Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This week AM went to Singapore. Go to school as usual, just that this time no one belanja me “pulled tea”. Yesterday I watched “Catch Me Now” episode 1 to 3. the show is about a group of people who robs the bad people’s money and donate it (like a modern day robin hood). It was very nice and cool, especially the mission parts. The most boring part was the relationship part. I also watched Bleach 166 (I know i am slow). It is almost impossible to find nice subbed version. I stopped watching since crunchyroll banned the uploads. I finally found this website. It has clear quality naruto and bleach episodes.

Today, after school mom picked me up and we went to Bangsar Village to eat because GM went out and didn’t cook. We went to Chatterbohkx for her lunch. She ordered fried bee hun Singapore style and I ordered French toast. The French toast wasn’t the best I ever had (best was in Kemaman – near “Garra Ruffa Fish Therapy”).

After that we went to Coffee Bean. This time I ordered the Strawberry Fru-Tea (not bad). Then before leaving, mom said that she didn’t have enough coffee so I ordered another large Ice-Blended Cinnamon for her and M to share.

Went to NZ Ice Cream and bought 5quarts of Ice Cream. The girls working there looked so happy and kind to me (maybe because I was the only one). I also noticed that they had a hard time scooping the ice cream. At 1st I only ordered 4 with 150 in my hands. After looking at the total price, I decided to ask for 1 more!! Haha, everyone is happy!! Sorry 4 My Bad Alignment! What I see Here Is Totally Different When Published!
Watched more episodes of CMN in the evening. TKK came to my house and he wanted to teach me how to drive “properly”. The Persona was not around so I used the MERCEDES!! He told me that AM is coming back tonight. Good, next Monday I get free “pulled tea”!! Downloaded another 2 episodes of CMN and episodes of TSCOS.
That’s is my entry for yesterday and today (with the boring parts left out). Nitez.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Human Footprint (A National Geographic Documentary)

I first watched this show on Earth Day (22nd April 2008) on National Geographic Channel (Astro 553). I thought it was a good show so i searched in NGC's website for the next repeat. So the repeat was today at 5pm. I managed to convince everyone to watch it with me. And they found it interesting. The facts are actually based on an average human life (75.5 years old). This time, I took my pencil and paper to copy down all the facts they mention in the show. Here is the whole list in order of narration: Start the sentence with " An average human/ An average human's ......"

  • drinks 15951 pints of Milk
  • uses 3800 Diapers
  • eats 4 Cows
  • eats 21 Sheep
  • eats 15 Pigs
  • eats 1200 Chickens
  • eats 13345 Chicken eggs
  • eats 4823 loafs of Bread (55 loafs/year)
  • eats 5272 Apples
  • eats 10866 Carrots
  • throws 8.5 tonnes of Food packaging
  • eats 10000 bars of Chocolate (8.2kg/year)
  • eats 845 tins of Canned beans
  • Fart 35815 litres of Methane
  • uses 4239 rolls of Toilet paper
  • defeceate 2865kg/3 tonnes of Faeces
  • eats 50 tonnes of Food
  • speaks 123205740 Words
  • knows 1700 people (300 at a single time)
  • Baths 7163 times (1 million litres of water used for the baths)
  • uses 656 bars of Soap
  • uses 198 bottles of Shampoo
  • uses 272 Deodorants
  • uses 276 tubes of Toothpaste
  • uses 78 Toothbrushes
  • uses 411 Skin care products
  • uses 35 bottles of Gel
  • uses 27 bottles of Perfume
  • uses 25 bottles of Nail polish
  • uses 21 sticks of Lipstick
  • uses 11000 Tampons (female only)
  • uses 5600 bottles of Fake tans (female only)
  • Washes their hair 11500 times
  • Total hair length is 9m42cm
  • Total facial hair length is 9m15cm
  • Total nail length is 286cm (each nail)
  • drinks 10351 pints of Beer
  • drinks 1694 bottles of Wine
  • total volume of Vomit can fill 5 buckets (2 times/ year)
  • has 10 Sexual partners
  • has Sex 4239 times
  • Falls in love 3 times
  • Marriage lasts 11.5 years
  • has 15 Computers
  • has 3.4 Fridges
  • has 3.2 Washing machines
  • has 3.5 Microwave ovens
  • has 4.8 Television Sets
  • has 9.2 DVD players
  • throws 40 tonnes of Waste
  • has 8 Cars
  • Walks 15464 miles a year (from Britain to Bali and back)
  • Drives 452662 miles (enough to go to the moon and back)
  • watches 2944 days/8 years of TV
  • reads 533 Books
  • reads 2455kg/ 1.5tonnes of Newspapers
  • uses 24 trees to produce the Books/ Newspapers they read
  • drinks 74802 cups of Tea
  • visits the Doctor 314 times
  • takes 30000 Tablets
  • sheds 61.5 litres of Tears
  • has 104390 dreams
  • blinks 415000000 times

