Sunday, August 31, 2008


Woke up at 9.30am and watched the Merdeka Parade on RTM1. While watching, I was also using the laptop. Had some chocolates for breakfast. Today is "Chor yat" so we're vegetarians for the day as usual.

Mum, GM, and us (the children) along with MM and AC squeezed into my car. We went to Nature's for our vegetarian lunch. I dropped them off at the restaurant and went to park my car. After going a few rounds, I decided to park in the Motorbike parking area.
For the first time, we ordered 1 plate of noodles and some dim sum. The Noodles, "Char Siew Pau" and "Wu Kok" was nice. On the other hand, "Zhu Cheong Fun", "Siu Mai" and "Lor Mai Kai" didn't taste that nice.

Went home and patched GB on the Vostro. Dad came home with 3 "pagoda statues". There are only 50 brought into Malaysia (20 in Sentul Temple and 30 in BISDS). All of them are said to be chanted by 1000 monks for 100,000 times. Dad bought it for RM200 each.

The RM 200 Pagoda Statue

There are 2 mini chanting books inside

And those really tiny font are chanting verses in Pali

Mum called some relatives and asked them if they wanted it too. Dad then called up the Sentul Temple and asked if there were still any left. Then, GM and dad went to a hospital to visit our "gor kor" (grandfather's sister).
M and I played GB for about an hour. Then, M got bored and E took over. Stopped playing after awhile and watched 2 other parodies by TomsterMusic.

At 5:45pm, AC, mum and I drove MM's car to BV. We went to Coffee Bean to have a drink. I ordered Large Ice Blended The Ultimate. For the first time in my life, there was a COFFEE BEAN inside my drink!

Went home at 6:40pm. Had a shower and we went for dinner with GG and SS's family. We went to "San San" but there wan no tables available. So we went to "8 Xian". The food wasn't as nice as "San San".

We finally left at 9:40pm. Reached home at 10:10pm. Used the laptop for awhile and I'm trying to sleep at 11pm...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Merdeka Eve

Woke up early in the morning and M was already in school or her Carnival Day. E and J were still soundly asleep. Dad heated up some SunMoulin bread for our breakfast. Sat in the kitchen talking with mum and dad.

At about 11am, Dad, mum, MM and I went to Baskin Robin's. The 31% discount was available since yesterday as a "Merdeka Celebration" and not many knew about it. There were still a queue because the service was very inefficient and slow.
I bought 1/2 gallon of Mint Chocolate Chip and 1 quart of Cookie n' Cream. We also met J's friend and mum's friend with her daughter. We waited about 20 minutes for the guy to finish scooping the ice cream and collecting our payment.

Our bag of Ice Cream

We dropped by McD to check if they still have the Olympic meal (2 more cups to complete the set). The cashier told me "no" and a bitch interrupted and said "Olympic over la". Luckily, I was educated enough not to slap her.

We went to CantonFare in Damansara Heights for lunch. All the food there were on the high end. I ordered roasted pork noodles. The pork was crunchy but noodles were hard to chew. After we finished our lunch, dad wanted to leave but he forgotten that he HAS NOT paid!

Roasted Pork Noodles

At home, I played some CakeMania2. M came home just as SS and SS came to our house. M told us her about her day in SMKBB's Carnival Day. Then, we watched MR 23. M played CakeMania2 again and we watched her.

SS, SS, C and K came at 7.30pm. Then all 10 of us squeezed into the Avanza and drove to BISDS. Dad donated some money to the newly build area in memory of our grandfather (dad's side). So, there was a Buddha image under our names (grandma and children).
When we arrived, the procession just left. We waited 45 minutes for the procession to end. Then, the monks went to the new bodhi tree area and started a puja session. I went and took some photos.

The Float

The Crowd surrounding the monks

Thissa Buddha sponsored by us
SS asked me to send those pictures to his phone. After many attempts, I was sure there was a problem with my bluetooth. At least now I know that there is nothing wrong with the VAIO's bluetooth.
Then, each sponsor was given a certificate and a Buddha image. After we collected ours, we went to have our dinner. It was already 9.30pm and we decided to Chef Low in Lucky Garden for dinner. We ordered 3 dishes of noodles and a plate of fried rice.

The Budha Image with the certificate

We reached home at 11pm. At 11.50pm, I came downstairs and watched the countdown event on RTM1. At 12.30am, all of us went upstairs...

Friday, August 29, 2008


Woke up in the morning and mum already went to work. Turned on the laptop and downloaded some stuff. Breakfast was 2 small pieces of cake that dad bought yesterday.
Packed my stuff and got ready for the badminton session later. At 10am, AL called me and asked me where I was. I quickly drove to BSC with all my equipments. This time, DY didn't come and was replaced by JJ.
There were 2 men playing on our court. We allowed them to play for another 5 minutes before we started to play. There was one match where we played till 27-29.At the end of the 2 hours, I was sweaty and exhausted. We went back to my house and showered.
I left them at home and went to pick M up from school. It took quite a while to reach SMKBB because there were many traffic lights. Plus, a bus stopped in the middle of the road, waiting for people to get in. M saw me and walked to my car.
At home, ZS was still combing his hair. Since we still had time, we played a game of "Sorry". It took forever to end so we just surrendered and went for lunch. This time, we went to Nam Chuan.
AL and ZS bought food from the Mixed Rice stall and said it was VERY expensive. JJ ordered a Sarawak Laksa and told us it was TASTY. I just ordered a Kuey Teow Soup which was average. MY didn't have any comments for her Kuey Teow Soup.
ZS walked to Chun Heong and helped us buy some Seremban Siew Pau. We then drove back to TPM. I followed AL's car and he lead me to an alternative way to get to Sri Petaling area. Unfortunately, there were many traffic lights and it made us 10 minutes late.
Since I was too lazy to buy another ticket, I used yesterday's ticket,
covered the "28" with Darth Vader and scratched "29".
Mr Warren was just about to start the class when we entered the Auditorium for Moral Studies. We managed to get the front-row seats thanks to AC. This time, Mr Warren managed to make the class very quiet.
He touched on Biomedicine and gave us a short break after that. We used that time to eat our Siew Pau. Our class was suppose to end at 6.30pm but around 5pm, he allowed us to "go to the lab or other places to discuss our assignment" (aka. go HOME, which EVERYONE did).
M was watching Serenity when I reached home. I told her before that this movie is boring and she finally agreed. I fell asleep watching the movie. Woke up at 7pm and went upstairs. Used the laptop till 8pm before eating my dinner.
Then, we watched MR 22 together. Dad came home with some pastries and he heated them up for us. I ate 2 of them while watching Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Came upstairs and chatted abit and did some stuff on facebook.
The girls are all in bed now. I'm just waiting for the 1am raid our MHA group on facebook is going to have. Night.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Woke up at 7.45am in the morning. Was dreaming about some adventure in the mall and it ended with me taking a picture with Morgan Freeman. And HE was the one that asked for the picture. Haha, what an absurd dream. I don't even know why I dreamt about him.
Washed up and used the laptop as usual. Ate some "lor mai kai" (glutinous rice with chicken) for brunch. At 11.45am, I walked to BSC and booked the badminton court for tomorrow morning. Went home and saw GM cooking lunch.

