my room and shut the door.

Laid on the bed and memorized some definitions. 2 pages left to go. Anyway, I then started playing the Wii at 12.10pm. Played DBZ BT3 till M came back. We went downstairs for lunch and came back upstairs to play with the Wii again.

After about half an hour, M went to study and I played with E for a while. Then, I soloed till about 5pm and let the rest of them play. Around 7pm, I started playing DBZ again. Half an hour later, I went downstairs for dinner.

Watched them play Wii as my hand was too tired. The only other time I played was when J asked me to play one round with her. At about 8.40pm, J and I followed mum to BV to buy J's cake for tomorrow.

We came back at about 9.20pm. Alternated between watching them play and using the laptop. It's 10.35pm now and I'll end this post here tonight since I guess nothing interesting would happen already. So, bye...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day Off

Woke up at 7.40am and rushed down for breakfast. Then, I showered and went off to APIIT. Paid RM 3 for the parking. Went to MBUS class for another 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a revision class and I'm happy that I could say a section of it before the lecturer.

After class, I went to the lab to print my results. We then went to hand it in to the admin and went to collect our dockets. Then, we went in 4 cars to Times Square. We went to buy 7 movie tickets for Angels and Demons.

After that, we decided to go to McD for lunch. I ordered a McChicken Set but everyone agreed the burgers here were not fresh and tasted bad. On the bright side, their fries were much better than the one behind TPM.

McChicken Set (regular) - RM 6.25

When we were done eating, we went back to GSC and met up with AC and MY. It was already 12.40pm so we went inside. The movie was quite interesting and the story line was good. Almost similar to Da Vinci Code but this one focus more on the mystery and not Christian artifacts.

At about 3pm, the movie ended. We then walked around and went to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme. The others bought stuff but I didn't. At 3.30pm, we left the place. After paying the RM 7 parking, my wallet was officially empty.

Reached home at about 4.10pm. Once home, I saw the Wii and the other accessories. Exactly one week after it should have been in our house, the Wii finally appeared in front of our eyes. I guess we still gotta thank our parents for that.

Anyway, I then quickly showered and started fixing it. I had some problems with the CDs so I decided to use the laptop instead. I was quite disappointed and down at the time.

Wii and Accessories still in Box

At about 5.30pm, I decided to give it another try. I then stumbled upon the proper way to load the discs. Played till about 7pm and M tried it. Then, we went down for dinner and got ready for later.

After dinner, we quickly came up and started playing. It was a fun 3 hours of taking turns. By 10pm, M and I retired and let the younger ones play while we watch and cheer/laugh at them. My arm is aching right now. Anyway, we went back to playing at about 10.40pm till 11pm.

Everything nicely arranged!

The girls then went to sleep and I started blogging. Somehow, I got my butt off the chair and went to arrange the Wii. It looks much tidy and nicer now. It's 12.22am already and I'll be going to bed after I upload the pictures. Night...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Day

Woke up at 10am and went down for breakfast. Had digestive biscuits with milk and came up to do some facebooking till 11.30am. Then, I went to take a shower. Once I came out, I started studying. At 1.30pm, I was done. Could even remember yesterday's topic.

After that, I used the laptop till about 2.30pm. I then went downstairs for lunch. It then started to rain so I turned off the laptop and planned to watch a DVD. Unfortunately, the DVD was missing. I gave up after searching for 30 minutes.

Since it was raining, the Astro was down too. Took a 10-minute nap until the Astro got back on. I the watched TV till 5pm. Then, I went upstairs and used the laptop till 6.30pm. Went to shower and watched TBL.

At about 7.22pm, SC came and picked me. We went to 112 and had spaghetti for dinner at about 7.36pm. We then chatted and watched TV till 9pm. Both of them went out to meet someone and YM came back.

AM's Spaghetti

Both of us watched Mr Siao together till 9.30pm. After that, I used AM's laptop for about 10 minutes. I then went back to watching TV. SC and AM came back soon. AM was watching NTV7, YM was watching WDLC on her laptop and I was watching 8TV.

During commercials, we would "visit" each other. At 11pm, SC sent me home. I then started blogging and printed the request letter for the earlier intake. It's 12am now and I'll go to bed after settling some stuff at facebook.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It Begins

Woke up at 9.40am and went down for breakfast. Dad heated up a bun for me and I ate it. It was plain though. Anyway, came up and facebooked till about 10am. I then went to shower and came out fresh!

I then started looking at MBUS slides and wrote some notes. By 11.30am, I was done. I then decided to take a break. Unfortunately, the break went on for the rest of the day! Anyway, I played Spewer.

