Friday, October 30, 2009

It's OVER!

Woke up at 8am today and studied a little more before having some cake for breakfast. Then, I went to shower and got ready for the exam. Drove to BBJ and went to HOL to meet the rest. Had a cup of "Iced Kopi" while I was there.

Iced Kopi

We went back to the exam hall and took the exam at 11am. This subject was the hardest for me to study but it ended up being the EASIEST paper. It really boosted my confidence when I saw the question.

Came out half an hour before the exam ended. KW and ZS were outside chatting with me till the rest came out. Once it was over, AC, DY and ZS each had a different stuff to do. That leaves AL, KW and I.

Since the group wasn't complete, we decided to postpone our "celebration". Dropped KW off at the LRT before driving home. Then, I started using the laptop. Had spaghetti for lunch and came up to play MTG.

As usual, M lost all 3 rounds that we played. I told you "We are Legion" is good right? Used the laptop to chat, play MO and some other flash games to pass time. Also caught up with a few Bleach episodes.

Went downstairs for dinner at about 7.30pm but I wasn't that satisfied. Came back up to use the laptop again. Ran out of Bleach episodes to watch so now I'm blogging. Then at about 10pm, KK came to pick me up.

KK, AP, SC, AM and I went to Paramount for Hokkien Fried as supper. Ordered an extra "Iced Milo" to drink. The noodles were quite good. After supper, they dropped me home and I started watching TV downstairs.

Iced Milo

Hokkien Fried (3 servings)

Came back upstairs and played Wizards101. After an hour, I realized that it's a crappy game despite it being the 3rd best MMORPG! To heal mana, you need to play mini-games. WTF! So I turned it off and continued writing this post.

My eyes are closing already. It's been a long time since I slept late. So I guess I'm gonna upload the pictures and go to bed. Night...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mamak Mamak

Woke up at 8.30am again and used the laptop for a while. Then, I showered and got dressed. Drove to BBJ and met the rest of the gang at the mamak stall. Had Roti Planta and Teh Tarik for breakfast.

Teh Tarik

Roti Planta

At about 10.30am, we paid and drove to the exam hall. Then at 11am, we went to sit for our CSA exam. The test was okay but slightly unexpected. And DY delivered my Sensonic Glaser mouse today. Happy.

Super Cool Glaser Mouse - RM 21.90

After the exam, I dropped KW off at the LRT and went home. On the way back, I was suddenly so hungry. The moment I got home, I rushed to the kitchen and ate my lunch. Went upstairs to start studying later.

Went to take a nap at 3pm and woke up an hour later. Played a game of MTG with M and I won as usual. Then, it was back to studying again. Showered and had dinner at about 7pm. Studied again...

Played a game of MTG with M and I finally lost to her this time. Actually it was beyond my control because I didn't have any creatures in my hand and had about 10++ lands! Went back to studying later...

Then mum asked me to go to the mamak stall. I drove to "Kapitan Pinang" where dad ate with his friends while mum and I sat at another table. Ordered satay, roti canai and milo ais. Nothing here impressed us though.

Milo Ais

Roti Canai

10 Sticks of Chicken Satay

When we were done, dad paid and we went home. Started studying again while being distracted most of the time. There's one last exam tomorrow but all I can think of is relaxing....

So this is it. The 600th post. Nothing interesting except having 6 stick of satay. Only thing that made me happy today was the new MOUSE and my drive to BBJ (where I blasted Taylor Swift's songs).

Night. Wish me luck for the last exam of this sem!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preparing for WAR

Woke up at about 8.40am and started using the laptop till it was 10.30am. Then, I went downstairs to get some breakfast. Later, I started compiling the rest of the notes. At about 1pm, it started to rain.

My breakfast (Muffin and Heong Peng)

Since the weather was so good, I decided to take a nap. Woke up at 3pm and went downstairs for lunch. Then, I played 2 rounds of MTG with M and won both as usual. Continued studying till 6.10pm.

