Friday, July 31, 2009

The Taking

Woke up at 7am again today and had "twiggies" and "rocky" for breakfast. Then, I showered, packed my laptop, and drove to TPM. I was kinda reluctant to turn off the laptop because the download speed was fast. In the end, I still turned it off...

Reached TPM at 8.20am and waited for AC. He told me DY wasn't coming today and we walked to class. We had our PSPD lecture for 2 hours, then went to level 3 for our MMA. She gave us a pop quiz today and we were allowed to leave after submitting the answers.

All of us left the place at about 1pm. KW, AC, ZS and I then went to Rabbit Cafe (near SMK Sri Saujana) for lunch. The set lunch there was quite worth it as we paid RM 8.90 + 5% tax for appetizer, main dish, and a drink.

Rabbit Cafe

Set 9 - RM 8.90

I ordered the Set 9 (Special Fried Rice) and it tasted fine. Overall, I reasonable amount paid for a full stomach. After lunch, we sent KW to the LRT station and drove to IOI mall. Our plan was to watch HP6 but decided to watch Pelham123 instead because AC needs to pick his brother up later.

The tickets here were only RM6 and it is GSC! But, this is the WORST GSC outlet ever. The seats weren't elevated, the floor wasn't carpeted, and we could even hear the projector rolling while on watching the movie.

Before the movie started, we went to hunt for a mouse (computer peripheral) as ZS didn't have one for his new laptop. After that, we went to the cinema. 1 hour and 30 minutes later, the show was over. To me, this show is worth watching. Go watch it and give your own opinion.

Anyway, we then dropped ZS back home before going back to TPM. AC then dropped me at my car and I went home too. Once back, I turned on the laptop and played MS. Managed to level up in less than 1 hour.

After that, I decided to stop MS and started playing Sims3. I played the game for a while and spent the rest of my time building a house from scratch! Showered at 7pm and went downstairs for dinner later.

Next, I came back upstairs and played Sims3 again till about 10pm. I then started blogging till 11pm. Had to stop and followed dad to Baskin Robins to buy ice cream. It was already 11.20pm but the shop was still packed! Even 13 staff couldn't really handle the crowd (due to improper planning).

I ordered 3 quarts of ice cream (mint, chocolate chip, and also jamoca). After dad paid, we waited a while before collecting our ice cream and went home. Reached home at 11.45pm and continued blogging.

BR Ice Cream!!

Was sidetracked because I started reading someone's blog. I finally decided to stop reading and going on with my own blog. It's 7 minutes to 1am and I should really sleep. Night...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Avoiding Trouble

Woke up at 7am, had cereal, showered and drove to APIIT as usual. Waited for everyone to arrive before walking to ENT3 for class. SAD tutorial went on for 2 hours before all of us went to Old Town for breakfast.

Breakfast Set 1 - RM 4.50++

I ordered Set1 as usual. KW and I were checking out MapleStory while the others were watching a movie. KW bought an in-game item and used it. Unfortunately, he FAILED! So, he was quite down for the rest of the day.

By 12.30pm, we went back to APIIT for our MMA lab session. It was kinda fun making a guy walk with a moving background. Then, we went to the opposite class for CSA. Another 2 hours later, we were dismissed.

Just before I went home, AM smsed me and said she wants to follow me home. I then waited for her and sent her back to 112. Reached home at about 4.20pm. Played the MonsterBash quest on MS till about 6pm.

GM then called me down and asked me to drive to SS's house. Since she asked, I didn't reject her even it was rush hour. Luckily, the music was nice so I was pretty much relaxed during the jam. Reached SS's house at 7pm and got the mattress with the help of SS.

Both of us then drove back here. We unloaded the mattress and replaced it with GM's one. Next, we had dinner. After I showered, I went on to play MS till 10pm. Not long after that, SS and I drove the other mattress back to their house with SS, K and C driving in another car.

