Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Preparing For War

Woke up at 8am today and used the laptop till 9.40am. Then, went to get ready for college and shower. Left the house at 10.10am and reached TPM at 10.30am. Bought a parking ticket and carefully scratched it.

Walked with AL to class and chatted on the way. We were talking about the parking ticket and I suddenly realize that I scratched "30" instead of "31" for the day. We were already near APIIT so I just decided to leave it be.

Had BENV class again but today the lecturer didn't teach much. Class was over at 12.30pm so we went up to PitStop for food. I didn't buy anything but ate some of AL's fries. After that, we went down for lab session.

One hour later, we went out for lunch. AC suggested KFC but I didn't like it. Since we had nowhere else to go and were in a rush, I just decided to give in. We then went in 2 cars to the KFC in Sri Petaling.

We took some time looking for a parking spot. Then, we waited about 30 minutes to finally get our order. That was mainly because they only opened one cashier and opened another one when everyone complained. Plus, they work SUPER SLOW too!

When it was finally my turn, I ordered a Set Lunch B. It came with some rice, coleslaw, 2 strips of chicken and a drink. I was not satisfied with the meal but luckily the Pepsi made me full. All of us then left at about 3pm and reached class at 3.15pm.

Jom Jimat Meal 3 - RM 5.70

Class ended even before 4pm. I then used my laptop to watch "Open Season 2" and did some facebooking while waiting for AM. At 6pm, I walked to my car and drove it to APIIT to pick AM. We then drove back to 112.

After we put our stuff inside, we took an umbrella each and walked over to BV. Bought the ingredients for tonight's dinner and came back. AM prepared dinner while I used the laptop to facebook again.

The Ingredients - RM 20++

Homemade Spaghetti

At 7.20pm, SC came back and we had our dinner. After having the spaghetti and the Campbell soup, I was so full I burped loudly twice! Used the laptop at their house till about 9.20pm before coming back home.

Once home, I went to shower and turned on the laptop downstairs. Used the laptop till 10.30pm before watching Desperate Housewives. The show ended at 11.30pm and I started to chat and facebook again.

Waited for dad to come home because I needed to use the Vostro to download Heroes. Dad came back at about 12.30am and he brought back some BASKIN ROBIN'S ICE CREAM!! Haha, I even managed to pull an April's Fool prank on AC just as it turned 12am.

Will be going to sleep soon... Happy April-fooling!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The War Begins!

Dad woke me up at 6.45am and I quickly got dressed and drank some water before going into SS's car. The 3 of us then went to Hokkien Hill for "Cheng Meng". Did some offerings in the main hall for about 15 minutes before going to my Great Great Grandparent's grave.

There were about 20 people there and about 80% of them I have not even met or can't recognize. Did some offerings and stuff for about 30 minutes before going back down to the main hall. Then, we drove to my Great Grandparent's grave.

We then did the standard stuff but we stayed here a little longer. This was because we ate some food there after we did the offerings. I didn't want to eat any of the food but just took a piece as dad said it was tradition to eat there.

After we were done, all of us went to our own cars and went our own ways. Dad, SS and I then went to my Grandfather's grave. We had some difficulty looking for it because we had to climb down the hill to identify the grave.

After 10 minutes, SS spotted the grave. We then brought the things down and started unpacking some stuff. It took a while for us to do the preparations and offerings as there were only 3 of us. At about 9.30am, we were done and finally left the cemetery.

Reached home at about 10am and laid on the sofa to relax for awhile. Then, I got myself a cup of water before going to shower. Came out and used the laptop till about 12pm. Mum suggested we go for a movie at GSC Signature @ Gardens.

Unfortunately, GM was going out and we had to stay back and open the door for E. So, we decided to call it off. After using the laptop for a while, I went to take a short nap. When I woke up, I ordered pizza for lunch and continued using the laptop.

They didn't have enough small boxes so they served the regular pizzas in large boxes.

Pizza arrived at 2.20pm. Mum and I ate our portion while watching TV. She then went to pick J from school. After watching TV, I came up to use the laptop till 4.30pm. Then, I took another short nap and woke up at 5.15pm to go and pick M.

Went to SMKBB and picked up M and her friends. Dropped her 2 friends near Jalan Limau Manis and drove on home. Used the laptop again till about 7pm before going down for ICE CREAM!