And out of the 1700 people the know:

  • 305 dies of heart disease
  • 179 dies of stroke
  • 99 dies of lung cancer
  • 92 dies of respiratory diseases
  • 111 dies of pneumonia
  • 63 dies of dimensia/alzheimers
  • 49 dies of colon cancer
  • 32 dies of breast cancer
  • 9 dies of road accidents
  • 1 dies in a fire
  • 10 suicides
  • 0.1 gets murdered

To get a short description of the show and the other screen times, click the title of this post.

My Weekend

I woke up early on Saturday to go to SMKBB’s HACKS. Wasted about 2 hours there to get this stupid plate. Its for getting best in science for SPM in the whole school.

"The ugly piece of plastic"

After that, my dad picked me up and sent me to Jaya to collect my P license. They gave me 2 “P Stickers” and I bought another 4 for RM4 per pair. Then before we decided to go to EDEN for Dim Sum. I drove the Persona to EDEN while my mom drove the other car. My dad was beside me while I drove.

After lunch I drove back. And later dad needed to collect something from someone, I became his driver and drove him there. After that, I drove to my aunty’s house to visit her (and get some biscuits).

We went to IKEA for dinner with my uncle and family. I drove as usual. There were so many cars and it was so hard to fin a parking space. I visualized that I found a car park. Suddenly the car in front of me was going out of the parking space. I ordered 15 Meatballs + Mazarin + Soft Drink for RM 14++. After dinner, we were looking for something to buy because if u buy something from IKEA, you get free parking. We saw a beautiful chair and managed to persuade my dad to buy it. I again drove home. Before sleeping, we fixed the chair.


On Sunday, I woke up and did nothing but play computer and download some songs. Went for lunch in MIZU. Ordered the fried chicken with breadcrumbs set. I think its about RM 23. And we also ordered the Mizu Maki (seriously, 10 out of 10 times we go there, we sure order it). It comes in a plate of 6. Guess how much it cost?

"Fried Chicken with Breadcrumbs Set-fried chicken, rice, miso soup, chawanmushi, fruits"

1 piece is RM5. RM5 X 6 =?? Do the math!!

After lunch, I hinted my mom to go Coffee Bean. She was about to go downstairs when I said “mom, you are going the wrong way” then she said “owh! ya”. My sister got upset because she wanted to go home. I ordered a large “Ice Blended The Ultimate”, my mom ordered a small “Ice Blended Cinnamon” and my sister ordered a kid-size “Ice Blended Chocolate”. We sat at the table with a sofa. The table was not cleared yet because the “Ang Mo”s had just left. Guess what we saw?

1 of the new drinks launched by Coffee Bean called "Fru-Tea" left undranked.

1 Large = 1 Kid+ 1 Small
LARGE is more WORTH IT (RM 13.10 is than RM 11.10 + RM 9)

We had our Lim Family Dinner today in Kepong. Did not drive the car the whole day. And got to go to college tomorrow. *Sigh*. Lucky this week only need to go to college for 3 days!! This is my 1st visual blog. How was it? Going offline now…

