Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of 2008

Woke up at about 10am and had buns for breakfast. I then went to collect the VAIO with mum while waiting for the girls to get ready. Before that, she dropped me at the bank and asked me to help her transfer money.

After several failed attempts, I came out and asked her to show me how to do it. Then, we drove on to Northpoint. We didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes before it was our turn. And, we got Grace to serve us too!

Anyway, she told us there was NOTHING WRONG with the VAIO and asked us to bring it back to test again. Since they couldn't do much, we went out and drove back. We waited about 5 minutes before going back because 2 cars were blocking ours.

We then reached home at about 12pm. The girls quickly got in and mum drove to 1Utama. Once there, we decided to have lunch. Mum suggested Sushi ZanMai and she led the way.

There was quite a long line in front of the restaurant so I went walking around while mum waited in line. Once I came back, they were already inside. M then came out to bring me in.

This place didn't have set lunches so I just ordered a Soft Shell Crab Maki and a Chicken Karaage. The green tea was okay and the Soft Shell Crab and Chicken were both nice. At 1.55pm, Mum then paid the bill and left.

Soft Shell Crab Maki

Chicken Karaage

RM 98 bill!

We then visited most of the clothes store on the second and first floor along the bridge that connects boths wings. At 4.20pm, we finally felt tired. I managed to get myself 3 shirts. Two from DC Tribe and 1 from Add-on.

Mum then brought us to Pick N' Brew. Mum ordered the Tea Set for RM 12 (tea + a cake) and I ordered a Double Brownie with Ice Cream. The lady told me they were out of stock and I decided not to order anything.

RM 12 Tea set

Chocolate Mint Milkshake

When the food came, I tried the Yule Log which was WORST than one from the cruise. The tea was okay though. M's Chocolate Mint Milkshake was okay but not much mint was added.

The worst thing was that they gave E a straw with HOLE for her Iced Chocolate!!! When E drank it, she had a real hard time. When she realized there was a hole, I then notice that her shirt was all covered in dots of Iced Chocolate.

E's dirty shirt!!

Out of a sudden, the lady came and told me that the Double brownies were available again. I then agreed to get 1 to try. I was shocked when I saw how small their portion was. With the name "double" it was half the size of Delicious' Classic Chocolate Cake. It wasn't that great so it wasn't really worth RM 15++...

Double Brownies - Not so great after all...

When we were done, mum paid the expensive bill. We then walked to Jusco but stopped by Nike and other shops. Once in Jusco, M and J shopped for school uniform but was unsuccesful. I then came up and choose a RM 100 belt ( before 70% off) and mum paid for it.

Our Tea Time Bill - RM 64.90

Then, we planned to get out of 1U and go to Merlin. Instead, we spotted a shop named "Outpost" that sold school uniform too. M and J then went in to try them out. In the end, J bought uniform from there but M didn't because the cutting didn't suit her.

After that, it was already 7pm. We then decided to go for dinner. M wanted to go to Itallianies so she brought us there. We waited for about 5 minutes before we were seated. All the tables were either reserved or occupied.

We totally forgot the fact that today was New Year's Eve and they had a seperate menu for the day with MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE PRICING for the same portion. They didn't even have the party size food.

Anyway, we ordered Calamari Caesar Salad and Spaghetti Meatballs and shared among the 5 of us. They didn't serve water (which I hated) so we ordered 2 bottles of mineral water. We also finished 2 portions of bread!

Complimentary Bread - YUMMY

My plate - Calamari Caesar Salad

My plate - Spaghetti Meatballs

The bread was good as usual and so was the Spaghetti. We didn't like the salad because they added some weird herbs which didn't make it taste like the original Caesar salad.

At 8.10pm, we were done. Mum paid the bill and found out they charged us RM 6.90 per bottle of water!! That was totally unacceptable but we just kept quiet. For only 2 dishes and 2 bottles of water, we paid RM 94.20!!

Bill, Bill, Bill!!

