Thursday, April 30, 2009

Transporter 4: Sick and Tired

E woke me up at 6.40am and I went straight to the bathroom to wash up. I then drove her to school and came back. Slept for another half an hour before showering and getting ready for college. Drove to TPM and finally reached at 8.40am.

Went to class and was dozing off a few times. 2 hours later, we went to the lab for another one hour. After that, we went for lunch. We went to Old Town White Coffee because I told them there is the new set.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be for 8am to 11am only. Anyway, I ordered a Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun and double butter kaya thick toast. The food was good and up to standard. Paid RM 10 for my meal and we went back to ENT3.

Butter Kaya Thick Toast - Yummy!

We watched some of them do their IA group presentation and we were supposed to do ours next week. Since the lecturer ended early, we decided to do a spontaneous presentation. It ended quite well for us.

After that, we went back to the main building to hand in our assignment and some forms. Drove home at about 5pm. I then used the laptop to watch Heroes and went to shower after that. Then, we watched TBL as usual.

After that, we had dinner. Came back up and used the laptop for another hour before going downstairs to watch TV. Then, I used the laptop till 10.30pm. Next, I drove down to 112 so that SC could help me fix the laptop.

While waiting for the downloads, I used the laptop and chatted with them. It's 12.05am now and I shall end this post here. Hopefully we can get this done by tonight...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Transporter 4: The Frustrating CRASH!!

Woke up at 6.50am and sent E to school. When I checked on the laptop, it was on BLUE SCREEN! I restarted it for almost an hour but it still failed to start. I then smsed SC to ask for help. He then told me to go over tonight.

I then went to sleep for another hour before trying with the laptop again. Still it was a failure so I gave up. Washed up and showered by 11am and I drove to ENT3. Reached there by 11.30am and we went for lunch.

We reached McD 5 minutes before 12pm so we waited till 12pm before lining up. I then ordered a Big Mac Set for RM 7.95 before tax. It was quite worth it but the only disappointing event was I found some HAIR on the cup!


Big Mac Set - RM 7.95

After that, we went back to ENT3 for our class. 4 hours went by and it was 5.40pm. I waited in the car for AM to finish her work. Then, I dropped her at 112 and I went home. I then took my laptop and hard disk over to 112 after showering.

AM cooked spaghetti so I had some. After that, it was time to fix my laptop. First, SC took out my hard disk to try backing up. We inserted it into a external hard disk case and attached it to his laptop. Unfortunately, it couldn't open.

AM's Spaghetti

We tried this with YM's laptop and it didn't work either. SC said the hard disk crashed and could be used anymore. Even if we could recover the data, I would have to buy a new hard disk. So, we rushed to MV and bought a 160gb Hitachi Hard Disk.

160gb SATA Hard Disk - RM 168

While exiting, the lady said I didn't have to pay for the parking. How kind, this was definitely the best event today. Once back in 112, SC installed the new hard disk for me and we started installing Windows.

At about 10.30pm, it was done. We then spent the rest of our time struggling with the drivers. At 11.30pm, the wireless and bluetooth were still not working. Anyway, I left 112 and called it a night.

Once home, I turned on the laptop and tried a few more times. Failed again. I then gave up and started installing my daily needs. I downloaded FireFox and started installing it by 12.10pm. I then viewed some blogs before quickly writing this post.

I'll have to sleep very soon since I gotta wake up early tomorrow. Pictures will be updated when I get my bluetooth back! Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be settled. Wonder what mum would say when all her pics are gone. Haih...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Transporter 4: The Relaxing Day

This time, J woke me up at 6.40am. After washing up, I still had to wait for E for another 5 minutes before leaving the house. Finally reached home at about 7.10am. Read newspaper again till 7.30am and went back to sleep.

Woke up at 8.30am and started using the laptop till 9.30am. Then, I went to shower and get ready for college. At 9.50am, I left the house. Went for BENV class today and the remaining groups did their presentation.

He dismissed the class at around 12.20pm. We then went to the lab for our class. At 1.40pm, we went to Seri Kembangan for lunch at Yoke Heng. We ordered 4 dishes and all of it was quite nice. To our surprise, the bill came out to RM 118 which means RM 15.50 per person.

Choi Dam - Okay

Signature Taufu (wet) - My favourite dish

Butter Wings - RM 4.50 per piece!

Flaming Pork Ribs - Standard dropped

We paid the bill and went back to ENT3 for class. The lecturer showed us some past semester papers and we let him review our assignments. Something else unnecessary happened between two boys. It was just like primary school.