Friday, April 25, 2008


After Malaysian Studies, I took taxi from APIIT’s main entrance. This time it cost me RM 14 because it was jam and he took the NPE highway. In the taxi, I called Jaya Driving School to ask if my P License is ready or not. As expected the license has not been collected by Mr Ang... ( I strongly advise everyone not to go to that driving school). The secretary said she will call me later when it is collected.
When I reached home, I watched American Idol on YouTube and also found some other interesting videos worth my time. Somehow I found this guy called TomsterMusic. He made 12 song parody and when I watched it I laughed like hell. He is the best and most creative guy I tell you.
At 4 something, the secretary called me and told me Mr Ang did not collect my license but the license is ready. She told me to come to the office tomorrow before 2. What else can I say besides “ok”. When my sister came back from school, I ask her to shower quickly because I wanted to show her the videos.We laughed at every video we watched. Then she wanted to play AuditionSEA so we both went on9 to showdown. Haha if not mistaken I won every round. Still, we had fun. We played until 8pm and she didn’t even touch her homework!! She’s beginning to turn into a BAD GIRL!!
Our parents then came back at about 9pm. They bought chocolates and shirts for us. Mom asked me to transfer her photos. I wonder when will I stop helping her? Anyway we watched Who Wants To Be A Superhero Finale. And now I’m writing this and my mom is looking at her photos.Tomorrow I have to wake up early because I’m going back to SMKBB for Hari Anugerah Cermelang Kurikulum Sekolah. Must be there at 8 so I guess I have to wake up at 6.30. I don’t even know what prize they are giving me... I’ll tell you when I find out tomorrow.If you are interested, here’s the links to some of TomsterMusic's videos:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two Days of Boredom and Fun

Last night my sisters and I went over to 97 to eat dinner because our grandparents would be leaving KL today. This is to see them before they leave and also show some respect. We went there at 7.15 but none of them were back. So we watched TV until nearly 8 before we started eating. We all watched American Idol on 711 and had a nice family chat. After that we somehow watched Hannah Montana on 615. It was quite funny and we all laughed. Lame but funny.

When we came back I smsed AM to ask her if tonight’s dinner is confirm. She said yes so I went to ask GM for RM 300 and tell her I’m not coming home for dinner today. And I also dropped my phone on the floor and now the battery cannot be slotted into the phone in the evening. AC helped me MORE by dropping in on the floor another time (I’m not angry at all).

Today, before I went to school I remembered that my phone battery is still loose. I decided to use cellophane tape to tape the battery to the back of the phone. But all I could find was double sided tape so I used the black and thick double sided tape. Now at least the phone still can work ;-(.

AM, YM and I had free Sausage McMuffin for breakfast. As usual I’ll take the free newspapers (The Sun and Malaysian Today) and when I went down to cafeteria, a kind person will belanja me Teh Tarik. Apparently AM also told the whole world that I'm gonna belanja her dinner.

In today’s PITS class Miss Hemalata gave us our assignments. After class, JT, ML and I went to 2nd floor to use laptop/laze around/other boring stuff. JT brought 4 Sausage McMuffins. JT ate 1, ML ate 2. KW joined us later and ate the remaining SM.

After lunch we had IS lab session. We were asked to follow the instructions posted in Learnfinity. First, many people couldn’t access LF. After that, the instructions ask us to go to and create a new account. Everyone did that but when we wanted to access the stuff there, suddenly everyone got other people’s name. (example: I got “welcome Kousilya!” and others got “welcome Muhammad S!” and others got and so on). Even if you log out and resign in, you will get a different person’s name. Everyone laughed damn hard. After awhile it some how returned to normal. Then following the instructions, I then came to this page where it teaches students how to use basic html to create a webpage. It was very interesting and I am starting to love it.

After class I had 2++ hours to kill. So I went to the 2nd floor again to watch Michael Clayton (boring movie). After that I went to the admin to submit my driving test result to prove that I was absent for a reason on Monday. I saw AM outside the admin office so I waited with her for YM to come and pick us up.