We then came home and took turns to shower. At 10.30pm, all of us except mum went to SS's house to welcome the new year. Because of the jam, we arrived at 11.10pm.

We then watched TV while C and her friends chatted. At 12am, the fireworks started. We wished each other "Happy New Year" and rushed out to watch the fireworks. Then, we decided to go to SS's room where the view was much clearer.

After the fireworks from Curve and 1Utama was over, we went downstairs. I tried a sip of Bailey's which was AWFUL!! We then opened up a packet of Dark Chocolate Maltesers to share.

Baileys - Original Irish Cream

Dark Chocolate Maltesers

Next, SS, SS, K, Dad, M, J, E and I went to Damansara Utama for supper. We went to the stalll outside the Duck King and ordered 3 dishes of noodles. 2 Hokkien Fried and 1 Cantonese Fried. I ordered herbal tea to drink.

Herbal Tea - Quite good

Hokkien Fried Noodles

Cantonese Fried Noodles

After our supper, we paid off and went home. Traffic started to slow down from TTDI and only was cleared after we passed Eastin Hotel. This was because the police made the 4-lane road into a 2-lane. Because of this, we only reached home at 2.20am...

Traffic JAM caused by idiots!!!

As it was already very late, I decided to sleep without touching the laptop...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell K Session

Woke up around 10am and had Koko Balls with milk for breakfast. Watched TV till 12pm and fell asleep for awhile too. Mum and M then came back with M's results. She got straight A's (7a) which was nothing unusual for her.

Anyway, I came up and finished up on the "day 4" post. After that, I went downstairs for lunch. Right after lunch, we drove to SS's house to pick C and K up for the K session at the Curve.

After parking, we walked to Redbox and saw quite a few people lining up. When it was our turn, the receptionist told us that we had to wait till 3pm since we didn't make reservations. C then booked the 3pm slot and gave her details.

Since we had an hour, we walked to Ikano and decided to try KikKok. I bought the chocolate Kikkok while C and K bought theirs. I shared mine with M but it wasn't really that special.

Chocolate Kik Kok - RM 2

KikKok Stall in Ikano

We then found a place to sit and finished up our food. First, we went to Crocs and looked around. Then, we went into Vincci because C was looking at some shoes.

Next, we looked at some toys in the ground floor. The receptionist then called us and said the system was down and asked us if we could shift our session to 4pm. C told her we couldn't because she has an appointment at 7pm. So, the receptionist agreed to give us 3.30pm-6.30pm.

Since we still had some time, we looked around at some shops. Then, we walked to Ikea and bought 2 ice creams (for K and I) and a Hotdog+Drink combo (for M and C). We then shared the drink among the four of us.

Ice Cream from Ikea

We refilled it 2 times before we left the place and walked back to Redbox in the Curve. Since the room wasn't ready, the receptionist let us use the VIP room for half an hour before switching us to the standard room.

VIP Room with PS2

Private Toilet

The girls just warming up

My 2 drinks

We then sang till 6.50pm before leaving. The lady mistakenly allowed us to sing till 7.30pm but we had to go to PP's house so we paid and left early. I choose the very last song titled "bye bye" which we all sang for C.

The Bill with 15% tax!! - RM 32

I then drove to PP's house because everyone was there for dinner. We were the latest car to arrive. We went in and had our dinner. After dinner, we had "yee sang". The next activity was watching the Cruise Photos on TV.

We watched TV till 10.30pm before deciding to go to Kanna for supper. All 15 of us went in 4 cars. I ordered a Teh Tarik and shared 1/4 of Roti Bom with K. We then sat there chatting and having fun.

Teh Tarik

Roti Bom

At the end of the day, it was time to pay. The 2 straight A's students were suppose to pay for the supper. Unfortunately, LM was too slow and KH went ahead to pay for everyone.

We then went back to PP's house because K and SS had to take their stuff. Then, I tailed behind SS while he led me back to the highway. Once back on familiar road, I drove home.

Reached home at about 12.10am and started to blog. It's 12.50am now and I shall go shower and sleep. Night...

