Monday, August 31, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Woke up at 11.30am and went to wash up. After getting ready, mum drove us to town. She wanted to bring us to "Colliseum Cafe" at first but it was impossible to find a parking space. So, we went back to Bangsar instead.

Ended up going to BSC and we went to Monte's for lunch. I ordered the Chicken Fillet Set which came with soup, coffee or tea, and dessert. Each person were also given a bun as an appetizer.

Monte's, BSC

Complimentary Buns

Chicken Fillet Set (RM 19.90)

The bun was okay and the chicken fillet was very nice! The soup was too plain but the coffee was good. When we were done, they served us our vanilla ice cream which was from the set. Mum paid up and we left.

Visited the "unity" exhibition for about 20 minutes before finally going home. Back home, I watched YH till about 7pm. Had dinner after that and came back upstairs to shower. I then started surfing blogs till about 9pm.

After that, I started blogging and went downstairs to take a break. Ended up taking a super long break. Came up only at 10.30pm to continue blogging. Gonna upload some pictures before ending this post. Bye...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka Eve

Woke up at 9.30am today and had "Weetameal" for breakfast. After that, I came upstairs to watch YH and used the laptop. At about 11.30am, all of us went over to 97. Waited for GTM, GTA and AJ to arrive.

Then, we drove 2 cars to Lucky Garden for lunch. Went to "Nam Chuan" and I ordered "Sizzling Yee Mee". The noodles were just okay, nothing much. The adults talked for about 20 minutes before we went back to 97.

Sizzling Yee Mee - RM 5.00

Stayed there till about 2.30pm. Then we decided to go BVII for Starbucks. First, we went to the iPod shop to check some stuff out. Next, we went to Starbucks and I ordered "Dark Mocha Frap" Venti size.

Dark Mocha Frap (Venti) - RM 15.50

When all of us were done, we walked back to BV. Went back home to watch YH and surf the net. Showered before 6.30pm and went out for dinner later. Dinner was at "Chef Lou". Food was just okay as usual...

GTM paid the cheap bill and we went back to 97 and chatted. At about 9.10pm, we said "bye" to them and they went off to the airport. I quickly went home to get ready. Just as I was done, AC arrived at my house.

I went into his car and we drove to AuthenTeak. Waited for DY to meet us there. Then, we drove on to MistClub. A guy came over and we paid him RM 10 for each car. We had to wait for about 20 minutes because the "Nuffnang Counter" wasn't open yet.

Finally at 10.20pm, we got our tickets and went pass the security check. Unfortunately, HK was stopped from going in because he did not follow the dress code. We then went back to my house to get him a pair of jeans.

Tickets to Merdeka Hip Hop Fest

Made our way back to MistClub again and finally got in. As we passed the security, the bouncer "stamped" my wrist with invisible ink. When I put my wrist under the UV light, a cool flaming guitar can be seen!

Freaking awesome guitars on our wrist!!
How I wish I had UV light to see the cool stamp again...

We went inside the club and I was kinda disappointed. Everyone were just standing there drinking. To make thing's worst, they didn't even have a dance floor. We made our way to the bar and got our free drinks.

Some performances

We managed to get a total of 8 drinks for free. Ordered some Gin, Vodka, Whiskey and some other unknown stuff. Don't really know what we ordered because the bartender couldn't hear what we were saying.

All of us just stood there listening to the music till about 11.20pm. The party was getting boring and DY told us he was going back. We followed him outside and told him to go for Mamak. HX agreed so DY had to go too.

Just as they were walking to SNM, they saw "Baskin Robins" and decided to go there instead. We took our time deciding on what flavor to order. In the end, we ordered a quart of "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" mixed with "Jamoca Almond Fudge".

Mixed Ice Cream (quart) - RM 30+

We each paid RM6 to AC and enjoyed our ice cream. Talked and joked till about 12.10am. We then decided to go home. AC dropped me back home and I went to take a shower. Started reading some blogs before blogging about today.