She finished cooking 2 dishes and left it at the "bar" (just a small surface to put stuff). 3 flies already landed on the plates! I brought the 2 dishes of food to the table and covered the food. Disgusted, I decided to have lunch outside.

Packed my stuff and drove to college. I wanted to park at McD (near mint hotel) and have my lunch there. There wasn't any parking spots so I decided to Drive Thru. I asked the guy if they had the Black FuWa (Olympic Doll). He said yes and so I bought a cheeseburger happy meal.

When I collected the food, I checked and saw a black toy. We finally collected the 5 FuWa!!Content, I drove on. I gobbled my cheeseburger in the car and went to class, leaving the toy in the car.
Class started at 1.30pm. ProCom was a sleeping pill for many people. I didn't get sleepy but was really bored. He was teaching us about Verbal and Non-verbal Communication. I bet even a kid think this topic as easy as pie.
Before CT started, most of the class went to buy FOOD. We shared food here and there. This caused the lecturer to name our class "Food Heaven" (or something like that). During the break, I went down and bought a packet of Chachos. We all finished the whole packet in 5 minutes.

The CT lecture was over at 5.20pm. I waited for AM to finish work till 6pm. Then, we walked to my car. Just as we hit the highway, it started to rain. AM saw my happy meal toy and asked me "You like this toy?".

I answered "since we collected 4 others, might as well complete the set". Then, she read out "Clone Wars". I was shocked. I thought she made a mistake. I asked her "what Clone Wars?" and she showed me the toy!!
To my horror it was a Darth Vader Figurine!! I was very disappointed. How could I have missed that EVEN when I checked it! Dropped AM at her house.

At home, I did the same to M. I told her that I got the black FuWa and she cheered "yay!". After I showed her what I've bought and telling her my story, she called me dumb, which I don't deny.
Darth Vader Figurine
We had ur dinner and came upstairs later. They watched MR 20 on the desktop while I used the laptop. Then, we watched MR 21 on the laptop. GM got angry because J still hasn't showered.
Anyway, I showed M and E M and E was freaked out in disbelief but after awhile, M sensed something fishy. To prevent the secret from being exposed, I exited the website. After about half an hour, the Internet faced it's usual disconnection again.

I decided to give the modem a rest and allowed M to play Cake Mania 2 on the laptop. E and I watched her. This time, it wasn't that funny anymore because it was very HECTIC! One can get stressed playing games like these.

She stopped playing at around 11.20pm. I checked my Facebook and stuff. I decided to drop by Mr Warren's blog because I know he reads mine occasionally. Started updating my post and the Internet got disconnected again.
Dad restarted the modem and I continued with my daily dairy. It is 1:03 am now. Going to sleep soon or I'll have no energy to play badminton tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Dad woke me up at 9am in the morning. For some reason, my phone alarm didn't ring or I didn't hear it. I quickly got ready for college. Went to pick AM at 9.40am. I dropped her at APIIT at 10.10am. She was 10 minutes late but didn't get into trouble.

I parked my car in another illegal spot. I stopped caring about parking illegally anymore because according to AL, as long as you pace the ticket, they won't clamp you. THe furthest they will go is putting the beautiful pink slip on your car.
Went for QM class. As usual, people were noisy and Mrs Kwan stopped and waited for them to be quiet. Again, she gave up after several minutes and continued teaching. Out of the 3 modules (excluding Moral Studies), her class is the least boring.

We used the 1 hour brake to go out for lunch. I asked AL to drive my Avanza because I was to lazy to drive. AH, JJ, CQ, WL, AC, AL, DY, MY, ZS, ML, KW and I had lunch in "Good Tea". A lady passed by and called us "chuen kar fok" (family photo). I ordered roasted pork rice and a cup of iced Milo.

I dropped MY at her house and drove the rest of us (6 people) back to ENT3. Sat for 2 hours of ProCom and I was FISHING! After class, we went to Bukit Jalil Golf Club to book the badminton court for tomorrow and Friday.

We found out that it was RM 31 per hour! We decided to go play in Bangsar instead of paying such an absurd price. Went back to APIIT and attended Mr Warren's Moral Studies class. 2 hours later, we were dismissed.

It was 7pm. Sky was dark and rain was pouring. KW and I walked to the car in the drizzling rain. Went to APIIT and picked AM up. Dropped KW in the LRT station and headed for home. The highway was jammed since it was raining.

We decided to take the NPE and we still ended in a jam. About 1 hour and 10 minutes later, we finally reached Bangsar. Dropped AM at her house and I continued my journey home. Inside my house, E just came back and M was eating her dinner.

I quickly went to shower and ate my dinner after that. Came up and watched Love Guru on the laptop with M. We had a break in between the movie and went down to eat some "Pau"s that dad bought.

When the movie was over, the girls were asked to go to bed. I'm currently chatting and surfing the net while waiting for 12.15am. I'm gonna watch Distraction for my second time and it better be NICE!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Day

I woke up at 7.45am thanks to J's alarm clock. Went back to sleep and woke up about an hour later. Had some biscuits for breakfast and turned on the laptop as usual. Chatted here and there, burned some DVDs and also read some TSGS.

SS came to our house to do laundry because his washing machine is faulty. Went downstairs for lunch at 1pm. I took some roasted pork and it was very tough. Definitely the worst roasted pork ever. While eating lunch, I read the newspaper. After half an hour, I went back upstairs.

M came home around 3pm. Mum couldn't pick J up at 2.30pm so I waited for the rain to stop and went to pick her from school at 3.15pm. Came home and watched MR 19. Burned another few DVDs.

CQ's MSN display message was "everyone go check ur malaysian studies result". She told me she passed the paper. I decided to go and check my results. I was one click away from finding out my results. That is where my heart started pumping VERY fast.

I quickly clicked the link without wasting more time and increasing the suspense. I scrolled down and saw it!

I couldn't believe it! This is my first time getting an A for "sejarah". This is also my first Distinction in College! I was so happy! I guess this is much easier because we can insert our own opinions and view instead of memorising some cold hard facts.

Then, M downloaded Cake Mania 2. I played for about half an hour and gave up because I couldn't achieve "superstar goal" in a particular level. M took over and played till it was 7pm. We had dinner downstairs with mum and dad. After dinner, mum and dad went to the temple.