Monday, December 29, 2008

My 300th post

Woke up at 7.50am by M and saw AM's message. She said it was raining and she was too tired to cycle. So, I went back to sleep. Woke up around 11am and only got out of bed at 11.20am.

Went down and had some biscuits for breakfast. The cleaner was here so I watched TV till she wanted to clean the living room. Then, came up and used the laptop to blog. At about 1pm, dad came home.

I told him I wanted to eat in some place special. We went in the car and I fell asleep. When I woke up, we were in Brickfields. My mood was totally bad right then! (I know I'm a spoilt brat. Haha)

I kept quiet and we finally ended up in a restaurant along the road in Brickfields. Dad ordered some vege, boxing chicken and sweets & sour pork. The girls had coconuts and the guys didn't drink anything.

Kheng Heong, along the road of Brickfields

Our 3 dishes (RM 30++)

The Bill!!

The food were edible but mum (who has alien taste buds) said it was good. Dad then paid the RM 48 bill and we left. By the time we reached home, it was already 3pm.

I turned on the TV and watched Fun With Dick And Jane. Fell asleep about half an hour later. At 3.45pm, I woke up. Minutes later, AM called me. I then took my stuff and rode down to 112.

The four sisters were all there. WM and CM's kids were also all there. SC and AM then took their bikes out and we went cycling. We cycled back to my house and they went in for a drink. Next, we went to CKK's house to look for UB.

UB was sleeping so we went to BSC. We cycled around the car park of BSC for about 15 rounds before going back uphill. Then, we rode back down to 112. AM went in. Then, SC and I continued to ride up the Loft Hill.

This time, it took me slightly less time to climb up. I came downhill faster too. Before going back to 112, we went to Rodalink. The guy let us weigh our bikes (mine was 14kg) and also complained to us about a customer he met just now.

We then went back to 112. I sat there for awhile chatting with the older ones and played a little with their kids. SC made mango juice for me too. At 5.30pm, SY smsed me and asked me to meet at 6pm.

I quickly brought the cup to the back and said bye to everyone. I opened the gate and gave DZ the key. Rode back home as usual. Then, I took a few minutes rest to cool down before showering.

Then, I drove to Gardens and parked there. I gave SY a call and she told me 3 of them already met and asked me where we should eat. KY suggested Pizza Hut so we decided to meet there.

While almost reaching Pizza Hut, SY and the others appeared in my face. I was probably dreaming till I couldn't see them. Next, KY and I went to Pizza Hut while YS and SY went to the bank.

When they came back, we started to order. We ordered 2 regular pizza set for 4 person. Since SY couldn't take beef and prawns, we ordered Hawaiian Chicken and Hawaiian Supreme. Had some small talk while eating.

We finished and paid the bill (RM 54+) at 7.17pm. Walked up to the cinema and went in. We watched Cape No.7 which was actually quite an interesting show.

It's a meaningful movie with a romantic storyline. It also comes with many unexpected comedic scenes. The language used in the movie was Taiwanese, Mandarin and Japanese. The movie started with many pieces of puzzles and the movie ended PERFECTLY!!

The movie started with heavy metal music which I hated. The lead actor's attitude was also stupid. But towards the end, the music was nice and meaningful and the actor didn't show his idiotic side anymore.

I recommend this movie to people that like mild romance movies. Although it is funny, It won't be as funny as comedies like Yes Man. Also, do not expect any action in this movie.

Anyway, after the movie, it was only 9.30pm. We then had was discussing on where to have a drink. We nearly went to around OUG but ended up in Kim Gary. We then walked to Kim Gary and went in.

Each of us ordered a drink and sat there chatting till. I ordered a Honey Lemon Green Tea (hot). We had fun talking about our primary classmates, SPM, genting, and many other stuff. At 11pm, we asked for the bill and we paid RM 6 each.

Honey Lemon Green Tea (hot) - RM 3.90

Once out the door, I said by to the 3 of them and walked to Gardens. I paid the RM 6 parking and drove home. At home, I changed into my pyjamas before starting to blog. It's 1.17am now. Should be going for K-lunch if M manages to get her results early...