After that, I dropped everyone off at APIIT and drove home. Used the laptop till about 6.50pm surfing facebook. Then, I went upstairs to shower. Once I came down, dad was on Skype. We then video called for about 20 minutes before saying bye.

Continued watching TBL till about 8pm before having dinner. At 9pm, I went down to 112 for some "tong sui". We chatted till about 10pm and YM introduced me to "Mr Siao Mandarin Class". It is a comedy that is screening every Wednesday at 9.30pm on NTV7.

Fu Chuk Yee Mai Tong Sui

We went to NTV7's website to watch part one of last week's episode. It was so funny I got interested immediately. At 10.30pm, I went home to watch DH. When the commercials were played, M and I rushed up to watch parts of the show.

Both of us even waited for it to load and watched it till 12.45am. This was by far the craziest excuse for M to stay up late. Haha, this proves how addicting it can be. Everyone should go watch it.

I better finish this post and go to bed too. Night...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Transporter 4: Getting Used To Work

E woke me up again, this time at 7am. I then went to wash my face before sending her to school. Came back at about 7.30am and I read the newspapers for 20 minutes before going back to sleep. Woke up again at around 10am.

I then used the laptop for a while. I then received a mail from Facebook saying that they accidentally banned me and have now unbanned me. Anyway, used the laptop to do my BENV assignment but only managed to do a small portion because of other distractions.

We then ate lunch at around 1.30pm. Then, I continued using the laptop again till 2.30pm. I then watched the ending of TBL (repeat of Friday's episode) and watched Totally Spies with E after that. I then went back to using the laptop at 4.20pm.

At 5pm, M and I decided to make some cincau drink. GM helped us boil the sugar earlier and I already prepared cold water. M then sliced the cincau. After that, we mixed the 3 things together and it was ready for drinking.

Sliced Cincau (Black Jelly)


Sugar Water


Cold Water


Cincau Drink in a Jug

The cincau tasted BITTER even before I ate it! If a restaurant served me this, I would NEVER EVER go back there. Since it was our own creation, I just quickly swallowed it and left the rest for everyone else to drink.

Continued using the laptop till 6,30pm. I then went upstairs to shower. Came down and watched TBL till 8pm. Had dinner while watching TV. After that, I got more serious and started looking for facts to use in my BENV assignment.

At 10.40pm, I stopped doing my work and started chatting for a while. Then, I started blogging till now. It's almost 12am and I'll be going to bed soon. Gotta send E to school again at 7am for this 2 weeks. Haih...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Transporter 4: Relaxing

Woke up at 10am and started showering. Then, I drove GM, J and E to SS house. We then met up with the rest of them and went to Kota Damansara for Dim Sum brunch. After that, we went back to SS's house.

SGG and family went back while SS brought GM to Tesco. I then played CS with LC and stopped after about an hour. SS and GM came back and I started looking for something to eat. K then toasted a slice of bread for me.

Toasted Bread

After 10 minutes, SS drove us home. SS and the girls went to take their clothes (for their stay in SS's house) while GM just wanted to rest at home. On the other hand, I went home because I wanted to go to 112.

After unloading the groceries from the car to the fridge, I then drove down to 112. Had some "tong sui" and used the laptop for about 15 minutes before we started playing Mahjong. At 6.30pm, we stopped as I had to go back to get ready for dinner. Won RM 3.90 for the day.

Sea Coconut Tong Sui

Once home, I went to shower. Then, I waited for GM and M to shower and get ready. We finally left the house at 7.30pm. Reached SS's house at about 7.50pm and we waited for them to get ready.

After awhile, we then drove out to Uptown for dinner. SS brought us to this place where they sell noodles. It used to be in the "Champion Duck" shop but it moved since Chinese New Year. SS ordered 5 dishes of noodles but I didn't want any drinks.

All the 5 dishes (sorry for slacking on descriptions)

The food came in batches because the chef cooks the in bulk. So, it was like a 5-course-dinner. Anyway, after the 4th dish, I was full. When we were done, SS paid and we left. We went to SS's house to sent them home and went home immediately.

Reached home around 9.45pm. I then turned on the TV and laptop. At 10.30pm, M and I watched Ghost. After that, I started blogging while watching TV. It's 12.45am now and I'll go to bed after completing this post. Gotta wake up at 7am to send E to school...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Transporter 4: The Beginning

M woke me up around 7am. I then quickly washed up and sent her to SMKBB. After that, I came back and had breakfast and started burning 2 new CDs for me to enjoy while "transporting". I then used the laptop for till 10.45am.

Then, I went to send AC to Kiara Club and came back at 11.15am. I then used the laptop to play some games till about 12.40pm. GM prepared some instant noodles for us and we had that for lunch. At 1.15pm, I went to bring AC home.