Went downstairs for lunch at 3.30pm and came up to play Spewer. This time, I managed to complete all 60 levels. It was already about 5pm when I was done. Then, I played some other random games till 6.30pm.

We started watching TBL since it was the final episode. At 8pm, it ended and I went to have dinner. Came upstairs and waited for my turn to shower. After showering, I then used the laptop till 10.30pm.

Went downstairs to watch DH and ate half a large packet of "Twisties". Felt so bad after eating. I'm gonna gain weight because of this! At 11.30pm, I came back up and started reading blogs. After that, I started with this post.

It's 1am now and I'll end this post and go back to reading more blogs. Night...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Delaying Studies

Woke up at 10.40am and had some digestive biscuits with milk for breakfast. Used the laptop for awhile before dropping GM at Limau Manis for her haircut. I then came back and used the laptop till 2pm.

Then, I went downstairs to watch TBL. At 3.30pm, I then went and had lunch. After that, I came back upstairs to use the laptop and looked for some games to play. Ended up going to Newgrounds and found a few games. Played "Spewer" till stage 2 and decided to quite because it was too laggy.

I then went on to play Sonny 2. I played the first episode before which was quite nice. After playing this, I got addicted. At 7.40pm, I forced myself to have dinner since dad asked me to. While having dinner, he asked me for the list of Wii games I wanted. This is because he is going to buy the Wii tomorrow and it comes with 9 games.

After dinner, I came upstairs to search for the games. I spent almost 2 hours looking at the games and their reviews. At about 11pm, I managed to get a nice list of 12 games and passed it to dad.

I then started playing Sonny 2 again. I forced myself to finish the game. It was already 1.30am when I completed it. Since it was already so late, I quickly typed this post. I'll be going to sleep in 10 minutes. Night...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day

Woke up at about 9am and got ready for breakfast. Dad, GM, J and I then went to Jinjang and dropped M for her selections. Then, we went somewhere nearby to join SGG and SS's families for Bak Kut Teh.

After eating, dad dropped J and I home and went to the temple to help clean up. GM went with SGG. I watched TKOS 19 till 1pm. Then, MM came to pick mum, E and I up for lunch. We went to Mizu in BV.

Deep Fried Chicken with Bread Crumb set - RM 23

I ordered a Tori Katsu Don and gave some of my set to mum. After lunch, I went to MPH with the intention of getting the latest book of Singapore Ghost Stories. Unfortunately, they did not have the latest one. We ended up buying the new Monopoly Card Game instead.

Monopoly DEAL: Card Game - RM 24.90

We then went home at about 3pm. I watched the final episode of TKOS till 4.30pm. AM then asked me to go down and have some "tong sui" and go cycling later. I then rode downhill to 112. Once there, AP gave me some "tong sui".

I ended up replacing AM in Mahjong because she needed to do some housework. By 5.30pm, she asked me to go cycling but I refused because the sun was scorching! She went ahead to do her yoga and I cycled back home at 6.30pm. Lost RM 10 today.

At home, I waited for my turn to shower. At about 7.10pm, we went to BV for dinner. We went to Fish and Co. The waitress told us that we had to sit outside. MM noticed an dirty table and asked "how bout this?".

The waitress then said it will take us half an hour to clear this UNLESS you help me! AC and mum then helped them clear the table quietly. Some of them sat down but the table wasn't cleaned yet. When another waiter came, he said with a rude tone "Excuse me! Can you get up so that I can clean the table!".

We were being patient and tolerant so they quietly got off and let them do their job. After that, we sat down and looked at the menu. We waited for 10 minutes but nobody attended to us. There were even 5 plates of food outside the kitchen but the staff did not serve it to their customers.

Since we didn't want to wait 1 hour for our food, we walked out and went to ChatterboHKx which was just next door. While walking out, I noticed 5 uncleared tables. So I suppose it would take them 2 hours and 30 minutes to clear the tables...

I ordered a Hong Kong Style Beef Fried Rice and a cup of plain water. The few of us played the Monopoly cards for the first time. Before we could even end the game, our food was served. We ate and talked till about 8.40pm before dad paid and we left.

Hong Kong Style Beef Fried Rice

Bill - RM 108.45

Reached home at 9pm and used the laptop to Facebook and also wrote this post. Gonna watch Ghost at 10.30pm and I'll end this post here. Bye...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wesak Day

Woke up at 9.45am and went down for some cereal. At about 12pm, dad brought mum, E, M and I to the temple. We walked around for about an hour before going for lunch. We dropped M at Jinjang for her selections before that.

