Monday, February 28, 2011

First Day of my First Sem

Woke up early today. Had cereal and got ready for Uni. Went to wait for the bus. I was the first to get on. It was super jammed. An hour later, we reached the city.

Went to X303 for my "Resume Writing" session. Then, I went to the city for brunch. Stomach was growling. Ordered the Hungry Jack's Breakfast Set. It was good.

Hungry Jacks Extra Value Brekky - AUD 4.95

Hung around there till 11am. After that, I walked around the city. Went to a bookshop and bought a book for AUD2.

Later, I went back to Uni. Bought an umbrella before going to class. Made friends with a Taiwanese guy. After class, we went to Library.

An hour later, I had a tutorial. That went on for an hour. I was actually shocked because the lecturer said she wants to check our work. Turns out, we have to print the tutorial before hand and complete it BEFORE we come for class.

Anyway, I went to the city again for dinner. Was planning to have Fish and Chips but most of the stalls in the foodcourt were closed! In the end, I ordered from this fast food outlet called "Oporto".

Fiesty BBQ Bacon (with set) - AUD8

After that, I went back to QUT for the last class of the day. It was in the huge lecture hall Z411. This class was scheduled to end at 9pm. But the lecturer understand our situation so she ended the class at 8.45pm.

Because of that, I managed to rush to the bus station for the 9.15pm bus. This time, I was the last passenger to get off the last bus. Haha.

Back home, I quickly showered and turn on the laptop. It's almost 12am now. Goodnight...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yum Cha

Got up at 10.30am and quickly ate breakfast. Cleaned up, washed up and got ready for lunch. All of us then went to Sunnybank Plaza to "Yum Cha". The definition of "Yum Cha" in Brisbane is different from Malaysia. Here, it actually means dim sum.

Landmark Restaurant

Waited outside "Landmark Restaurant" for about 15 minutes. Later, we sat down and ordered some dim sum. Food here wasn't that great actually. The cheapest plate here is AUD 3.50 and they also charge AUD 2 per person. Crazy!

Back home, we relaxed for a while before their friends came. Served them some cheesecake. Most of them liked it.

Did some laundry before watching some TV. Then, all of us transported some bricks and laid it on a patch of grass. Made a nice path for the rubbish bins.

Later, I called home for half an hour. Played some 3-player badminton before having dinner. We had BBQ Lamb and other food from yesterday.

Cleaned up and played with my iPod for a while. Then, I started blogging till now.

Going off now. Long day tomorrow. Bye...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Week

Think I woke up at 9.30am. Ate cereal before cleaning up. Went outside and played with the Ripstik.

Later, all of us went to Toowong Village for lunch. I ordered Ho Fan from "Two Wongs Asian". The Ho Fan was actually quite nice. Only thing I don't like is the price.

Ho Fan - AUD 9

After that, we went back home. D and I played some badminton. Then, the 3 of us had fun with the Ripstik.

At about 4.30pm, AS came home with some cheesecake ingredients. So both of us made our cheesecakes. I made my Chilled Oreo Cheesecake while she made her Japanese Half-Baked Cheesecake.

For dinner, we had BBQ Steak and Sausages. It was very nice. After dinner, we had the Japanese Cheesecake. It was light and soft.

Sausages and Steak

Garlic Bread


Japanese Cheesecake

Cleaned up before D and I played Badminton again. Later, D joined us too. So we had this 3 player Badminton which was really fun.

At about 9.30pm, we went into the house. Showered and blogged till now. It's 11.51am already. Bye...

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Experience

Red Rooster Cheeseburger Quick Fix - AUD 4.95

New Farm Bowls Club

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Same old routine this morning. Woke up, cleaned up, had breakfast and washed up. Later, I used the laptop. Had lunch and thought AS some computer stuff. She definitely learns faster than mum. :P


At 3.30pm, I got ready and went out to the city. Waited outside Hungry Jacks for my friend to arrive. Then, we met up with another few girls.

6 of us then took the bus to Auchenflower. Once there, we walked to a house. There were at least another 10 people there.

Chatted with those people for a while. All of us introduced ourselves Then, we had Dominos pizza for dinner. Next up was games. We played a game for us to remember each other's names. Then we played "Squirrel & Hunter" which was messy but fun.

After that we sang some songs with some actions. It was fun. Later was a praise session where we sang songs. Then, it was announcement time.