All four of us went upstairs to watch M play Cake Mania 2. It was so much fun watching M play even though the 3 of us wasn't playing. We cracked some stupid jokes and also used some lines from movies. Totally hilarious and fun sibling bonding session.

At 9.30pm, we brought the laptop downstairs so that we can continue the game while watching Pushing Daisies. Surprisingly, Pushing Daisies was REPLACED by 5 Jingga! We switched to WahLaiToi (Astro 311) and watched Glittering Days instead.

At 10.30pm, I wanted to turn off the TV but Ghost Whisperer was too interesting to resist. M wanted to stop playing Cake Mania 2 but some how, after saying many "last game", she was already at the final level of stage 2.

Just when she was about to complete the level, the laptop's battery went low and the laptop automatically hibernated. Her reaction was priceless and I laughed at her for that. After Ghost Whisperer, I came upstairs and had some short chats with my classmates.

After I update this post, I'll be going to sleep. Have to pick up AM before going to class tomorrow. Night everyone.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Volleyball? Basketball? McD?

Woke up in the morning and had 2 pieces of leftover pizza for breakfast. Drove to TPM and when I was parking, AL and DY drove here at the same time. The three of us parked behind one another (illegal parking spot).

We went for QM class. We were the first to be in the class. Everyone else came in later. This class was the most amazing class. Everyone did their assigned work because Mrs Kwan threatened to mark everyone absent!

A few, including me, managed to finish the 4 graphs. Others, were busy talking but still managed to complete at least 2. She ended up asking us to complete it before Wednesday. Haha, I knew she would never mark students absent.

Then, AL, MY, ZS, AC, ML, KW, JT and I went to Lucky (another coffee shop in Sri Petaling) for lunch. This is the first time JT came for lunch with us and so AL had to introduce MY again. I ordered a "White Kopi Ice" that tasted very NICE!

I was very hungry and I ordered "Roasted Pork Rice". My dish came the LAST and I ate it quickly to stop my stomach from growling. That cost me RM 4.80. After lunch, we went to a stationary shop nearby to browse.

ZS and DY ended up buying racket grips for their badminton rackets. MY drove AL's car home and the rest of us hopped into my car. Ms Intan was early for class when we arrived. She wanted to start the class when we came in but she still waited for the other half of the class to appear.

We were allowed to use our laptops to view the slides at first. Unfortunately, some monkeys were using the laptop for other reasons. In the end, she asked everyone to turn off their laptops. She also confiscated another classmate's potato chips and stopped other people from eating.

AC passed his Mentos Ice Chewing Gum around and the whole row of us were chewing away. One by one, everyone got caught for having chewing gum in their mouth. I was the only one out of the seven of us that didn't get caught.

After class, AL, MY, ZS, DY, AC and I went to the Volleyball Court in TPM to play some Volleyball. After about an hour, we got bored because we kept hitting the ball too far away. The time spent collecting the ball was more than the time we were actually playing.

We then played "monkey" instead. Surprisingly, AC didn't know there was such a game. After a few rounds, we decided to play basketball. AC and I got bored because we don't know a single thing about basketball. After 15 minutes, AC wanted to go home.

Someone came up with the idea of playing badminton but we didn't have shutter cocks. To prevent AC from leaving us, DY suggested we go "yam cha". I suggested McD which was just within walking distance and everyone agreed.

So, we walked out of TPM, turned right, into Petronas which is facing the highway, and walked into the McD there. I ordered a Strawberry Shake which I hadn't tasted for about a year. We sat around and chatted about stuff.

We saw the dark sky and decided to leave fast. DY, AC and I said goodbye to AL, MY and ZS, who wanted to stay a little longer. Once we reached our cars, we saw other people playing volleyball. They were definitely having more fun than we had.

On the way home, I noticed that the petrol was almost empty. As I drove, I could feel the engine' power slowly reducing. It rained on the way home. That made my fear grow even bigger.

Thankfully, he road home was very smooth and there wasn't any jam. The traffic lights in the junction near Bangsar turned green when I reached there. I drove to the Shell Station and pumped petrol into the car.

When I took the nozzle, I saw that it was Rm 2.55 per litre. I just asked dad about it and he said the price has dropped since Saturday. Haha, proves that I haven't been reading the papers recently.

At home, showered, turned on the laptop and did the usual stuff. Had dinner at about 7pm. Read some TSGS. Mum and dad was in BV with some clients. J requested for some Auntie Annie pretzels for supper.

Mum and dad came home at 10pm with 4 pretzels (2 sour cream & onion, 2 Cinnamon sugar). It didn't taste as good because the pretzel was very hard. At least we learnt a lesson, never buy pretzels when it is already so late.

Watched some House on AXN and this was my first time watching an episode that House himself DIDN'T figure out what is wrong with the patient. Instead, a member of his team did it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Closing Ceremony TV Party

Dad came home with some chicken from KFC and some Nasi Briyani. The four Domino's pizzas (2 large and 2 regular for RM 65) came 5 minutes later. AM, YM and SC came shortly after that.

We started feasting without waiting for M to come out of the shower. The TV was turned to Channel 816 and we watched the Olympic Closing Ceremony. This is the 3rd time this month we are having such "TV Parties".

Domino's Pizza and KFC

There were many performances in the closing ceremony. Thankfully, they didn't have the country by country parade this time. The ceremony ended at 10pm and YM, AM and SC went home.
16 days of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is finally over. I actually can't believe that it ended so fast. The local school children have to go back to school tomorrow as their holidays are OVER! Time really flies...

Lunch at Mizu in BV

For some reason, I automatically woke up at 8am. Ate chocolates for breakfast. The girls didn't go to BISDS but dad went at 9am. We hung around the house and watched some Olympic Games. Today will be the last day watching it and the next time would be 4 years later.

We went for lunch at 12pm. We decided to go to Mizu. I ordered a Beef Teriyaki Set (medium cooked). I regretted it later because the beef came out BLOODY! Anyway, we finished lunch and went to MPH.

Beef Teriyaki Set

I spotted Russell Lee's TSGS 18 and decided to get it. It came with a free notebook too. After about half an hour, we finally left the store and went downstairs. MM went to Cold Storage while we went to Speedy.

TSGS 18 and the free notebook

When she was done, we paid the parking ticket and went home. Dropped AC and MM at 97 before going back home. Then, we watched Evan Almighty for less than 10 minutes. It started to lag and got stuck so we stopped watching it. I came upstairs and we watched MR 17.

Shortly after that, we watched Evan Almighty on the laptop. Dad came home and brought some buns. It was near to 7pm when we finished watching the movie. I went down and ate a sausage bun before showering.

