Thursday, May 29, 2008

Auntie Anne's and Chawan in Bangsar

Mum and I went to Chawan (opposite BV) in the evening, and found out that it just opened yesterday. We choose to sit outside and guess what? That row of tables outside has 3 different kinds of chair each. The floor was just a normal cement floor with no tiles. Maybe it is their style but I didn't really like it.
We ordered Fruit Rojak and I ordered a Chawan Frappe Ice-blended. The waiter told me that it was Kemaman Coffee mixed with Nescafe. She even asked me if I'm sure I could drink Kemaman Coffee mixed with Nescafe! Of course, I'm not a kid anymore! After a while, the rojak and my coffee came.
Fruit Rojak. Both of us didn't like it (but spicy food lovers will love it)

Chawan Frappe Ice-blended. Looks nice and huge??

As you can see, 3 quarters of the cup was full of ice!! This should be called Expensive Super Mini Chawan Frappe Ice-NOT-blended!!

We asked for the bill and it totaled up to RM 13++. The waiter asked mum "How was the rojak?" and mum answered "Didn't like it" and the waiter said "Owh! A lot of customers say this rojak is very nice". Then mum said "Oh, maybe it is just me then". Guess what she said?? "YA, IT IS JUST YOU!!". How rude, she could have handled the situation better.

We went to Auntie Anne's in Bangsar Village after that. Mum ordered a Sour Cream Pretzel while I ordered a pretzel called "Zesty Roselle". It is coated with pink/purplish sugar and it isn't sweet. Mom said the pretzels weren't as nice as before but to me it tastes the same.

For some reason, you can't see the purple colour of the sugar. It actually looks really special , cool and weird at the same time.
When we reached home, I found a mini Klang River in front of our house. Probably the exact same colour as the Klang River. Hehe.
This is actually caused by some construction work further up the hill.

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