Dad brought us to this restaurant called "Kuan Fatt" off "Jalan Kuching" for vegetarian lunch. E had a plate of noodles while Mum, dad and I ordered a plate of Fried Cuttlefish and Thai Style Chicken.

Fried Cuttlefish - RM 13

Thai Style Chicken - RM 13


Bill - 47.40

We finished the food which were quite nice. Before leaving, we packed some rice and noodles for J and GM. Dad then paid the RM 47.50 bill and we went home. Dad dropped us home and went back to the temple to help out.

I then used the laptop to watch TKOS and also facebook. At 6.30pm, I went to shower. M only came back at 7pm and we waited for her to shower before leaving the house. Since dad wasn't joining us for dinner, I drove everyone to dinner.

We met up with the rest of the L family members in the vegetarian restaurant called "Garden" in Uptown. It was already 8.13pm when we were seated. By the time we finished our dinner, it was about 9.40pm.

After that, we drove to SS2 as we planned to go to Swensons for dessert. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get a place to park. So, we detoured to A&W. The 16 of us then sat in 4 tables. The rest of us waited while some went to buy our orders.

At 10.25pm, our dessert arrived. I had some mint ice cream and was satisfied. We then went home at about 11pm. Once home, I watched TKOS 17. By the time it ended, it was already 11.57pm.

Bear Essentials - All mint

I quickly started blogging till now (12.45am). I suppose I'm gonna watch another episode before sleeping. Bye...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Transporter 4: Mission Complete

E called me and I sprung out of bed. Dropped her off to school and came back to sleep. Mum came back at about 7.50am and woke me up. After saying "hi", I went back to sleep. Woke up again at 10am and heard dad. He just came back because they took different flights.

Went down to see what they bought. After some scanning, the Nintendo Wii they hinted on buying. wasn't there. I was actually very disappointed at the moment. They asked us earlier if we wanted a Wii. If you didn't plan on buying, why did you bother asking us and get our hopes high?

Anyway, I got over it while using the laptop till about 10.50am. Quickly showered and went off to Sunway Pyramid. Reached at 11.40am and went to A&W to join KW, AC and ZS. They ordered some food so I decided to order Waffle In Mug.

Waffle In Mug - RM 3.80

Then, we went walking around the place till DY and HX came. It was 1.30pm and we went to buy our tickets. We decided to watch Star Trek. After buying the tickets, we rushed to Wong Kok for lunch.

I ordered a Spaghetti Set which came with soup, main course, fruits, and a cup of Iced milk tea. Everything was good except the main course. The pork was tough and the tomato taste was too strong.

Cream Soup


Fruits and Milk Tea

Since we AC's birthday is 2 days from now, we were entitled to the Birthday Milk Tea. It came in a VASE and even after drinking about 10 cups, we couldn't finish it. There were still half the vase left! What a waste!

Birthday Milk Tea - Complimentary

I paid my share of RM 10 and we went back to TGV for our movie. We were just in time but there were still commercials playing. The show started at about 2.50pm. Overall, it was a nice and cool show. This made me interested in Star Trek. Somehow feel much happier after watching.

Anyway, we left the cinema when the show ended. DY and HX went their own ways while the rest of us went to the pet shop. MY bought some stuff there and we left. We then decided to go home.

I only had RM 50 so AC gave me RM 3 for the parking. Unfortunately, the parking fees were RM5 and they already left. I then decided to go to Harvey Norman to get the "1.5mm audio jack to RCA cable".

Audio cable - RM 14.90

With the change, I went to pay the ticket. After getting into the car, I went out the wrong exit but managed to take the u-turn to get back on track. Then, I took the high-way. Unfortunately, I exit the high-way too soon and was caught in the jam. 15 minutes later, I went into the same high-way again and paid the toll for the second time.

Reached home at about 6pm and I used the laptop for a while before going to shower. At about 7.30pm, we then went out for dinner. While in the car, mum and dad was sharing their experience in Australia. For some weird reason, my eyes got teary. It was either jealousy or anger, both that I should not have...

Dad brought us to Robson Heights for dinner. Once we got down, I noticed M was rubbing her eyes too. I guess we think alike. M and I also had the same opinions with the Wii. Dad ordered 4 dishes which were all quite nice except the duck. The pork was the best.

Bill - RM 108.50

Dad paid the unreasonable bill and we left. He went to TMC to buy some jam for mum before we went home. I then used the laptop till about 9.50pm before walking with M to her friends house. She returned the book to her friend and we went home.

I played Ice Breaker till about 12am before finally blogging. The game was full of skill and physics and I'm proud to say I finished it without walkthroughs! Blogged till 1am and now I'm waiting for FW to end their maintainence. Night...
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