*To view YSY's blog post on our outing click here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last Sunday of The Year

Woke up at about 10.40am and went to wash up. Then, I went downstairs to get some breakfast. Had a chicken floss bun and Portuguese egg tart as breakfast. After that, I turned on the TV and watched Channel 809 (AXN Beyond) while I lube my bike.

Even after I was done with my bike, I still stayed downstairs watching TV. This was because they were showing a Lost marathon. The story was really interesting and I was a bit reluctant to turn it off when we went for lunch.

MM came over at 12.30pm and we went for lunch. Dad drove to Quan's with all of us in the Avanza. This time, I ordered an Ice Lemon Tea (small) and a French Toast Special with Tuna Ham for my lunch.

Ice Lemon Tea

French Toast Special

Although it may seem too little, I was quite full after that. Dad paid the RM 58 bill and we then drove to SPCA to pick AC and his friends up. Then, 10 of us squeezed in the Avanza while dad went to 2 banks to run his errands.

We then dropped one of AC's friend off before going home. It was about 3.30pm when we reached home. I then watched Lost. All of us wanted to watch a movie. Since dad had 2 free movie passes, we decided to go to cineleisure at 4pm.

We waited for MM and AC to come but we waited till 4.11pm and decided to drive to their house and wait for them. Once they hopped in, we drove to Cineleisure.

After we arrived, we went up to the cinema and bought 2 tickets for Australia (5.30pm for MM and mum). It was RM 6 per ticket because dad used his Citibank Clear card. Then, we used the 2 free passes to get 2 couple seats for Yes Man (7.30pm). Dad used his OCBC platinum to buy 2 couple seats and got another 2 free for Yes Man.

The total was RM 34. With our tickets, we went down to Midori and got 2 Kakigori (retail price RM 9.90) for free! This is because you get a Kakigori for every 4 tickets u purchase. We ordered a Mango & Milk Kakigori and a Chocolate & Milk Kakigori.

Kakigori Menu

Mango & Milk Kakigori

MM and mum left early to go into the cinema for their 3-hour show. The rest of us then went home to shower. On the way, dad called Nam Chuan and ordered 2 packets of noodles. We then went to collect the noodles before reaching home.

Once home, I went to shower. After I came out, I took some noodles and ate them while watching TV. After watching Suite Life on Deck and eating 3 bowls of noodles, all of us went back into the car and drove to Cineleisure.

2 types of Noodles for dinner

We arrived 5 minutes early at the cineplex and went to the washroom. After that, we went inside the cinema hall. I sat with M throughout the movie. The show lasted about an hour plus.

It was a VERY FUNNY movie and it also comes with some teachings telling us we should try new things but also we should only say "YES" if we really want to.

After the movie, we went to Lecka Lecka and bought some ice cream. M, J, E and I shared a scoop of After Eight while AC ate a scoop of Oreo. Then, went to look for MM and mum who were downstairs eating at Ah Cheng Laksa.

Lecka Lecka Ice Cream

When they were done, we went to the information counter to get some freebies (redeemed with our receipts). The receptionist was so generous she gave us so MANY stuff!! I was surprised she could even give us so many goodies!

On the way out of the parking, it was kinda jammed. I fell asleep and woke up when we arrived home. It was close to 11pm then. I came up and started checking on my dashboard to see if there is any new article to read.

I ended up reading Mr Jonathan's blog till 11.30pm. I then started to blog till now. It's 12.33am already and I'm going to sleep soon. Bye...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting Back In Shape

Woke up at 8.45am and started using the laptop. Played Pet Society and blogged on and off till 1.30pm. Then, I went down for vegetarian lunch. The food wasn't that great but I still ate it.

When I came up, M was using the laptop. I just watched her play for about an hour before dad came and said he needed to use the laptop. So, we let him used the dell while we extended the desktop to the Bravia and watched episode 6 of MIT.