Watched "The Biggest Loser" till about 7.50pm and went to the kitchen and had dinner. Next, we watched "The Oprah Show" till 9pm and I came up to use the laptop again as usual. I'm supposed to do some of my assignments today but I chose not to.

In short, I lost today's war. Anyway, there are still more days of war to come and tomorrow will definitely be the BEGINNING of my Assignment War. Anyway, going to sleep soon. Bye...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Relaxing Before The War Starts

Woke up at 10.30am and decided to skip breakfast and wait for lunch. Used the laptop till 12.30pm and finally went for lunch when everyone was back. I suggested to have lunch in the Taiwanese restaurant in Gardens.

All of us agreed so we drove there and found our way to Fong Lye. The restaurant was full and so was the waiting area. Dad went to the counter and the receptionist gave us a number. While waiting, we took the menu and looked through it.

They even served us some sour drink while we waited. About 15 minutes later, we were seated. I then ordered a Taiwan Chicken Chop Rice Set for myself and a plate of Sweet Potato Balls, Taiwan Deed Fried Chicken, Coconut Milk Toast, and a Snow Mountain for everyone to share.

Sweet Potato Balls - RM 5.30

Taiwan Coconut Milk Toast - RM 4.30

Taiwan Chicken Chop Rice - RM 19.80

Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken - RM 9.80

Taiwan Snow Mountain - RM 9.30

My chicken was good and so was the other little stuff that came with the set. Everyone loved the Deep Fried Chicken except mum. The coconut milk toast tasted just like the normal "Lai Yao Bao" but this is the bread version.

Among the appetizers, the Sweet Potato Balls were the worst. It was just tasteless and had a weird texture. The snow mountain was good though. It came with a scoop of ice cream and the ice was very thin and nice.

We took the bill and went to the cashier. Then, dad them cash as they don't accept credit card. After we paid, we went home while M went to meet up with her friends. Reached home at about 2pm and started using the laptop till 5.10pm.

The Bill - RM 124.45

Drove down to 112 for awhile to have some "tong sui". Unfortunately, the tong sui was BITTER because AP bought the wrong type of ingredients. Watched 30 minutes of TV before driving back home again.

Longan Tong Sui

Used the laptop for awhile before going to shower. At 7.30pm, everyone was back and ready to go for dinner. We then hopped into the car again and took MM along with us.

Dad then brought us to Robson Heights but the only way in was a steep flight of steps! Since it would be impossible for GM to climb it, we decided to go somewhere else.

We then ended up in a squatters stall beside the FAG church in Old Klang Road. We ordered some food which wasn't that great except for the ribs. Towards the end, dad ordered a Hokkien Fried Mee.

Specialty Taufu - Average

Fruit Sauce Ribs - Good

Yam Fried with Ribs - Okay

Fish Fried with Ginger and Onion

Plain Fried Potato Greens - Over-cooked

Hokkien Fried - Quite good but not worth the wait

To our surprise, we had to wait half an hour before it finally arrived. Previous attempts to canceled the dish were brushed off with the excuse "It's there 'mun'-ing". Dad said this is because they cook this dish with the "mun yee min" style.

Anyway, it was served and all of us tasted it. Wasn't such a big deal anyways and I would never want to wait so long just for a dish like that. Dad paid the RM 105.50 bill and all of us went back. Dropped MM home before we went to our house.

Came up to use the laptop till 11pm and started blogging till 12am. I'll have to sleep now as I have to wake up early for Ching Meng tomorrow. Bye...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Genting Trip: Day 2

Opened my eyes and saw KK reading newspaper. Went back to sleep and woke up again to answer the phone. It was KK calling from AP's room asking me to get up and call SS. I then called SS and asked them when will they come up. She told us not to wait for them.

Then I called AM and checked on her. We then decided to meet in 10 minutes for breakfast. I quickly changed and was ready to go. All of us then waited for AM and SC. Few minutes later, everyone was ready so we went to "Lao Di Fang" for breakfast.

My Breakfast - Kuey Teow Soup + Ice Lemon Tea

I had a Kuey Teow Soup and a cup of Ice Lemon Tea. Paid for it with a Meal Voucher that came with the casino promo. The food was quite nice but plain. Anyway, I was full after that so I'm not complaining.

We then went back to our rooms while AM and SC drove off to Melacca. AP, KK and YM then went to the Casino while I stayed in the room and watch TV. About 20 minutes later, SS called. I walked down to meet them and brought them to "Lao Di Fang" for brunch.

