Thursday, March 31, 2011


Woke up and did the laundry. Later, I had breakfast and cleaned up. Used the laptop to do some revision. Then, I did my Security tutorial.

Had some bread for lunch. Then continued revising till evening. Had dinner at 6.30pm and after that, made cheesecake with AS.

Later, I showered and continued to try some php coding. I managed to connect to an online database but when it came to some "If" coding, I failed.

Kept trying till 11.30pm before I decided to give it a break. So that's all for today. Gotta wake up early tomorrow, get some work done, then go to uni.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Got up at 10am and had breakfast. Cleaned up and used the laptop for a while. Then, I got ready and left the house.

It was raining so I had my hoodie on. Since I had time, I went to Officeworks. Was hunting for staplers but they didn't have the small ones.

Later, I also spotted the C1-00 on sale for AUD50. Damn, I wasted 4 bucks! Before leaving, I bought myself a new Imation 4gb pendrive. Price was okay but the 8gb thumbdrives here are expensive!

Thumbdrive - AUD 6.95

Went to ISS and paid for the Noosa trip on the 9th of April. Next, I headed to the ISC class. This week was about meetings again. But for this week, we had more structure which made it more productive.

Right after that, I went to my Web Tutorial. It was really interesting to see what CSS could do. Completed the tutorial and went off.

Headed to the city because the cafeteria was closed. By the time I got there, the japanese shop was close and Coles did not have any promotion. So, I went to Hungry Jacks instead.

Snapper Deal (regular) - AUD 5.50

Ordered their Snapper Deal which came with the Whopper Jr, Fries, Chocolate Sundae, and a Coke. Was so full after that.

On the way back to uni, I heard a weird noise. I turned around and realized that one guy has just shouted at an Asian who was on the phone. What an idiot. The Asian just ignored the idiot. Scary...

Back at uni,I went for my Web lecture. This time, it ended at 8.10pm. Walked back to the bus station. Got on the bus at 8.45pm and was home by 9.30pm.

Took my shower and used the laptop till now...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Woke up at 6am. By the time I was done with everything, it was already 7am. Went to catch the bus. Got down to the city and went to uni.

Met up with my group for a while before going to our tutorial. Had our scrum meeting in front of the lecturer. Most of us scored 11/15 because he said the max he can give us for each column is 4/5. Urgh!

Later, we went to the library and had a 3-hour discussion. Finally at 12.45pm, we ended the meeting and went our own ways. I headed to the city for lunch.

I bumped into many people from CCM because they were having "Grand Evax". For the first time, I sat on the Free City Loop bus to the city. Lazy much.

Went to Red Rooster and ordered their Snack Burger Quick Fix. The first thing I ate was the fries. The burger wasn't that great but I was satisfied to have the FRIES. :)

Red Rooster Snack Burger Quick Fix - AUD 4.95

Walked back to uni and camped at the library. I was doing some work when suddenly, the alarm rang. They then asked everyone to evacuate the building. Thank goodness I wasn't rushing to complete my assignment or anything important.

By the time the exercise was over, it was already 3.30pm. I walked up to the 7th floor for the Selection Criteria workshop. Then I realized, it actually started at 3pm! :S Thank goodness the facilitator didn't mind.

It ended at 4.30pm and I read mX till it was 5pm. Went to B block for the SSD lecture. There wasn't many people who attended though.

By 6pm, the class was over. Walked back to the city and waited for the bus. The 6.05pm bus only arrived at 6.22pm. Got up and fell asleep.

Suddenly, a stranger woke me up and asked me if I am going down at Indooroopilly. I said no and he went off. Then I realized, I should have thanked him but he was already long gone.

Got home at 7.20pm and had Carbonara Spaghetti for dinner. It was served with prawns, mushrooms, and BACON! :D

Cleaned up and waited for my turn to use the bathroom. Once I came out, I started using the laptop to write this. Ate some peaches after that.