Stopped and watched Heroes 07 till it was 7pm. Studied a little more before having my dinner. Came back up to study till it was 9pm. Played MO till 9.50pm and went to study again. Then at 10.10pm, I had a snack break.

Lurve: French Onion!

Right after I finished my snack, mum asked if I wanted to go Chocolate. So both of us drove to BV and had our drinks. I ordered the Ms Coco Frappe and was so FULL after that. I finished my drink but mum couldn't finish hers.

Ms Coco Frappe - RM 12.90

Ms Coco in Mug - RM 12.90

She then asked the waiter to pack it and also paid the bill. Reached home at 11pm and I quickly started blogging. Finished the rest of mum's Ms Coco which was SUPER CHOCOLATY!

Ms Coco (takeaway)

I'm gonna end this post here because I want to do a final round of revision before going to bed. Night!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two More to Go!

Woke up even before my alarm rang. Guess I just had too much sleep already. Anyway, I started revising till 9.30a. Then, I had breakfast and got ready for college. Went straight to the exam hall since it was already 10.30am.

All of us went into the hall at 11am and I came out at about 12.30pm. I was kinda disappointed because what I studied only came out in objective. And the easy questions came out in section B(essay) which made it hard to elaborate.

Waited till 1pm for the rest to finish their exam. Then, they said they wanted to go Ikano. They went there for lunch while I sent KW to the LRT station. I drove to 112 and parked there. Next, I walked to Devi's Corner to look for AM and KK.

Roti Planta

Teh Tarik

I had a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. Later, I took some of the Maggi Goreng from AM. When we were done, AM paid the bill and the 3 of us walked back to 112. Drove back home and used the laptop for a while.

Then at about 3pm, I started watching "Benjamin Button" and finished a bag of chips. Wanted to watch Cyclops at first but the DVD won't play. Overall, the story was nice but too slow and long. Being born old was okay but I don't get why he didn't shrink into nothing instead of dying as a baby.

After that, I came upstairs and started studying. Somehow got distracted by Twitter and ended up reading blogs. Stopped at 8pm to shower and have dinner. Then, I continued studying again till 10.30pm.

M wanted to play MTG before sleeping so we played 2 rounds. I wont both rounds without getting hurt at all. The last round was so fake because I had 45 life points at the end of the game. Then, I continued compiling the notes till 1.10am.

Decided that I had enough for the day so I stopped studying and started blogging. Gonna upload the pictures and go to bed. Tomorrow will have to be a SUPER-STUDY day! Night.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Can't Study!

*This post is written in anger and might not be pleasant to read.*

Woke up at 9am and showered then drove to BBJ. Met up with the others at HOL and we stayed there till 10.30am. Next, we went to the exam hall and sat for our exam at 11am. Paper was quite good and I came out early.

Waited for the rest till 1.10pm. Then, we went for lunch after everyone was done. Lunch was at Million Castle. Food was okay but that burnt a hole in my wallet. RM15 per person man! Anyways went back home after that.

Did my revision and played 1 round of MTG with M. Lost to her that round because there were no creature cards coming to my hand. Later, I studied again and played MO. Showered and had dinner at about 8pm.

*You have been warned*

Used the laptop till about 8.50pm. Then, I took a nap. M woke me up and told me to pick J. I drove all the way there to find NOBODY there. Checked my phone and J smsed few minutes ago.

The message says her friend's mum sent her home. I was super angry that time. The drive home burnt more petrol than usual. But of course, I'm not too dumb until I let myself die because of this small matter.

Once back, my evil side took over me. I smsed mum and dad saying "I didn't pick J"(which was true). Mum then asked me to call her and I said "nope". Then, mum called to ask where she was and I said "Go call her yourself".

Okay, so mum's reaction was exactly what I wanted. I want them to feel something too all because of SOMEONE'S STUPIDITY! But what disappointed me was dad. He didn't even bother asking anything. This makes me wonder, DOES HE EVEN CARE ABOUT US?