They ordered 3 sets and paid with the 3 meal vouchers that KK gave me. Just before they finished, AP, KK and YM came to join us. We then chatted for a while before going up to our rooms.

Packed our stuff and opened a can of Korean Milk Soda that AM gave me. I didn't like it but luckily K helped me finish it. After we were done, we brought it to KK's car and walked to First World.

Milkis - Korean Milk Soda

We decided to go to Hainan Kitchen again to use up the other 3 meal vouchers. Ordered a Herbal Jelly, Breakfast Set, Hot Chocolate, Rice Dumpling, and Banana Split. K and I shared the banana split and was content after that.

Banana Split - RM 10.60++

Next, we decided to leave Genting and meet in the Mushroom Park. It was raining and misty so we went to the Chin Swee Temple istead. It was my first time there and the temple was very well maintained.

We walked around for about one hour before deciding to go down to Gohtong Jaya. We stopped at a Mamak stall and decided to have tea. SS bought some fried stuff (RM 1 for 3 pieces) and we ate some of it.

KK ordered 5 cups of Teh Tarik for us to drink while we sat there and chatted. He also ordered a Roti Planta for us. I had half of it and was quite surprised as it was nicer than it looked. SS paid for the food and drinks. Then, we left for home as it was going to rain HEAVILY!

Teh Tarik - RM 1.50

Fell asleep in the car and woke up just before we reached 112. Went in to used the laptop to blog and facebook till 6pm. YM then sent me home at about 6.10pm.

Once home, I unpacked and went to shower. Then, I spent some time figuring out some Origami instructions for E. At 7.20pm, we finally left the house. For the first time, our family went to Yoke Heng for dinner.

I ordered the Signature Pork Ribs and the Tofu. Dad then ordered a Fish and GM ordered Choi Sam (vegetable). M wanted to try the Lou Shu Fan so we ordered one portion. I also ordered a Cincao drink for myself.

The drink came quite fast and I finished it in no time. Then, our food was served. The tofu wasn't the one that I wanted but it was still okay. The ribs were tough today which gave the others a bad impression.

Cincau Drink

Fried Tofu - RM 17

Signature Pork Ribs - RM 24

On the other hand, M liked the Lou Shu Fan and dad said the Fish was reasonably priced because they gave a big portion and only charged RM 32. Towards the end of the dinner, "dai sui man" started to "attack us". We quickly finished our dinner, paid (RM 99.60) and left.

Reached home at 8.40pm and only turned off the lights at 8.50pm. Laid on the sofa and did nothing till 9.30pm. Once we turned on the lights, it was so bright. Took a while to get used to it. Then, I came up to use the VAIO to chat and blog.

Watched Bleach 211 till 10.30pm and went down for some snack. Drank some Mango Milk and ate some biscuits. Suddenly, M spotted a cockroach and she quickly ran up. I put the biscuits into the fridge, drank some water, then came up.

Watched another episode of Bleach and then started blogging again. Played this new FB game called "Bleach Wars" till 1.30am and will be sleeping as soon as I post this! Night...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Genting Trip: Day 1

Woke up at 10.30am to answer a phone call. It was AM and she asked me if I wanted to go for breakfast. I then told her that I was in Klang. She told me that they want to leave before 12.30pm.

So, I quickly got everyone up and finally left DY's house at 11.30pm. Reached Sri Petaling at 12.10pm and then drove home. Once home, I quickly packed some clothes and was ready to go. Dad wanted to have lunch with us so he called YM and asked them to wait while we did.

He brought us to the mee rebus stall to order some vegetarian fried kuey teow. It was so spicy that I couldn't finish everything. Dad paid up and we went to the car. Dad dropped me off at 112 and gave me RM 50 to use.

Kuey Teow Goreng - RM 2.50

Went inside 112 and quickly loaded our stuff into the boot and went off. Just as we left, AM remembered that she didn't bring her cake. So, we turned back to get the cake before going to Genting again.

Along the way, I was using SC's GPS to look at our route. We finally reached Genting at about 3pm but ended up reaching the hotel at 3.30pm because of a mistake. We then went to our rooms for a while before going to the "Be A Star" Karoake.

We wanted to make reservations but they told us that no reservation is allowed. We then left and went to the Casino. I waited outside while AM and SC went to make a new Genting World Card. Then, we went back to Resort Hotel.

We settled some stuff at the lobby and went to look for CM and family. Went to Monte Carlo again and they bought the RM 500 casino promo package. Next, we went to a bakery named "Bakery" to buy some food for CM's kids.

