Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Feeling It

Woke up at 9.10am and had toast for breakfast. Got ready for college and drove to TPM at 10am. Arrived at TPM in 20 minutes and walked to class with AC and AL. PSPD went on for 2 hours before we were dismissed.

They suggested we go to 1u to celebrate DY's birthday. Since its only once a year, I agreed and tagged along. Drop by home to leave my laptop there before making my way to 1u. After parking, I went to look for them.

Spent about 30 minutes regrouping and finally decided to have lunch at Wong Kok. To save up, I just ordered a French Toast as lunch. Luckily we got the free gigantic Birthday drink! Therefore, I didn't have to order a drink.

French Toast - RM 4.50

Birthday Drink - Free (Must show your IC to prove)

AC, ZS and I finished our lunch and left the others there. We then made our way to "I Love Yoo" and bought some "You Tiao". Met the others at GSC before going for our movie. By the way, we watched G-force.

You Tiao - RM 1.40 (per serving)

It's a very cute, funny and COOL movie. Nice gadgets, cute characters, and GREAT MUSIC! They used Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling as the background music. I was shaking my seat like some insane person while the rest of the cinema were just cool.

Movie ended at about 4.30pm. Really nice movie with an unexpected ending. We came out of the cinema and it was already the parking lot. So, all of us decided to go home. Made my way back home and reached at 5pm.

Movie ticket - RM 7.50

Once I got into the house, mum asked if I wanted to go Starbucks. I quickly agreed and went to change. Mum drove to BV2 and we made our way to Starbucks. Ordered our drinks and found a spot to sit.

My Venti sized Java Chip Frappucino - RM 13.50 (after discount)

Stayed there till 6pm and was forced to leave without finishing my drink. Mum had to sent the girls to tuition and pick E up. Anyway, I still had a great time although it was a short one.

Back home, I wanted to start my assignment but my Ms Office trial expired. While downloading another trial, I watched the third episode of Heroes. After that, I started blogging because the download still wasn't completed.

Took a shower at 8pm and went downstairs for dinner. Came upstairs at 8.50pm and chatted for a while before working on my assignment. It's 11.50pm and I still haven't finish my quota for the day. Probably be finishing at 1am. Wont be updating anymore for today. Bye...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not That Productive

AL and DY woke us up at 3.40am and we went to "Asoka" for supper. By the time we our food came, it was already 4.12am. I had a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. The food wasn't that great but DY said the food was better the last time he visited.

Roti Planta and Milo - RM 3.50

Went back to DY's house and continued sleeping... Woke up again at 9am. Went to shower and got dressed before waking the others up. By the time all of us were ready, it was 10.10am. DY drove us to Yip Weng for BKT.

We ordered 1.5 portion of dry BKT and 1.5 portion of the normal BKT. They ran out of "You Tiao" which really destroyed 40% of my mood. Later, we ordered another portion of dry BKT. Each of us paid RM 11.50 and drove on to TPM.

Bak Kut Teh (1.5 portion) - RM 13.50

Dry Bak Kut Teh (1.5 portion) - RM 13.50

Dry Bak Kut Teh (1 portion) - RM 9.00

Went for our CSA lab session and I had another group meeting till 1.20pm. AC then went to drive my car to APIIT and we went to Sunway Pyramid in 3 cars. The four of us then went to Redbox and checked out the "30 person package".

After visiting the room and asking some questions, we went to Kim Gary. AC didn't have lunch yet so he ordered spaghetti. I just ordered Milk Tea as there is only RM 4 left in my wallet! We stayed at the restaurant for about an hour before paying up and left.

Milk Tea - RM 2.80

AC and I hunted for bookshops and looked at some books. About 45 minutes later, we finally went our own ways. I took my parking ticket and put it inside the machine. What I saw next gave me a SHOCK!

Pay: RM 29.00

Just kidding, no big deal here. Let me tell you what happened. Last Friday after Arthur's Day, I paid my ticket and drove off. Before exiting, the pole did not come down to block my way. So, I just went off without feeding the machine my ticket.

According to the system, I haven't left the place for 3 days (RM8 maximum per day) and 6 hours (RM1 for first 4 hours, another RM1 + RM 1 for 2 hours). Resulting to the massive amount of RM 29.

I pressed "cancel" and quickly went to my car and get the correct ticket. Was such a relief to see "RM1.00" pop out. Then I realized, I should keep this card till forever. Maybe the value will go up till a thousand!

Anyway, made my way home and exhausted my "Touch N' Go". Just like my wallet, it has only RM 1 inside. When I reached home, my petrol tank was almost empty too. Credit card didn't work and didn't have cash. Sad...