Gonna end this post now and start on my night's work. Good night everyone...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 5

Another week starts. Woke up early today and had my breakfast. Used the laptop for about an hour before getting ready for uni. Left the house at 11.10am and got to the city by 12.10pm.

Went to Harvey Norman and spotted the phone I saw in the leaflet. Its a Nokia C1-00. Basic phone functions with no camera. But the reason I bought it was because it has dual-sim function and it was unlocked.

Nokia C1-00 Dual Sim - AUD 54.00

Later, I went to uni and bought my lunch at Subway. Ate half of the Footlong Meatball Sandwich and packed the other half.

Meatballs Sandwich - AUD 7.00

Met up with K and we exchanged some info. Chatted till about 2pm before I went for class. As usual, it was boring.

I was taking something from my bag when I realized I left my tutorial homework at home! So once class was over, I rushed to the library and did it again. It was hard to even look for a computer. By the time I sat down, there were only 40 minutes left. The starting was quite good but towards the end, I gave very short answers because I was already late for class.

Rushed to class and was 5 minutes late. The lecturer saw my short answers on the last page and decided to give me 1.5/2 marks. Sigh...

After the tutorial, I sat outside O Block and messed with my new phone. Suddenly I felt very hungry and decided to have my dinner then. By the time I finished, it was only 6pm.


It rained at it was quite cold. Went to the library and used the computer till it was 7pm. Went for the Security lecture till 8.45pm.

Later, I walked to the city with my hoodie on. It was cold and the winds were very chilly. Got on the bus and arrived home at about 9.30pm.

That's all for tonight. Bye...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Afternoon Service at UQ

Got up pretty early today. Had cereal for breakfast. Later, I turned on the laptop and read some tutorials.

At 11.30am, I got ready and went out to the city. Met up with my group mates to discuss our assignment. Discussed till about 2.30pm, I left.

Took the bus to UQ. Once there, I called J. Before I could ask him for directions, the call got cut off. Kept trying to call him but the call couldn't go through.

I walked around aimlessly for about 10 minutes. Then, he called me with another number. I was actually close to place I was suppose to be (Steele Building).

So he brought me inside. The service had started but I still joined anyway. Songs were nice and the sermon was interesting. The session ended at about 5.45pm.

We hung around and had some light refreshments. Then, we waited in the field for a few other QUT3 members.

All of us then took the bus to the city. From there, we took another bus to Fortitude Valley. Headed to "Old Town Kitchen" for dinner.

I scanned through the menu and decided to order "Ipoh Chicken Noodle Soup". It wasn't nice though. The soup was tasteless and the noodles were super wide. Never gonna order that again.

Ipoh Chicken Noodle (Hor Fun) Soup - AUD 9.30 (after discount)

This is at least 2x the original noodle width

But since J knew the owner, they gave us a cup of complimentary "bubur chacha" each. And also because we are CCM members, we were given 15% off our bill.

Bubur Chacha - Complimentary

Even though dinner wasn't that good, I enjoyed the company. Got to know more about my fellow QUT3 members. Some of them read this blog too. Thanks for reading ya! :)

After that, all of us went home. J and I decided to take the train. Once there, they told us that we would have to get down for maintenance at "Central" and take the Rail Bus.

At first we didn't get it. Then the workers told us to imagine that the bus is the train. So basically, it drives to every train station instead of bus stops.

J got down at Auchenflower while I got down at Indooroopilly. Walked over to Indooroopilly Bus Interchange and waited for the bus.

Boarded the 444 and it dropped me off at Kenmore Central. Walked all the way home and got back by 10.30pm. Besides the darkness, walking more than 1km home at night was quite easy.

That's all for tonight. Goodbye. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How We Missed Earth Hour

Woke up at 11.45am today. Had digestive biscuits for breakfast. Did the laundry and later I talked to JW till about 2pm. Then, I used the laptop to play Dragon Age 2.

At about 6.30pm, D and I went up the roof. It was really nice to lie there and look at the stars. Unfortunately, my camera can't capture its beauty.


There were at least 50 stars. But this is all the camera can see.