At 4,50pm, the rest of them went to "Be A Star" while SC and I went back to my room to take the cake. We then brought the cake back to the Karaoke place and went into room 132. KK ordered "Fish N' Chips" for my K-dinner while they ordered some other variety of stuff that was quite good too.

Fish N Chips - RM 20++ (K-dinner set)

Table Setting

Huge but Blurry Projector Screen

We ate and sang till 6.30pm and asked the staff to bring out the cake. All of us then sang "Happy Birthday" for AM. After cutting and eating the cake from Baker's Cottage, CM and her family went up to Resort Hotel to rest. We then sang for another half an hour before leaving. The total bill was about RM 130.

AM's Birthday Cake

SC and I walked to the open car park for the F1 event. The adverts were so attractive and even said there were prizes to be won. Once we went inside, we were disappointed. The simulation was just for you to sit and watch. After SC tried it out, we walked around and decided to go back.

We then went to AM's room since CM and the kids were in mine. AM, YM, SC and I then watched Final Destination 3 till 6.50pm before finally walking over to "The Pavilion" to watch "Dreamz".

Genting gave AP the tickets which were worth RM 110 for women's day but she didn't want to go as she already watched it before. The show was okay but I started fishing somewhere in the middle of the show. Luckily, things got more exciting after that.

Dreamz Tickets - RM 220

The show ended at 10.30pm and we went to look for AM, SC, AP and KK. We then went to Hainan Kitchen for some snack as nobody was hungry. Ordered 3 "Dai Bao" and had one by myself while the others shared.

Dai Bao - RM 5.80++

SS, SS and K then met up with us. We hung around for a while before KK went to pay. Next, we walked back to Resort Hotel. Watched some TV while KK chatted with SS. At 12pm, AM and SC went to their rooms. Half an hour later, the rest of them left.

I then went to shower and changed into my pyjamas. Used the VAIO to write a draft of this post till 1.30am. After that, I turned the laptop off and watched Lost. Fell asleep and woke up minutes later. KK turned the TV off for me so I just went back to sleep...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

BENV Group Assignment

Woke up at 7.30am and quickly went down for breakfast. Then, I had came up to shower and get dressed before leaving for TPM. Reached APIIT at about 8.40am and was still early for class. The lecturer then went on till 10.30am.

Then, we went to the lab and tagged along with their IA class. Used the lab computers to surf the net and facebook. After class, all of us went in my car to Little Italy. Reached there at about 12pm and met MY's classmate.

We went into the restaurant and started ordering our food. This time, the "manager" started acting "close to us" and gave many unnecessary comments that made us unhappy. Anyway, I ordered a Set 1 for RM 9.90 while the others ordered their own stuff.

Set 1 : Mushroom Cream Soup

Set 1 : Margarita Pizza

Set 1 - Sprite

Some time later, the food came. The pizza was just ok and so was the soup. When we were almost done, the lady came to annoy us again! It really angered me and I don't think I will come by in the near future. Paid the bill and went off.

Drove to ZS's house to get his thumbdrive but he didn't take his key so we had to go back to TPM and come back after class. IA started at 1.45pm and finally ended at 2.30pm. We then hung around til 4.30pm before leaving for ZS's house.

Waited for him outside his house while he went in to take some stuff. After that, we drove to MY's house to look for AL and DY. Went inside and played some games till 6.30pm before we left for dinner.

AL drove and took the wrong road to Serdang. We only reached the restaurant 40 minutes later at 7.25pm. Ordered 4 dishes of food and some tea. The food came quite fast and was overall okay. Paid the bill and left.

Our 4 dishes

Complimentary jelly dessert

Total Bill - RM 59 ( RM 12/person)

Went back to MY's house and dropped her there. Then, all four of us went into DY's car and drove to his house in Klang. Reached his house at 9pm and played with his dogs for a while. Then, we turned on the laptop and took turns to shower.

We then started discussing our assignments till about 12.15am. Decided to call it a day and went out for supper. DY brought us to a mamak stall with no name. The first thing I saw here was a cockroach!

Sat down and ordered a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. The guy mixed up ALL of our orders and we had to tell him another time before he got it right. The planta was quite nice and the tea was okay. Left the place at about 1am.

