Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kids and Babies

Woke up at 10.50am and saw AM's message saying that CM and her kids are at 112. I then changed, had a snack and some water, then went down to 112. AM and SC brought SE out which leaves DZ and DW at home.

I played with DZ till they came back. At about 12pm, SC and AM came back with SE. WM was coming so I had to park my car inside. While I was at it, I accidentally scratched my car against their auto-gate.

After parking, I went back into the house. WM and 2 kids came moments later. Around 1pm, dad brought the girls down too. Played with the kids and even used the laptop there. Had lunch around 2pm.

After Lunch Dessert - Sea Coconut

Stayed there for quite some time although the kids were sleeping around 4pm. Around 4.30pm, I followed KK, AP and WM for a snack. We wanted to have roti canai but the stall wasn't open. We then detoured to a stall that sold some Malay kuih.

All of us ordered Teh Tarik and I also had a Glutinous Rice Kuih and another Green Coconut Sugar Kuih. When we were done, KK paid and we went back to the car. Dropped AP and WM at Bata before going back to 112.

Glutinous Rice Kuih

4 Cups of Teh Tarik

Something like "Appam" with Coconut - Didn't like it

Continued using the laptop and played a little more with the kids before going home. Reached home at 6.20pm and went to shower. At 7pm, the whole family went to Queens Park for dinner. We were supposed to go to a corner shop but I asked to try a new shop instead.

So, we went to Jeffrey's. The food took quite a long time to come as they served 4 other tables before it was our turn. Overall, the food was good and the price was okay. Dad paid the RM 127.50 bill and we went off to visit DGG.

RM 00.00 for a Small Carlsberg? Cool!!

Sweet And Sour Pork - Crunchy and Good

Signature Marmite Chicken - Great

Fried Potato Greens - Bad, The Worst Dish

Claypot Taufu - They served us the wrong dish
Returned it and got this:

Taufu with Minced Meat - Good

"Salted Duck Egg" Fried with Prawn Balls - Okay, Not a Fan of Prawns

The Bill - They nearly over-charged us for the towels!!

It was already 9.40pm when we reached there. Stayed and played with XZ for about half an hour before going home. Reached home at around 10.30pm and watched some TV. Then, I came up to use the laptop to blog and facebook.

It's 12.50am now and I should be going to bed any time soon. Bye...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Back Home

Woke up at 8.30am and washed up. Then, I watched KR while waiting for the rest of them to wake up. At about 10.30am, everyone was dressed and ready to leave. First stop was the breeder's house and we went in to look at some dogs.

One of The Cute Sheppard Puppies

Next, we went to a nearby Bak Kut Teh shop for brunch. The waitress was kinda moody and like AL said, had a "B*tch Look". The food was good but the portion was really small. I had a plate of rice with the meat and also ordered another extra rice like AL and DY. We just poured the soup onto the rice and just eat it like that.

Wet BKT - 1.5 Serving

Dry BKT - 1.5 Serving

Dry BKT - Single Serving

Difference between 1.5 and 1 serving!

I was so full after that. We then paid RM 10 each for the RM 51.50 bill (DY and AL paid the extra RM 1.50). As we were leaving, my legs started to itch because of some unknown bug that bit me. I had at least 6 bumps on both my legs!

In the car, I told them about it and ZS said he was itchy on his arm and AL said the itch was on his *ss. Anyway, DY left us while AL drove ZS to Neway, Puchong and dropped me in MY's house. I collected my car and drove home.

Reached my house at about 1pm. Went to take a shower before using the laptop. Watched KR and facebooked. Went to pick M up from school at around 2.30pm. Then, I came back and used the laptop till 6pm.

AM called and asked if I wanted to go cycling. I agreed and immediately rode down. When I looked at my bike, I noticed it detached from the stand and was inches away from falling. I just don't understand why the person who did it can't tell me so that I'll put it back properly...