Went into my house and went to take a nice shower. Then, I came out to upload pictures for yesterday's post. I wanted to work on my CSA next but KW didn't send me the file. So, I explored PSPD till it was time for dinner.

Had spaghetti for dinner and came back up to work on my assignment (due in 2 weeks!!). At 9pm, mum brought M and I to Swensen's for dessert. The rest of the family didn't want to come. Their loss...

The reason we came today was because there's a 50% discount for "Earthquake" every Tuesdays. The restaurant wasn't as packed as we expected but it was still quite busy. We ordered the Earthquake which came with 8 scoops of our choice.

Earthquake - RM 25.25 (after 50% and tax)

Birds Eye View of the Earthquake

The dry ice makes a nice deco!

M and mum decided to have "Cookies and Cream", 2 scoops of "Thin Mint", "Banana Split", "Chocolate", "Coffee", "Frosted Chocolate Malt" and "Orange Sherbet". Overall, the ice cream isn't that great. All of us agree that even A&W is more worth it...

Made our way back home after mum paid the bill. She was running low on petrol and went to refuel at the Shell Station opposite Eastin. The system was down and she refused to pay cash. So, she drove all the way back home before going to the one near our house.

After that, we came back home and took my car to the same petrol station to refuel. Went back home to surf some blogs before starting to blog about today. It's already 12.48am and I'd like to take the chance to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DY! Night...

Surrogates Premiere Screening

Nuffnang held a slogan contest and the best 100 slogans were given 2 tickets each to catch the premiere screening of Surrogates. ZS, AC and I were lucky to be among the 100 creative slogans. Therefore, we invited the other half of our gang to the premiere.

ZS, AL, MY, DY and I were still stuck in the TTDI jam when the counter was opened. Luckily, AC was there early and he helped us collect our tickets. Met up with him after we arrived and walked around the complex till 9.20pm.

Our tickets!!

We went to buy some popcorn before going for the movie. The movie started the moment we entered the cinema. There was someone sitting on our seats and we had to explain to him it is NOT free-seating.

Surrogates is actually a Sci-fi movie that introduces "surrogacy". The surrogates are unflawed robotic versions of their human operators. Humans simply sit in a chair and wear a special eyepiece to "connect" to their surrogate. Everything the surrogate senses will be received by the human.

A female Surrogate

The movie started with a murder case which fried the surrogate's eyes and melted the guy's (person who controlled the surrogate) brain. Our hero Agent Tom (Bruce Willis) then goes on to investigate and hunt down the killer. What he finds out is something much more dangerous which involves the whole world.

The "control panel"

The ending was kinda predictable though. This movie only lasted 89 minutes which is actually shorter than I expected. From the same director of Terminator 3, it is undeniable that this is a good movie. It's going to be available at all cinemas from 8th October so go watch if you're interested.

Movie Poster

Everyone left the cinema hall after the movie ended. AC went back to his house while the rest of us came to my house for a while. That's the end of our movie night. Before I end the post, I'd like to thank Nuffnang for giving us the chance to watch this premiere!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Temporary Relief

Woke up at 7am and had some Twiggies and Chocolate Bun as breakfast. Read the AstroView and some newspapers before getting ready for college. Left the house at 8am and reached TPM at 8.25am.

AL and I walked to class after meeting up. As we walked in the class, Miss Hema just started taking attendance. After that, we sat in the class for 2 hours. Then, we went and bought some sweets. We waited for AC and AL before moving to ENT3.

We called him once and he said he was in the toilet. Next, he said he is already walking. Then, we realized, he was already at ENT3. WTH! Anyway, we went over to ENT3 and had another 2 hours of SAD.

After class was over, we went to Lucky for lunch. I ordered a "Pork Ball Noodle" which turned out to be quite nice. Later, we went to Ampang in 2 cars to visit our lecturer at Ampang Puteri Hospital.

She was in a good condition actually. Could even laugh and joke with us. So I guess she passed the dangerous stage. After visiting her, AC went back home while ZS and AL came over to my house.

We watched a stand-up comedy by Dayo Wong (Wong Zi Wah aka Mak Tai Song) till MY arrived. All of us started playing Wii and DY joined us later too. I went to shower at 6.30pm and all of us left the house at 7pm.

The five of us went to "Fish and Co" at BV for dinner. We ordered the "best fish and chips in town" and I'm glad they liked it. We also ordered Fried Calamari to share. The fried calamari was nice but under my expectations.

The fish and chips came in a bigger portion. The few of us couldn't finish the chips and we packed it and gave it to AC later. When we were done, we paid the bill and made our way to Chocolate. Ordered a "Chocolate Affair" to share among us.