Teh Tarik and Roti Planta - RM 2.50

Came back and started using the laptop to facebook. Watched them play Dota while I blogged till 3am. Should be sleeping soon. Haha, night...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clumsy Day

Woke up at 9 am and used the laptop till 10.30am. Showered and left the house by 11am. Reached ENT3 and waited for AC to pick me up. AL and ZS were already in the car.

As we had to only one HK food review, we decided to go for HK food. After some discussion, we decided to go to Kim Gary in MV. AC drove back to MV and we parked in Gardens. Then, we walked to the toilet before going for lunch.

While walking to Kim Gary, AC tripped and hurt himself because of a slope. AL laughed like crazy and teased him. We went into Kim Gary and took some time deciding on what to eat. I finally ordered a Set B.

Set B - RM 9.90

The food came about 15 minutes later. My set came with a cream soup, minced beef sauce and fried egg with rice, and a drink (I choose milk tea). The milk tea tasted weird and I didn't like it. The cream soup was worst than Campbell's and the rice was too plain.

Overall I hated this lunch. But, I am still grateful that I have food to eat and was full after that meal. We then paid the bill and walked back to AC's car. Then we went back to ENT3 for class. We sat in the class for 2 hours before it ended.

Bill - RM 57.05

Then, we went for a toilet break before the whole bunch of us went to the new "Deli Nasi Lemak". They ordered food and drinks while I just shared a Roti Canai with ZS. As I was eating the roti, I almost dropped the roti on the floor! Fortunately, that didn't happen!

Roti Canai - RM 1

After that, we went back to class for our next lecture. 40 minutes after the lecture started, the sky became dark and thunder became louder and louder. When class ended at 6pm, it was raining!

DY was so nice to go get his car and drop us off at our car's one by one. Anyway, drove on and reached home at about 6.30pm. I went to shower and saw the 4x4 rubik's cube when I came out. Decided to fiddle with it for a while.

4x4 Rubik's Cube

After about 40 minutes playing with it, a piece suddenly popped out. Since I didn't know which position the piece was previously, I had to dismantle everything and put the cube back again. I spent quite some time wondering how to fix it.

At 8pm, dad insisted we leave for dinner now. I didn't want to leave the cube in it's current condition so I asked the to go dinner without me. About 20 minutes later, I finally fixed the cube. Went down for dinner (leftovers) and came back up to try to do some assignments.

Ended up doing MBUS for about an hour before M and the rest came back. I then started playing with the cube again. After a while, M took over. While she was at it, she managed to "spoil" the cube.

I then had to spend another 20 minutes fixing it back. After that, we played some online flash games before she went to sleep. Next, I did some research again for my MBUS. At 11.30pm, I decided to call it a day and started blogging.

It is 12.20am now and I should be sleeping the moment I post this up. Gotta wake up early for tomorrow's class. Night...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Year Of College

Woke up at 8am and it was raining! I then went enjoying the cooling sleep till 8.30am. Then, used the laptop and read some newspapers. Next, I had some cereal and went to shower and get ready for class.

Left the house at 10am and managed to reach TPM at 10.20am. Coincidentally, all 4 of us arrived together. Once AC saw us, he shook our hands. I was wondering what happened and then seconds later, he said we officially met for 1 year. Haha.

I totally forgot that it's been a year of college already! Anyway, college is still the same. We walked to APIIT and went to class. At 12.25pm, class was over and we went to Pit Stop. This time, I bought a Peanut Butter Waffle and it came out quite nice.

Peanut Butter Waffle - RM 2.30

After that, we went for IA lab session. As usual, we did our own stuff. At 1.40pm, we went down to the admin and requested for a research letter. Then, we went on for lunch. Before that, we dropped by Hong Leong Bank in Sri Petaling.

Next, we went back to TPM and went to McD through the back entrance. We thought of driving thru but changed our minds. So, we parked the car and went down. I ordered the Fillet O Fish McValue Lunch and it was okay.

Fillet O Fish McValue Meal - RM 6.25

Went back to ENT3 for Mr Lili's class. He then taught us about Dynamic Prototype and told us that we had to include it in our assignment. Class ended at 4pm and we stayed back awhile to discuss some stuff.

Then, we went to APIIT to collect our research letter. Next, AL dropped me at my car and I drove home. Once home, I was in the mood to do the DP so I decided to do it. Stopped at 7.30pm to have dinner. Then, continued with it till 9pm and took some time off to shower.

After that, all of us went over to 97 so I brought the laptop along. While chatting there, I managed to finish the whole DP. I was quite happy that I could finish it in a night. Anyway, we left the place at 10.20pm.