I tried studying but this anger is blocking everything from going into my brain. So I decided to quickly complete this post and go to bed. Hopefully when I wake up, everything would be better. Bye...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tomorrow is NEAR!

Woke up at 9.30am and started using the laptop till 10am. Then, mum brought J, E and I to d'lish for brunch. I had "Caesar salad" and "Oreo smoothie". The rest of them ordered their own stuff. Mum met her friend there too.

Mum's Big Brekkie - RM 19.80

Mum's cappuccino and orange juice (not in pic) comes with the Big Brekkie

J's Blueberry Pancake - RM 15++

Oreo Smoothie - RM 9.80

Caesar Salad - RM 15++

Found this among the salad leaves!

This strand of hair was EMBEDDED into the garlic bread!

The salad wasn't even half as good as the one from Delicious. Besides that, the smoothie was so watery! I couldn't even taste the Oreo, the one we did in DY's house was MUCH BETTER and more worth it!

After paying the bill, we went off to BISDS and picked M up. Once I got home, I played 2 games of MTG and won both of it. Started revising till about 3pm and went on to play MO. At about 4pm, mum drove J, E and I to SierraMas.

We went to GTA's house and I took a nap there. Later, MM and family came to join us. Stayed there till about 7.15pm before we drove off to "Sai Gong" near "De' Pastry Chef" in Kepong. AJ's parents joined us for dinner and so did dad, M, GM and A.

The food here was good but the waiters were RUDE! They did not say anything mean but they kept hitting me when passing by, especially the fat waiter who did that EVERYTIME he passed me!

One restaurant with 3 other companies' tissue?

Another funny thing about this restaurant is they use "rejected tissues". What's that you ask? Basically they just buy custom made tissues which are rejected. Why do they even want to do that? How much can you save? What about your reputation?

Anyway, we finished our dinner at about 9pm and left after GTA paid the RM 239 bill. Arrived home at 9.30pm and went to take a shower. Then, I started my revision again before playing few rounds of MO.

Right after that, I started writing this post till now. It's 11.30pm and I shall go to bed after I upload this post and complete another round of revision. Wish me luck for tomorrow's exam. Bye...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The 600th Post :D

Woke up at 11.30am and used the laptop to start my revision. A cooked lunch so we went down for lunch later. Played MTG with M and I won all 3 rounds (thanks to "We are Legion" again). Then, I continued studying.

Went to shower and was ready by 3.30pm. But mum was still in a talk so I didn't go to BV yet. GG came over and asked me to drive him to Lucky Garden. So I drove him there and waited for him. Half an hour later, we drove to BV and met up with mum.

We had tea in SanTerri Cottage. I ordered a "Ice Cafe Float" and "Shepherd's pie". The coffee was nice but half the cup was filled with ice, totally not worth it. Sheppard's pie was good though. According to GG, his "cappuccino" wasn't good.

Mum's B.E.T Sandwich - RM 8.50

Ice Cafe Float - RM 8.50

Full of ice! What a rip-off!

Shepherd's Pie - RM 10.90

PP, MM, M, E, J and AC then joined us later. We moved to a bigger table and ordered some cakes. I had a little bit of each piece but didn't think any of the cakes were that great. Stayed till 6.10pm and left after mum paid the bill.

Green Tea Slice - RM 6.50

Total bill - RM 96.90

Drove back home and started with my revision again. Then at 7.30pm, we went over to 97 for dinner. Stayed there till 10.40pm and I started reading TYC21D again once I got home. Then, I came upstairs to use the laptop.

Sent out some reading materials (click here and here)to my friends which I taught might help them. Then, I spent about half an hour explaining to DY about the PSPD codes. Was a good experience teaching him and this also helped me understand the codes better.

Stopped at about 1am and I started to blog. It's 1.30am already so I better upload the pictures and go to bed. Bye...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun Gathering!