Now, I just finished ordering pizzas from Domino's for the TV party tonight. Taking this opportunity to blog before it gets too late.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dinner at Italianies in Gardens

Since mum and I were alone, mum called MM and asked if we could join them for dinner. At 6.30pm, we went over to MM's house. When AC came down, we found out that he had braces! He is in a lot of pain and has to eat food that is easy to chew.
So, we decided to go to Italianies in Gardens. We found our way to Italianies and ordered a small Caesar Salad, a party-size Angel Hair Spaghetti and a party-size fried Calamari for everyone to share.
After dinner, we went to Alexis for dessert. There were quite a number of customers inside. We sat down and felt very cold. We ordered 2 cakes (tiramisu and blueberry cheese) and added another 1 (chocolate banana) later.
We went to the car after that. We had trouble looking for the car. Less than 5 minutes later, we found it. Then, UL drove to AA Pharmacy to get some stuff. After that, we went to 97 and watched some Athletics.
After all the Athletics events were over for this year's Olympic, we went home. I took a quick shower and brought the laptop downstairs. Mum and I watched the 8 person Synchronized Swimming. Russia scored 99.500, earning them the gold medal hands down!
It is now 12.15am but dad and the girls aren't back yet. Just as I type this, I hear the door open followed by their voices. Good night everyone.

Lunch at McD in Bangsar

Woke up at 10am today. M and dad already went out to watch something. GM was also out of the house because she went for C's graduation. The Avanza was also gone since AL, dad's friend, borrowed it. I skipped breakfast and the girls were watching Aquamarine with mum.
When the movie was over, we went to McD for lunch. We parked near the houses and walked to McD. Few minutes later, we went into McD. Mum ordered a Gold Medal Meal and I ordered Big N' Tasty again.
Big N' Tasty Set
I actually wanted the Gold Medal Meal but they only have the Volleyball glass. Didn't see the point of having 2 of the same glass. I tried mum's onion rings and they were GOOD! Nicer than A&W. In my opinion, E's nuggets was worst than the ones we buy from the supermarket.
Came home and turned on the laptop. The laptop was on but I didn't use it. Instead, I played this game called Zoo Tycoon on my phone. M and dad came home. At 6pm, the girls and dad went to support the BISDS group in a hymn singing competition.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Multi Cultural Night 2008


The RM 15 ticket
Multi Cultural Night is an annual event in APIIT. The only reason I'm here is because AM bought the ticket for me and I promised I would come. Ticket holders are the first 100 that bought tickets (includes food and goodie bag). Non-ticket holders pay the same price (RM 15) just for the performances.
AM passed me the tickets in front of APIIT. We collected our goodie bags and went inside. I found a spot to sit which was quite far away. I tried to take a picture of the performance but it was too far away.

AM and K met up with me few minutes later. I followed them downstairs to the cafeteria. The "food" they served is a box of rice. All of us agreed that it was NOT nice at all because it is too dry. Both of them said that this year's MCN isn't as good as last year.

Terrible Food

After dinner, they went back to work. I went to the 1st floor corridor and found a nice spot. I had 2 choices, stand or sit. If I stand, I get a clear view but suffer the tiredness. If I sit, I won't be able to see that clearly.

I decided to stand for the first half of the show. I got tired later and decided to sit. Many performances passed and there were lucky draw session in between some performances. I wasn't that lucky to win anything though.

The highlight of the night was HANDS DOWN the surprise performance by a group of lecturers. 6 male lecturers of the group cross-dressed as girls! I knew 2 out of 6 of the lecturers. And even though I didn't know the other 4, it was VERY funny!

They introduced the final performance at 10.30pm. It was some heavy metal band performance. People started to go home but I took the lift and went upstairs. I took some photos of the beautiful stars on the 3rd floor.

Taken from 2 different sides of the building.

Then, I walked out of APIIT and took a picture of the "MCN" sign hanging from the roof of the stairs. The road to my car was quite dark. I quickly went into the car and checked if there was anyone around before entering the car. Inside, I quickly locked the car and drove off.

The drive home felt slightly different. It was my first time driving home alone so late. The road looks "cleaner" at night compared to the "dusty" look they have during the day.

Reached home at 11pm and I showered. Brought the laptop downstairs and used it while I watched some Olympic Table Tennis match with the whole family.

Stuff inside the Goodie Bag - Dominos Voucher, Dominos Folder, 2 tickets for Sunway Zoo, Fitness First Promo, Few Garnier Samples, a bottle of Tropicana Twister and a APIIT bottle.

According to the Head of Student Services, Anis, this bottle cost RM15 but with APIIT logo, it cost RM 100. WTF.

Fun Friday

Woke up and while still in a drowsy, sleepy state, I walked to BSC to book court a badminton court for later. The 10am slot was full so I booked 11am to 1pm.
After washing up and stuff, I drove to APIIT to pick DY, ZS, AL and MY. Once we reached there, there were a bunch of oldies playing in our court. They thought they extended an extra hour but they actually booked for 1st of September.

Anyway, we let them finish their game. By the time they finished, it was already 11.30am. We started playing and had a lot of fun. We stopped playing at 1pm. Then, we all went back to my house to shower.

Found this in my fridge!! Yikes!!
After half an hour or so, all of us finished showering. MY got interested in the Rubix cube and kept playing with it. We went to Chun Heong for lunch and I ordered a plate of Char Kuey Teow and a cup of Kopi.
Some of them said that the tables in CH is very close together. AL said that eating in Bangsar is slightly expensive. When he found out that the Siew Pau here is RM 1.20 each (10 cents more), he quickly bought 2.
We went back to TPM and MY drove home. After she left, we walked to class. ZS left his bag inside my car and said he will take it later. In class, Mr Warren showed us more pictures of abortions.
Class was over at 4.30pm. It was raining heavily and ZS didn't want to get wet while taking his bag. So, he decided to leave it there.Therefore, his dirty laundry will be in my car for 3 days. 1 by 1 they went home.

At 5pm, I was alone and I decided to hang out in the lab. I spotted a handphone left behind, 2 computers away from me. He came and collected it half an hour later. He really is lucky that it didn't get stolen. From the lab, I took some pictures of some people getting ready for the MCN.

Some greedy person would have stolen this long ago.

Some students arranging chairs and rehearsing.
Continued surfing the web and surprisingly, this computer did not block Facebook. They were closing the lab at 6.45pm. So, I went out of the lab. I decided to repark my car to nearer spot so it won't be that dangerous later...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Driving Again...

Woke up around 9am and had some biscuits for breakfast. Mum brought the girls to the Curve for some shopping and lunch. I waited for dad to come back. Dad came home around 11am and we left the house about 11.30am.

We went to into this coffee shop in Paramount (opposite the famous char siew rice) for lunch. I ordered a "Milo Ice" and they gave me a hot Milo with ice on top. Dad ordered a pork meat noodle for me.

