Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Fifteen

Woke up at about 10.30am today and had some cheesecake for breakfast. Then, I took a shower and went back to my room. Laid on my bed till it was about 12pm.

Mum drove the girls back home and they went to change. Then, we picked AC and MM up before driving to BV for lunch. After that, we walked over to Delicious and had lunch there.

There, I ordered the Caesar Salad and shared the Wedges. We met a friend of mum's and he paid the bill for us. After that, we went over to Chocolate for a drink. This time, I ordered the Ms Coco Mocha Frappe.

Plain Caesar Salad

Wedges with Sour Cream

Ms Coco Mocha Frappe

Then at about 5pm, we started playing Mahjong. At about 8pm, we ended the game and started dinner. I managed to win RM 4.10 though. For dinner, we had some Yong Tau Foo and egg.


After dinner, mum, dad and the girls came over with a box of Yee Sang. Since it was the last day of CNY, we tossed it together and stayed here for quite a while. Everyone then went home at 10pm except me.

I stayed back to talk to SC about some stuf which mad me realize some stuff. Gotta spend my time wisely...

Anyway, I writing this post in their house as fast as I can. It's 11.30pm already and I shall go home and get ready for bed. Goodnight people...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Fourteen

Woke up at 9.30am today but continued lying on my bed for about half an hour. After getting up, I went to brush my teeth and had some coffee biscuits for breakfast.

E, J and I then stayed downstairs to watch TV till it was 1pm. We watched "Man of the House", followed by "Barbie Mariposa". After that, we had lunch at home.

Then at about 1.45pm, we went to 112 again to play with baby JT. An hour later, mum brought us (AM, YM, J, E and I) to Chocolate. Each of us ordered a drink and we ordered takeaway for SC (He was taking care of JT).

Fair Lady Frappe + Ms Coco Frappe RM 12.90 (each)

Fair Lady in Mug N' Warmer - RM 12.90

At about 3.30pm, we went back to 112 and stayed there till 5.30pm. Mum then picked us up after her appointment and we went back home.

Back home, I listened to my iPod with the headphones till it was my turn to shower. After I came out, I started writing this post while waiting for dad to come back.

At about 8pm, we drove out to pick Dad from Secret Recipe and M from her friend's house. Then, we went to mum's friend's house for a BBQ/Potluck dinner.

Once there, we took some food and went downstairs. When we were done, M and O (Their kid) played Table Tennis while the rest of us watched. Towards the end of the night, we played COD6 on his PS3.

Tomato Spaghetti

At about 11.30pm, we said goodbye and went back home. By the time we got home, it was already close to 12am. I then wrote this and will be turning off my laptop in 5 minutes. Goodnight...

Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Thirteen

Woke up and realized it was 4.30am! Rolled on the bed for about an hour before getting a cup of water downstairs. Then, I went back to sleep and woke up at 11am.

Washed up and had some chocolate biscuits for breakfast. Later, I came back upstairs to listen to some songs with my headphones. Finally at about 1.15pm, mum brought E and I out for lunch.

We went to Mizu and I ordered the Tori Karaage Set and cold Ocha. The chicken wasn't that nice but the sides were good. When we were done, mum paid and we went to Ms Read to collect mum's member card.

Tori Karaage

Side dishes from set

Mizu Maki

Later, we drove to 112 and stayed for about three hours. We admired baby JT and talked to each other. By the time we went home, it was already 5.30pm.

Earlier, mum told me that J spent over RM100 last month and dad told her to terminate J's line immediately. And they are probably only going to give her back a simcard after two months. It's a fair punishment if you ask me, considering she only is allowed to spend RM30 a month.

Back home, I looked for my HP slippers and realized it wasn't there! Mum then told me she saw me bringing it out of the house on Wednesday. But when I reached DY's house that day, I couldn't find my slippers.

I thought I forgot to bring them that day but turns out, there is a high possibility that I accidentally left them on the floor outside my house, and drove off while leaving the slippers there.

And from there, someone probably STOLE it. I can't do much now. No point crying over spilled milk. Even so, I CURSE whoever that is wearing my white+red HP slippers! YOUR LEGS ARE GONNA BREAK! SUFFER!