Anyway, I cycled down to meet with AM. Then, we did a big round before going back to 112. Went in to have Mango juice before going back. AP asked if I wanted to eat here so I agreed. Rode back home and relaxed for awhile before showering.

Then, I drove down with the laptop. Had dinner at 7.30pm till about 8pm. YM and I then turned on our laptops. When SC came back, I introduced SC to KR! He got hooked too and asked me to put it into his Hard disk.

At about 11pm, all of us hopped into my car and I drove to Section 17 for supper. I ordered a Zhu Cheong Fan and a Teh Tarik. AM paid for everything. When all of us were done, we went back to 112.

My dish of Zhu Cheong Fan

It was 12.05am when we arrived. Used the laptop to blog for awhile before going home. Watching American Idol now and going to sleep after it finishes. Night...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In DY's House

Woke up at 7am and got ready for college. Left the house at 8am and reached TPM around 8.30am. I was lucky enough to get the visitor parking spot. Went to class and waited for the rest of them to arrive.

Class start around 9am. Then, we had a 10 minute break. After that, it was presentation time. Our group already did ours last week so it was "relax time". At the end of the first presentation by group 2 students, the put in "Thank You For Wasting Time".

The lecturer got hurt and started giving us his lecture and a long talk. He nearly gave us another small work to do but retracted it. Anyway, he let us off early and we went to the lab. While waiting for our friends, we went to the lab and watched our shows. ML and AL watched EU while ZS and I watched KR.

At 11.40am, we went to McD. We arrived and it was only 11.50am and we realized we couldn't order the Value Meal. So, we found a table and started watching KR. This time I turned on episode 1 to show AC the "coolness" of KITT.

Once it turned 12pm, the place was CROWDED with people! We continued watching and waited for the crowd to die down. Then, AC and I stayed and watched KR while the rest bought food for themselves and us.

McChicken - Good and Reasonably Priced

I ordered a McChicken Value Meal (large) for RM 7.50. It tasted quite good. Went back to ENT3 after getting our refills. We still had an hour to kill so we watched another episode of KR. Next, we had IA class with Mr Lili.

As usual, his informative class ended at 2.45pm. It was raining and AL dropped me at my car. I then drove to MY's house and waited for the rest of them to come in their cars. It rained heavily and I got quite wet.

AC, AL, ZS, DY and I then went inside MY's house and planned the next event. I then went into AC's car and the rest went in DY's car. Once outside MY's housing area, the road was FLOODED till the rim of the tire!

AC's car was shaking after passing that. We were so worried but luckily nothing happened. We went inside Endah Parade with our of main mission of playing bowling. First, we went to Yogi to get some Ice Cream. I ordered Chocolate.

Chocolate Yogi - RM 1

After eating cold stuff, I felt even hungrier. We spotted "Tat Bakery" and went in to buy some bread. I bought myself a Stick Donut (RM 1.50) and Chicken Floss Bun (RM 2.50). We ate on the way the bowling alley and I managed to finish them once we went inside.

AC, AL, ZS and I played 2 games. MY and DY stayed out. The total including shoe rental was RM 8 per person. Although it was my first time, I managed to get 2 strikes for each game (4 total).

But at some point, I hit the drain continuously for about 4 times! It was still fun though. After our game was over, we returned the shoes and went to have some Soya Bean and TauFuFar. All of them ordered stuff except me because I didn't feel like ordering anything else.

Next, AC went home while the rest of us went back to MY's house. We played some badminton outside and went in her house to rest for a while after that. At 6.30pm, we went to Sri Petaling for dinner.

AL brought us to this western place called Uncle R. He said the lamb here was nice so I tried the Classic Grilled Lamb. Since the apple juice had the large special, ZS and I shared one. The lamb was okay but there were too many bones. The garlic bread was nice though.

Uncle R Pork Free Western Food

Classic Grilled Lamb - RM 11.90

Apple Juice Extra Large - RM 5.50

We paid off and sent MY home. It rained again then. Next, ZS and AL drove to DY's house while I sat in DY's car. We went to a dog breeder's place to look at the dogs but the breeder already left. Next, we went to HX's house to collect some stuff.