Finally, it was the sharing session. TC, G and I were grouped together. Went up to his room and shared some thoughts.

My friend and I walked to the bus stop. Right when I was looking at the bus times, the bus passed me. I waved and waved but the bus drove away.

Luckily, J has a car so he picked us up and sent me home. GTM was waiting for me. It was 90 minutes pass his usual bedtime. :S

Anyway, its 12.17am already. Goodnight...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Orientation Day 3

Woke up at about 8am today and cleaned up. Ate cereal for breakfast before washing up. Took the laundry in and went to wait for the bus.

Once in the city, I went to Westpac. Later, I walked to QUT and took the bus to Kelvin Grove. Walked around and met up with a friend.

We then bought our 2 dollar lunches. The food in KG wasn't as nice though. The vege and rice wasn't even nice.

Vege and Chicken - AUD 2

While I was eating, 2 guys came over and talked to us. I wasn't that impressed at first. But after talking for a bit, I kinda enjoyed the conversation. Maybe because the wind was cooling and we were under a good shady place.

About half an hour or more later, we went to another "Financial Support" Session. Then at 3.30pm, I headed to E Block for the "Student Guild Information Session".

Went to the library for a short while. Then I realized the next thing I signed up for is at 6.30pm. Since I don't want to do nothing for 2 hours and reach home late at night, I decided to skip it and go home.

Got back to Gardens Point at 4.45pm. Walked to the bus stop in the city. The bus arrived just in time!

This time, the bus took a different route although it was still the 433! I pressed the bell and the bus stopped at another place. I didn't get down and waited for the next stop.

I did not recognize the next stop. So I quickly went down before the bus went too far away. I recognized some parts of the road so I continued walking.

For about 1km, I was clueless if I was in the right track. Another 5 minutes of walking later, I was relieved to see a familiar sight. According to Google Maps, I walked 1.5km instead of 300m. :S

1: Original Route
2: Route Taken

Got home at 6.30pm. Had dinner just before 7pm. Cleaned up as usual before sorting some papers out.

Took my shower and used the computer for the rest of the night. Don't have to wake up early tomorrow. Great!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orientation Day 2

Woke up early again today and went to QUT. Missed the bus by a minute! And thanks to the morning jam, I was late. Arrived at QUT and was the first among the late students.

Right after I took this picture, I saw the bus drive pass!

A facilitator then gathered us and brought us to class. Played a lame game and later, we went to a big lecture hall.

Next up was some morning tea. The pastry was quite good. Later, I went to my Course Orientation. It was quite a helpful session.

After that, I hung around the noticeboards looking for accommodation. Then, I headed to this session on financial support.

Garlic Goulash - AUD2

Was suppose to go for another seminar but the wind was very strong. To avoid getting stuck in the rain, I quickly took the bus home.

Back home, I did the laundry and hung them out. It's quite time consuming. And since it was windy, my clothes are still outside now (11pm).

Anyway, watched some videos with D. Later, we had early dinner. By the time we were done, it was only 6.30pm.

Cleaned the kitchen up before helping D with some maths. Its been a while since I worked my brain. Took me a while before to recover some of my knowledge.

Anyway, it's 11pm already. Goodnight...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Orientation Day 1

Woke up at 6am today. It was my first time waiting at that particular bus stop. The bus driver stopped pass where I was sitting and told me "next time, you gotta wave down the bus". Apologized and quickly got in.

The bus took forever to arrive in the City because of the terrible morning jam. Later, I walked to campus and headed to my classroom.

Went to the QUT Connect Session. Later, we had a campus tour. Up till that time, I made 3 new friends. Felt great!

After that we went to the Kidney Lawn for our AUD2 lunch. There was a long queue for the hotdogs so I joined the queue. To my disappointment, the bread wasn't nice and the sausage was hard.

Up next was the "International Students Information Session". It was held in a huge lecture hall with about more than 500 people.

Later, we had some refreshments while waiting for the rain to die down. Then, I went to the bookshop and collected my free shirt.

At 5.30pm, we gathered at the Kidney Lawn. Met another bunch of people. We then walked to Aroma Garden for dinner.

I ordered Rump Steak and that cost me AUD14.30 after discount. Cheap for a place like this. Besides, I managed to socialize over dinner. Very happy with that.

Rump Steak AUD14.30

Later, I walked to the bus station in the rain. Waited 40 minutes for the bus. Got down 2 stops earlier by mistake. So, I ran in the dark back home.