Along the road opposite of Eastin Hotel, SS slowed down and a motorcycle hit the back of her car. The number plate came off but the 2 motorcyclist just said sorry and rode off. Luckily, nobody was injured and the damage wasn't even serious.

SS and I then went on to their house and brought the mattress back inside. After that, I drove home. Reached home at 11.20pm and decided to start blogging in front of the TV. I wanted to watch the repeat of DH but then found out that last week was the last episode!

Anyway, I decided to watch the show that replaced DH which is called "Cupid". It's about cupid being sent down to earth. He has to help match make 99 true loves before going back to heaven. Therefore, I will only be going to bed after this. Night...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It Is Time

Woke up at 8.30am today and used the laptop till about 9.30. I then went down to have a bowl of cereal before taking a shower. After settling everything, I drove to TPM. Reached there at 10.35am but even car park E was FULL!

After I parked my car, I walked to meet up with DY and we went to the convenience store. I bought myself a can of "Nescafe Ice" while DY bought juice. Then, we went to the lab for our class. KW, AL and AC came later.

Class went on for 2 hours. Since AL hurt his leg, all of us decided to take a day off from gym. We drove to Million Castle for lunch again and ordered the set. Ordered an extra dish of fish too. The food and service today was good as usual.

7 Dishes and 1 Soup - RM 92.50

After paying up (RM 13.20), we went to Hotel Sri Petaling for the warehouse sale. We spent about an hour there but I didn't see anything that I wanted to buy. At about 3pm, AC dropped me back at my car.

Drove on home and reached there at about 3.30pm. The physiotherapist was there helping GM out. I left them downstairs with my parents and I came to use my laptop. I managed to grow my "ghost baby" into a toddler. Even taught him to talk, walk and use the potty!

Stopped and showered at about 5pm. Went on using the laptop till 7.30pm. After that, mum, E and I had dinner together with GM. Came up to blog and the guests begun to flood our house at 8pm. Gotta end this post here to entertain them. Bye...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She's Back

Woke up at 9am and used the laptop for a while. Then, I ate some biscuits, showered, and drove to TPM. Walked to class and reached there at 10.30am. Surprisingly, I was only the second person in class! ZS and I even wondered if we were in the wrong class!

About 15 minutes later, the people started to flood in. We then did our tutorial as usual. Since we finished early, we had time to look at ZS's new laptop and also watch KW play with the PSP. When class was over, we drove to my car to take my stuff.

Then, all of us went to the gym. Since DY didn't come, we brought along KW and he just sat there waiting for us. Less than an hour later, we went into the sauna. Stayed there for about 10 minutes before taking our shower.

When we were all done, AC and I drove to Alam Damai for lunch at "Restoran Jun Kee". We ordered the 4+1 set which cost RM 68.80. The food was just okay. Plus, it was quite far away. After paying up, I drove KW and ZS to APIIT while AC dropped AL and MY at the workshop.

4 Dishes 1 Soup - RM 68.80

Finally reached home at about 4pm. GM was back from the hospital and there was a confinement lady here to take care of GM. I then came upstairs and played Sims3. After a few hours, I managed to make my character give birth to a Ghost baby!

Went downstairs for dinner at about 7.30pm. After dinner, I stayed downstairs to mingle around with our guests. Then, I came upstairs and started using the laptop to chat. SC and LC then came at 9.45pm. SC and I played B2 till about 11.10pm and we switched to COD4.

Unfortunately, COD4 wasn't working for me. I then watched them play one round. After that, everyone went home. So, I started blogging till now. Should be sleeping soon. Bye...

Monday, July 27, 2009

The 11th Day

Woke up at 7am today and had some buns for breakfast. I then read the newspaper before showering. At about 7.50pm, I drove to TPM. Reached there at 8.10am and walked to class with AC and DY.

Our SAD tutorial went on for about 1 hour and 30 minutes before we went down for a break. Once we came in the class, our lecturer dismissed us. My group then had a meeting till about 11am. After we settled our stuff, I rejoined my gang.