We had our dinner at 7pm. Later, I cleaned up and watched some TV. Took my shower and started doing some work.

Later, JW told me that they were at Starbucks for some Earth Hour promo. Then, I realized we missed Earth Hour in Aussie. And we wasted it watching TV. Damn!

Anyway, it's late now. Going off to bed...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Andrew's Kitchen by QUT3

Today was the best "food" day I had in Brisbane. It did have its up and downs though. Here's how it went.

I woke up and realized we RAN OUT OF GELATINE. And without it, my cheesecake was going to be all liquid. So I ate some breakfast and quickly took the bus to Woolworths.

Quickly bought the gelatine and went back home. Started making my cheesecake. Took me about an hour to get everything done.


Mars Bars Cheesecake

Next, I made jelly for my cousins. Then, I cleaned up and started my revision. For lunch, I made some tomato spaghetti. Stopped revision at 3pm to chat with JW.


Got ready and finally went out at 4pm. Took the bus to the city before I walked over to Central Train Station. Met IW and H there.

Because non of us were sure where to go, I asked the guard. He told us "Platform 5, Ipswich train". Good. So once we got onto the platform, I saw "Ipswich, Departing NOW".

I took a dash for it. And I managed to get on the train. IW came to the door and it shut right at her face. Then the train left. Damn.

I was calling J to tell him about it. But by the time he answered, I realized something. I was on the wrong train. The overhead speaker announced "This is an express train. Next stop, Darra".

I didn't actually panic but was just upset because I would be late. Once at Darra, I crossed the bridge to platform 4. Then, I checked the schedule and realized the next train would be in Platform 2. So I crossed the bridge again.

Got onto the train. 9 stops and 20 minutes later, I arrived. Walked to G's house and was in time for the event. I went to the table and took some pictures of the FOOD!

This is just the first table. They brought out more desserts later!

So one of the Andrews, Andrew Wong was the host for the night. He made everyone introduce their dish. What everyone did was share their dish name, some description of the dish, and source of inspiration.

Andrew's Kitchen with QUT3

I tried taking pictures of everyone, but most of them turned out blur. So here are a few of them introducing their dishes.

J with Curry Spaghetti

PY and LR with their Fried Dumplings

K with his Egg Tarts

D with Jelly

In between the introductions, J brought out a stack of mini cakes (made by him) with some candles on it. All of us sang the birthday song to TL.

TL the birthday boy

After everyone introduced their dish, it was time for the FEAST to begin! I tried a little of everything. Some were okay, some were great. Unfortunately, there was a dish where the meat was impossible for me to chew. I had to go to the toilet and spit it into tissue.

Halfway through the dinner, some of them asked if they can have my cheesecake now. I had a look at it and it was terrible. It had melted because it was out of the fridge for about 2 hours.

So since the fridge can't help it, I decided to put it into the freezer. After about 15 minutes, it was much better. After about 10 minutes, a few of them came to tell me how they liked my cheesecake. That made me very very happy. :D

Suddenly, C came with a box of "Ben and Jerry" ice creams! There were at least 10 tubs there. She won it from some competition and decided to share it with us. DELICIOUS!

LR trying to stuff all the ice cream into the freezer!

Next was game time. AH prepared the games and taught us how to play them. The first one was called "Terrorist" where we form a circle and pass the "bomb". Two CIDs will then try to find where the bomb is. The second game was "Charades" with a twist. We have to draw the word, BLINDFOLDED!

After the games, it was the moment everyone was waiting for. The judges announced the winners. There were 3 categories. Best Tasting, Best Presentation, and Most Unique Dish.

Best Tasting was the dumplings by LR and PY. There were no dumplings left on the table so that must mean something. Best Presentation was the jellies made by D. She spent a lot of time layering them. (Just realized, that both winners pictures are on this post.)

As for the Most Unique Dish, it was the Mars Bars Cheesecake by ME! :) Actually, I didn't expect to win because J said "you can't get this dish in Brisbane except here" and I was thinking "you can get cheesecake everywhere, so I won't win".