Anyway, all of us then took turns to shower and got dressed for dinner. After that, we drove to GTA's house. There was a Fat One Luk Luk truck, satay booth, and lamb booth outside his house.

Fat One Luk Luk Truck


Lamb (not well cooked :( )

Eight houses along the street came out with the money and shared these stuff. Besides the food, they also hired 8 lions from the Hainan Association to come "visit" their houses.

Two lions visiting GTA's house

There was also supposed to be a performance on platforms. Unfortunately, it rained so they cancelled the performance. But, there was one more performance in store for all of us...

That was the personal display of fireworks. We stood a fair distance away and they lighted a small box of fireworks. It shot high up the sky! The beautiful display of lights lasted about 10 minutes.

People setting up the fireworks

Then, the lit up the BIG box. I was amazed by the loud sound as this set of explosions were 5 times louder than the previous box. This set of fireworks shot up WAY HIGHER up into the air but this only lasted about 3 minutes.

After that, the show was over and everyone went back to their host's house. Our family then went back to GTA's house and grabbed a little more food. We sat there talking to each other for quite some time.

Then at 10pm, we said goodbye and drove back home. I ate some biscuits and watched TV for a while. Later, I came up to write this post. At about 11pm, I went downstairs and some drama started.

Continued watching TV till about 12.30am. Then, I wrote the rest of this post till now. It's already 1.45am. Goodnight people...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Twelve

Woke up at 7.15am today and went to take a shower. After that, I got dressed and went to wake them up. All of them didn't want to go to class so I called AC to come pick me.

There was a problem with the auto-gate so I had to wake DY up. We then managed to force the door open. Got into AC's car and drove to APIIT. Both of us then walked to class.

Met up with KW and we sat together in class. Lecturer came into class at about 9am and he taught us "Exception Handling". Two hours later, class ended.

For some reason, the others didn't want to come for class. AC then drove to DY's house to help them with their assignment. Meanwhile, KW and I went to PitStop for a snack.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Waffle - RM 2.30

There, we both ordered a waffle. Today's waffle was nice though they didn't give much chocolate and peanut butter. When we were done eating, we went for our NML class.

To our surprise, the lecturer declared today's period as "Do your assignment" period. And so those who already completed theirs (like KW, CQ, JW and I) just stared blankly at the air.

When class was over, we called DY and he came to pick us up. On the way home, we drovethru McD and bought lunch. I had a McChicken with Sprite and paid another RM1.50 for Chocolate Sundae.


Since we had the Drivethru sticker, they gave us a complimentary Oreo McFlurry. Even before we reached DY's house, the three of us already finished the cup of ice cream!

Back at DY's house, all of us quickly finished our lunch. Then, we drove back to APIIT and went to the lab. We printed some stuff before paying the bookstore to comb-bind our assignments.

Finally at about 4pm, we submitted both our assignments to the admin. Two down, two more to go. Now, all we have left is the OS and VB assignments!

After saying bye to my friends, I went inside Student Services. Mum, Dad and Miss Sharon were already talking. I joined in and listened to what she had to say about studying abroad.

Finally at 5.30pm, we thanked her and left. By the time I got home, it was already 6pm.

Once home, I was told that the phone line is not working. And that translates to NO INTERNET! Gosh, my heart skipped a beat when I heard that! Now, all I feel is deprived and depressed.

Went to take a shower before starting to write this post into "Notepad". While doing that, I also blasted some music into my headphones. The sound coming out of those headphones are really great!

The at 7.30pm, I went downstairs for dinner. Watched some TV till 8pm before coming upstairs.

After typing the previous paragraph, I went to lie on my bed. Entered "dreamland" amd only woke up the next day at 4.30am!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Eleven

Woke up at 9am today and used the laptop for a while. Took a shower, grabbed a bun, and started packing. Then, I drove off to APIIT. After parking, I walked to the Auditorium.

I thought I was late but half the class wasn't even there and the lecturer was nowhere to be found. Another 15 minutes later, the lecturer came in and started class.

Two hours later, class was over. We then drove back to DY's house. Everyone went off except me. So at about 1.30pm, DY, HX and I went out for lunch. I drove to Lucky and had Iced Coffee and Claypot Hokkien Mee. The food wasn't that good...

Iced Coffee - RM 1.60

Claypot Hokkien Fried - RM 4.50

After that, we came back and I started working on my assignment till about 7pm. Waited for DY and HX before we drove out for dinner.