The five of us then went to the Gym. About more than an hour later, we decided to stop. All of us then went into the sauna. The sauna was actually quite fun. After that, we showered and got dressed.

We then ended up having lunch at Old Town. I ordered the Set lunch 1 (Hor Hee) which was actually "hor fun" with fish balls and fish cakes. The set also came with Pepsi. Which I thought was kinda weird for a Chinese dish.

Hor Hee Set - RM 6.90

After paying up, AC, ZS and I went to IOI to settle some stuff for ZS. After going to the Maxis Centre, we walked to McD and had a Sundae Cone. Then, we sent ZS back home and went to TPM. AC dropped me at my car and I drove home.

Vanilla Sundae - RM 1.05

Back home, I started playing sims3. I tried killing my sim for about 3 hours and still failed. Went to shower and 7.10pm and played sims3 again after that. Within the next 15 minutes, I managed to drown my sim.

Once M came out of the shower, we went over to 97 for dinner. Right after dinner, we came home. Waited for M to finish her homework before going to UMSC. At 8.20pm, we picked KK and AP then drove on to the hospital.

Today, the owner of the Home Nursing company came and talked to us. We spent 1 hours and 20 minutes there before leaving. Reached home at 10.40pm. I then started to play MS. Since KW needed help, I left my character there and went on blogging.

It's already 12.20am so I probably would be going to bed soon. Night...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Homework Help

Had a feeling it was 11am already so I woke up. Did I mention I only slept at about 4am because of the COD party. Actually, it was already 11.30pm. I then used the laptop and chatted for a while. Since mum had a hard time deciding where to have lunch, I decided to join YM and family.

Drove down to 112 and YM helped me out with my MS Project tutorials. Having someone help you really is good because it forces me in a way to complete my work without procrastinating. After 2 sets of tutorial, we decided to have lunch.

AP cooked some porridge and a few dishes. When we were done with lunch, YM helped me with the last 2 questions. AM made me a cup of teh tarik and I also had a bowl of "Tong Sui". SC and I then played Battlefield2. Kinda like CS but is more to vehicles.

Teh Tarik

Tong Sui

At about 6pm, I decided to go back home. Played a little bit of "OnePiece" on Wii before showering. After I came out of the shower, we went to "Toast and Coffee" for dinner. This time, I ordered Chicken Chop, Kaya Butter Toast and Super Power Mix.

Chicken Chop - RM 8.90

Super Power Mix - RM 2.80

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.50

The chicken chop suggested by M was nice but not that great. According to her, the standard dropped. The "power mix" was actually coffee and tasted real good. Kaya butter toast was the usual...

Dad paid the bill and we sent E and mum back home. Right after that, we drove to UMSC to visit GM. This time, we spent 50 minutes there before coming back home. I then started using the laptop to facebook and blog.

It's 10.41pm now and I'll play Sims3 till maybe 11.50pm and go to bed. Night...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crazy Night

M woke me up at about 8am and I quickly washed up. Then, dad drove all of us to Eden City to have dim sum breakfast with SS and family. The food today was quite nice. After an hour or so, we asked for the bill. Total was about RM 66. Dad paid and we left.

Dim Sum

Fried "Lo Bak Gou"

Dropped C back at 105 before going home. Used the laptop for a short while before driving the Rav4 while dad drove the Persona to Pudu. We wanted to sent the Rav4 in for a "thorough cushion cleaning".

The guy there wasn't rude but talked as if he didn't want the business. When we decided to let him do it, he told us he is not free this week. So, we drove off. Since we were in the area, we drove to the "Pudu Digital Mall" (unsure of name) to buy some Wii games for RM 8 each.

Next, we went to a workshop to check some stuff out. Finally, we went home. Back home, we tried out the "HSM3 Dance" game. It was quite enjoyable. Managed to use the laptop for a short while too.