Pork Meat Noodles

The reason dad ordered it was because he saw many people lining up there. It was quite plain and tasteless but the meat was nice. Reasonable portion considering they charge RM 4 per dish (small).

After lunch, we went to the workshop to collect the Persona. Then, dad went to work and I drove to APIIT. I was 10 minutes later for class but the lecturer hasn't started yet. Half the class wasn't even here.

15 minutes later, the lecturer atarted our PC class. After an hour, he gave us a break while he went out for a smoke. When class was over, we went downstairs for CT. The lecture was very boring! Class finally ended at 5.20pm and we went home.

Dropped KW off in the LRT station as usual. Reached home and saw J and E watching Nanny McPhee. It just started so I decided to join them. It was an entertaining movie but not logical at all.

We had dinner around 7.30pm. Then, I told them that we'll be watching MR in 10 minutes. 10 minutes passed but I was still busy with the laptop. J was chatting with "Ashley Tisdale" and "she" even turned on the webcam for few seconds.

It was definitely Ashley's face but I suspect it is just a recorded video clip. Probably used by some paedophile or a lifeless person that is desperate to chat with strangers. Why would Ashley want to chat with Malaysian kids anyway?

An hour later, I was done surfing the net. We all watched episode 15 and 16. These recent episodes aren't as teary as the first few episodes. The story is getting boring for now. Hopefully it will get more interesting soon.

Went down and watched some TV. Used my phone to play some monopoly and stuff. Finally came upstairs and started surfing the net. Then, I started to write this post. Going to sleep now because I'll have to wake up early tomorrow to book the badminton court. Night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Professional Communications & Moral Studies

Woke up and charged my phone. Washed up and surfed the net. Left home at 9.30am and mum dropped me at Yakin to help her photocopy some stuff. When I passed her the change, two 50 cents coin dropped into the gear stick area.
After 5 minutes, I managed to get them out. Then, mum drove me to APIIT. Went for QM class at 10.30am. At 12.40pm, we went to "Good Tea" coffee shop (opposite Alison) for lunch.

I ordered "claypot chicken rice". It was reasonably priced at RM 4.50 for quite a big pot of rice. The rice was quite nice too! I also ordered a cup of Barley but it was very diluted.

Went back to TPM and parked in ENT3. Our Professional Communications class was in 2-6-4. After 5 minutes, a very young Indian lecturer came in. He roughly told us what we would be doing and other 1st day stuff.

After the class, we had a 1-hour break. Went to the ground floor of APIIT. Some of them played pool while we hung around. When it was 4.45 pm, all of us went to the auditorium for Moral Studies class.

We decided to sit right in front of the middle row. We were lucky enought to get Mr Warren to teach us MS. As usual, he started with some introduction and house rules. Then we discussed "abortion" and he showed us some DISGUSTING methods and pictures!

Class ended about 6.40pm. Waited for dad to come and pick me. He arrived around 7.10pm. We reached Bangsar at nearly 8pm. Dad dropped AM and I beside BV II. Then, we walked to Nirvana and met up with YM.

AM helped me order a banana leaf meal. It was around RM 5 for rice, 3 types of vegetables and many other stuff. To me, it is quite worth it. This meal is actually like a buffet. You can ask for more stuff if you want.
Banana Leaf Rice
I was very full after finishing my teh tarik. So, I didn't ask for anything extra. AM paid and we walked back to their house. Then, I waited for dad to come and pick me. He came 5 minutes later.

At home, I quickly showered and we watched 2 episodes of MR together. I was just told that my plan to meet up with my secondary classmates has been cancelled. The badminton game with my college mates were also cancelled. Haih...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Posting In Darkness

Woke up about 10 in the morning. Went downstairs and had 2 "yogood" muesli bars. It was sour and nice! M didn't like it though.
Yogood Strawberry Muesli Bars

Today is YY's death anniversary so BB bought some food for us. SS also brought some egg tarts and other stuff. SG and family came for the occasion. After burning some "kam zhi", all of us watched some Olympic games.
Then, SS brought C and C here. We had lunch and watched more of the games. They left about 5pm. Used the laptop and watched TV again. Downloaded MR 13 but haven't watched it yet.
I dozed off and woke up about 6.30pm. I went upstairs to charge my phone and had dinner after that. After dinner, I watched M play Gemsweeper. She was stuck in the last level and after more than an hour, she still couldn't pass it. She gave up and decided to try it some other time.

It was reaching 9.30pm and we were getting ready to watch "Pushing Daisies". Just then, KK and AP came to our house. We watched some Athletics and Soccer on TV.
They went home around 10.30pm. Then, I downloaded some free mobile games into my phone and tested them. When I finished playing Monopoly, it was already 12.30am.
Dad went up to sleep and left mum and I alone downstairs. I realised that I should sleep soon because I have class tomorrow. I quickly opened the Mozilla Firefox to go into Just when I wanted to log in, the houses along our road all blacked out!
Nothing could be seen. I quickly looked for my phone. Unfortunately, the laptop battery wasn't plugged in and that caused the laptop to turn off suddenly. Then, I looked for the battery with my phone's back light. Then, I turned on the laptop and brought everything upstairs to my room.
I am currently typing this post on a Notepad and will post it tomorrow. I wonder how am going to sleep with no fan and air-cond... Haih... played monopoly till electric came back at 1.40am. posted on blogger and now going to bed. 1.57am

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of Second Semester

Woke up and washed up. Oreo with milk was my breakfast. At 9.50am, mum dropped me in APIIT. Met our classmates that we haven't seen for 2 weeks.

Our new lecturer, Mrs Kwan (Quantitative Methods) came in and thought us. She let us leave half an hour earlier. Since we have 4 hours break, 12 of us went to MV. I sat in AL's car and before going to MV, we picked MY up.

When we reached there, some of them were already in the line. The line was super long and so they allowed everyone to buy normal tickets from the Gold Class counter. We decided to watch Mirror. I paid RM 84 for the 12 of us and they paid me back later.

Then, we went to McD for lunch. I ordered a Big N' Tasty Burger. It was the first time I saw this and it really was big and tasty. I took a picture of the set but accidentally deleted it. It actually looks like a ordinary burger from the outside.

We finished our lunch and went into the cinema. The horror movie was very NICE! The story line was good and the effects were great too. After the movie ended, I realised that this is VERY similar to a Japanese horror movie called "Into The Mirror" that I watched around 2004!

So, this probably is a remake. Anyway, this is still a good watch for horror fans. We drove MY home and then went back to APIIT. We were introduced to our Computer Technology lecturer, Miss Intan. She dismissed the class an hour earlier.