My physical present for the Most Unique Dish. The emotional present is way bigger than this. :D

A photo album

Anyway, I'm happy I won. But most importantly, everyone liked it. I promised them I'll make it again if they want. Of course, every chef enjoys providing his customers with good food right. :D

We hung around and ate some jelly and ice cream for dessert. Then at about 9.30pm, G sent a few girls home and dropped me at Indoooroopilly. Took the bus from there.

Got home at about 10pm. D was watching "Survivor: Redemption Island" so I joined him. Later, I took my shower. By the time I turned my laptop on, it was 12am.

Used the laptop to chat and write this post. Anyway, it's quite late now. Gotta go to bed. Night...

For pictures on the event, click here (credit Elaine).

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I got up and ate some cereal. Dishes were already done. The internet was extremely slow which made it hard to get my lecture notes from Blackboard.

Anyway, did some revision till noon. AS asked if I wanted to go with her to Indooroopilly and I said yes.

AS introduced me to this dish called "Lemongrass Sliced Beef". The bowl was full with vege except the few slices of beef. It was really nice and had a sour taste to it. Think there were mint leaves too. Was expensive though. I'd rather pay for steak.

Lemongrass Sliced Beef - AUD 14.50

Later, we bought some groceries before going off. I bought more Mars Bars and Maltesers!! Went to the pharmacy for a while but didn't get anything there.

Ugly thing was on my laptop!

Back home, I did more reading till about 6.30pm. Then, it was dinner time. GTM had a friend from China over for the night. We had a BBQ dinner out at the deck.

Watched D played Dragon Age for a while before taking my shower. D was drawing some graffiti and insisted I post it here. So there you go.

"Awesomeness to the max" says D

Anyway, I'm going to end this now. Should probably go to bed early because D would be sleeping on the couch.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Woke up at 9am and did the usual. At about 10am, I watched Glee. Got ready for uni and left the house at 12pm. Got to the bus stop just in time to get on the bus.

Arrived at the city with an hour to spare before class starts. So, I went to Woolworths. This time I finally bought the Decor Microsafe container. Useful for me to pack lunch or dinner. Bought a packet of 12 mini Mars Bars for AUD2 (half price!).

Later, I walked to uni and attended the ISC tutorial. It was another interesting week as we held mock meetings. Once as clients and once as consultants. Very interesting. :)

Next, I headed to S block for the Web tutorial. Halfway through, J and A came in. The lecturer chased them out. A was looking for his pen but it was already gone when I checked.

Class ended at 6pm and I had some bread for dinner. Went to class at 7pm. As usual, the lecturer zoomed quickly and it ended at 7.50pm.

I could have caught the 8.10pm bus if it weren't for this talented guy. I was walking in Queen Street when I spotted him spraying and scraping on a piece of plastic paper. He was amazing. He starts with a paper, sprays paint and stuff, then scrapes of some, and sprays again.

He was wearing long pants which was covered in hardened paint. For some reason, he wore sock and used duct tape to tape his feet. And for as long as he was painting (do you even consider it painting?), he was sucking on a tube which was connected to a spray can. Not sure what it is though.

Caught the 8.45pm bus. Once home, I waited for my turn use the bathroom before taking my shower.

It's 11pm now. I'm gonna end this post here and try to get some work done. Bye...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Running Nose

Woke up at 6.45am and had breakfast. Got ready as usual. Before I left, I took my clothes in. They were finally dry. Folded them and left the house.

Once I reach the bus stop, I realized I was late. And the next bus was 40 minutes later. So I tried walking to Kenmore Village. As I expected, the 444 comes by here. And the bus arrives every 10 minutes. Big difference compared to the housing area just 1km away. Damn!

Anyway, the bus arrived in the city at 9am. Walked to class and showed my teammates what I have done over the weekend.

Later, I went to Kelvin Grove and checked out "Harmony Day". It wasn't that great because I've tried most of the food. They were selling Nasi Lemak for AUD4.50 and Milo Dinosaur and Milk Tea for AUD3.00.