After that, I continued playing Farm Frenzy till about 4pm and took a food break. Had some ice cream and potato chips. Started playing online flash games and stopped at 6.30pm. I then went to shower.

The "Real US Quality Chips" tasted ordinary...

While waiting for SS to come, I listened to some songs and searched for their lyrics to sing along. At around 8pm, SS arrived. He then drove us to Cheras for dinner with DGG and family. Traffic was quite heavy so it took us 40 minutes to reach the restaurant.

After we were seated, we waited another 15 minutes before the food came. The vegetarian food was quite nice and I was full after the meal. DGJ paid and we left. By the time we reached home, it was already 10.30pm.

Once I turned on the VAIO, it crashed! After restarting, it was back to normal. I then started blogging till now (11.16pm). I guess I'm going to turn off the laptop after this post since I've been glued to the screen for too long. Bye...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hell Is Unleashed!

Woke up at 10am today and had cereal for breakfast. Used the laptop to do some research and work till about 1.30pm. I then ordered Pizza for lunch since GM wasn't cooking. By 2.10pm, the pizza arrived.

2 Regular Pizzas and 1 Garlic Bread - RM 32+

Mum, E and I then started eating. After that, I used the laptop again to do part of my assignment. M and J came home later. Mum went to the temple for a while and came back at about 4.20pm. She then brought M and I to A&W.

M bought 3 regular rootbeers while I went to buy a Bear Essential (all mint) and a waffle with a single scoop of ice cream. We shared the food and was done by 5pm. We then quickly rushed home but was still caught in the jam.

Single Scoop Ice Cream with Waffle - RM 5.90

Bear Essentials (all mint) - RM 4.80

Root Beers - RM 1.20 each (with A&W TnG card)

Once home, my stomach felt uncomfortable so I went to "answer the call" and showered too. After that, I played Farm Frenzy till about 6.30pm and we watched TBL. The taxi came at about 6.50pm and we said bye to mum.

At 7.20pm, we finally left the house and drove to SS's house. Surprisingly, the jam wasn't that bad today. We only waited about 5 minutes without moving. The rest was smooth. SS's family then hopped into the car and we went to Pak Li Kopitiam in Kota Damansara.

This time I ordered a Nasi Ayam Lemon and shared a Durian Cendol with K. The Nasi Ayam Lemon was quite good and worth the money too. The durian had a nice taste but I didn't see any cendol inside. When we were done, SS paid and we left.

Durian Cendol - RM 4.60

Nasi Ayam Lemon - RM 4.90

The Bill - RM 64.70

Went into SS's house for about 15 minutes before going back home. Reached home around 10.20pm and turned on the laptop. Checked my mail and went to the bath room for an emergency. Came back down later to use the laptop.

My first challenge then appeared. E was being grumpy and I asked her "what is your problem" gently. Unfortunately, she replied "What is YOUR problem?". I asked her the same thing and she answered me that again.

I decided to stop talking to her and let her be. A big invisible "FAIL" is stamped on my forehead. I really don't know what to do. And this is only less than 4 hours since mum left. Many more of this is going to happen. I just hope I can survive it...

It's 11pm and I'm finishing this post. Have to wake up and send M to school tomorrow. And will spend the rest of the day being "The Transporter". Going to be damn tiring. Better get some sleep first...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

7 Days Left

Woke up around 9am and I used the laptop till about 10.30am. Then, I went to shower and change. Drove to ENT4 and took a document from YM. Next, I went to APIIT and picked the rest of them up.

We then went to McD for lunch. We reached just as it was 12pm. I then bought a Fillet O Fish set lunch. The meal was just normal. After eating, I noticed I dripped some Sprite on the table. There were about 5 ants there so I decided to drip more.

Fillet O Fish Set - RM 6.50

To my surprise, in 10 minutes, the table was full with ants. At least 200 of them. It was actually quite nice to see all of them crawling here and there. As we left, we saw the waiter cleaning the table. Felt so bad I killed the ants...

First few minutes...

8 minutes later...
*unfortunately, didn't take the end result*

Went back to ENT3 for class. Mr Lili taught for one hour and dismissed the class. Before that, he extended our assignment due date to next Thursday. I then drove back to Bangsar and dropped the documents at 112. Went home and used the laptop to do abit of my BENV assignment.

At 6.20pm, I went up to shower and came down to play Farm Frenzy after that. We then watched TBL season 4 till 8pm. Had dinner and continued playing Farm Frenzy. DGG and family came to visit us and SS came later too.