After an hour of watching, M followed SS, SS and C to Petaling Street to have some snacks. I then went down to eat some cremeria. Once I came up, mum was using the laptop to view the photos. So, I just laid on my bed. Didn't even fall asleep today because just as I was about to sleep, I received an sms.

I ignored the message and got up to do some blogging. When M came back, she and I rode down to 112. Then, SC and AM got their bikes and we rode to BHP. On the way, SC told us that 2 cars were set on fire when he came to our house.

After pumping air into our tires, we rode to the water tank and rode all the way uphill to the Loft. Then, we rode downhill to TMC as usual. This time, AM was with us so SC stayed back with her. M and I went ahead and reached 112 in about 20-30 minutes.

We waited for about another 10 minutes before SC and AM came back. I clapped when AM came back but then I realized I wasted it because all AM did was push her bike for half the journey uphill.

Anyway, we ate some "tong sui" that AP made. We were then too lazy to cycle uphill and plus KK was washing our tires (even after I told him not to). So, we asked dad to come pick us before they went for dinner.

At about 7.20pm, they came in 2 cars (plus AC and MM) to pick us. We went back to the vegetarian restaurant (Simply Organic) in Taman Desa for dinner. Abotu 15 minutes later, we arrived.

Dad ordered the food and I ordered the Sea Coconut. The food was ordinary and my sea coconut was finally served at the end of the meal. To my disappointment, the sea coconut's GREAT taste has dropped to 30%!!

Disappointing Sea Coconut

At the end of the day, dad paid the expensive bill (RM 100++) and we went home. MM, mum, AC, J and E went in 1 car to Gardens for "yum cha". Dad, GM, M and I then went to 112.

We took some super glue from KK and finally glued my number plate back to normal. Then, M and I rode our bikes back home.

Once home, I quickly showered. When I came out, LC was already here. Few minutes later, AM and YM arrived. We had problems with CS so we played HL first. At about 10pm, YM went to bring SC here.

All of us didn't get to play together till about 11.30pm when LC's laptop finally finished updating. We then played till 12.17am. After that, AM complained she was tired so SC and YM went home too.

LC restarted his laptop and it UPDATED AGAIN!! So, after we settled our stuff at about 1am, we decided to go out for supper. I wanted to bring LC to Pelita but there was no parking. So, we went back to SNM as usual.

I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik while LC ordered his food and drinks. We also ordered 2 bowls of papadum while chatting. We sat there talking till about more than 2am. Anyway, we paid the bill (I contributed RM 3.50) and went back.

Yummy Roti Planta

On the way home, we went to look for the burnt cars but only found one. Then, we came in and used the laptop while waiting for LC's laptop to finish updating. At about 2.40am, I sent LC out of the door and came up to blog.

It's already 3am as I type this. I don't feel tired at all but will go to sleep soon anyway. Night everyone...

Friday, December 26, 2008

LF Cruise Trip - The Aftermath

Woke up at 9.45am today and still could feel the wobbly sensation. Washed up and used the laptop to blog. Went down and took a Mexican Bun for breakfast. When I came up, M was using the laptop. I laid on my bed and watched her play.

Then, I took a nap. At about 12pm, M asked if I wanted to go to 97 for lunch. I rejected her and went on to sleep till about 1.30pm. Then, I woke up and got in the mood to blog. I managed to finish Day 1. Then, I went downstairs for lunch (Cremeria ice cream) and watched tv.

After eating, I sat at the sofa and watched Futureweapons. Fell asleep for another half an hour or so. Then, I came up to blog. The mood was gone and I was staring into the screen and decided to lie down on my bed.

Fell asleep for another 2 hours. Woke up again and started to blog for Day 2. Managed to finish the post for day 2 by 6.30pm. I quickly went to shower and get ready. When I came out, mum and J were looking at the pics.

At 7pm, MM arrived. We waited for mum for another few minutes before leaving the house. Then, I drove to Desa Park City. Took the wrong turn and went to some place in Kepong. After about 15 minutes, we managed to get back on familiar ground.

