Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye

Woke up at 10.30am and went to wash up. Since it was the last day we could see our cousins, I went over to hang out with them. We watched some TV before D came back with me to my house.

Here, we watched "The Ugly Truth" in my room and he went back for lunch after the movie. D and D then came back here and they watched the other half of "I Love You, Man". We then had our lunch and came upstairs to join them afterwords.

Later, we watched "Step Brothers" till it was 6pm. Everyone took turns to shower and went to 97 after that. We had a simple and light dinner at 7pm and wished each other "Happy New Year" at 8pm.

My Dinner

That was the most stupidest thing I have ever done in 2009. Well, that was because they need to wake up at 5am the next morning and go to the airport. Their ever-strict father wouldn't let us have a real countdown party...

They stayed for another 10 minutes before packing their luggage into GTA's car. We stood in a line to shake their hands (the dudes decided to shake) and hug (only AS was open for hugging) them.

Later, we stayed in 97 till 9pm before dad drove us to SS's house. Before that, we stopped by Section 17 and got some "Tong Sui" and "Chin Lung Pao". Arrived at 105 just before 10pm and we started feasting.

Chin Lung Pau - RM 1 for 3 pieces

Watched the "Taipei 101 Countdown Party" on TVBS (Astro 317) till it was 12am. Wished each other Happy New Year and we all ran up to SS's room where we could see the fireworks from 1Utama and theCurve.

Continued watching the program because Lee Hom was performing. That ended at 1am and we said bye before going off. Just outside section 17, we got stuck in a really bad jam. Dad took a detour and went into PJ.

Super jam for an unknown reason

Ended up at UMSC and we went home from there. By the time we got home, it was already 1.40am. Was too tired to blog as it was 1.55am after I washed up. Went to lie on my lovely bed...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two More Days

M woke me up at 10.15am and I quickly washed up and got ready. Just as we were leaving the house, J woke up and said she wanted to come along too. So, we called C and K to tell them that we are going for the 12pm session k-lunch instead of the 11am one.

Arrived at 105 by 11.35am but we still had to wait for C. Drove to The Curve and went to RedBox after we found a parking spot. Unfortunately, there weren't any more rooms so we could have our k-lunch.

We walked over to e@curve and planned to watch a movie. In the end, we didn't go for the movie because the good seats were all taken. So we walked around for half an hour before finally eating at Chikuyo.

I ordered the Chicken Katsu Don set lunch but it wasn't that great. Kinda unreasonably priced too. By the way, C paid for our lunch because she was the one who didn't want to make reservations for the K-lunch and insisted that there will be enough rooms.

Chicken Katsu Don Set - RM 13.80

After our lunch, we went to Chocolate and tried their new ice cream in cup. It wasn't that great but at least the chocolate slices made us happy. Drove back to 105 and hung around till 6pm watching TV.

Vanilla Sundae - RM 1.20

Then, I drove back home and started using the laptop while waiting for my turn to shower. After I showered, we had our dinner together. When everyone was done, all of us walked over to 97 to meet our cousins.

Watched another movie on StarMovies before all of us went to Baskin Robins. We bought 2 quarts of ice cream and ate it there on the spot. After that, we bought another 9 quarts and brought them back home.

"Chocolate Escape" & "Cookies N' Cream" - RM 66.65

Dropped D, D and MM back at 97 before going home. Started blogging and chatting till now. It's 11.50pm and I'm going to bed as soon as I post this. Night...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Of Movies and Ice Cream

Woke up and realized it was already 11.30am! Half a day just gone like that. Used the laptop for a while before taking my shower. Then, we watched "Overheard" together till it was about 2pm. The story line was kinda weird though.

We had lunch as usual but it wasn't that great. Later, we went over to 97 to hang out with our cousins. Played some "Battlefield 2" and just sat around talking. Then at about 5pm, we all went to Chocolate at BV2 for tea.

I ordered Ms Coco Frappe as usual and it was really good. After our drink, we went back to our house and watched "Never Back Down". Had to stop at 8pm and go out for dinner.

Ms Coco Frappe - RM 12.90

Mum drove us to Strawberry Fields at PJ and MM joined us too. I had a spaghetti, toast and shared a drink with M. The spaghetti was GREAT but the toast tasted as bad as it looked. Juice was still okay. MM paid for the dinner and we went to Amcorp Mall.

Carbonara Spaghetti Chicken - RM 8.20

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 1.90

Jumbo Watermelon and Pineapple Juice - RM 7.50

Mum went to collect her lens from the Nikon shop. Meanwhile, D, D and I went to McD and I bought them a vanilla cone each. On the other hand, M was at Giordano looking at some clothes.

