Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Brunch, Lunch and Linner.

At about 10.30pm, we went to McDonald's, Bangsar to have our brunch. I ordered hot cakes set(pancakes actually). It comes with 2 pieces of hot cakes, a hashbrown and a cup of coffee. While eating, M pointed out that we can see KLCC and KL Tower merge together. We have been to McD since young and we only noticed it now.
Hot Cakes from McDonald's.
The amazing merger of KLCC and KL Tower.
We went to CzipLee to look at some stuff. I bought 100 pieces of fullscape paper and M bought a rubiks cube for only RM 1.80! That was way cheaper than I expected. And when we played with it, it was quite smooth compared to the other 2 we had.
.Rubiks Cube from CzipLee.
After that, we walked to Baskin Robbins to buy some ice-cream. On the 31st of every month, BR offers 31% off. That attracted many ice-cream lovers, including us. The que was quite short (10 people). We bought 3 quarts and 2 pints. It cost about RM 130++.

I actually wanted to buy more but since the flavour I saw in the leaflet isn't available, I didn't buy it. There were about 3 flavours that I wanted and the worker said they don't have that flavour. If you ask me, they shouldn't be advertising the flavours that they do not have.
3 quarts and 2 pints in 1 BR bag.

Tadaa! 2 pints, 3 quarts and 3 quarts.

Went home and uploaded some photos of yesterday. Got a call from SS. He needed me to pick him up from the workshop. SS, SS and C came to our house. Then, SS sent his car for repair and when I finished transfering the pictures into the computer, I went to pick SS up.

SS, SS, C, M, J, mum and I went to BaBa Low's in Jalan Tenggiri for lunch. They all ordered Mee Siam. I didn't because I hated Bee Hoon. SS, SS, C, mum and I ordered Cendol. M ordered teriyaki wings (6pcs) for everyone to share.
Cendol from Baba Low.

They didn't say anything so I assume it was okay. Cendol tasted like how a cendol should taste like. SS paid the bill and we went to BV. C and mum wanted to buy some Aesop products so we walked to BV II. Then, we walked to CzipLee again because SS wanted to buy another rubiks cube for K.

SS and mum went to the art exhibition on the second floor. The rest of us went to visit our baby cousin. He is already four months old. Wait till he sees his 1 month old nephew! That would be freaky. We went back home after half an hour or so.

I was scooping Ice Cream when mum called. She asked me to pick SS and her up. SS and I went to pick them. Then, we dropped SS and SS to the workshop. After that, we bought some rojak for everyone to eat. When we finished the rojak, SS, SS and C went home.

Came upstairs and started updating this blog. Now, all of them are shouting at me because they want to go for dinner early. How to eat an early dinner when you just ate so much food?? Haih. Better go now...

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