We reached AP house about 6.45. ZL was there. Naughty as usual but not too bad today. AM, KK, YM, and SC took turn to shower while AP was watching some hokkien drama on 8tv. After that we went to Chili’s BSC to have dinner. When we got seated, KK started his complaining “Aiya not nice la the food here. Go blablabla nicer la. U all eat here me and AP go upstairs and eat la. So expensive and not nice”. That almost ruined my mood. But since I won’t let anything spoil my mood, I just pretended he never said anything. We ordered Chicken Crispers, Fish and Chips, some other chicken, Fajitas, and Hot Diggity Dog for ZL. All of us shared everything. When KK ate a piece of Fajitas, “Aiyo, not nice la…Roti Canai nicer...” anyway after that I asked for the bill and it was only RM 126.XX. Cheh so cheap. I thought it would be more than this. YM paid with her credit card and I paid her my cash. ZL was so full she said she needs to take off her belt

AP and KK sent ZL back home while YM AM SC and I went to Guardian, Royal Sporting House and the CD shop to waste time. SC asked me if I have any DVDs at home. I said yes and he said we will go and take it later. In the car he said “don’t buy Dell and don’t buy HP”. “Acer the best”. That’s his opinion!

When we reached home, I took all the DVDs for him to choose. He took quite a lot back. I wonder how he is going to watch all of it. We had funny talks as usual. They always do. AM and SC introduced me to this movie called Turista. They said it was very scary so tomorrow I’ll get my hands on that DVD. He then asks to see my VAIO. He took a look and said “Owh, this is the RM 3000 one. No wander you don’t like it”. SC helped me set the Vista to perform faster and turn off the stupid permission stuff. He also introduced me to UBUNTU. We watched the YouTube video about Vista Vs. Ubuntu. I’m definitely falling more and more in love with UBUNTU. But the 8.0.4 Beta just launched and there will be many bugs. So I’m gonna wait a few more months before I download it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Parking Test

Last night I slept at 9.30, too early for me. But I wasn’t feeling so good and today was my parking test so I decided to go to bed early. I couldn’t really sleep so I visualized the whole parking test:

"Get in the car. Adjust mirror. Gear one. Wait. Half clutch. Car crawls in front. Wait. Half clutch. Car crawls in front. Car in front goes over the hill. Half clutch. Accelerator. Release clutch. More accelerator. Side mirror comes next to the pole. Clutch down and brake. Handbrake up. Tell number. Accelerator max. Half clutch. Hear sound change. Release handbrake. Car goes down hill. Stop aside. Take form. Go parking. See 1st pole in triangle glass. Steering wheel all the way to the left. Reverse. See 7 poles in the side mirror. Turn wheel 2 times right. Reverse till back tyre reaches the line. Turn wheel all the way to right. Reverse. See the front wheel on line. Turn wheel to max right. Stop. Turn 2 rounds left. Raise hand. Turn right max. Go out. Reach 3 point turn. Go till 3rd pole. All way to right. Stop all way to left. Reverse. Gear one. All way to right. Get out turn right. Park at side of road. Go take result. Pass the test. Finally feel SUPER HAPPY!I kept thinking bout this a few times. Still couldn’t sleep. Don’t know how I fell asleep but I woke up at 12. It was so hot I decided to on the air-cond. I dreamt about some weird and non-sensical stuff. When I woke up, I said thank you for letting me pass. Washed up and stuff, eat breakfast and all the things I usually do when I wake up. I was also thinking “3rd time’s a charm! 3rd time’s a charm!” I was ready by 7.15 because Mrs. Ang said she would pick me at 7.20. I waited for her till 7.50. She picked me up and we went to her office to pick the other students. "

When we reach there Eugene was there. I ask him what he fail and how. He actually did the same mistake as me. Hahaha, good to know I’m not the only 1. He asks me if I’m confident I say YES. After lining up all the numbers with “P” were asked to go to the pondok. My stomach was really killing me. I was so very nervous man! Some people were the heroes went straight into the car. I waited until there were only 15 of us “resiters” left. Nobody wanted to go first and the workers even scold and say if u all doesn’t want to go then wait till 3 o’clock only take the test. All of us then got up and stand near the cars. Eugene wanted to take new cars but I’m not sure whether should take new or old. New car I scared not used to it. Old car I scared not enough power. Suddenly the guy asks me go to the red car. I just told myself “just get over it la”. I went up the hill nicely and stopped in the yellow line. “37P” then the guy say ok go down. Accelerator max “VVVVVVROOOOOOOM”, clutch half….and there was no sound change!!! OMG!!! Just try to release handbrake, car rolls 1 cm down! I faster pulled my handbrake and try again. The same thing happens another 2 times. I felt so scared. Where the H@#% was the change of sound. I saw Eugene’s car beside me. Malu la if I fail. I tell myself cannot fail. Even when I type this my hand is shaking. I just came out with this idea “accelerate to the max and slowly release clutch until the car moves”. I did that and when it was rolling down hill I released the handbrake.