While waiting for mum to come, we stood around watching the National Day Celebration of 4 countries (Maldives, India, Pakistan and Indonesia). Came home and watched some Olympics.

After showering, I brought the laptop down and used it while watching TV. After dinner, M and I played GB together. It was fun as usual. Then, C and SS came. We watched a lady pole vaulting and cheered her till she broke the world record of 5.05meters.

Thanks to the timetable, I won't have classes tomorrow...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back To College In 1 Day!

Woke up this morning around 8am. After we were ready, M, E, mum, dad and I went into the Avanza and we drove to BISDS. We picked up 2 seniors and drove to FRIM. The bunch of BISDS staff were there to test the trail for the upcoming trip.

So, more than 20 of us walked the trail. SS and family was not here yet and we left without them. We all went to the canopy walk trail. We used the trail instead of the canopy walk. Everyone started to slow down and that is when M, E and I walked ahead of them.

We were the first 3 for about 20 minutes or so. Then, we reached a resting spot. We waited for everyone to gather here while we drank some water. SS and family took a shortcut and met us just as everyone was coming down from the trail.

Then, all of us continued walking for about another 20 minutes. When we were near the end, the BISDS staff continued and went out while our family found a spot and picnicked there. All the food and drinks we were carrying from just now was finally put to good use!

We stayed there for quite some time. Ate, talked, danced, took some pictures and many more. It was a fun and healthy outing. When we were done, we walked another 5 minutes to reach the main road.

Random picture from our picnic spot

Dad picked all of us up from there. All 10 of us squeezed into the Avanza and dad dropped SS and family where they parked their car. Then, we drove to a building nearby. We waited in the car while dad was in a meeting with the BISDS staff.

20-30 minutes later, the meeting was over and dad came out. Then, most of us went to Eden for dim sum lunch but there were a few cars that didn't follow us. Lunch in Eden was okay. Dad paid and SS drove home.

The rest of the group followed dad's lead to go back to BISDS. Dad dropped the 2 seniors to their house before bringing us home. We quickly showered and watched some Olympics. Then I came upstairs.
I turned on the laptop and DIDN'T use it. Instead, I was playing with my C902 for the whole evening! The NeedForSpeed mobile game and Sims mobile version are really addicting!

At about 7.30pm, SS and family came with some satay and food. Went down and ate my dinner at about 8pm. Then, some of us came up and I posted photos for my previous post while the rest of them were downstairs watching some sports.

Food on Table 1...

Food on Table 2. Is it me or is everything brown?

AP, KK, AM and YM came soon after that. We were here all to support Lee Chong Wei and for this we made a party! AC came over too. At 9pm, about 15 of us sat in front of the TV and watched him get THRASHED!

He lost 2 straight sets 21-11 and 21-8. It is very very pathetic. M, along with thousands of Malaysians was very disappointed. Soon, AC, SS, C, C and C went home. AP, KK, AM and YM stayed and we watched some Athletics.

At 11pm, they went home. M and I decided to watch a DVD that SS brought. "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is a old (2-3 years) movie. I didn't like it that much and it is definitely NOT for kids. The hero's character was a lunatic and a huge disappointment.

The movies ended at 12.45am and we came upstairs. Everyone is now asleep while I'm posting this. Luckily, my class starts late tomorrow...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A SE C902 Finally! Thanks!

Now my destiny can begin,
Though we will have our differences,
Something strange and new is happening,
Now my life doesn't seem so bad,
It's the best that I've ever had,
Got my dream phone finally.
Here is how the day starts. Woke before 7am and got ready. Then, went to AP's house to pick AM. We went to Nirvana for breakfast and she treated me to Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. We were supposed to order her favourite mutton curry but it wasn't ready so early.
She reminded me about my phone when we were chatting. She paid up and we walked back to AP's house. Then, I sent her to APIIT with the Avanza. Dad still hasn't paid her for my clothes and the mouse, gosh.
Came home and waited for everyone to get ready for brunch. We were supposed to have breakfast with SS and family but we only reached IKEA at 10.30am. SS, SS and C waited for us for such a long time.
Dad went to buy some food for us. I didn't eat anything and only drank coffee. Thanks to AM's reminder, I touched the topic of the phone again. After breakfast, we went downstairs and bought another pink IKEA chair.
Then, some of them went back to SS's house while SS, C, mum, dad and I stayed. We went to the Curve. Mum went to Schein, SS and C went to Fila and Dad followed me to Sony Style. We didn't buy anything but just noted the price.
Then, we we were all done, we went back to SS's house. C mentioned about a new phone for him too. The 11 of us to JayaOne for lunch. After some decision, we went into this restaurant called Simply Fusion.

Fish N' Chips
Add RM 4.50 for soup and garlic bread
.Iced Lemon Tea (from set)
The set was quite reasonable because it came with a piece of cake, a drink and a main course. I ordered a Fish and Chips Set with Ice Lemon Tea. In total, we ordered 6 sets. So, when we finished our main course, we ordered 6 different flavours of cakes.
C went to meet her course mates for a project. The rest of us went to digital mall to check our phones out and also for a laser mouse. Before that, I came up with the idea of buying "splashy" from Wendy's. It is something similar to Ice Cream.
Wendy's M&M Chocolate Splashy
I bought a plain chocolate, vanilla+Oreos and a chocolate+m&m for a total of RM 11.50. It was our first time trying it and we all liked it. We arrived in Digital Mall minutes later. We asked GM to sit in a cafe and bought her a drink.
Then, we went looking around for the prices of our targeted phones. SE C902 for me and SE W380 for C. We didn't like the price here and shopped for my laser mouse. Managed to get one for RM30. Then, C and I teamed up to persuade each others parents to bring us to the Curve.
Laser Mouse! Nice!
Everyone went back to SS's house. Then at 5.30pm, SS, C, mum, dad, J and I went to the Curve. We all went to Sony Style while mum went to Borders. In less than 30 minutes, dad signed the card and we left with the SE C902.
C wanted purple colour for his SE W380 but the shop didn't have it. We walked to Ikano to look for it. I could tell that he was disappointed and sad. No shops in Ikano had purple too. Even other Sony Centre outlets didn't have purple.
We decided to go to Cineleisure for one last chance. There, the saleslady explained that the purple colour modal only exist for APs. C gave in and decided to buy the silver one. SS bargained till we got the price RM 725 for the phone + 2GB M2 card.
Then, the lady found out I bought a SE C902. She said that it usually comes with a 1GB M2 card. I felt cheated instantly. I quickly told dad about it. Then, both of us walked back to Sony Style. We managed to get a refund for it.
Then, dad went to the ATM to get cash. After some negotiation, we bought my SE C902 with a 2GB M2 card for RM 1530. She sticked a protective layer for both phones. She threw in a pouch for each of us and also 2 sling bags. Both phones were also loaded with songs, games and themes.
.My SE C902!! YESSS!!
This super old and damaged phone is now stashed away
We finally left with 2 phones and 2 happy sons. Of course, we said our thanks to our fathers. Then, we waited for mum to meet us. We went straight to SS2 for dinner after that. The rest of the gang went to meet us there from SS's house.
We went to the Tai Thong in SS2. It was already 9pm when we were seated. We ordered a 8 course dinner for RM 256 (including drinks and misc charges). We discussed about our trip to FRIM tomorrow morning. By the time we finished our dinner, it was already 10.30pm.
Came home and I quickly showered. Then, I charged my NEW phone and played with it. Then, M assembled the pink chair. Then, we remembered that long ago, we coloured our chair's picture PINK. And now months later, we buy a PINK chair. Is this visualisation working its magic? Maybe...