At about 1pm, dad brought us out for lunch. We went to this coffee shop called "Tai Choong" along Old Klang Road. I had Barley and Char Kuey Teow which was just okay. After that, we went inside "3rd Mile Square" to check something out.

Restaurant Tai Choong

Char Kuey Teow

Barley - RM 1.20

We then went home and rested for 10 minutes before driving to UMSC to visit GM. Stayed there for about an hour before coming back home. I then played HSM3D with M for nearly half an hour before starting to play Sims3.

At 6pm, I stopped playing and watched Bleach 227 while waiting for my turn to shower. At 7.15pm, all of us were finally ready. We made a last minute decision to have dinner at Fish and Co.

As usual, I ordered Fish and Chips. Food came quite fast today and the fish was good. Fries wasn't nice though. In about 40 minutes, we were already done. Dad paid the RM 62+ bill and we went to pump petrol.

Fish and Chips - RM 9.90

Mushroom Soup + Cola Tonic

Bill - RM 62.35

Once home, we quickly grabbed some stuff and I drove straight to UMSC. 1 hour and 10 minutes later, we came home. Used the laptop to watch another episode of bleach before starting our COD party.

Gotta finish this post before starting. So, bye...

Friday, July 24, 2009


Woke up at 7am again and went downstairs for breakfast. Had some biscuits while reading the newspaper. Came up to use the laptop for a short while. Then, I went to shower. After that, I drove to TPM as usual.

Waited for AC and AL before going to class. PSPD went on for 2 hours. After class, AL and I went down to the foyer and bought new "Hotlink Youth Club" Prepaid numbers. Was really happy because this new number isn't much different from my old one. Add a "0" after "8", minus the second "2".

HYC Prepaid Sim Pack - RM 8.80

After we bought, KW and ZS also decided to buy one too! Later, AC even convinced Miss Aida to get one. Our MMA class was combined with the tutorial. So, we sat in class for 3 hours before going for lunch.

All of us went to Million Castle again for their set lunch. This time, we ordered another fish because it was on promotion. Food was okay as usual but the service was REALLY good today. Left the place at about 2.20pm and paid RM 12.60 per person.

Our set lunch - RM 12.20 (average per person)

After lunch, all of us went to MY's house to look/play with her puppies. At about 3.10pm, we left and went home. Reached home at about 3.40pm and tried to do the MS Project tutorial. Didn't really get it and decided to give up.

I then played Sims3 till around 7pm. Then, I went to shower and had "bee hun" for dinner. At 8.10pm, dad drove us to UMSC. This is only the second time where I did not need to drive there. Stayed there for about 55 minutes before leaving. GM's much better already!

Before going home, We detoured to Section 17 and was supposed to buy some "tong sui" for supper. Unfortunately, the shop was closed so dad bought some "pau" instead. Back home, I started blogging since we plan to wake up early and go for breakfast tomorrow. So, night...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

As Usual

Woke up at 7am and had bread for breakfast. Read the newspaper and went upstairs to shower. Left the house at about 7.50am. Reached TPM at 8.15am and was still early. Walked over to ENT3 for class.

Today, we did some MS Project tutorials. 2 hours later, all of us went to Old Town for their breakfast set. To my surprise, they increased the Set 1 by RM 0.60 and some other dishes had major increments too.

Because of that, I started to dislike this place. And this minor price hike caused the usually packed restaurant to become a "not even half full" restaurant. Serves them right! This is what you get for increasing the prices...

Set 1 - RM 4.50

What a mess!!

At about 11.50am, we were almost leaving. Just then, AC spilled his drink! Luckily this time nobody left their laptop adapter on the table. Anyway, we went back to APIIT for class. Our 2 classes took 3 hours.

By 3.45pm, we were dismissed. Drove home and used the laptop to play Sims3 till 7.30pm. Had dinner after I showered. Then, I took the Avanza and drove them (AP, KK, SC, J and M) to UMSC.