Planted the laptop in front of the TV and started watching DH while blogging. Watched TV till it was 12.30am. I was watching So You Think You Can Dance when something flew pass me 2 times.

After 5 seconds, I realized it could be the cockroach I saw outside just now. Immediately, I packed my stuff and ran upstairs to continue writing this post. It's 12.48am now and I shall sleep soon. Night...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spontanous Visits

Woke up at 9am and started using the laptop till 12pm. Then, NA suddenly said she missed everyone. After chatting for some time, I figured, why not meet up today. I then made some calls and ended up with a plan.

At 12.45pm, I went to pick H. Then, we drove to UiTM in Shah Alam. Went to Kolej Mawar (hostel) and waited for NA to come out. After that, we drove on to 7-eleven and NA went down to get something.

Kolej Mawar, UiTM

Then, she led us to Pak Li Kopitiam for lunch. I ordered an Iced White Coffee and a Pak Li Nasi Lemak Special. The food came quite fast but the I didn't like the spicy stuff that came with my set. I didn't even eat the sotong. My coffee was quite nice though.

Iced White Coffee - RM 2

Pak Li Nasi Lemak Special - RM 6.90

Our bill - RM 27.60

After eating and chatting, we decided to pay the bill and leave. Dropped NA back in UiTM at 3pm. Then, we drove to Sunway to pick LA. Waited for her at Sunway Lagoon and then drove her home.

We reached her house in KJ at about 4pm. We then hung around chatting, gossiping, and swapping stories. Her mum bought some food so we went down for some snacks. We talked with her mum and each other till 5.30pm.

H and I then decided to leave. Stopped half-way to refuel the car and bought the Car D. We then went back to Bangsar and H said she needed to go to CIMB. We came one second late because the money just arrived and they closed the ATM section to reload the machines with cash.

About 15 minutes later, H went to transfer some money to her friend. Then, I dropped her home and went back to my house. Went in and relaxed for a while before going cycling with M. After 2 rounds, I decided to go home.

We then watched some TV till 8pm before eating dinner. Then, I came up to blog while waiting for the food to digest. Went to shower at 9pm and came back out to update FU. It's already 12.30am so I better go to bed...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Just Goes By Like That...

Woke up at 10am, washed up and used the laptop. At 11.30am, dad bought some noodles back four my lunch. After eating, I came up to use the laptop again. YM then asked me if I wanted to follow AP and her to MV.

I agreed and then packed my stuff. Drove down there and then hopped into YM's car. Then, she drove to MV. We found a parking spot without a problem because it was still early (12.40pm). We then walked to Jusco.

Looked around and finally bought a long-sleeved shirt for KK. They used RM 50 worth of coupons and YM paid the remaining RM 5.90. After that, we went down to Jusco Supermarket.

Walked around for about 40 minutes getting some oil, vege, shampoo and other stuff. YM used another RM 50 of coupons and paid the balance. We then made our way back to the car and went home.

Reached 112 at about 2.15pm. We then used the laptop while AP made "French Toast". When she was done, we started eating the french toast. It was a bit spicy because AP didn't clean the chili on the wok from the previous dish.

AP's Homemade French Toast

At about 3.20pm, we started playing Mahjong. Played on till about 6pm before stopping. My luck was bad in the starting but managed to catch up towards the end. Fortunately, I only lost RM 3.70.

Packed my stuff and went home at 6.10pm. I then used the laptop for a short while before going to shower. After I came out, I used the laptop while waiting for the girls to shower. At 7.50pm, we finally left for dinner.

We went to this new food court called "Food Planet" in Section 19. There were many stalls there selling different types of food. I ordered a Special Fried Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce and a Iced White Coffee.

PJ 19 Food Planet

Special Fried Chicken - RM 6

Iced White Coffee - RM 2.60

My chicken was the last to come. It was crispy and the sauce was good too. Even the salad was quite nice. Overall, quite worth the RM 6. My coffee was good and thick actually. I would say this was a satisfying dinner.

At 9pm, we went home. Stopped by Section 17 to buy some "tong sui". Then, we drove home. GM, E and J went inside while mum, dad, M and I went over to 97. Watched some TV and chatted with MM, GG and PP.

Went home at 10.30pm. Started blogging and chatting till 11.15pm. Next, I went down to watch some TV. Came back up at 11.40pm to continue. I'll end the post here and shall be going to bed soon. Night...
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