Mum bought some apple pies for supper and I had one. After that, I started chatting and ended up listening to songs and searching for all the lyrics and singing along with it. M joined me too. At about 11.20pm, everyone went to bed.

I then chat with AC for a while before starting to blog. It's 12.50am now and I really have to sleep right after I upload the pics. Night...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Blog Post From Starbucks

Woke up today at about 9am. I then watched Heroes till 10am and surfed the net. Suddenly, I realized it was 10.30am. I immediately went to shower and get ready. After that, I drove to Gardens and was just in time to meet up with the rest.

There was no class today so we could still go for our karaoke session. Mr Sevakumar went to a NS camp for the week so we don't have his class. Those in the NS camp must be enjoying themselves. Haha...

We then went into Red Box and we were brought to room 53. I quickly ordered Gaberoni Pasta and Milk Tea as I was hungry. Unfortunately, everyone else's food was already here but I had to wait an hour for mine.

Gamberoni Pasta & Milk Tea

The bill - RM 11 for those with student cards

Anyway, we had fun singing and my food arrived at about 12.10pm. It had prawns on it so I gave all my prawns to ZS and had the rest of the tomato pasta. The drinks came long ago but this time, the milk tea was the WORST EVER! They used to serve the best though...

At 2pm, we stopped singing and went down to I Love Yoo! for snacks. AC was hungry so he ordered porridge and sweet potato balls. The rest ordered too but I just stayed away from the oily food. After that, AC still wasn't satisfied so we went to Subway and he bought a 6-inch sandwich.

Then, we went to our cars and drove to TPM. After parking at APIIT, we walked to ENT3 for our BENV class. There was no lecture actually. Goofy just used the time to let the other groups finish their presentation.

Since we already did the presentation, we did our storyboard while listening to the presentation. Class ended at 5.30pm and we went home. I then used the laptop and watched TBL Season 4 on Hallmark.

At 8pm, I went to shower and came down for dinner. After using the laptop and watching some TV, I asked mum about tonight's "outing". We were supposed to go to A&W but none of the girls wanted to come along.

So, mum changed the plans and we ended up going to Starbucks in BV II. Mum asked me to bring the laptop along so that she could show MM a blog about their old school times. Once we parked our car, she called to say she was not coming.

We then went to Starbucks and I ordered a Venti Chocolate Cream Chip Frappucino. Since I had the laptop, I decided to start blogging here. Although it is very common for people to do this, it was my first time.

Venti Chocolate Cream Chip Frappucino split into 2 tumblers - RM 13.50

Nothing different though except from listening to the weird jazz of Starbucks and sitting down on a super low chair with the laptop on the table. Haha, I'm gonna end my post here to enjoy the rest of my coffee. Bye...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1st Blogaversary

Woke up at 7.45am and rushed to shower. Then, I turned on the laptop to practice on my presentation. At 8.45am, I then went to pick AM up and we went to SNM for breakfast. Parked right in front of the restaurant and went inside.

AM and I both ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. We finished our breakfast in about 20 minutes. AM went to pay and we left for TPM. Reached APIIT at 10am and I parked behind the building. I then went to look for AC while AM went to her office.

Roti Planta

AC and the rest were with the counsellor. I waited for them to come out before going to class with them. Before class started, I took out the slides to go through. After a while, everyone else started pouring in.

My group volunteered to be the 3rd team to present. And thanks AM and SC for the tie. Haha, quite happy as I got a satisfying comment from Goofy. Class ended at 12.30pm and we went to the lab for another hour of lab session.

We then went to KFC for lunch. I ordered a Zinger Combo and was quite content. We were the only ones upstairs and we stayed there for quite some time chatting. After that, we decided to go home since IA class was cancelled.

Zinger Combo - RM 9

Reached home at about 3.30pm. I then watched some TV, took a nap, and started to watch Bleach. After that, I played Farm Frenzy while watching TV. At 6.30pm, we watched the final episode of TBL season 3.

The show ended at 8pm but dad came online. All of us did some chatting with him till about 8.30pm. We then quickly went to Delicious for dinner. The excuse for it was to celebrate my blogaversary.

Anyway, I ordered English Fish and Chips and we shared a Classic Chocolate Cake. Although we only ordered 4 mains and 1 dessert, the bill was above RM 100. Mum paid and we went home. It was already 9.50pm and I used the laptop for a little while more.

English Fish & Chips - RM 28.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

The Bill - RM 105.05

At 10.30pm, we watched DH and I continued watching TV while blogging till now (12.45am). Gonna upload the pictures and go to bed. Night...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wish It Was Me

Woke up at 10.15am and washed up. Had cereal for breakfast and looked up some websites for my BENV individual assignment. At about 11.30pm, I got bored looking at those words. So, I decided to play Farm Frenzy.

