Thursday, July 31, 2008


Woke up and used the computer for awhile. Had a Snickers for breakfast. Left for BBJ at 9.10am. Poured some petrol for the thirsty Avanza. Took an alternative route that I wasn't that sure of. Luckily, my memory didn't fail me and I managed to reach the LRT station to pick KW up.

When we reached the Exam Hall, everyone was outside waiting since the door to the hall wasn't open yet. We went to another APIIT premise and sat there. After awhile, CQ told us the door was opened and we could go up.

I saw AL just arrive with JW. I waited for them and AL asked me to go and have a drink. ML and I followed him to look for AC and JG. They were already there eating when we reached the coffee shop. I ordered a cup of coffee and we stayed there for some time.

When it was about time, we walked back to the exam hall. Exam started 10 minutes later. There were about less than 100 students sitting for the 3 exams and 70+ was sitting for PITS. The paper was harder than expected but it wasn't too bad.

I came out early and we went to Alison for lunch. After 3 rounds, we parked and walked to Alison. I ordered "lou she fun" (directly translated into "mouse noodles"). A picture of Chui Ling and the owner was pasted there (some TV show maybe?) and I expected it to be nice.

The food came and I paid RM5 for it. I ordered a "kopi peng" (iced coffee). 3 of us that ordered the noodles agreed that it was very plain. I liked the coffee though. I dropped KW at the LRT and ZS in APIIT.

Came home and surfed the net and played some BR as usual. Chatted with JTSQ later in the night and introduced her to "notebook lock". She'll be going to Kedah with her notebook and never heard of it. Helped her ask around about price and where to get it. It was fun.

Watched Bleach and came down at 9.30pm to watch episode 4 of MR. I just finished watching Holidays in Handcuffs. The storyline was kinda silly as this could never happen in real life. That girl actually kidnapped a guy for Christmas and in the end, they fell in love...

Tomorrow will be our final paper. NS! We'll see how it goes...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Rest Between Exams

Woke up and ate some Fish Muruku for breakfast. There was no exam today so I didn't have to rush. Internet was slower than a snail and we had to restart the modem because the desktop couldn't connect to the Internet...

Played BR since I couldn't go online. Went down for lunch around 1pm. Watched some TV and found out that AOD is allowing subscribers to watch 5 episodes of Moonlight Resonance (aka. Heart Of Greed 2) for 5 days. I decided to watch the 2 episodes but they were showing episode 2 already.

I had to wait another half an hour to watch episode 1. Unfortunately, I came down too late and missed it. So, I had to wait another 1 hour and 30 minutes since 1 episode is 45mins. Again, I missed it...

So, after dinner, I came got ready at 8.30pm for the 8.45pm show . I turned to 931 and watched the 2 episodes with M, J and E. They were releasing the 3rd episode at 9.30pm and we planned to watch that at 10.15pm.

When we finished watching 2 episodes, I wanted to change to 931 for the latest episode. To my surprise, we were on 931 all this time!! That means we watched episode 2 and 3 earlier!! Amazingly, we still managed to figure out the characters with our brains!

So, we watched episode 1 after 2 and 3. It was alright though since they kept flashing back in the first few episodes. Mum and dad came back from dinner and got attracted to it too. Now, they are watching episode 2...

I'll be sitting for PITS exam tomorrow. Good night...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

IS Exam

After I put my alarm on snooze, I didn't hear it anymore. Luckily, I was awake at 8.20am. Ate a muesli bar for breakfast. Left for BBJ around 9am.

Outside the hall, everyone gathered and "studied". Went in at 10.45am. There was 6 exams going on today! The IS paper wasn't as tough as expected but it wasn't that easy too. Many people, including me, finished early and came out earlier.

After the exam was over, we went to the cafeteria in APIIT for lunch. I ordered chicken rice and went to pay. AM was in front of me and I said "hi". She asked me to pay for her meal but when we reached the cashier, she PAID for me! Thanks again AM!

The St*p*d lady asked me if I wanted drinks. When I said no, her face turned black! That made my face turn black as well. How can she treat her customers like this? No wander there aren't many student here. I'll try to avoid this place as much as possible from now on.

Maybe I'll go to Pit Stop next time. But I already blacklisted Pit Stop from my list since my first week in APIIT. I shall give them another chance or else I'll have to go hungry! Haha, that won't happen...

Out of nowhere, DO told me he was sorry he kissed my car. I was surprised and asked him "serious ah?". I didn't know what to say and left the case as it was since I haven't seen the damage.

After lunch, I sent KW to the LRT. Before going up the car, I took a look at the back of my car. I couldn't see any damage. He probably just kissed it softly. I came home and did tried to use the Internet.

Streamyx was SUPER fast! I could barely loud a single website! I gave up and played BR instead. Around 5pm, mum called and asked me if I wanted to go to BabaLow for a snack. I declined at first. But when I heard that AP and KK was going, I decided to go.