All of us then went home at about 10pm. Waited for the boys to come over before we continued watching "Never Back Down". Right after that, we watched "I Love You, Man". It was a really funny movie even though there weren't much 18+ jokes.

D and D had to go back 50 minutes after the movie started. We won't be seeing them till the day after tomorrow so the rest of us continued watching the show. The movie ended at 12.30pm and I started blogging.

It's 1.30am already and I'm gonna get some sleep. Night...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Dinner at 97

Got home at 6.30pm and waited for my turn to use the bathroom. Meanwhile, I used the laptop to reconnect with the cyberworld. After I showered, it was already 7.15pm. All of us then went over to 97 for Christmas dinner.


Carrots, Cucumbers, and Lettuce

Mixed Vegetables


Potato Salad

Angel-hair Spaghetti

Spaghetti Sauce

Fried Bee Hoon

We waited till it was 8pm before we grabbed food from the table. The lamb was great but the satay didn't taste good. I guess I won't be able to find any good satay in KL after tasting the Pork satay in Penang.

My dinner

After dinner, we watched Tropic Thunder on Astro. Then, we hung around talking to each other till 10.30pm. All the guests left except the C family. We opened our presents and mum started taking pictures.

This Christmas, I received four presents:
  1. Crystal doll from SS and family
  2. Mug from MM and AC
  3. Door stopped from Mum
  4. RM100 from GTA
My presents

We stayed there till it was pass 12am. As it was kinda late, we decided to go home. Started blogging till now (2.20am). Gonna end this post here and going off to bed. Night...

Penang: Day Three

Dad called our room at 9am and told us to meet them downstairs for buffet breakfast. M and I took turns to wash up. By the time we got downstairs, it was already 9.30am. That one hour left to have our breakfast.

Entrance to Ever-Cafe

Walked into the buffet area and got some food. After about 3 rounds, I was already stuffed and didn't feel like eating any more. Overall, the food wasn't that good. Even the pancakes from McDonalds were better.


Pineapple juice

Beef Bacon, Spring Rolls, Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans, and Hashbrown

French Toast and Pancakes


Croissant and Cinnamon roll

Waited for the others to finish before going back to our rooms at 10.40am. We then watched TV and relaxed on the bed till it was 12.30pm. All of us then packed our stuff and went downstairs to check-out.

After dad paid, we hopped into the Avanza and drove to the Chew Jetty area. We walked to a nearby coffee shop. Since the girls didn't wake up for the buffet, they had their lunch there while the rest of us just had a drink.

Chew Jetty Cafe

Iced Coffee

Mee Goreng

Then, we made our way to the jetty and waited for our turn to board the ferry. After waiting for about 15 minutes, we drove into the ferry and got out of the car to look around. Stood at the front of the ferry so that the refreshing breeze would blow onto our faces.

Cars in the ferry

Looking down at the sea

Looking out from the side of the ferry

Another ferry coming from the opposite direction

That's the Penang Bridge

This small ferry can support the weight of 32 cars!

Stairs to the second floor (passengers only)

Just before the ferry docked at the other jetty, a worker came and told us that the car in front of us hit our car. He forgot to pull his handbrake and his car rolled back onto ours. The damage wasn't huge so dad didn't want to make a fuss out of it.

The dumb driver!

The ferry docked at the other end of Penang (Butterworth) and we drove on to Esso. All of us emptied our bladders and I bought some snacks for our journey. Then, we got into the car and started our journey home.

Mamee and Smarties - RM 1 per packet

When we left Penang, I was actually quite happy and relieved. That's because since yesterday, we noticed that Penangites LOVE to HONK at every small matter. Even when they are caught in a jam, they will honk for no reason. Compared to KL, the people in Penang honk 10 times more. Urgh!

After 2 hours of driving, we stopped at the Tapah Rest-stop for a break. Went to the washroom before going to the food court. Dad bought some food and drinks for us to fill our stomachs. M and I bought waffles which were great!

Tapah Rest-stop

Curry Puff and Egg Tarts

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Waffle from DailyFresh - RM 3

When everyone was done, we got back to the car and continued driving. Less than 2 hours later, we arrived back home safely. That marked the end of our 3Day-2Night road trip to Penang.