Then, we went back to DY's house. Used the laptop and did some of our assignment. We then took turns showering after that. At about 11.20pm, we went out to Bukit Tinggi for supper. I just ordered a Ice Kacang while the rest ate some food.

Ice Kacang - RM 4

As we were leaving, it rained again. Came home and did some final discussion. Then, I started blogging. ZS watched KR while AC and DY watched EU. It's now 1.51am and I'll be sleeping as soon as I finish this post. Night...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trying Out P1

Woke up at 6am to check on my download. Went back to sleep and woke up again at 9am. Showered and had a chocolate bun for breakfast. Watched 2 episodes of KR whiles surfing the net with the P1 till 11.30pm.

Then, I changed and drove to TPM. Before entering TPM, I went to Shell to refuel. Surprisingly, it only cost Rm 62 to fill the tank! Next, I went inside ENT3 to meet up with AL and AC. We waited for ZS to arrive.

Once he came in, we drove to Seri Kembangan and went to Yoke Heng for lunch. We ordered some food which turned out to be NICE! Everyone was so full because we forced ourselves to finish everything. We only ordered 4 dishes but the portion was huge.

Specialty Tofu - GREAT

Signature Pork Ribs - YUMMY

Choi Dam - Good

Herbal Chicken (half) - Good

Bill - Reasonable

After we paid RM 16.60 each, we went back to ENT3 for class. For the next 4 hours, we had 2 MBUS and BENV. The topic was so boring I accidentally fell asleep a couple of times! It was finally over at 5.40pm.

I then drove KW to the LRT before going back home. Once home, I showered and watched KR. Went down for dinner and came back up again. At about 9.30pm, I went downstairs to eat the Egg Burger dad just bought.

Otai Egg Burger - Good

After eating the burger, I came back up to use the laptop. Watched KR till 10.40pm and started to blog. Tried connecting the P1 to my router since dad was experiencing slow speed from Streamyx. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to connect with the router.

I then decided to plug it back to my laptop and I continued blogging. Used the laptop till about 12am before finally turning off the laptop. Going to sleep soon. Bye...

ZS's post about today : Click Here


This blog has just past another mile stone!!! It's got the 3000th visit already!! HURRAY!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Noodley Noodleh

Woke up at 8am and used the laptop till 9.10am. Showered and went to college. Reached APIIT at 10am and went to meet with ZS. AL came to join us. At 10.30am, we went to class. BENV ended at 12.20pm.

Few of us went to PitStop for snack. I ordered a Chocolate Waffle and it didn't taste good as last week! Went to the lab for our IA lab session. After class, we went out for lunch. Few of them went first while AL, ZS and I waited for MY to come pick us.

When she arrived, AL drove us to ZS's house. I went in with him to get 5 episodes of KR that we agreed. After that, we drove on to IOI for lunch. AC decided Wong Kok so we went there for lunch. I ordered a "Fu Yong Egg Noodle", "Ham French Toast" and a "Milk Tea".

Milk Tea - RM 1.80

Fu Yong Noodles - RM 10.20

Ham French Toast - RM 5.50

While waiting for the food, I used the laptop to transfer KR and also DH from ML's Hard disk. Food came quite fast. The milk tea was ordinary, the noodles tasted good and the french toast was nice too.

The Bill - RM 133.85

I paid my share of RM 24 and we left for TPM. We then went to ENT3 for our IA class. Class ended early and I went home. Before that, DY gave me a P1 Wimax to try out. Drove home and went to shower immediately.

At 5.30pm, I drove down to 112 because AM was expecting a furniture delivery at 6pm and she was home alone. Once I reached there, she told me they came at 3.45pm and she didn't open the door so she asked them to leave the furniture at the door.