KK was already in mum's car and we went to pick AP from Lucky Garden. She was in the Salon with WM who permed her hair. We went to BabaLow and ordered some food. I didn't want to eat much so I just ordered Cendol.


We paid and left after eating. Mum reversed into a motorbike that was parked behind us. The guy showed us a crack in his bike. We knew it was an "old wound" but he insisted that it was "new". Mum gave him RM 25 and he happily left us alone (proves he was lying).


SS came to bring some food back to his house. He brought us a loaf of bread from SunMoulin. M toasted some and ate it after dinner. I was hungry and decided to eat some of it too. When I took a few pieces out to toast, I found this shocking thing!

Moss on the Bread!!

Looks like a pair of shoes...

Here's a blur close up

There were moss on the 2 middle pieces of the loaf. M probably will get a bad stomach tomorrow. I wanted to throw the whole loaf away but GM insisted that we throw the 2 pieces and KEEP the rest in the fridge! She probably wanted to let the moss spread ALL over the fridge.

I showed the pics to C on MSN. SS told me not to write anything about it but how can I not post this interesting story? Instantly, SS called to ask us NOT to eat the bread and THROW it away! GM was still stubborn...

Dad came back later with satay from "Sate Kajang Hj Samuri". I quickly told him about the bread and he managed to overrule GM and threw the bread in the bin. We ate the satay he bought. I didn't really like it because it was full of meat and not chewy at all.

Satay from Hj Samuri

Well, the others liked it and their business is doing really good so it probably is just me who dislikes it. M and I watched Pushing Daisies later. This was her first time (my second) and I get the feeling that she likes it. I wanna sleep early today so, Night!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Had a hard time sleeping earlier but managed to get a decent amout of sleep along with a NIGHTMARE! Woke up at 8 in the morning. Ate some biscuits and had apple juice for breakfast. Left for BBJ at 9.15am.
Picked KW up from the LRT station before continuing to BBJ. When I almost reached the Exam hall in BBJ, a weird looking lizard (gecko maybe) crawled along my window. Even though it was outside, it gave me a SURPRISE! Luckily, I didn't sway the car and hit anything.
We were one of the earliest to arrive. At 10.45pm, we were asked to go in. There were 3 different exams going on at the same time. All the while, my neighbour (taking PSD paper), a foreigner, openly asked the answers from his friends. An invigilator noticed it and gave them a warning.
PENG was okay. I wrote a story for my essay. I overshot to 350 words when they only asked for 300. Hopefully they don't notice it! Towards the end, an invigilator stood right in front of my noisy neighbour. He even dared to say "why don't you go that side? I heard some noise over there". The invigilator smiled and didn't move even a bit.
We finished the exam at 1.20pm. After everyone came out, we went for lunch at Old Town in Sri Petaling. There was 10 of us and the bill totalled to RM 121. Reasonable considering sme of us ordered more than 1 dish! (some of them were hungry mah...)
After lunch, some of us went to ENT3 to do some revision. Amazingly, LY managed to step on CQ's leg and broke the strap of her high-heels! We managed to do quite a satifying amount of revision together. 10 times more than doing revision with ZS and AL. We all left after 5pm.
There wasn't any jam on the way home. Hopefully, this will continue forever! At home, I went online as usual. I saw a "innit" post with the title "Dawn Yang Plagarizes on her blog" on Nuffnang's website. I decided to check it out. It turned out to be a whole blog dedicated to exposing bad stuff of her.
There were some links and it lead me to this blog that has a SUPER LONG post about DY and all her lies. That caught my attention and I wasted about an hour reading about this delicious gossip. I was surprised how one person can hate another so badly!
Before my dinner, SC delivered the 2 shirts that AM bought for me. I must say, this "shop" provides good service! She buys them for me and delivers it to my house even before I pay a single cent! Haha, thanks AM & SC!
.2 black shirts picked by AM
Ate dinner at 8pm. M was watching STS. I already watched that episode before but still laughed when I heard her laugh so loudly. Now, I'm rushing to finish this post before House starts! That's all for today. Bye!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dinner at Monte's in BSC

M suggested we go to Madam Kwan's since we hadn't been there in more than 5 years. But instead, she decided to go to Monte's. So, I drove all of us (except dad who had to go to a party) to BSC. There were so MANY parking spaces! This is the first time I saw BSC with so little cars. Their construction work probably has turned people away from here.

We went to Monte's and asked for a table for 6. Surprisingly, there were many people in the restaurant. I ordered a Dinner Set (Onion Cheese Bruchetta+Ribeye Steak+Dessert of the Day+Coffee for RM 35++).

The service was slow but the food came fast. They served us buns before our meal. My bruchetta came next. I had one and gave the other piece for the rest to share. All I can say is that it tasted like any other normal bread.