Stayed for 45 minutes before coming back home. Reached home at 10pm and I started blogging. Trying to finish this post early so I can watch Land Of Lost before going to bed. Bye...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Exciting

Woke up at 9am again and had cereal for breakfast. Went to shower and drove to TPM. Reached there at 10.15am and walked to APIIT. Went to the lab and sat next to KW and ZS. The rest of them were late for class.

After an hour of PSPD in the lab, we went to L1-4 to continue our tutorial. At 12.50pm, we were allowed to go back. All of us went to KFC for lunch today. Since I was running low on money, I just bought a Zinger burger.

Zinger - RM 6.20 (after tax)

When we were done with our lunch, all of us went back home. I used the laptop till about 4.30pm before WM called me and asked if I wanted to visit GM. She then picked me up and we drove to UMSC.

We stayed there for 45 minutes before going home. Traffic was quite heavy but WM still managed to reach 112 on time. Back home, I showered and used the laptop till 7.30pm. Went downstairs to eat some vegetarian noodles that dad bought.

At 8.30pm, I drove the Avanza with 6 other passengers to UMSC to visit GM. This time, we stayed for 1 hour and 10 minutes. By the time we got home, it was already 10.20pm. Started blogging and chatting.

It's 11.31pm and I'm going to bed soon. Bye...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

500th Post

Woke up at 9am and went to shower. I then had a butter bun for breakfast. Used the laptop for a while before driving to TPM. AL picked us up and parked in front of APIIT. We then went to our CSA class.

Just like last week, he gave us a question and we copied his notes from last week and handed it in. After that, we were allowed to leave. Since I did not bring my gym clothes, I went home. And since I still had some time, I asked YM if she wanted me to follow her to JPJ.

YM agreed and took a day off. We then drove 2 cars to JPJ (PJ branch) and went to settle her stuff. Unfortunately, KK had to be there too. So, YM waited for KK to come while I drove off to Puchong.

Reached the bus stop opposite IOI just before 2pm. The rest of the team were still in the gym. I then waited for them to drive here because I don't know the way to YuYi (Puchong Branch). Finally reached there at 2.30pm.

We ordered some dishes and ate our lunch. After we were done, the boss came and talked to us. We had an interview session followed by some group pictures. Before leaving, we thanked the boss and transferred some pictures.

Bak Kut Teh

I then slowly found my way home. Went all the way to Sunway and paid the toll to get back. As I was paying the second toll, I couldn't find my TnG card. A few cars had to reverse and let me go to the "Cash" lane. Right after I paid cash, I found my TnG. Lol...

Once home, I used the laptop for about an hour. Then, I went to shower at about 5.30pm. When I came out, dad was already home. He asked M and I if we wanted to visit GM. We agreed and quickly went into the car.

We arrived at the hospital at about 6.20pm. Talked to and helped GM till 7pm. Since dad had to go for a wake, we quickly went home. Once home, we rested for about 10 minutes before going over to 97 for dinner.

After dinner, we played with the PS2 for a short while before coming back home. I then played Sims3 while chatting till 10.30pm. One hour later, I came back up and started blogging and chatting.

It's already 1am and I should really sleep soon. Night...

Monday, July 20, 2009

First Times

Woke up at 7am and used the laptop for a while. I then showered and drove to TPM. Was my first time driving the Rav4 to college. Anyway, went to class and sat there for 2 hours. After that, we went to print our proposals.

Waited till 11.40am before going to L2-6 to hand in our proposals to Miss Aida. After that, we then went to the Gym. We went to register and paid the fees (RM 50 + RM 20). After changing, we finally went inside.

First, I did 1km of running at an average of speed 8.0. Then, I took a short break before trying out the stairs machine. Didn't really like it so I went to the bicycle. Did 1km of cycling before all of us went to the other room.

This room was filled with strength-training equipment. Tried out a few of the machines and did some of the upper body strength trainings and finally ended it with the lower calf machine. All of us then evacuated to the bathroom.