It's 2am now but I'm still waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. Happy Merdeka...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Day

Woke up at 8am and waited for my turn to use the bathroom. We finally left the house at 9.30am for breakfast. Our whole family plus PP went to "New Eden Dim Sum City" in 2 cars. SS and K joined us there too.

Assorted Dim Sum

To my disappointment, the food here wasn't as good anymore. The bill came up to about RM90 because this time we paid for the tea. All of us went home in one car while dad went for his appointment.

Once we got back home, we went over to 97. Stayed there till about 1pm before we walked to Lucky Garden for lunch. First we went to "Syed", "Sa Marakech" and the shed. All of them didn't serve "roti" at the time.

We walked to "Mahbub" finally settled there. I ordered a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik as usual. After lunch, we walked to the sports shop in Lucky Garden. Stayed there for about half an hour while GTM looked at some tennis rackets.

Roti Planta

Teh Tarik

Reached home at about 3.30pm and watched some live badminton. The rest of them went out to shop for tennis rackets but I stayed home. Watched YH till it was 6.30pm and decided to take a shower.

We left our house at 7.20pm and went to pick M from her friend's house. Dad drove on to Gardens and we parked there. Went to "Tony Roma's", "Kim Gary", and finally "Oh Sushi". We waited for about 10 minutes to be seated.

Once seated, we noticed a cockroach and some filthy stuff behind our chair. The girls say they have lost their appetite. So, we walked off and decided to eat at "Manhattan Fish Market". I ordered a plate of "Fish and Chips" and plain water.

Fish and Chips (Dory) - RM 15.90

The fish was quite a big portion but it wasn't nice. Chips were also tasteless and bad. Besides that, the tartar sauce were very diluted too. Plus, the food here were too unreasonably priced. The "Fish and Chips" in "Fish and Co" was better and has better value for money...

After paying up, we went off and drove to TMC. Dad bought some milk and drove on to Baskin Robins. We got down and bought some ice cream. Total was RM 200.70 and mum paid for it. Waited for quite a while because the guy was kinda slow.

Back home, I loaded the fridge with ice cream. Came upstairs to chat and blog. It's 11pm now and I should be sleeping after I watch another episode of YH. Night...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner Buffet at JOGOYA

Woke up at 7am today and quickly went to wash up and shower. Then, I drove down to 112 and met up with AM and YM. We drove to SNM to have breakfast there. I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik.

Roti Planta

After we were done, AM paid and we went to TPM. YM picked me up after I parked my car and sent AM and I to APIIT. Waited for AC to arrive before we went to class. Today's PSPD lecture was interesting!

2 hours later, we went to Pitstop for some snacks. Then, we went back to L3-1 for our MMA lecture. Another 2 hours later, we finally went out for lunch. Ended up going to Lucky. KW didn't join us because he went home...

Since we were going to have buffet dinner later, we decided to eat some bread instead. So, AC and I walked to King's and got myself a "cheese stick" and a "butter bun". Brought the buns to Lucky and ate it there.

Cheese Stick

After lunch, we went back to APIIT for class. The lecture was actually very important because she briefed us on how our assignment documentation should look like. But, not even half the class decided to come...

Since we still had time, we went to Bukit Jalil Stadium to check out the phone fair. Walked around for about half an hour. Then, we went back to TPM. We drove on to Shell to refuel our cars.

Finally, we went to MY's house and left for Starhill. We were stuck in the heavy "Friday Jam" for slightly less than 2 hours. Reached Starhill at 6.30pm and parked our cars. Before entering the parking lot, 2 security guards checked under our cars and in our car boots.

Stuck in the terrible Jam!

Even after we reserved a table, we had to wait a while before being brought into the buffet area. So our quest for food begun. Stayed there till 9.20pm exploring, eating, chatting and taking pictures.

Coconuts (nice and fresh)

Dragonfruits (my favorite)

Assorted food from the "Grill" counter. (chicken Satay was good!)

Assorted food from the "Malaysian" counter. (beef was nice)

Unagi Handrolls (nah, unagi was too tough)

Siu Mai from "Chinese" counter.