At about 8.10pm, we left the complex and went to E@Curve for Surrogates Movie Premiere. The event ended at 11pm and we made our way back to my house and took our stuff. Then, we drove 3 cars to MY's house. Parked the 2 other cars and drove DY's car to Klang.

Arrived at DY's house at about 12.30am. Played with his puppy schnauzer for quite some time before I started to blog. It's already 2am and I'll try to go to bed now. Night...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today is the Audio Day

Woke up at 8.50am and thought it was already noon. I went downstairs and had some water before coming back up to work on my MMA. First, I downloaded some songs, followed by sound effects. Then, I had to download many other converters too.

The girls came back from BISDS at about 11.30am. Waited till about 12.30pm before leaving the house for lunch. Mum brought us to Monte's at BSC. I had Caesar Salad because I didn't want anything heavy.

Complimentary bun

Caesar Salad (totally OVERPRICED) - RM 16.00

I finished my lunch even before E's dish was served. Then, all of us waited for another hour because E was eating very slowly. She started giving 101 excuses but in the end, she still finished the spaghetti.

Total bill - RM 125.10

Mum paid the bill and all of us went back home. I then went back to work on my MMA assignment. Didn't stop till it was 6.30pm. I then uploaded the "prototype" on my blog and also sent it to some friends.

Till now, I've gotten some suggestions on how to improve it. I'm seriously loving flash. My next project will start after my exam. Probably make a mini flash game.

Back to my day, I went to shower at 7.20pm. After I came out, all of us (the whole family including AC and MM) went to Tropicana City Mall in 2 cars. After parking, we saw WM and family who were going for dinner too.

We went to "Food and Tea" on the second floor as suggested by dad. The HK style restaurant was so packed and it was hard to get a table for 10. Waited a while before we were seated. Service here was quite good though. Staff were well trained.

I ordered "French Toast", "Milk Tea" and "Pork Chop in Twin Sauce". The French Toast wasn't that great and the milk tea was okay. Pork Chop in Twin Sauce wasn't really nice and yet it is still over-priced.

Tea in "Hong Kong" Style - RM 3.00

French Toast - RM 4.10

Baked Rice "pork" Twin Sauce - RM 13.80

Had a bite of dad's "Smoked Ham Focaccia" and it wasn't that great too. I also had half of M's "Chocolate Milk Shake" which was very chocolaty but not thick enough. I had a sip of M's Mint Sea Coconut and everyone agreed it was weird.

Chocolate Milk Shake - RM 5.50

Mint with Sea Coconut - RM 4.80

Moon Light Lady - RM 6.30

Mango Delight - RM 5.20

Smoked Ham Focaccia - RM 5.50

Claypot Hong Kong "Loh She Fun" - RM 7.50

Braised Pork Loin with Egg Noodle - RM 9.80

Being adventurous (aka a glutton), I ordered another "Mango and Yam Tong Sui". The menu said it was the new trend in HK so, why not, right? When it came, I realized it's not that great. It's kinda weird if you ask me...

Mango and Yam "Tong Sui" - RM 4.50

Total Bill - RM 145.00

My stomach was so bloated after this meal. Dad paid the bill and we made our way down to the parking lot. By the time we reached home, it was already 10pm. Chatted for a while before starting to blog.

Now I'm just waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. Maybe do some edits on my MMA before going to bed. Night...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

AP's Birthday

Woke up at 11.30am today and washed up before using the laptop to blog. At 1pm, M asked me to pick her friends up and send her to another friend's open house. We asked her friend to help us buy lunch for GM and A.

So, I dropped the 3 of them at Jalan Maarof and went home with the food. While GM and A had rice for lunch, I only had a green apple (voluntarily, not that I have no food). Continued blogging till mum and the girls came back from their open house.

It was about 3pm and the girls were still hungry because they didn't eat much at the open house. So, mum drove us to SS2 and we had tea at Prince Cafe. I ordered a French Toast and Milk Tea.

E ordered Fish and Chips. It turned out to be a bad idea because the fries and wish wasn't nice at all. To make things worst, the price was too unreasonable. That is why, we should never order Western food from a Hong Kong restaurant.

Fish and Chips

Milk Tea - from the Fish and Chips Set

French Toast - RM 4.90

Total bill - RM 40.70

My milk Tea was okay except that I found a chunk of frozen milk tea powder in my drink. Though it was full of ice, the taste was quite good too. Slightly overpriced though.

The French Toast amazed me as I can say it is one of the best I've eaten. The syrup and peanut butter sauce was more than enough. The only element left to perfect is the outer layer. If they could make the outer layer like the one in "Wong Kok", it will be the perfect toast!