Was tempted to buy Milk Tea but then I decided otherwise and promised myself to make it tomorrow. (Just realized I can't because I don't have evaporated milk).

Went back to Gardens Point and had a "Time-Out" session with CCM. Sat around while some people ate their lunch. Then, we played Monopoly Deal. I ALMOST won. :P

Later, we went to the library in the Law Faculty. It was super quiet. Tried to fix some program in my pc but failed.

At about 2pm, I went to the city and got my lunch. Went to Coles again to see what I can have for lunch. In the end, I went to the Japanese Stall in the food court and bought a Japanese Curry Chicken which was delicious.

Japanese Chicken Curry Rice - AUD 5.00

Went back to QUT for a workshop on resume writing. It ended at 4.30pm and I got myself a drink from the vending machine. Later, I headed to the lecture hall for the last class of the day.

It ended at 6pm. Waited another 30 minutes for the bus to arrive. By the time I got home, it was already 7.10pm.

Ate lasagna for dinner. Cleaned up and took my shower. Spend about 2 hours trying to figure out how to fix my program. In the end, all I needed to do was re-install it. Urgh!

Quickly wrote this post and now I am going to bed...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sore Throat

Woke up at 11am today and had cake for breakfast. Reboiled some spaghetti before packing it up for my dinner. Got ready and left the house at 1pm.

Got to class at 2.10pm. After it ended, I went to the library to print some stuff. Went for the Security tutorial at 4pm. It ended at 5pm and I went to the Guild Shop.

Its so hard to find small packs of Strepsils here. In the end, I bought "Soothers" which wasn't that effective.

Soothers - AUD2

Then, I went to the city and visited Coles. Was in there for about 45 minutes admiring their products and the loads of possible lunch choices. :D

At about 6.10pm, I went back to L block. Microwaved my spaghetti and ate it. Was really full after that.


Headed to Z Block for class. Once there, the alarm rang. Everyone evacuated the building and waited for the guards to let us in.

Finally at 7.08pm, we were allowed in. Our Security lecture started with a guest from Suncorp who works in the IT Security department. He demonstrated some SQL Injection and Ethical Hacking.

The other half was our usual lecture. It ended late today so I had to take the 9.45pm bus. By the time I got home, it was already 10.30pm.

Took my shower and started writing this post. Gotta wake up early tomorrow. Night...

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Woke up today and had croissant. Later, I watched TV till 11.30am. Got ready and left at 1pm. By the time I arrived in the city, it was 2pm. J and I walked to 2 different JB Hifi outlets to look for his screen protector.

The search was fruitless. Anyway, we met up with J, AW, and B. Took the bus to Kelvin Grove. Waited outside C block till 3pm.

Then, we made our way into the hall for a special Sunday Service by Hope Church titled "Unmask". Even as a non-christian, I learned something from it. Service was similar to CHCKL.

After the session, we had some food for us. Then, some of us QUT3 members went back to town for dinner. We ate at WAH! Korean Restaurant. Ordered a Hotpot to share and it was delicious.

Large Hot Pot (Not spicy, cant remember name)

Next, we went to Milton. Had an embarrassing encounter in the bus because as I was going down, I couldn't find my Go Card for about 2 minutes. Everyone was staring at me. When I found it, I quickly apologized and went off.

J brought us to La Dolce Vita. All of us had vouchers to redeem a non-alcoholic beverage for free from CCM. All of us had an Iced Chocolate each. It was nice.

La Dolce Vita

Iced Chocolate

Then, we shared a Peach Gelati Shake, Banana Gelati Shake and an Italian Hot Chocolate. The Gelati shakes were okay. Italian Hot Chocolate was really something special. It was really rich and at the same time fluffy. If it wasn't fluffy, we'd die of chocolate overdose.

Italian Hot Chocolate

Walked to the bus stop and realized that the bus does not stop there. So I walked to the next bus stop. That's when I realized there might be no bus.