Waited for the girls to come home before having lunch. Only had lunch at about 3.30pm. Then, I went on playing Farm Frenzy till about 5.30pm. Dad bought 6 donuts from Big Apple so I took a break and had some.

6 Donuts from Big Apple, Mid Valley

At 6.30pm, dad left for Australia. Mum will be leaving on Friday to join him. How I wish it was me going on a holiday. Went to shower and came down to watch TBL. After that, mum and I watched a bit of Oprah and had dinner at about 8.30pm.

I then used the laptop to finalize our BENV slides for tomorrow's presentation. At 10.30pm, I started blogging. It's 11am now but it feels so late. This is probably because dad's not around and everyone else are sleeping. Night...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Pleasant Sunday

Woke up at 9.45am and went down to use the laptop. Played this game called "Farm Frenzy" till noon. Mum then bought some food from the Ti-ratana fun fair in La Salle. We then had those for lunch.

At about 3.30pm, dad brought us to Gardens. We went to New Balance to look at some shoes. After that, we walked to Carrefour to buy some junk food. Next, we stopped by San Fransisco Coffee to buy two Ice Blended Extreme Mocha.

Ice Blended Extreme Mocha (Buy 1 Free 1) - Rm 15.74

Bill - RM 15.75

Then, we went to I Love Yoo for a snack. I ordered Set A (Porridge and You Tiao) for M and ordered a You Tiao for myself. This time, the you tiao was not even half as nice as the one I had on Friday.

You Tiao - RM 1.40

Bill - RM 5.30

When we were done eating, we went back to Gardens to look for mum, MM and AC. M and I watched the fashion show for a while before going up to Borders to meet the rest. Went back home at about 5,20pm.

Once home, I started playing Farm Frenzy again. At 6.45pm, I went to shower. We then left the house at 7.25pm for dinner. We went to Kepong for our monthly family dinner. DGJ ordered some dishes and dad paid the RM 200+ bill.

We then went to TMC and bought some stuff. Then, dad dropped GM, E and J at home and went down to 112. M and I stayed in the living room watching TV and looking at CM's kids play. Dad then settled his business with MS.

At 10.30pm, we went back home. Everyone was already waiting for us to cut the cake. We then gathered and sang the Birthday song to YS. After that, we tried video calling C but the connection was poor.

Everyone went home by 11.30pm and I started blogging till now. It's 12.10am and I probably would sleep after this. Night...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Banned From Facebook?

AC sent me an SMS which woke me up. I then realised it was already 11am so I didn't want to get back to sleep. Washed up and turned on the laptop. To my surprise, my Facebook account has been banned.

I checked the leaderboard of Bleach Wars and found out that 90% of the people in the game was also banned. I then sent an email to FB to tell them that they might have mistakenly banned us. Till now, there is no reply.

Oh well, even if they don't lift the ban, I would just have to stop using facebook. This would probably be a good idea as I spend most of my online time here. Hopefully I can find some other more productive things to do.

Anyway, dad came home at about 1pm and we went to Segambut for lunch. He brought us to this secluded place called Xan Ling Cafe to have noodles. Dad ordered their signature noodles and some other dishes.

Signature Noodles - RM 25

Pork - RM 18

Flavoured Rice - RM 2 each

Potato Greens - RM 7

Bill - RM 66

The noodles were not that great but the pork was nice. Rice was plain and the potato greens weren't nice. After paying up, we quickly went home as it was going to rain. Reached home at about 3.30pm.

Watched some TV with E and slept on the sofa for a while. Then, I watched Inkheart with mum till 6pm. Used the laptop and went to shower after that. At about 7.30pm, we went to Cheras for dinner. Dad brought us to his customer's place called U-soya.

They had many types of soya and also different types of sugar. I ordered a cup of soya milk with brown sugar. I also ordered a Kaya Butter Toast, Nasi Lemak, and Coffee Tau Fu Far. The rice was quite good but the toast wasn't that nice. Soya milk was good but tau fu far with coffee was tasteless.

Original Soya Milk and Brown Sugar - RM 2

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.50

Nasi Lemak - RM 6.50

Coffee Tau Fu Far - RM 3.50

Bill - RM 63.10

We then waited for the owner to be free so she could sign some documents. We paid up and left the place at about 9pm. Reached home at 9.30pm and played a short game of Half-life with M. Then, I watched TV with mum and dad for a short while.

Next, I started blogging till now. Connection is kinda slow and uploading photos takes forever. Anyway, won't be blogging bout the rest of the night anymore as nothing much would happen. Bye...
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