Got back at 9.30pm and quickly took my shower. Blogged and used the computer to chat till now.

It's 1am already. Going to bed now. Gotta wake up at 6am tomorrow...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week Ends

Woke up today and had cereal for breakfast. Watched TV and settled some stuff in my room. Lunch was some noodles and leftovers from last night.

Vacuumed my room at about 3pm. Learned how to ride the Ripstik thanks to D. Its not as easy as it looks because it only has a wheel on each side. Skateboards have two.

Ripstik in action

Later, I tried to ride a unicycle but failed. Shall get more practice. I also used a lawnmower for the first time. Its actually not that much fun but its a good workout.

Had dinner at about 7pm. We watched some TV till 9pm. I took my shower and used the computer till now.

Tomorrow's my Orientation and I have to get up at 6.15am. Bye...

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Woke up late today. Ate some pancakes for breakfast. Watched TV with D till it was about 2pm. Helped with their laundry. Later, GTM made us french toast.


At about 3pm, I went out with GTM. We went to Wolly's again and bought more stuff. Came home and searched online for what bus to take next week.

Watched TV till about 6pm. Played outside for a while before having dinner. GTM cooked some chicken for us with his BBQ Stove.

For the first time in Brisbane, I was bitten by mosquitoes. Quickly finished our dinner and went back inside.

D made me dessert with his ice shaver. Shaved ice with Lemon cordial. It was very good! Continued watching movies on the TV till 10pm.


It's 10.24pm now. That's all for today. Bye...

Friday, February 18, 2011


Got up at 7am and did the laundry. Quickly showered and had breakfast. Then, I hung my clothes to dry before rushing to get on the bus.

Arrived in the city at about 9.30am and bought my Go Card. Went to the "Academic Writing" session for 2 hours.

Had lunch at Myers Center. Ordered "Ham and Cheese" pizza for AUD5. Later, went back to the college for "New to Brisbane" Session.

Ham and Cheese Pizza

Took the bus home at about 3pm. Brought all the clothes in and relaxed for a while. For dinner, I cooked SPAM and eggs. Reheated the other leftovers too.

SPAM and eggs

Watched TV till about 9pm. Later, I used the computer till night time...

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Got up at 10am and washed up. Had cereal for breakfast. Used the laptop and sorted out some bus routes. For lunch, I had sandwich again.

Went out with AS to Woolworths. Was supposed to get my "Go" card but she forgot. Headed to the pharmacy and she bought stuff.

Picked my cousins up before coming back home. Used the computer till about 5pm. Went to walk the dog with GTM. He introduced me to his neighbors too.

Ate dinner at about 6.30pm. Hung around till 8pm before taking my shower. Started blogging till now.

That's all for tonight. Gotta go to QUT tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Woke up at 10.30am today and washed up. Had pau for breakfast before using the laptop to settle stuff.

Then at about 1pm, I got ready to go out. Ate a salami sandwich before walking to the bus station.

Got drenched because it was raining. Luckily, it wasn't long before a bus came. Took the bus to North Quay. From there, I walked about 15 minutes to QUT.

Approaching QUT

Went to the Student Center and got my Student ID. Did some exploring in Block X and O. When I was done, I bought a can of Lemon Juice from the vending machine.

Lemon Juice

Walked back to the city to get a bus. I spotted the bus on the opposite side of the road but I didn't wanna dash across.

So by the time I got there, I had to wait half an hour for the next bus. Unfortunately, the bus was late. Waited another 24 minutes before the bus came.

Got home at about 6pm. We had dinner at 6.30pm. Pork, Tofu and some soup as usual. After that, it was the same nightly routine...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Staying Tough

AS woke me up at 9.30am and I had cereal for breakfast. Later, went out with AS to the bank and made an account. Then, we went to Darra and did some grocery shopping.

Came home to marinate some pork and sort the groceries out. Had a pork roll for lunch. Then, we went to Woolworths and bought more stuff.

Pork Roll - AUD 3

Picked D up from school and we watched TV and some videos on Youtube. Then, I helped AS chop some stuff.

Dinner was at about 7.30pm. Had fish, tofu and some soup. Later, took my shower and used the laptop.

Found a very depressing timetable. It wasn't a really goodnight for me...

Anyway, its time to sleep. Night...

Monday, February 14, 2011


I woke up at about 10.30am and had cereal. Used the laptop to chat. Fooled around with the dog too. Had bread for lunch.