We ended up at Ong Lai Coffee Shop in OUG. There, I ordered Grilled Chicken Chop. It wasn't that great but still quite nice. After eating, we drove back and I continued with my assignment.

Thomas Western @ Ong Lai, OUG

Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce - RM 8.50

At about 9.30pm, AL, ZS and MY came to the house. AL gave me the headphones I asked him to buy earlier from Sunway Pyramid. I then paid him RM49 for it. All of us tested it and agreed it was NICE!

Logitech Headphones - RM 49

I continued working on my assignment while getting distracted every half an hour or so. Finally at 1am, I completed everything. Everyone wanted a break too so we drove out for supper.

As usual, we went to Kinrara. I ordered Roti Planta and Iced Milo. The roti was very good but the Milo was thinner than paper! Today, we didn't laugh as hard as last time but there were more jokes so we did laugh more.

Iced Milo (AL's treat) - RM 1.60

Roti Planta (ZS's treat) - RM 1.60

Some of them weren't satisfied so we walked over to the Luk Luk truck. DY and AC then spent about RM7 each for a few sticks of food. By the time we got home, it was already 2.30am.

Since we were still awake, AL invited us to play Blackjack. After a two-hour session, we finally decided to call it quits. At the end of the night, I had an extra RM14 in my wallet.

Everyone went to bed at about 5am but I stayed up to write this post. It's already 5.35am and I shall get some sleep now. Gotta wake up at 7.30am tomorrow. Night...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Ten

Woke up at 4am today and I couldn't go back to sleep. Finally at 6am, I managed to doze off. An hour later, I woke up and got ready for class. Had some biscuits for breakfast before driving away to TPM.

For the second time, the camera didn't detect my number plate. Then, the stupid old guard told me to go park at Astro because I didn't have the ticket as proof. There were cars behind me so I just drove off.

Wasted RM3 to buy a parking coupon before parking outside Astro. AC then picked me up from there and we went to park at Car Park G. This time, the camera couldn't detect his number plate too! So he honked and honked until the guard used the remote to open the barrier.

After parking, we walked over to ENT3 and went to class. Ms Seetha wasn't teaching so we just chatted. AC gave us some souvenirs and let us try some biscuit from Hong Kong. And if you do the math, you will realize, that biscuit costs RM15!

This biscuit is RM15 wei! xD

Anyway, we went to an empty class later to work on our assignment. Then at about 2pm, we drove to Sri Petaling and went to DY's house. We were supposed to go for lunch but thanks to DY who was super busy, all of us skipped a meal! =(

Then at 3.40pm, we drove back to APIIT and went to class. Sat in class for 2 hours listening to the lecture talk about SQL. At about 6.30pm, we got into AC's car and he drove us back to our cars that were outside DY's house.

By the time I got home, it was already 7pm. Used the laptop for a short while before having dinner. Then, I came up to take a shower and continue working on my assignment.

At about 10pm, SS and family came to get something. I went downstairs to see them and we ended up watching Merlin till 11.10pm!

I quickly came back upstairs to work on the rest of my assignment. At 2pm, I felt satisfied with my work. Now all there is left is 10 marks worth of questions.

Started writing this post but ended up reading blogs as usual. It's already 2.45am and I shall go to bed soon. Doing some visiting tomorrow and staying over at DY's place. Night..

Monday, February 22, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Nine

Woke up at 10am today and quickly washed up. Then, I went downstairs to eat some chocolate biscuits before coming upstairs to chat. At about 11am, I started working on my assignment till it was 1pm.

Went downstairs for lunch before driving out to Sunway. Picked JW from Pyramid and we drove to SS15. After parking the car, we went to K3K. There, we ordered a giant curry puff, special bun, coffee, and teh tarik.

Giant Curry Puff - RM 4.50

K3k Special Soft Bun - RM 3.80

Iced Coffee - RM 3.30

The food here was okay but I find it very over priced. This is definitely my last time here. Anyway, after paying the bill, we got into the car and drove to Bangsar. Adventurous much.

We then had the Classic Chocolate Cake at BVII and went walking around for about 15 minutes. Then, I went home to take my laptop before dropping JW off at Sunway Pyramid.