Called Translink and they confirmed my suspicion. The last bus for the 430 is 8.30pm for Sundays. The only bus I could take was the 444 which arrives at Kenmore Central.

So I took that bus. But I didn't know which stop to get down. And I realized I was in trouble after the bus turned into Moggil. I should have got down at the previous stop.

To make things worst, the bus went on a very dark and straight road. It didn't stop till another 5 minutes. I didn't get down too because the station was quite dark.

Finally I got down at a stop and crossed the road. I saw the signboard and knew I was in zone 5. F*CK! I checked the bus timetable and the last bus is at 10.30pm. 10 minutes from now. Saw some drunk drivers too.

Bellbowrie (Zone 5)

A taxi passed by and I flagged him down. Decided to take the taxi instead of the bus. Chatted with the driver and he chatted back. He was really kind because he was a student few months ago.

When the meter reached AUD20, he stopped it. He sent me home and I paid him 20 bucks and whatever coins I have.

Once home, I took my shower and turned on the laptop. That's all for tonight. Bye...

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Woke up at 11.15am and had cereal for breakfast. This time, D cleaned up. I went outside and noticed that my clothes from yesterday was all wet. It rained last night. So I put them into the washing machine again.

Unfortunately, it was still raining. Had no choice but to hang them anyway. Lunch was some fried rice which AS cooked. Did a chapter of reading and worked on my Web assignment for a bit.

Later, AC called me and helped me with something. We had spaghetti for dinner. Cleaned up and watched TV.

Took my shower and turned on the laptop. Finishing this post before I go try out some PHP. Bye...

Friday, March 18, 2011


Woke up at about 9am and did the laundry. Washed my comforter cover too. Later, I made jelly as requested by D. Tried to make a swirl in the jelly but I think I didn't wait long enough, which resulted in my failure.

When it was done, I tried to shake it out of the bowl onto a plate. But after lots of shaking, the only thing that came out was this pathetic chunk. So I just ate it. Left the rest of the jelly in the bowl.

Chunk of jelly

In the bowl...

Ate breakfast and did the usual stuff. Then, I did my revisions. Cooked noodles for lunch. Stop my revision at 3.50pm and got ready. Left the house and went to catch the bus.


Once we got to Toowong, the bus driver told everyone that if we plan to go to the city, we should take the train. Because looking at the traffic, he thinks it'll take an hour.

So about 10 passengers including me decided to get off and walk to the train station. Took the train to the city and spotted J and A.

We waited for the rest of the people before taking the train to Auchenflower. Went for the QUT3 Lifegroup and got to know more people. Usual dinner, good company and games.

At 9.45pm, I left. This time, I stood at the bus stop and waved at the bus the moment I see it from far away.

Got home at about 10.30pm. Took my shower and started using the laptop till now...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Woke up at 12.15pm today! Quickly had my breakfast and cleaned up. Washed up and turned the laptop on. It was until 2.30pm before I got productive.

For lunch, I reheated the remaining 4 sushi rolls. As usual, they were very filling. Continued reading and revising till about 5pm. Did some work too.

D and D showed me several ways to get up the roof. I used the easiest way. The view up there was actually quite nice. After a while, we went back down and into the house.

Did more reading till 6.10pm. Then, we had dinner. Cleaned up and used the laptop till 9pm. Took my shower and continued using the laptop.

Nothing interesting today. But I would say it was somewhat productive. Anyway, I'm ending this post here. Night...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Realized it was 10.45am. I quickly got up and ate my breakfast. By the time I got ready and went out of the house, it was already 11.35am. Unfortunately, there wasn't any buses from 11.15am so I had to wait till 12.04pm.

Went to Q Block for a seminar on "Innovation". Then, I went to the garden and ate my sandwich. After that, I hurried to B Block for my ISC tutorial. As usual, it was discussion and presentation. Love Wednesdays.

Right after that, I went to the lab in S Block for my Web Tutorial. We learned some basic server settings. The tutor was quite nice too. Reminds me of a tutor in APIIT.