Mum woke me up at 9am and asked me to go for breakfast. So I used the laptop while waiting for her. Half an hour later, she claimed that she was waiting for me since just now. Ignoring that, we got ready to go out.

But I opened the fridge and remembered that there is some leftover cake (KP brought it over). How could I resist "chocolate indulgence"? So, I had that for breakfast. Then, I went up to start compiling and writing my notes.

Suddenly, H asked me on facebook if I was free to go out. Then, she went asking everyone and started planning. Went to pick M from school at 12.30pm. Once I got back, I went to take a shower and got dressed.

Left the house at 1.15pm and had some light lunch before that. Went to refuel the Avanza to make sure it doesn't run out of fuel later. Total was RM 76.43. It started raining and that went on for the rest of our journey.

Drove to H's flat and waited for 20 minutes before H came out of her house. Then, we drove on to pick NM at Pantai Dalam. Next stop was UiTM (Shah Alam) where we picked NA and went for lunch.

H wanted to go to PakLi so we went there. I ordered a "Roti Bakar" while the rest had drinks and meals. Chatted while eating till about 3pm. Then, we paid the bill and made our way to 7eleven and bought some soft drinks.

2 servings of Roti Bakar - RM 1.60 (per serving)

After that, we drove all the way to Ara Damansara. Before turning into LA's house, we went to NZX and bought 12 donuts from big apple. It was already 4.10pm when we arrived at LA's house and found her waiting for us.

Big Apple donuts - RM 23.00 (box of 12)

Said "hi" and went inside her house. We sat at the table and had some drinks while chatting. After a while, we decided to go to LA's room instead. Chilled out and started sharing stories there.

Then at about 5.45pm, we went back downstairs to chat and drink a little more. Next, we went to the front of the house and ate some fruits from LA's plantation. The durians were good and so were the rambutans.

H, LA, NA and NM

NA, LA and I

We took some pictures before hopping into the car and saying our goodbyes. I then drove back to Bangsar but it was really jammed along the LDP. Sent NM and H at their houses before dropping NA at SMKB.

By the time I got home, it was already 8pm. Had my dinner and came upstairs to shower. Studied for a little while before going over to 97 again. Hung out there and only came back home at 10pm.

Studied till 11pm and stopped to play MTG with M. I won the first 2 rounds while M won the last round. This time, I was using the "We are Legion" deck. It was a nice game though. Really full of strategy and tricks.

It was already 12.10am when we finished our game. I then quickly started writing this post till now. It's 1am already and I'm gonna sleep soon. Night...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Bad Start

Woke up at 11am because E asked me to pick AP up now. Washed up and had a cup of water before driving to 112. Then, we drove to UMSC to deliver some food to KK. After I entered the basement, something happened.

This silver Myvi (BHV 350) was reversing because the car in front of her wants to get out. There were ample space for the other car to move but she still kept reversing. I honked her for 2 seconds before her car kissed mine.

She didn't even bother saying sorry and went on driving. That idiot hogged the road and the carpark was so narrow. Waited for her to make a turning and that also took her 5 times of reversing before making the turn.

Since my car wasn't damage and I was also too lazy to talk to that idiot, I decided to let her go. She would still be an idiot even after I scold her right? So I continued looking for parking in the small little parking area...

After 50 minutes of driving around looking for parking, I finally gave up and parked at an illegal spot. Left my number on the dashboard and went up to look for KK. 5 minutes later, we said bye and went back home.

Once I got home, I ate a durian flavored "ice cream potong". Then, I started studying for MMA. About 2pm, AP called and asked me to pick KK up. This time, A went into my car too and I dropped her at CIMB.

AP and I then went to UMSC again. KK was already waiting for us so he just got into the car and we drove off. It was raining heavily and driving was quite a dangerous thing to do. Anyway, we continued driving to SMKBB.