So, I helped her bring the furniture inside after I parked the car. Started using the laptop till the YM and SC came home. Used most of the time rearranging my hard disk folders. At 7.30pm, they all came home and we had dinner.

Spaghetti and Mushroom Soup

AM made spaghetti and mushroom soup for dinner. After that, I watched some KR till about 9pm. Surfed the net while chatting with AM, YM and SC. Also did some blogging too. Around 10pm, I realized the VAIO has lost its sound AGAIN!! It's been a few months since this problem. Anyway, I packed and went home as it was getting late.

Watched DH on 8TV and OIAM Diaries and also SYTYCD (US) one after another. The laptop was in front of me all the time but I'm only finishing this post at 12.10am... Going to sleep soon. Night...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stupid Me!!

Woke up around 9.30am and lazed in bed till 10am. I then washed up and went downstairs. Had Pringles for breakfast and used the laptop + TV till 12.30pm. Then, I packed my laptop and drove down to 112.

Waited for KK to shower before I drove us to Crystal Crown. Met up WM and LZ there before going into the buffet lunch. I took quite a lot of food and snapped some pics too. Overall, the food was okay.

Since I don't have the pictures anymore (will be explained later), I don't want to go into details. We ate till about 3pm before coming home. It was raining while going back. Parked inside 112 and went in.

Used the laptop to pass time. Tried to look for AM's arrival time but wasn't sure because nobody knew the flight code. Shut down my laptop at 5pm and wanted to sent LZ to piano lessons before going home.

Before my laptop completely shut down, WM came back and sent LZ. Anyway, I said bye to KK and AP and then went home. Used the laptop in front of the TV till 7.30pm before showering. Came down and finished watching another episode of The Nanny before having dinner.

After dinner, I used the laptop again while watching Miss No Good. Midway, DGG and family came. XZ shaved his head!! Still cute as always though. They stayed and ate some bread, watched some TV and chatted. SS dropped by too.

At about 10pm, all of them left. I then started to blog. As I marked the pictures I wanted to upload, I accidentally DELETED them!! I wanted to press cancel but the process was too fast. Once I realized I deleted them, I slapped myself (not hard enough to inflict pain though)!

It's 10.45pm now and I'll probably watch some TV before going to bed. Night...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Woke up around 9.40am. Ate some bread and biscuits for breakfast. Used the laptop till about 10.40am. YM then told me that SY and CM will be coming. I told her I'll be coming soon. Got ready and drove down to 112.

After parking, I walked to 112 and say CM and SY in the car. They were already leaving because CM had to go back and tend to her other 2 kids. Anyway, I went inside and used the laptop till about 11.40am.

AP wanted to play Mahjong so I drove up to get my wallet (which I forgot to bring along). We played on and off (while YM and I facebooked and did some other stuff) till about 3pm. Then, AP, KK, YM and I walked to Devi's Corner with our umbrellas.

It started drizzling while we walked there. Once there, we sat down and ordered our food (Teh Tarik and Roti Planta for me). The Planta was crunchy and nice! After we were done, YM paid and we walked home in the rain (lucky thing we had umbrellas).

Teh Tarik + Roti Planta

Once back in 112, YM and I used the laptop again till nearly 5pm. Then, we started playing Mahjong again when AP was ready. Played till 6.40pm and called "last round". I won with the very last card and even won RM 5.50 (after tax). Lost RM 13.20 for the whole day...

Packed my stuff and went home. Showered and got ready for dinner. Waited for J's friends to go home before we could go out. Dad then brought us to Quan's. I ordered Fish N Chips, Thousand Island Chicken and Coconut Coffee Ice Blended. The waitress took our order and left us.

First, she didn't repeat the order. Secondly, she came and told me they ran out of coconut. That's acceptable but the WORST was when I wanted to take a pic of my drink (reordered Ice Blended Lychee Watermelon), she said I wasn't allowed to take pictures here!!!!!