Mini dishes from the "Japanese" counter.

More Japanese food...

....Japanese food again...

...And again

Some hot food (gas stove below)

Assorted Mochi (japanese dessert)

Assorted Cakes (best is chocolate)

Red Wine (drank a few sips and didn't like it)

Soup in Bread (good)

Coffee (not that great)

Marshmallows covered in Chocolate!

Some puddings (transparent one tasted better)


Total bill - RM 473.57

Food wasn't that great. My favorite dish, "Soft Shell Crab" wasn't even served on the buffet table. Very disappointing. Cleanliness wasn't good too because we saw a COCKROACH!! The lady from the other table panicked and all of us laughed at her.

Service was poor because it was full house and understaffed. They didn't clear our plates until we told them to. Overall, it was a fun and exciting moment. We ate many stuff so the RM 78 is worth it.

Only downside was the hefty price tag. If you ask me to come for dinner next time, I won't come. The jam is too stressful for me. I'd rather come for buffet lunch when the traffic is smoother. Well, proably won't be coming back soon. Really need to save up first.

Many still getting ready to go for "Supper" session!

After we left, AC led me to the Chinese Assembly Hall. Then, I made my own way home. Went to shower and started chatting. Blogged till now (12.35am) but the pictures still isn't completely uploaded.

Going to sleep after this post is done. Night...

Thursday, August 27, 2009


My alarm didn't ring but somehow I still got up. Looked at the time and it was 7am. Checked my alarm and found out that it was set to 7.45am!! Thanks to my biological clock, I woke up in time and wasn't late for class! Phew...

Washed up and had breakfast as usual. Then, I showered and drove on to college. Reached TPM and met up with AC. Both of us then walked to ENT3 for class. I liked today's class because it was about costs analysis.

2 hours later, our class ended and we went out for lunch. The 6 of us got into my Avanza and we decided to have lunch at "Uncle R". I ordered their Grilled BBQ Chicken and it was really nice because it had the grilled taste!

Grilled BBQ Chicken - RM 9.90

After lunch, we went back to APIIT for 3 hours of class. Finally after that, we all went back home. As it was still early and I had nothing to do, I decided to watch DIEA and YH. Showered at about 6pm and continued watching some drama series.

Just as we were going to have our dinner, GTM (uncle who just came back from Australia) called and asked me to go for Mamak with him. I agreed and brought E and M along too. Since we didn't have a car, we walked down, IN THE RAIN!!

GTM and I walked without an umbrella as it was the "Australian Way". Lol, it actually wasn't that bad. Cooling and relaxing. We went to SNM but they told us to wait as they wanted to give priority to the Muslims first (they haven't eaten since morning!).

Unfortunately, GTM didn't have a proper meal since 11 hours ago! So, we detoured to Devi's. There wasn't so much people here compared to SNM. I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. After eating, we were checking out GTM's iPod Touch.

Roti Planta

GTM paid for the food and we went back home. I quickly went to shower and blogged. Had to blog at this time because we will be going over to 97 to see GTM again. Probably won't be blogging anymore today so, BYE!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Too Much Free Time

Woke up at 8am today but went back to sleep. Woke up again 20 minutes later and went downstairs to eat cereal for breakfast. After that, I went to shower and used the laptop for a while before leaving for TPM.

Reached TPM at 10.10am but nobody arrived yet. Waited in the car for a while then AL came to pick me up. We went to park his car and walked over to AC. The 3 of us then went to the lab together.

Our lab class went on for 2 hours and we finally parted after that. ZS went out with his other friends, KW went home, DY and AL went to Klang, while AC and I drove to 1Utama. AC brought me to Old Klang Road and we went cutting through PJ.

Finally ended up at 1U after 20 over minutes. We parked at the new wing and went to "Fish and Co" for lunch. Service and food was good as usual. Obviously, both of us ordered "Fish and Chips". We quickly finished our lunch and walked towards the cinema.