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

After that, I made my way to Sri Petaling and got into DY's house. They prepared some ingredients and we had a steamboat+TV dinner. I didn't really eat much as I was too full. Meanwhile, we watched some HK drama on his netbook.


The "boat"

My first serving

Then at about 8pm, we started working on our NML assignment. It turned out to be a productive night. We managed to cover 60marks worth of questions. The only reason why we didn't complete the other 40marks was because we didn't know how to do it.

Orange! She was there for us to "manja" =)

So at 10.30pm, I said bye and drove back home. Before that, I went to the petrol station to "feed" my car.

When I got home, I turned on the laptop and went to shower. After I came out, AC called me (I told him to) and we talked about some stuff (guys can gossip too okay!).

Continued writing this post till now while chatting with a few other friends. It's 12.30am already and I shall go to bed soon. Night...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Eight

Woke up at 11.30am today and quickly went to wash up. Had roti canai for breakfast and came upstairs to use the laptop for a short while.

At about 1pm, we went out for lunch. We didn't want to go too far so we went to Fish and Co again. This time, I ordered "Fish & Chips" and a cup of "Fishy Maria" (contains some amount of tequila).

Fishy Maria - RM 6.90

Best Fish and Chips in Town - RM 9.90

After lunch, dad drive us home. After taking some stuff, we drove down to 112. E and I then stayed there till 5.30pm while dad brought M and GM back at about 3pm. We chatted, talked, and wrestled the rascals till SC dropped us back home.

Then, I came upstairs and started writing this post. Took a very short nap before using the computer while waiting for my turn to use the bathroom. After everyone were done, we drove to DU for dinner.

SS pre-ordered a few dishes and therefore our food came very quickly. The nine of us finished our food in about an hour. SS paid for dinner and I drove them back home. Then, I drove the Rav4 back home.

Loh Min

Fried Chicken Wings

Bak Gau Th'ng

Hokkien Fried

I used the laptop for a short while before drinking some juice. Then, I turned on the TV and started folding "Gam Ji".

If you didn't already know, I'm what they call "Hokkien Lang". So during midnight on the 8th day of the lunar new year, we "Bai Tee Geng" (Hokkien) or "Bai Ting Gung" (Cantonese).

At about 11.30pm, we were finally done folding the Gam Ji. So, we started with the other preparations.

My HARD work

The offering table (before)

The pile of "gam ji"

At 12am, we started lighting the candles and incense. After that, we burned the "gam ji" outside our house. About 10 minutes later, there were still some papers burning inside the pile.

The offering table (after)


Fire burning on the cement floor!

Few minutes later

We decided to leave it there and all of us went back inside. I started uploading pictures while chatting with some friends.

It's already 1am so I'm gonna end this post here. Goodnight...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Seven

Woke up at 10am today and had some biscuits for breakfast. Then, I went to shower and got dressed. At about 12pm, we drove out to Sungai Long for US's open house.

Once we got there, we grabbed some food and sat outside. There were a lot of our relatives there and it was quite fun playing with the little (terrible) kids. About 2 hours later, we decided to explore the house.

This thing has my name on it!

UC (US's husband) then brought us into his Music Room and turned on some music for us. The surround sound was really good and realistic. His amplifiers costs RM100k and the speakers were about RM85k. And the cheapest thing in the room was actually a small wire. That itself costs RM3k.

Amps, Speakers, and other stuff

The two powerful amplifiers

After an hour of good music, we went downstairs and ate a little bit more. Then at 4.50pm, we thanked them and drove to Sri Petaling to pick M. We also managed to cajole XZ and brought him into our car.

By the time we got home, it was already close to 6pm. Took a nap and woke up an hour later. Then, I went to shower and ordered pizza for dinner. Dad went to attend two function while M had dinner at her friend's place.

3 Viva Pizzas (regular) and 2 Garlic Breads - RM 33

DGG and family came over and we had dinner together. The pizza wasn't that nice but it still filled my stomach. After eating, I came upstairs to use the laptop. At about 9.15pm, DGG and family went back home.

I came back up to continue blogging and working on my assignment. Then at 11pm, I watched an episode of CS. Chatted with DY for a while before I got ready for bed.

It's 12.30am already and I shall end this post here. Goodnight...
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