.M and E coloured the one on the left pink. And,...

Tada... A pink chair assembled by M

Anyway, at the end of this GREAT shopping day, we have a new PINK chair for the computer area, a new LASER mouse, and last but not least, a new Sony Ericsson C902! Tomorrow will be its first official appearance! Haha...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back To College In 3 Days

Woke up around 8am. Ate some biscuits for breakfast and turned on the laptop. YM told me that SC has a mouse and asked me to add him on MSN. Went down to watch some TV. It was so boring till I fell asleep.

Woke up and went upstairs. SC said I can get the mouse tonight. Then, when M came home, we ate lunch. Today is 15th (of the lunar calendar) so we're vegetarian for the day. GM bought some vegetarian food from the market.

After lunch, M went out. I continued surfing the net for awhile. When M came back, we waited for her to shower. When she came out, we watched MR 12 together. AP and KK came over to watch Lee Chong Wei in the Semifinals.

After much shouting from M and some cheers from us, Lee Chong Wei won the Korean opponent. Hopefully, he will win in the finals and get Malaysia's first Olympic Gold Medal. We gave KK and AP our house key. Then, we left for dinner and they went home too.

We went to a vegetarian restaurant in Section 17 for dinner. The food wasn't that great at all. It costs RM 90++. We went home after about an hour later.

When we got home, KK, AP, AM and SC were already inside. They were watching two China players fighting each other in the Badminton Men Single Semifinals. After the match, MM and AC came over.

All of us randomly watched some Olympic events while some chatted and SC and I were using our laptops. Then, M and I played GB together. M got bored and AC took over. AP, GG, SC and AM went home. AC and I played till it was 11pm and he left with MM.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back At Home

Once home, I unloaded the dirty clothes into the laundry basket. Then, I turned on the laptop and accessed the INTERNET for the first time in 3 days! Checked my facebook and FBM. Then, I posted my previous entries that I wrote on the Notepad.

Then, I visited some blogs of my friends. After that, I checked our time table for next week. After some chat with our other classmates, I found out that many people doesn't like the new time table.

There is a 3 hours break in between class on Monday and on most days, we go home late which coincides with "JAM TIME". Besides that, we have 6 hours of Moral Studies each week.

On the bright side, we have Mr Warren to teach us Moral Studies. After I know the lecturers names, I went to Webspace and looked for their picture. I'm kinda looking forward to meet them and find out how they teach.

At 7.30pm, M and I ate dinner. Then, I told them that I'll be watching MR 11 at 9.30pm. That gives them some time to catch up and watch MR 10 before that. They are now watching it while I'm updating this post.

Before I forget, my Laser Mouse is spoiled. This makes my work on the laptop 2 times SLOWER! I'll need to get another 1 as soon as possible...

Genting Day 3: Final Day

It only took me few minutes to fall asleep once I was on my bed. At 8.50am, We received a call from DY asking us to WAKE UP! After a quick shower, we went for the free buffet breakfast at the third floor.

DY and HX went back to their room while AL, MY, ZS and I walked around. AL bought some sweets and we went to the arcade later. AL threw some hoops while we helped and cheered for him.

It was already 11am. So, we decided to go back to our room. We watched Dukes of Hazards on Vision Four. When the show was over, ZS slept while I watched Lee Chong Wei play the quarter final match.

At 2pm, we went over with our luggage to AL's room. Hung around for some time talking and watching TV. AL, MY and ZS bought the 3pm bus ticket while DY, HX and I bought the 3.30pm ticket. I advised them to leave at 2.10pm but they only left at 2.30pm.

We quickly rushed to the cable car station. It was 2.45pm then and the queue to buy tickets was long. We bought the tickets and went into the cable car. Inside, we took a final group picture. It took us quite some time to get everyone into the picture.

Once we reached the bus station, we said our goodbyes and the three of them rushed downstairs. DY, HX and I then walked around the snack shop. They bought some stuff and I ended up buying some coconut candy that I haven't tasted for years!

We went downstairs to wait for our bus at 3.15pm. We saw AL, MY and ZS sitting there. It was obvious that they missed the bus. Few minutes later, our bus arrived and we hopped in. After an hour, we reached KL Sentral.

After collecting our luggage, I said bye to the 2 of them. Few minutes later, mum came to pick me up. It was the end of our trip and also means our holidays are close to OVER! Overall, I enjoyed this trip very much. The hotel room was small but there was very warm water that gave me many relaxing showers...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Genting Day 2: FUN!

Didn't sleep that well last night. Woke up at 7.45am and washed up. Went for breakfast an hour later. The food was okay and the coffee was nice.

We went back to the room to rest for a few minutes. Then, we left for the Theme Park. It is RM 51 for the All Park Ticket. We went to the Pirate Ship, Big Top and finally the carousel.

All of them felt dizzy so we went back to our rooms. ZS and I ate some donuts and I had a cup of Instant Noodles for lunch. I slept for slightly more than an hour while ZS watched TV. Then, we regrouped and continued our adventure.

First, we went to sit the Motion Master. The story was about Ali Baba. Their technology has improved as now there is 3D and some air blown at us. Then, we went for the Space Shot TWICE! While we were waiting for our turn, many disastrous thoughts came into my mind. It was thrilling going on the Space Shot. Even kids went to ride it.

Anyway, we went for a boat ride. It was supposed to be something lame but we sat on 3 boats and raced/banged each other. Next was the flying coaster which was a bore! Then, we sat on the Rolling Thunder Mine Train. We were the last few on that ride because they scheduled a maintenance session after that.

Then, we went for the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. We were the last batch again for the same reason, maintenance. This ride got all of us WET! Luckily, AL asked us to keep our jackets with the workers before we went for the ride.

The rest of them quickly went back to their rooms to shower while I accompany ZS to reload some DiGi credit. We went back to our room, showered and then met up with the others.