Picked M and J up before dropping AP and KK home. Then, we drove to Lucky Garden to look for A. We couldn't find her and decided to drive back home. That just means A has to find her own way home in the rain.

I took a nap while waiting for M to shower. Then, we had lunch together. Before I started studying, we played a game of MTG. M won her first match. Continued studying till 5.50pm.

Received a call from PP asking me to pick them from KL Sentral at 6.10pm. I then drove the Avanza to pick them up. To my surprise, it wasn't that jammed like it used to be. Parked and waited for them to arrive.

About 10 minutes later, they got onto the car and we drove home. Dropped them off at 97 before going home myself. Continued studying the last few chapters of MMA till 7.30pm. I went to shower and had dinner after that.

Since I completed my quota for today, I decided to play MO. At about 9pm, we went over to 97 and watched TV while talking to our grandparents and aunt. M came over with our MTG cards and we started playing.

We played 2 games and I won both. All thanks to the "We are Legion" deck. AC came down and I taught him how to play the game. He too won his first match. This made me wonder, do I always lose to beginners during their first match?

It was already 11pm when we ended the game. So all of us said bye and went home. I started blogging and chatting till now. Since it is already 12.20am, I better just finish up and go to bed. Night...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turned Out to be a Great Day

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop till 10am. Took a shower before driving to Sunway. Waited for DY till 12pm. Then, we went into Sunway University College and parked there. We came all the way just to get 2 boosters each for free. I also bought a 2010 Core Deck named "We are Legions".

We are Legion - RM 30.00

After that, both of us went to pay our parking and drove to Grill King. AC, AL, MY and ZS were there and the food just arrived when as we entered the restaurant. After a quick meal, we drove to APIIT.

Black Sos Noodles - RM 4.80

Our presentation were scheduled to start at 1pm but KW and I only did our presentation at 3.45pm. I was surprised that I got "A+" but at the same time happy. Drove KW to the LRT station as it was raining.

Because of the heavy rain, the ride back home was very dangerous. Drove slowly and arrived home at about 4.30pm. Went to shower immediately but somehow I'm having a headache now. Looked at my MTG cards for quite some time.

Then at 6pm, I started using the laptop till it was 7.10pm. Went downstairs for dinner and came up to blog after that. Waited for the rest downstairs because I thought we were going over to 97.

Fell asleep and woke up at 9pm. When I asked them about going over to 97, they told me GG and PP went to Genting. WTF! If I knew, I would have done better things than waiting for them.

A then tried to make french toast. I would say it was half a success because she made English French Toast not HK French Toast. Watched TV till 10pm and came upstairs to use the laptop. Gonna watch a movie before going to bed. Bye...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Final Chance

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop for a short while. Then, mum brought J and I to Bangsar South for breakfast at Old Town White Coffee. Ordered the "My Breakfast Set 1" but only ate the bread and drank the tea. Egg was gave to J.

Breakfast Set 1 - RM 4.50

After eating, we went back home and I continued using the laptop till about 1pm. Then, I followed mum and J to NikeGolf along Jalan Telawi. Didn't buy anything there and went home about half an hour later.

Used the laptop till it was 2pm and we went downstairs for lunch. Then, we watched "Fast and Furious 4" in my room. After that, I used the laptop again till 7.45pm. Took a shower and had dinner later.

Talked to KK and AP till it was 8.45pm. Then, we went over to 97 because our grandparents just arrived from Kuching. Stayed there till 10pm and came home to wait for dad.

He came home an hour later but heated up some bread. What happened to supper? What a liar! Goodnight and goodbye!

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Relief!

Woke up at 9.18am and I had a quick snack for breakfast. Then, I showered and drove to APIIT. Arrived at about 10.20am and went on to work on my group assignment. Because some of my team members didn't even turn up, the rest of us had to do their share of work.

So we rushed our documentation till about 4pm before going to the lab and printing our assignment. Printed my PSPD assignment too. After that, we went downstairs to bind our assignments.