I decided not to go to the sauna today because I didn't want to shower. But after everyone showered, I decided to shower too... When we were all done, we walked over to PitStop for lunch. To our surprise, it wasn't there anymore.

Big Mac Set (regular) - RM 7.95

So, we diverted to McD and ordered their lunch set. I got myself a Big Mac set. We stayed there and chatted for quite some time. Even had ice cream for dessert. Dropped ZS and AL at APIIT. Then, I drove AC and DY to LowYat.

We walked around shopping for DY's laptop adapter. While on the escalator, DY squeezed the bottom of his paper cup and the whole Large Sprite flowed down. Luckily the escalator didn't go haywire.

After about an hour, we went downstairs to look at some cameras and memory card. We left the are at about 4.30pm. Traffic was heavy right after we left the plaza. Finally reached home at 6pm!

I then used the laptop and also did some DVD burning. At 7.10pm, we went over to 97 for dinner. Came home right after dinner to settle the DVDs. At 8pm, I went to pick AP, KK and YM. We then went to UMSC as usual.

Stayed in GM's room and chatted till 9.30pm before going home. Dropped them at 112 and I went to refuel my car. Full tank costs me RM 83 and that wasn't even V-power. Damn! Came home and then started using the laptop.


It's already 12am and I haven't decided if I should go pick dad or go to bed. Hmm...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Week Ends

Woke up at 9.35am and used the laptop while eating some biscuits. YM then asked me if I wanted to join them for breakfast through MSN. I agreed and went to get ready. At 10am, they came to pick me up.

Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo, Segambut

We went to this shop called "Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo" in Segambut. The layout was very funny because they converted this bungalow into a restaurant. The place was packed with people but we still managed to find a place to sit.

Assorted Yong Tow Foo - RM 19+

YM took our orders and passed it to the waitress. Minutes later, our food arrived. The stuff here was actually quite good but RM0.90 per piece is kinda unreasonably priced. We finished our food quite quickly and went off. Total was RM 21.20 paid by YM.

They dropped me back home and I started with my proposal. Wrote down the proposal after getting the final idea. I then used the laptop for a short while before driving all of us (MM, AC, Mum, M, J and E) to BV for lunch.

Mum suggested Mizu so we went there. I ordered a Deep Fried Chicken with Breadcrumb set and we started playing Monopoly Deal while waiting for the food to be served. MM paid for the lunch and we went to Toys R Us to look around.

Deep Fried Chicken with Breadcrumb set - RM 23

Total Bill - Rm 223.10

Then, J, M, AC and I went back home to get the Starbucks tumblers. J, AC and I then went back to meet the rest of them. I then shared a Venti Green Tea Frap with J. We spend quite some time there chatting.

Starbuck's Chips - RM 4.80

**Pic Deleted**
Total Bill - RM 57.55

Iced NOT Blended!!

Before we went home, MM went to buy some groceries. Reached home at about 4pm or so. I then used the laptop to facebook and play sims3. Stopped at 6.30pm to shower. Suddenly, YM asked me through MSN again if I wanted to join them for dinner. I agreed.

At 7.15pm, I drove down and all the 112 residents hopped in. We went to Uptown in DU. I had Chicken Chop from Pang's while the rest had Curry Fish Head. AM paid for my chicken chop again. After dinner, I dropped them back at 112 before going home.

Chicken Chop - RM 7.50

Used the laptop while waiting for J to come back. The 2 of us then went to UMSC to visit GM. As we were parking, we saw SGG and family going home. Up at the ward, we saw our other relatives. Chatted for a while before leaving GM to sleep.

Iced Milo

SS and SS brought us out for supper at Devi's Corner. I had Iced Milo and they also gave me some ideas and helped me straighten out my story. After we were done, all of us went back to our house.

SS and SS came in and took some stuff before going home. I then started blogging and chatting till 12.30am. Should be going to bed soon. Night...
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