All of us walked to a coffee shop and I ordered chicken rice for RM 6.50 plus a Iced Milo for RM 2.50. The Chicken Rice tasted HORRIBLE (worst than APIIT cafeteria) and the Milo was VERY diluted.

After dinner, we went to the indoor Ferris wheel. Next was another round of motion master but this time, they were playing Alice In Wonderland. I personally preferred this one because there was more action.

Then, we went to play Bumper Cars. We all targeted DY which multiplied the fun level 10 times. I laughed till my mouth got dry when all of us keep smashing into him. We went to ride the Indoor Roller Coaster which was not thrilling at all.

All of us left for SnowWorld except DY and WX, who went to their rooms. RM 15 for 45 minutes was worth the fun! Inside, we took the ring float and slided down the hill. There was also free Ice Cream given to us inside SnowWorld. Then, we spend the rest of our time throwing artificial snow at each other. It as as if we were 10 year olds.

Time was up. We returned the gloves and jacket before leaving the place. We went into the lift and AL suddenly noticed that there is still a SLOW, Dragon ride. Since we already paid for the indoor ticket, We decided to go for that ride. It went around the Indoor Area SLOOOWLY.

Finally, we came up to our rooms. After changing, we watched a show called "Distraction" on 8TV. Then, we went over to AL's room to play cards. Dy and HX came over soon after that. We ate Chips and junk food while playing.

DY and HX went back to sleep around 12.30am while the four of us continued playing cards. At the end of the day, I lost RM 1.10. It was aready 2 am so all of us decided to stop playing and go to bed.

ZS and I came back to our room. Now, He is sleeping while I'm typing this post on a notepad. It is already 2.46am and I shall sleep now!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Genting Day 1: Warming Up

Woke up and used the laptop for a few minutes. Then, I quickly packed my luggage and showered. Waited for dad to send me to KL Sentral.

Finally reached Sentral at 10am. The earliest bus is at 12pm and there was 13 seats left and the 11.30am bus in Pasaraya was still half full.

So, DY, HX and I took a cab to the Pasaraya Station. The driver told us that it is now Arabic Holiday Season. We met AL, ZS and MY there and bought 6 tickets to Genting. We sat in the food court nearby and waited till 11.30am.

We went up the bus at 11.30am and reached the Skyway station less than an hour later. We bought bus tickets to go home before going to the skyway. Few minutes later, we went into the cable car.

Reached Genting about 10 minutes later. We walked all the way to First World to check in. We had to wait 100 numbers till it was our turn to check in.

We sat in the lobby for about an hour playing cards. When it was our turn, we checked in and went to our room. After 10 minutes, we went down to KFC for lunch.

I ordered a regular X meal and a Toasted Twister. The new Toasted Twister was quite nice. When we were eating, the roller coaster passed by us and the passengers were SCREAMING! After awhile, It became annoying and we even joked about throwing bones to them.

After lunch, we went to play Pool. It was RM 12 an hour and we played 2 tables. It was my first time playing but I still had fun. We went to the arcade after that. Played some car racing, which was also my first time.

We walked around and decided to go back to our room. Watched MR 10 with ZS and we went over to AL's room later. Ate some donuts and played some cards till 9.30pm. Lost 80 cents along the way.

Then, we went downstairs to take a short walk. We Walked to OldTown and decided to eat there. I ordered a French Toast but it didn't taste as nice as the one back home. MY got angry suddenly so AL asked us all to leave them there alone.

Came back to the room and showered. Now, we are so bored because there is no Internet Access on the 13th floor...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Channel All Day

Woke up and had some biscuits for breakfast. Went upstairs to use the laptop. Visited some blogs and went to facebook. The Internet kept disconnecting so dad and I had to restart the modem for about 5 times.

Had lunch together with dad downstairs. After lunch, I turned on the TV and watched archery. I never watched this sport before but somehow I was keen to watch it. M came home and I continued to watch archery. There was twice I even dozed off. Boring yet interesting. Haha.

Then, M suggested we play GB. We brought the 2 laptop's down and played GB with the TV on. We watched TV and played GB till about 7.30pm. We continued playing after our dinner. We finally stopped at 9.30pm and dad came home.

We found out that a young lady knocked into dad's car from behind and the momentum made dad's car smash into the Volvo in front of him. E and I played a few rounds of GB. Sometimes, she gets lucky and get really clean shots of me!

Dad made heated up some brownies and served it to us with a few scoops of ice cream. He left to make a police report after that. After a long nagging, E finally went to sleep. Now, the TV is finally off after almost 12 hours. Night...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Woke up around 8am today. Dad bought some breakfast home and I ate the "Roti Bom" for breakfast. I haven't eaten this for a long time and it was very delicious!
At around 11am, mum woke up. After she had her breakfast, she drove me to Times Square. She went to Borders and I went to look for a Sony Ericsson shop. I checked the directory and found out that it is on the 9th floor.
I went all the way to the ninth floor and there were only a few shops open. Compared to downstairs, this part of the mall is so deserted. After looking around, I finally found a "Sony Ericsson" sign. Unfortunately, the shop has already closed down.
I called AC to ask her where she is. Then, I went to S+J to look for her. SY and VP were already with her. We chatted for quite some time before going for lunch. They suggested Gasoline so I followed them there.
Gasoline is located in a corner near the cinema. The interior design had a prehistoric theme. Pictures of cavemen and dinosaurs were all over the place. I loved that cool theme.
We sat down and ordered. I ordered a "Gasoline Fried Chicken Chop" and "Momocha"(coffee blended with chocolate chips). Food came soon enough. It was nice. Then, KY joined us. We chatted for an hour or so before bringing out 3 pieces of cake and a present for SY.
We sang her a birthday song and started feasting on the cake. We talked for roughly another half an hour before asking for the bill. The bill was RM 75++ and we paid up. After paying, we talked for about 45 minutes more before going out.
Then, we found a spot outside the restaurant and started taking pictures. We took turns to take a picture for the other four because we didn't have a tripod. So, we have 5 pictures in total with different combinations of us inside.
SY went to her dance practice and KY went to get his car. I paid my share of the cake and present to VP and AC. Then, AC went downstairs to wait for her father. VP and I went to the Monorel Station.
We chatted more about college and she left the train at the Hang Tuah Station. I came down from the train at the last stop (KL Sentral Station). I called mum and she was waiting or me in the Tun Sambathan Station. I gave her some directions and she came to pick me up.
At home, I used the laptop for about 45 minutes. Then, we went out for L family dinner. My nephew was there too. It was also GJ's birthday so we celebrated it with a plate of jelly from Qjelly.
Came home and watched some Olympics highlights. Astro's signal started to go poor when it is not even raining here. Everyone stopped watching and went to do their own stuff...
**Photos from SY's Phone**

**With the help of Paint, I made a group pic!**

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