After the class ended, I went to the city and looked for food. Spotted the Japanese shop selling 8 rolls for AUD10. Top Sushi sells theirs at AUD2 per roll. So this was a steal.

8 Rolls for AUD10

But after I bought it, I realized I could only finish 8. What a waste. So I put it in my bag and went back to uni. To make things worst, I noticed that they were selling a roll for about AUD3. So it actually wasn't much of a discount...

Back at uni, I attended the final lecture of this week. The lecturer was kinda boring though. Partly because she was talking about HTML and it is something that should be tried not studied.

Walked to the bus stop but the bus already left 10 minutes ago. Stayed on hoping that the bus was late and it will arrived soon. But at 8.35pm, I finally decided to walk to QueenStreet Bus Station.

Sat in the bus and waited till 8.45pm. Then, the bus drove off. Got home at about 9.20pm and took my shower.

Used the laptop to try solving something. Unfortunately something is still not working. Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. Night...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Woke up early today and had my cereal. Got ready and left the place at 7am. An hour later, the bus reached the city. Walked to QUT and waited for my team mates to turn up. I came early for a meeting before class but in the end, we did not have the meeting. :@

Had the SSD tutorial till 10.30am. Then, I hung around the garden. Called AC and talked for half an hour. Later, I ate my sandwich. For some reason I was still hungry.

The Student Guild were selling sausages today. And it was AUD3 for the sausage and a drink. Bought a set to support them and my stomach.

Sausage + Drink - AUD3

Sat in the garden for some time before 2 people from CCM came to talk to me. They were doing "Campus Blessing" where they go around talking to people and giving them goodie bags. But once they saw me, I told them I'm from QUT3. They still chatted with me for about 20 minutes.

Later, met up with QUT3 members and we hung around for a while. Then, I went to S block and used my laptop.

Suddenly, everyone was exiting the building and there was a security guard stopping anyone from coming in. Packed my things and left too. Everyone then stared at the empty building wondering what happened.

But 15 minutes later, the guards allowed everyone to go back in. It was a drill I guess. Anyway I'm glad it happened. Because of this, I was able to find a nice spot to charge my laptop. Surfed the net and settled some stuff till 4.50pm.

Then, I went to my SSD class. There was a guest who shared her experience in teamwork as a Project Manager. Later, the lecturer went on till 5.40pm.

On the way out of uni, Redbull was giving out free cans of redbull. I went in line and got my ice-cold can of Redbull. It was the best redbull I ever drank. This was much better than my first Redbull (given to me by AC) and the Redbull Gelato.

Redbull and a pamphlet on the Benefits of Redbull

By the time I got home, it was already 7pm. Ate dinner and cleaned up. Watched some TV before taking my shower.

Once out, I installed some stuff for my assignment with the help of AC. Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. Night...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 3

Woke up at 6.15am and washed up. Had cereal and emptied the dishwasher. Got ready before leaving the house. This time, GTM gave me a lift. After dropping D at school, GTM dropped me at the Goodwill Bridge.

Used it to cross the river. Arrived at QUT with half an hour to spare. So, I went to the library for a nap. Later, I attended the "Writing Cover Letter" workshop. Made friends with M, an Italian exchange student.

After the session, I went to the library and looked at some stuff. Was pretty fruitless though. For lunch, I went to Subway and bought the Footlong Ham Sandwich. Ate half of it and kept the rest.

Footlong Sandwich - AUD 7

Then, I went for my next class. After an hour of lecture, I headed to S block. Met up with my group mates to discuss some stuff.

At 4pm, I then went to another tutorial. It ended at 5pm and I went back to join my group mates. Today was quite productive.

Finally at 6.30pm, I ate my other half of the subway. Attended the 7pm lecture. It was boring at first because she kept talking bout definitions of privacy. The other half was way more interesting.

Class ended at 8.30pm and I walked to the bus stop. Took the bus back home. Once home, I took my shower and settled some stuff.

Wrote this post and now going to go off. Bye...
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