We sat there and chatted for a while till mum paid the bill and we went home. Back home, I continued blogging till 5.30pm. YM then reminded me that AP's Birthday Dinner is tonight. So, I quickly finished my post. Still have to blog about Arthur's Day though...

Went to shower at 6.15pm and drove down to 112. Waited for everyone else to get ready before we went to BSC in 3 cars. Then, we made our way to Ming Room for dinner. We were seated in a private room and WM ordered some dishes.

Soya Milk (made by AM, KK, LZ and LZ)

Complimentary Mooncake

The dinner went on till about 9pm. Then, all of us made our way to the second destination, 112. UB, AA and JM came in and joined the party too. After a while, the kids started playing with candles and lanterns.

When I got bored with the adults talking, I went outside and "supervised" the kids. Kinda nice looking at them handle the candles. They're actually not bad with the candles but still need some guidance.

The funniest was DZ. He was the only little boy there looking at all the other elder cousins and sister play with the candles. That scaredy cat tried to annoy us by blowing out the candles. His sister then took a candle and chased him. CM saw that and quickly scolded SY. I laughed so hard because of this!

At about 11pm, we stopped and went to the dining room for cake. All of us sang the Birthday song to AP. After that, I helped them snap some pictures. YM then started cutting the cake and everyone got a piece.

AP's Birthday Cake!

The fruit cake was very fresh and nice. As I was eating, AM said thanks to me and I suddenly remembered that I'm the one who gave them RM50 to buy this cake, lol. After finishing a piece of cake, KK got a me a bowl of "tong sui" made by CM with the help of her kids.

We continued chatting and laughing till about 11.30pm. Everyone went home and so did I. Back home, I took a shower before blogging about today. After this, I still have to start my Arthur's Day post. Bye...

*I drank 1.5 cups of wine and didn't like it*

Friday, September 25, 2009

Most Exciting Day Yet!

Woke up at around 9am and quickly washed up. Mum then brought us kids to SS2 and we wanted to have breakfast at Swenson's. Unfortunately, the restaurant wasn't open yet. So, we ended up at Hailam Kopitiam instead.

I ordered Fish Fillet (fish and chips), Hailam White Coffee, and Kaya Butter Toast. The fish and chips was quite unreasonably priced because it was only a small portion. The coffee was full of ice, again not worth it. At least the toast was okay...

Iced Hailam White Coffee - RM 3.20

Fish Fillet - RM 12.00

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.10

Bill - RM 40.75

Mum paid up and we went back home. Since I still had time, I watched the remaining episodes of DIEA. Then, I surfed the web before getting ready for the Meet and Greet. At 2pm, I went to pick ZS up.

Came back home to meet up with AC. We went in one car to BV and had lunch at Fish and Co. As usual, we ordered "The Best Fish and Chips in Town" and sky juice. ZS ordered Sprite but that didn't come out in the bill (RM 34.30 after tax).

Fish and Chips - RM 9.90 (before tax)

After paying, we went home to change into "formal" shirts since we were going to KL Hilton. When we were done, I drove to Hilton and reached the venue (6th floor) just in time (4.30pm). For my post on the "Meet and Greet", click here.

The event ended at about 6.40pm and we went back to Bangsar. I had to go to Shell and refuel my car. Again, the card wasn't accepted and I had to pay cash. Another RM 20 gone there. Then, we went to my house and changed into casual black shirts.

Left the camera at home and continued our journey to Sunway Pyramid. Got caught in a jam and ended up at Sunway Pyramid at about 8pm. We then made our way to McD for a quick dinner.

Dinner: Double Cheeseburger

After that, we made our way to Sunway Lagoon for Arthur's Day. It was already pass 8pm but there were still many people hanging around outside. For my post on this, click here.

Me at the entrance!

The POWERFUL and ENERGETIC concert ended at 12.20am and we made our way to the mall. Rested for a while before saying goodbye and going our own ways. Reached home at about 1.20am and had a green apple for supper.

3 of us waiting for the lift. Tired...

Took a nice shower and went to sleep in my air-cond room. I was still sweating for some reason (too much adrenaline and excitement maybe) and had to stay awake till it was cool and comfy. Fell asleep at about 2am...

Arthur's Day

Earlier today, ZS, AC and I went to KL Hilton and collected our Arthur's Day ticket from DiGi. After dinner, we walked to Sunway Lagoon for Arthur's Day.

Our free tickets!

There were still many people at the entrance even though the concert already started. Before we went in, all of us had to pass a temperature scan. The lady scanned me and she said I was TOO HOT! Finally on the third try, I was allowed to go in.