The guy ask me go to parking 1. I stopped and went to collect the form. I was wondering if I failed. When I collect the form it was a pass. I felt so surprised and decided not to think about it. Gave the guy my form and get back into the car. Parking 1 was empty but I decided to wait for some1 to ask me to go in because I was scared that if I went in without some1 permission they will fail me. So I heard “pergi depanlah!” then only I went in. I parked nicely and went out. I went to the 3 point turn and easily did that. Came out of the box and parked at the side of the road. I walked to the pondok and told him my number. The results for the parallel parking and 3 point turn weren’t even written on the paper. He just took it and ticked all the box sign here and there and asked me to sign. Could he really have such a good memory? Who cares as long as I passed. I feel so relieved.

I walk back down and I saw Eugene walking towards the pondok. He asked me whether I passed and I told him I did. We slapped hands and he went to the pondok. I went to find Mrs. Ang and as usual she asks me to go to the office to photocopy my IC and L license. I asked her for my results so I can give APIIT admin to prove I went for the test. I paid 40 cents for the IC and L license and when I asked to photocopy the results, she charged me another 40 cents!! But I just paid her because I don’t really care what happens as long as I passed my test. I saw Eugene in the office and he told me he saw me doing the hill and was so scared I failed. Anyway I filled in the form to apply for P license and paid Mrs. Ang RM210. Mr. Ang sent me home. Now I’m writing this blog. I feel so good now because I’ve wanted to write this and the previous entry for a long time.

*FYI: the techniques taught in the movie “The Secret” really works. The law of attraction is the best! I visualized I pass, I even said thank you before I really pass, and I even felt the joy 1 day before I actually pass. Maybe by doing that, when I was about to fail, I somehow passed! From now on I will try to use these techniques to get what I want. Hopefully it’ll do more magic for me.

The Secret

Before I start, I would like to tell you that I watched "The Secret" on my laptop in school. That movie/documentary tells us the key to success or getting what u want. after watching the movie, I came to the conclusion that the 3 main things thought in the movie is:

and feel the JOY.

Example of gratitude in the movie is when one women found out she had breast cancer, she woke up every day and said "thank you for healing my cancer", after 3 months her x-ray showed there was no cancer cells in her breast.
Another example is this guy found a rock and called it gratitude rock. Every time he touched it, he would say thank you for all the stuff he has. Example "thanks for letting me live another day, thanks for giving me a house to stay". One day his African friend asked him what was that, then he told the friend that its a gratitude rock. Few months later when the friend send him an email, asking for 3 gratitude rocks because his son is very sick. The guy then went to a river found 3 rocks and posted it to Africa. After a year the African guy's son got cured. The African father and son then sold gratitude rocks for 10 dollars each, all the money made were given to charity.
Example of visualization in the movie is this guy keeps a "wish board" in his work place. He put a picture of his dream home on it. 5 years later when he shifted house, he found the wish board and realize that he bought the same house and renovated it the same way it was in the picture. He cried.
To those who wants to try this visualization technique, remember that you should say you want some thing and not you hate something. It doesn't matter if u say you hate war or u love war, you will be given war. On the other hand, if you say u want peace or u don't want peace, there will be peace.that is the power of our mind. Mother Theresa knew this secret too, she once said, " If you invite me to a anti-war rally I wont go, if you are having a peace rally then I will come along.".
The final and most important thing is to feel the joy. Example if you visualize u won the lottery, you must feel the happiness when you visualize about the win. If you want a new bike, imagine how happy you would be when u have the bike.

I decided to try to think of a friend calling me right after the movie and she miss called me for fun at night. I keep thinking of passing the parking test and visualizing every move from the hill parallel parking and 3 point turn. I even tried to visualize how happy i will be when i pass the test. i also said thank you for letting me pass the test in my mind. I also wake up every morning and say thank you for giving me another day to live and other stuff. I'll tell you how it works out!
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