I then made my way to the Waterfront. I ended up in CarPark 2 but someone said it's too far. So, I drove to CP 1. Dropped them off and circled the parking lot MANY times. Then, AJ came and brought me to CP 2 where there were PLENTY of parking spots.

We walked about only 100m before reaching One Noodle. GTA already ordered so we just chatted while waiting for the food to arrive. Managed to take some pictures but gave up since there were too many dishes.

Clear Soup

Fried Eggplant with Floss

Fried Chicken

Overall, the food was quite good and so was the tea. After GTA paid, we went to 7eleven and M bought Slurpee. I took a few sips while the girls finished it. Next, we wanted to go to GTA's house.

Large Slurpee

AJ went to my car because I don't know the way to there from here. With directions from her, we arrived at her house. We went in and walked around the house and chatted. Amber doubled her size since we last met her too.

When we were done walking, we just sat near the pool and chatted for about an hour. We then decided to go home as it was about 11pm. We loaded some cardboard boxes into the avanza and drove home.

Once home, I used the laptop to blog about today. Facebooked on and off while blogging. It's 2 minutes till 1am now and I should be sleeping soon. Night...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

LF Cruise Trip Day 5

Woke up by DGG who came knocking on our door at 6.30am!! I set my alarm to 5.30am but it didn't ring because it was out of battery. I quickly went in and washed up. Then, I waited for the other boys to get ready.

At 7am, we quickly went to Ocean Palace for our buffet breakfast since it was the quickest. LC and I then took turns to get food. After that, we quickly had our breakfast as we had to leave after 8am.

My breakfast - Pau, Dumpling, Glutinous Rice, Sausage

Porridge with Floss and Onions

After breakfast, we made use of the remaining time to walk around deck 6. We then took some pics of the basketball court before leaving. Both of us then went back to the cabin.

Basketball Court

Looking towards the Main Building on shore

Right after I double-checked my stuff, I went to Stardust to get back my passport and check-out. Then, all of us regrouped at the deck4 lobby. When everyone was there, we found a spot and took a group picture.

Looking at the shore from our cabin

Then, we lined up to swipe our access card for the final time. We walked down to the port and walked back to the main building. Before going out of the building, the customs did a bag check.

Walking from the ship back to the Building

The last look at the SSL!!

After all of us passed the check, we went back home. E, M and I sat in KK and AP's car. They dropped us home and reached just after dad and the rest arrived. While taking the luggage, the boot came down on my head! I even felt the front part of my skull being pushed back!

When all the luggage was brought down, I went inside the house and slept at the sofa for about 2 hours. When I woke up, dad bought lunch from Chun Heong. He packed the Char Siew Rice which I forced myself to finish.

Then, I came upstairs to use the laptop. Not long after that, I laid on my bed and slept for another hour. I woke up and used the laptop again and then slept for another 2 hours!!

I then continued using the laptop till about 7pm. Next, I quickly showered to get ready for the Christmas Dinner at 97. When I came out, SS and family were already here.

SS brought crackers for everyone. All of us had fun opening them and looking at the little gifts included. Each cracker also came with a different christmas joke which was quite entertaining.

My Christmas Cracker!!

The stuff inside my cracker

Immediately, we went over to 97. AC and VT were walking down to BV when we arrived. All of us then went in and chatted. Not long after that, dinner was ready. The lamb was YUMMY and the other food was okay.

The food buffet

My plate of food


After eating, AC's friend A played the piano and sang for us. While the adults thought he was great, M and I didn't think it was really that much of a fuss. Next, we just stayed there and chatted till 10.20am.

All the guests left except mum and us kids. We then opened up our presents. GTA gave each of us a RM 50 "Times" voucher. MM gave us each a little bag filled with chocolates. A little poem wrote by AC was slipped inside each bag.

Christmas Present from GTA, wife and babies

MM's Christmas present to ME!!

After chatting till about 11am, we finally went home. I then got ready, washed up and went to bed...
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