From then on, I HATED this place!! I apologized but still there was upsetness. Few minutes later, she came to me and told me that the Thousand Island Chicken was also unavailable. It took me a few seconds to remember I can't take pictures of it anyway so I just gave her back the menu...

Besides that, the fish I had was PINK! M's fish was also like that. Last but not least, the restaurant was full of smoke even though it was air-conditioned. Totally unhealthy for a food place!!

Dad paid and we went off. Dropped by TMC and got some stuff. Then, we went back home and I started watching TV. It's 12.25am now and I'm still blogging in front of the TV with dad. Should be sleeping after this show. Bye...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not The Usual Saturday

Woke up at 9.15am and checked on my download. Used the laptop for awhile before going down for breakfast. Dad heated up some SunMoulin bread for us. After that, I came up and used the laptop again.

Then, I brought it into my room and connected it to my TV. I then used it to watch Knight Rider (2008 Movie Pilot). Just like LC suggested, it was really a cool show. It ended at 12.30pm and I went down to meet SS and SS.

After everyone was ready, we went into the Avanza and dad drove us to town for lunch. We ended up eating in Yook Woo Hin (Inside Petaling Street). According to this website, it was opened since 1926 (83 years old)!!

Yook Woo Hin, Petaling Street

The first thing that impressed me was that they had a digital photo frame on the cashier displaying a picture and price of each dish int he restaurant! SS ordered Beef Noodles, House Specialty Noodles, Marmite Pork Ribs, Boxing Chicken and Fried Sui Ga0 (dumpling).

Beef Noodles - Good

House Specialty Noodles - Didn't try this

Marmite Pork Ribs - GREAT

Boxing Chicken - Good

Fried Sui Gao - Good

The food came quite fast and all the food here was good. The place was also quite pleasant and clean. Anyway, we finished our lunch around 2pm. Dad paid the Rm 99 bill and went to get the car. SS, GM and I then walked to McD to wait for him.

The "Detailed" Bill Ever!!

Reached home around 2.30pm and I came up to use the laptop. Went down for awhile again before coming back up to blog. Waited till 4pm as C already made an appointment with me all the way from Swistzy!

YM smsed and I told her I'll be down soon. After I showered, I went to 112. Chatted with C till 5.20pm because she wanted to ask about some stuff for her assignment. Then, AP, YM and I played Mahjong.

Stopped at 7.05pm and I won RM 6.60. Went back home to pick GM and the girls. Dad went for his dinner party. When we were all ready, I drove them to 105. We went in for about 5 minutes before leaving for dinner.

SS brought us to Chan Kee for dinner. The food was nice and quite reasonably price too (RM 70++). After dinner, SS drove back and I expected to go in for awhile. GM then said she wanted to go home so we had to follow her.

Once home, I watched some TV and ended up using the laptop in front of the TV. Watched some programs till 12.45am. Came up to blog a little more till now. Should be sleeping any minute now. Night...

Friday, February 20, 2009

They Left!

Woke up at 11.22am today! Mum already went to Kuching. She wasn't the only one who left KL, SC and AM went to Bangkok too. Anyway, I used the laptop till12.40pm. Had lunch with dad and J downstairs.

Then, I came back up to use the laptop. E came home around 3pm. After opening the door for her, I went to get some ice cream and waited for E. When she was done, we watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua together.

It was quite a nice show actually. The movie ended around 4.30pm and I went up to use the laptop for awhile. Then, GM asked me to send her to Lee And Goh in Lucky Garden. E and I then went with her and waited there.

M called and asked me to pick her. I then went to pick her up and came back for GM. We parked our car and went to get her. Around 6pm, we reached home.

Took a stick of "Red Bean Ice Cream Potong" before coming up to use the laptop and blog. Then, went down to watch Avatar till 7.30pm. Ate dinner and dropped dad at his office. Came back just in time to watch Miss No Good.

It started raining and we couldn't watch Astro for about 10 minutes. After that, we watched the rest of Miss No Good. Then, we watched One In A Million. Towards the end, dad came home with supper!!