Forgot to mention, MY was so kind to go get us McD for lunch. That kept our energy up and helped us satisfy our growling stomachs while still working on our documentation.

Went to L1-9 for a test which ended at 6pm. Handed in all my assignments and waited for the rest of my gang. They managed to do it slightly after the due time. But luckily, the admin kindly accepted their work.

All of us were so relieved and happy while walking to our car. During my drive home, I pumped up the music which made the ride very enjoyable. Arrived home at about 7.45pm and went to take a shower.

Waited till almost 8.45pm before having dinner. Used the laptop for a short while before going to pick J up from tuition. We then waited for mum to come home and bring us out. She came back at 11pm and we still went out.

She brought us to Wong Kok at SS2 for supper. I ordered "Original Iced Milk Tea" and shared a "French Toast" with J. We also ordered the meal set which came with a drink and fruits. The meal was some dumplings while J had the "Blue Valley" drink and some cheap fruits.

Original Iced Milk Tea - RM 4.60

French Toast - RM 4.50

Boom Dumpling Set - RM 16.90

We had a fun chat which ended at about 12am. We then went back home and I started blogging and chatting. It's 1am now and I haven't decided if I'm gonna go to bed or enjoy the rest of the night for a little longer. No matter, I'm gonna end this post now. Night...

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Woke up at 10.30am and used the laptop till noon. Then, we had vegetarian lunch at home. After that, I showered and used the laptop for a while. Drove the kids to Chocolate to meet up with mum and the rest.

I ordered a Ms Coco Frappe and we stayed there for slightly over an hour before going home. Back home, I continued working on my assignment till it was 6pm. Went to shower and went out with SS for dinner later.

Ms Coco Frappe - RM 10.90

Red Bean Ice - RM 1.00

Came back home at 9.45pm and I went back to work on my assignment. It's 1.15am but I still can't solve the code. You can tell by the way I blog, I have no mood and am in a hurry. So, bye...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First Raya Open House

Woke up at 12pm and used the laptop till it was 1.10pm. Then, dad drove E and I to town. We had lunch at this coffee shop called "Kam Fatt". Dad said the Curry Laksa and Assam Laksa here was good.

Iced White Coffee

Curry Laksa - RM 5.00

Pork Ball Noodles - RM 5.00

But since I don't like spicy stuff, I ordered a bowl of "Pork ball noodles" instead. I also ordered a cup of "Iced White Coffee". The noodles were okay and so was the coffee. Finished our lunch and went back into the car.

Dad drove to Low Yat but I told him not to go there. Then, we detoured to the Echolac shop and went down to look at the laptop bags. Unfortunately, there wasn't any nice bags so we had to go home empty-handed.

Back home, I used the laptop for a short while before showering and getting ready for NM's open house. Went to pick NA at 4.15pm before we made our way to Pantai Hillpark. NM's house was quite big and there were many people there.

We got ourselves some food and a place to sit. NM chatted with us for a while before leaving us as she was a very very busy host. Stayed there till 5.45pm before we said bye and made our way home.

Dropped NA back before I went home. It was a nice catching-up session with her though. Got to know what my ex-classmates were currently doing. And as usual, got updated with some of the latest gossips.

Back home, I used the laptop to work on my assignment and also played a few rounds of Magic Online. Then at about 8pm, all of us went into 2 cars and drove to DU. We joined SS and family for dinner at the usual "Hokkien Fried" restaurant.

I ordered a cup of Iced Barley and SS ordered a few dishes for us to share. The dinner was good but we had to wait quite a while. SS paid for the dinner and we went home after that. The whole journey home only took 12 minutes (according to M).

Iced Barley

Once I got upstairs, I started working on my assignment till it was 1.30am. Mum just came back from Kuching and has already booked me for coffee tomorrow. Anyways, it's 2am already so I'm going to bed NOW. Night...
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