Best Fish and Chips in Town - RM 9.90 (before tax)

After we collected the tickets, we went to "I Love Yoo" and bought 1 bag of "you tiao" and a "set b". Both of us then went into the cinema hall to watch Talentime. Ate our "you tiao" in the cinema while watching the movie.

Talentime (Wednesday) - RM 6.00

Rewatching this movie wasn't a bad idea. I had time to concentrate on the less important parts of the movie and also watch the movie from a different perspective. Was enjoying the music throughout the movie.

But, when watching it for the second time, only 2 drops of tears fell of my face. Somehow I didn't feel sad except for the part where Embun was asking Hafiz to go home. Movie ended at 3.50pm and we left the cinema.

As planned, our next destination was Starbucks. I bought a Venti "Java Chip Frap" and asked for it to be split into 2 tumblers. Each of us drank from one tumbler while using our laptops. Not long after that, we finished our drink and AC went to buy another Venti "Mocha Frap".

Venti Java Chip Frap (RM 14.20/2) - RM 7.10

Venti Mocha Frap (RM 12.10/2) - RM 6.05

We only left Starbucks and went home at 5.30pm. As I drove home, it started raining heavily. I got pretty dangerous because the rain really blurred my vision. Luckily, I drove slowly and got home safely.

Once I reached home, I went to take a hot shower. Used the laptop till about 7.30pm before going downstairs for dinner. After that, I came upstairs to read some articles till about 10pm. Started blogging till about 11pm while chatting with some friends.

Probably going to watch DIEA after I upload the pictures. Bye...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Esther is a bad Orphan!

Woke up at 7.45am today but went back to sleep as the toilet was occupied. Had my turn to wash up at about 8am. After that, M and I went to SNM for breakfast. I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik.

Due to some misunderstandings, the guy gave me Roti Plaster instead. It didn't taste as good as the Roti Planta though. Chatted for a little while before paying the RM 5.60 bill and went home. Dad took his stuff out and I drove the Persona to 97.

Roti Plaster - RM 1.80

Teh Tarik - RM 1.80

Since GG and PP weren't ready, I decided to go refuel the car. Drove back to 97 and my grandparents were already ready. Didn't expect them to get ready so fast. So anyway, I dropped them off at KL Sentral and headed for TPM.

To my surprise, I reached TPM 50 minutes earlier. I then went to the syndicate room to use my laptop. Thankfully, ZS was also there to accompany me. At 10.30am, we went to class. 2 hours later, class was over.

The bunch of us sat in class decided what to do next. AL suggested we go watch "Orphan" but I wasn't too keen about it. But since ZS who hates watching horror flicks wanted to watch it, I decided to tag along too.

So all of us drove to Gardens and I met up with AC. Both of us went to "I Love Yoo" and bought FIVE "you tiao" (one for everyone) and one set B (for AC). Next, we went to the GSC to collect the tickets.

Orphan (student price+ online purchase) - RM 7.50

After everyone was here, we went to McD for lunch. I ordered the Fillet-O-Fish Set which was quite good. When all of us were done, we went into the cinema hall. The movie just started when we went inside.

Fillet-o-fish Set (regular) - RM 5.95

Overall, it was a successful show because it really made us swear words like "B*tch" and "Stup*d" and some of us even wanted to punch her. The story started like a horror movie at first but towards the end, it was more of a thriller. Kinda similar to "Obsessed" if u ask me.

The movie ended at about 2 hours later. We then walked around before going home. Back home, mum and the girls were just leaving to watch "Talentime". I used the laptop till 6.30pm and took a nap.

Woke up at about 7.20pm to shower and have my dinner. Continued using the laptop till 8.50pm. Then, I drove the Avanza to 1u and picked M and her friends. Later, I dropped them at Devi's Corner and went back home.

Started surfing the web and chatting till 11pm. I then started blogging but got distracted because everyone were discussing about "Talentime" and I got involved too. Finally finished typing by 12.51am but pictures are still not uploaded...

Going to bed as soon as possible. Bye.
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