Me at the Entrance

The 3 of us at the Entrance

Lady who scanned our temperature

Then, we had to show our tickets to another staff before proceeding. There were some "noise balloons/sticks" left on a counter for free. Each of us took two and continued walking. Before entering Sunway Lagoon, we had to show them our tickets again. This time, they tore out a portion of the ticket.

Noise sticks!!

Note that came along with the Noise Sticks

We started making our way to the surf beach. On the way there, we stopped at several places to snap some pictures. After about 15 minutes, we arrived at the surf beach. Manhand was performing at that time. Since we were still free, the 3 of us explored the area.

Walking there...

ZS and I

Going down the escalator

More walking...

AC and I at the "History Tunnel"

Manhand (Malaysia) performing on stage

There was a "Gravity Bar", "Bronze Zone", "Silver Zone" and the "VIP Lounge". All these places were only accessible to VIPs. The only places we could go was "The Tavern" where they sold cups of beer for RM10 each, and "Arthur's Lounge" where they sold beer for RM 15.

Arthur's Lounge

Besides that, we could go to the toilet, or the common concert area. Before squeezing into the crowd, we visited the washroom. Then, it was time for action. Reshmonu was singing and when we started squeezing (or trying to squeeze) into the middle of the crowd.

This is actually part of the fun when coming to a concert as it is very challenging to FORCE your way through. I was quite happy that we managed to squeeze quite far into the crowd. Although we were deep in, the stage was still about 60 ft from us.

After squeezing in comes the next challenge called "Guarding Your Territory". This means we stop (or try to stop) others from forcing their way to the front of us. We used some tricks like "Leg-to-leg" and "arm-to-arm".

The people behind us

The energy has gone up a little notch so people start moving and putting their hands in the air. All these movements will sometimes hit you and someone might accidentally touch you. I will take this opportunity to say SORRY to those I accidentally hit, touched, or stepped on.

Other artistes like JJ and Ean, Serena C, Joe Flizzow, MJ116 and MC Hotdog took turns to perform/host. We missed Danny One and DJ Haze because we came in late. Every one of them who performed asked us to shout "To Arthur". In the advert, I always thought to myself "Who would be so crazy over Arthur". Now, I realized, even I was willing to do that. It's just so fun to shout something in unison with a huge group.

MC Hotdog from Taiwan was the second last to perform. Everyone knew that BEP was next. The crowd got impatient as the band kept singing song after song. Some of them then started holding their "Noise Sticks" to make a "X". AC did that too but I didn't want to do it as this would definitely make the band go into depression for weeks.

The band finally left the stage at about 10.30pm. Some crew members came on stage to tune the equipment. After waiting for 15 minutes, the Black Eyed Peas came out and STARTED THE PARTY with LET'S GET IT STARTED!

I was so hyped I jumped, shouted, and waved my "stick". Throughout their hour-long performance, I experienced the best and most energetic concert ever. Their performance just made us move a lot and it was really HIGH.

The BLACK EYED PEAS!!(You can tell by the 2 balloon robots)

After 40 minutes of moving up and down, my left leg suddenly cramped. I had to fight the cramp and couldn't move for a minute. Then, I decided to ignore it and continued waving my "stick" in the air. Jumping was nearly impossible though.

The Black Eyed Peas then started singing "Boom Boom Pow". Ignoring the cramps that might happen, I started jumping again. The group then ended the concert with "I Gotta Feeling". Everyone was so thirsty and tired so we weren't too sad that the concert was over.

The MASSIVE crowd then dispersed and slowly walked to the exit. Suddenly, there were fireworks going off! The beautiful display went on for about 10 minutes. Before we left, everyone at the beach shouted for a final time "TO ARTHUR!!"

Ending the concert with a BLAST!

We then slowly made our way towards the exit. We walked for about 5 minutes before I got another set of cramps. I decided to sit down while ZS and AC rested too. Soon after that, we continued walking to the exit.

Going back up the escalator...

The final 20 feet to the exit was the best! This was because we saw some staff giving out FREE BOTTLES OF WATER!! I can't believe they were SO CONSIDERATE! The organizers deserve a "BRAVO"! Each of us took 2 bottles and I downed both bottles in no time. We then made our way into Sunway Pyramid.

Free bottled water from Guinness!

250 remarkable years indeed! Hope for more to come!

We rested for about 10 minutes before going to the parking lot and driving back home. This marks the end of a the GOOD GOOD NIGHT of 2009. All this could only been made possible because of DiGi Music, Universal Music, Sunway Lagoon, Guinness, AC, ZS and not forgetting, ARTHUR!!

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