We spent 3 days with each other relaxing, eating, and sitting in the car. It was nice to do such things together as a family. Sure hope we could do it again sometime...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Penang: Day Two

Didn't sleep that well because it was too cold in the room. Woke up at 8am and used the laptop for a short while. Ate a Kit-Kat and waited for my turn to wash up. Later, dad brought us to "Solok Moulmein" for breakfast.


Solok Moulmein

We went inside Swee Kong and ordered some drinks. Dad bought some mini-pizzas and Wan Than Noodles for us. The pizzas were good but the famous noodles weren't too great. Went back to our hotel after lunch.

Restoran Swee Kong

Three mini-pizzas - RM 10.00


Wan Than Mee

Before going back to our rooms, we went to look at the pool area. It wasn't really that nice but was still presentable. Got back to our rooms and watched TV till it was 12pm. Then, we packed our stuff and checked-out of Berjaya Hotel.

Entrance to pool area

Pool area

Brinjal plants near the pool


Looking down (bunch of expensive bikes and police vehicles)

Looking out

The gym

We got into the car and drove to Evergreen Laurel Hotel. This hotel was much much better than the previous one. The lobby itself was already 5 times bigger. And in less than 20 minutes, we were shown to our rooms.

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang (Five Stars)

Waiting area

Check-in counter


Lift area (super fast and efficient lifts)

We explored the room and I took pictures of almost every little thing in the hotel. Stayed in the room for about an hour watching TV and relaxing. After that, dad drove us out for lunch.

Outside the rooms

Room 702

Card Holder

Key Card


They are Eco-friendly!

Sitting area


Free broadband (LAN cable)

Flat-screen TV





The view

This time, we went to Sunshine1000 which was on the way to Kek Lok Si. The food here wasn't that great but it still filled our stomachs.

Iced Coffee

Char Kuey Teow - RM 2.80

We then drove on to Kek Lok Si. There were many people there and most of us didn't want to walk and explore the temple. So, we just went to look at the new "Guan Yin" image and walked around for a bit.

the Guan Yin image

View from the landing

We donated a roof tile (RM 30 per piece)

Prayer area

Statue of the Horse

Another shrine

About half an hour later, we drove back downhill and bought some rojak. We didn't eat it there but brought it back to the hotel instead. Uploaded yesterday's post and finished the rojak before we went to visit the pool on the second floor.

the Rojak stall

Rojak (sauce was DELICIOUS)

After that, we went down and made our way to the pool. Before getting to the pool, we have to go through the bathrooms. Inside, there were 5 doors, each leading to somewhere else. Dressing room, washroom, sauna and jacuzzi, lockers, and the main pool area.

Kids Club (next to female bathroom)

Gym (next to male bathroom)

Dressing Room


Locker Room

We then regroup at the pool area and took some pictures. Dad and E went for a swim while the rest of us just relaxed on the deck chairs. At 6pm, I came back to the room and watched TV till 7.30pm.


The view

Sunset (can't see clearly because of clouds)

Dad then drove us to another coffee shop called "Hong Kong Tea Garden". I had some Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, Pork Satay, Char Kuey Teow, and Iced Coffee. The food here was great especially the coffee and satay.

Hong Kong Tea Garden

Maggie Goreng

Pork Satay - RM 5.00 (50 cents each)

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

Char Kuey Teow

Iced Coffee

After dinner, we drove to Gurney Drive and was caught in the jam. There were no place to park so we went back to the hotel. Dropped J, E and mum back and we went back to Gurney Drive to try our luck.

Jam along Gurney Drive

Just as we were gonna go back, we saw a parking spot. After we parked, we walked over to the "Malaysian Food Street" exhibition. It's actually a long stretch of hawker stalls that are gonna be there only for the month of December.

Malaysia Food Street

We found a place to sit and ordered some dessert while dad had Asam Laksa. The desserts weren't that great though. While eating, I spotted my high school classmate and went to say "hi". Has been a long time since I met him.

Asam Laksa - RM 3.00

Chendol - RM 2.00

Ais Kacang - RM 2.00

Four Fruit Soup (Sei Goh Tong) - RM 2.00

After eating, we walked to "g hotel" and looked around. It was a boutique hotel so the deco was really modern and trendy. Walked around the lobby for about 15 minutes before we drove back to our hotel.

g is for G Hotel

Spiral-wire Christmas Tree in the Lobby

It was already 10.20pm and the sauna was closing in 10 minutes. Since it was pointless going there, we just went to our rooms. I started blogging till now (1.05am) and still haven't showered since this morning.

Gonna end this post here and go take my shower. Will go to bed right after that. Night...
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