AS, D and D came home at 3.30pm. D showed me YouTube videos. It was hilarious. Later, we gave the dog a good exercise.

The view from their house

Spotted a bird

Helped AS with some food preparation before playing with the kids. Was so exhausted after that.

We had corned beef, curry, fish cakes and vege for dinner. Washed up and took my shower.

Hung around till 9.30pm and started using my laptop. It's 10.44pm here. Goodnight...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day at Brisbane

I woke up at about 8am and I had cereal for breakfast. Hung around outside till it was lunch time. We had sausages, pasta and bread for lunch.

Later, GTM and I dropped D for volleyball practice. We then drove out to the city and scouted out some locations.

On the way to the Goodwill Bridge

We parked our car and walked the Goodwill Bridge. There's this "Cafe on the Bridge" where we bought some Coke. Sat on the bridge and finished our drink.

Goodwill Bridge

The view

Cafe on the Bridge

We headed back and got me a SIM card on the way. Later, we went home after picked D up.

At night, we had sausages, beef, vege, and curry. Cleaned up and watched some TV.

Used the laptop to chat till about 11.30pm. Washed up and went to bed...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Brisbane

Barely sleep the night before. Maybe just 15 minutes. Was busy with my laptop. Got up at 5am and took my shower.

Finalized my luggage and loaded them in the car. We then drove to KLIA. JW, GG, PP, MM, GTA, and the rest of my family were there too.

We ate at Burger King and bought some food from Delifrance. Said goodbye at about 8am. Went pass immigration and walked to my gate.

Once I reached there, the guard told me that the flight to Brisbane has been delayed till 1.35am. 4 hours later than it should be.

Since I didn't have a choice, I just walked around the area. Used the laptop until the battery died.

Then, I went to Obrien's to get some food. There, I charged my laptop and watched Glee. Surfed the net till it was 12.30pm.

Then, I went to the gate and passed another security check. Waited another 40 minutes before we could board the plane.

In the plane, I slept, watched TV, and ate. Kept alternating between these 3. TV was as impressive as I expected. This was just an overhead TV and we had no say on what we want to watch.

Arrived at Brisbane International Airport just before 12am local time. By the time I got off the plane and got my luggage, it was already 12.30am. Waited another 20 over minutes to get through customs.

GTM was there to meet me. He drove to the City and showed me around. Then, we went back to his house.

Took my shower. It was already 2am when I was done. Quickly went to bed and called it a day...

Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY 2011: Day 9

Woke up and washed up. All of us then went to pick JW up. Headed to Eden for dim sum. SS joined us.

Later, we went to Tesco and bought some stuff. Next, we went to 112, post office, and Rodalink.

We then went out for lunch again at Murni. Service was slow for some reason. Went back home and settled some stuff.

Back home, I packed some stuff before all of us went out for dinner. It was a LF dinner. Ate at some Chinese restaurant in Shaw Parade.

Came home and drove JW back to her place. She showered and gathered her stuff. We then met J, Dad, Mum and SS in Kayu.

Had their Roti Tissue, roti canai, Ais Kacang, and teh O limau ais.

Went back home and took my shower. Settled some stuff on the computer till about 4.30am. Tried to sleep but only fell asleep at 4.45am.

By the time I woke up, it was already 5am and my alarm was ringing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CNY 2011: Day 8

Woke up at about 11.30am. Got ready and went to pick JW up. Then, we went to Pyramid. Walked around and bought 2 bottles and a nail clipper.

After that, we went to T-bowl for lunch. AC, KW and ZS were an hour late. We ate some fried mushrooms and french toast while waiting.

Fried Inoki Mushrooms

French Toast

When everyone was here, we ordered our food. JW and I shared a set. It wasn't that great though. Don't think I'd come here again...


Honey Lemon Tea

Ice Cream

JW went off with her uncle while I stayed back. Caught up with my friends. It was nice to exchange stories. Went back home at about 4pm.

Took a nap till 6pm. Drove to BU and waited in the petrol station. JW's cousin then led me and JW to LaLaCheong for dinner with two of JW's uncle and their families.

Came home at about 8.30pm. Used the laptop till 10.30pm before watching Glee. At 11.30pm, we went downstairs to help GM "Bai Tin Kung".

Continued watching Glee. Later, I drove JW back home. Used the laptop till now...
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