Chee Cheong Fun - Great Supper!!

He bought "Chee Cheong Fun" and we went to the kitchen to eat it. After eating, we went back to the living room to continue watching TV. At 11pm, we watched I Survived A Japanese Game Show.

Before it turned 12, everyone went upstairs and I was left alone. While facebooking, I found out J's BF is JTZR. Anyway, I stayed on and even watched American Idol till 1.15am. It's 1.30am now, I'll have to go to bed soon...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday K!!

Woke up at 6.40am today!! Showered and got ready for college. Once I arrived, AC just parked his car. It was only 7.30pm and there were less than 10 people in APIIT. AC and I then sat there looking at our slides.

Waited for our members to come and we showed them the slides. At 8.30am, we had MBUS. The lecturer taught for the first half and then asked us to do our presentation during the next. Our team was one of the four lucky ones to get picked today.

Although we prepared for everything, the lecturer only picked random pages and chose random group members to answer some random questions. It wasn't that bad after all. At the end of the class, Mr Mullet told us that we were the best among today's groups!

After class, some of our classmates had IA lab session (which we already had on Tuesday). The rest of us then went to the lab and watched a series that AL brought. When their class was over, we regrouped and went for lunch.

All 7 of us went into my car and we went to pick MY up. Then, we drove to Citrus Park in OUG to look for food. Just like last time, we went around looking for food and still ended up in Station 1.

The menu was new and there wasn't any more sets! Since we already sat down, I just ordered a Fried Chicken Chop. Turned on the laptop and plugged in the adaptor. Did some facebooking while waiting for the food to come. AC suddenly told us his ProCom got "A". I quickly checked and found out I got "B+". I guess I have to work harder this sem!!

Fried Chicken Chop Set - RM 13.90

Bill - RM 157.65!!

Our food arrived and I ate mine. The chicken was okay and so was the corn and coleslaw. Unfortunately, the potato tasted sour as if it was spoilt. I hesitated before eating it but ZS already CLEARED all the food on his plate. I then decided to finish my food too.

After paying up, we went walking around and even visited the pet shop. Then, we drove back to Sri Petaling. We decided to have Cendol again. This time, I ordered a plain Cendol. As I took my phone out and activated the camera, the phone HANGED!! (so, no pic this time).

Went to pay for the cendol and it was only RM1. Next, we went back to ENT3 for IA class. We were 10 minutes late for Mr Lili's class but he still welcomed us. His interesting lecture went on till 3pm. He gave us a break after that.

After the break, he said that those who handed in their proposal could leave now. AC already handed in ours on Tuesday so all of us went back. Came back and used the laptop till about 5pm. Went down for ice-cream and watched some TV.

At 5.30pm, I came up to blog till 6.30pm and went to shower/get ready for dinner. Went down to get everyone moving and only left the house at 7pm. Managed to reach 105 in about 20 minutes.

Waited for LC to come home and then we went to The Club @ Bukit Utama for dinner at Super Tanker. There wasn't many tables occupied but there were still about 8. Anyway, SS did the ordering.

Tissue - Restaurant Extra Super Tanker

Meat Stall + Mirror of The Place

Some Vege - Quite Good

Venison - Deer Meat

Thai Style Deep Fried Chicken - Nice But Spicy

Salty Duck Egg Prawns - Didn't Try

Bacon and Almond Fried Cabbage - Good

Layered Beancurd - Great!

Lamb Soup - Didn't Like It

Overall, the food was quite nice and the service was okay too. The only upsetting event was that when LC, J and E asked for Fork & Spoon Sets, they served them WET PLATES!! How could they even do that??!!

After dinner, I drove the car up and picked GM and the others. Then, we drove back to 105. Stayed there for awhile before going home at about 10.15pm. Once home, I realized I didn't bring my wallet out!

Anyway, I came up to blog and use the laptop. It's 11.21pm now and I guess I'm gonna use the laptop or either go and watch some TV. Night...
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