Buns! They weren't hot though...

Onion Cheese Bruchetta

My main dish was served 10 minutes later. I asked for "medium" and I didn't like it. The meat was too tough. Still, I managed to finish everything on the plate. After everyone finished, my ice cream came. It was nothing special, just a vanilla ice cream with some deco.

Ribeye Steak

Dessert of the Day - Ice Cream


My cup of coffee came right after the ice cream. It smelt very nice! I ate a few scoops of ice cream and gave the rest of it to J while I finished my coffee. GM and E was already impatient to get home. Mum paid RM 140++ and we left.

Lunch at Mango Mania in Telawi

Since I didn't have much for lunch, mum brought us to Mango Mania. We parked in BV and walked. It is opposite CzipLee and next to Hong Leong Bank and the dentist's clinic.

On the way, E wanted to go to "Bakerzin" to have "Mango Mousse". We went to where Bakerzin used to be but found out that it was taken over by another eatery. I forgot their name (started with O).

Mango Mania's Entrance

We walked into Mang Mania and ordered. I ordered a Caesar Salad with Mango and we shared a Mango Ice-Cream (not sure what you call it). We sat down in the sofa area. The interior design and music was nice. Unfortunately, I visited the toilet and it was STINKY!

Mango Ice Cream

Caesar Salad with Mango

The ice cream came first and I took a third of it. It was served with some fresh mango at the bottom. My caesar salad came and E finished the rest of the ice cream. Caesar salad was "so so"(any caesar salad gets a minimum 3/5) and with the mango, it tasted "weird".

All of us wanted another Mango Ice Cream but none of us wanted to get up and buy it. So, we left the shop and went off instead. We passed by where Bakerzin used to be in BV II. It was also gone. So if anyone is looking for Bakerzin in BV and BV II, both of them are GONE. Don't waste your time looking for it.

We went to Coffee Bean before going home. Mum wanted to wait till 3pm and go straight to pick J from school. Luckily, I managed to make her drive us home or we would have waited in BV II for 45 minutes!

Visit to BAHT in Jalan Tenggiri

Mum decided to try out this restaurant named BAHT (Baan Aa-Haan Thai) in Jalan Tenggiri. It is just few doors away from Baba Low. It is run by the JJ Fruit Juice owner too. GM, mum, M, E and I went. J was still in school.

We were the only ones in the shop. There was a couple eating there earlier but now, it looks like we've booked the floor. I didn't know what to eat so I didn't order anything. The rest of them ordered their stuff and mum ordered fish cakes for all. Food came about 10 minutes later.

There was this Indian waitress that couldn't pronounce words properly. It really annoyed me. She said "Paisee" when she actually meant "Spicy". There were once when we didn't understand her at all! Although they had a sliding door, there still were flies in the restaurant!

Mum found this at the back of the toilet door!

Mum's Green Curry Chicken

M's Fried Rice

M's Watermelon Juice (paper cups are bad for the environment)

Fish Cakes

Mum didn't like her green curry chicken and M said her fried rice was "normal". I tried the Fish Cakes and it was, something different. We paid and left the restaurant after we were done. In my opinion, the drinks were cheap and the food was over-priced.

M couldn't start MM's BMW. Luckily, she managed to get the car started and brought us home. We dropped M and GM home. Then, we went to Mango Mania.

Study Week 1: Day 7

I had a hard time sleeping this morning (1am). Rolled on the bed for a long time and finally slept. I woke up from my dream at around 6 am (invisible clock - inaccurate) and I could get back to sleep. Stayed awake and went over to M, J and E's room to lie down.
I laid at J's spot since she went down to get ready for school (extra classes). Laid there and let my mind wonder into thin air. Still, I couldn't sleep. After an hour or so, dad came in and woke M and E up to go to BISDS.
I ate some breakfast and came up. Played some games and went to Facebook. This game, Pandemic2 is about a virus. You control the evolution of the virus and your goal is to kill everyone in the world. I never won it once. And each game takes at least an hour. The other game, Prism required BRAINS! Till now, I completed all the puzzles except level 29.
Mum brought us to BAHT for lunch. It is few doors away from BabaLow. I didn't eat anyhting there so mum brought E and I to Mango Mania. Then, we went to Coffee Bean for a drink. I ordered the "Malibu Dream". It was a "non-coffee" drink and I didn't like it that much. I stole a few sips (a third of the cup) of mum's Large Ice Blended Cinnamon.

Malibu Dream (front) and IB Cinammon (back)

Came home and did some revision. AC's notes has became quite famous now. I think a third of our class already has it. Well, this is because it is quite useful. Revision ended before we went for dinner and I'm quite satisfied already. Can't think of any more revision to do without frying my brain. So, that's all for today.

We went for dinner at Monte's in BSC. Came back after dinner and chatted with some friends. All I have left to do is update this blog. Tomorrow will be our PENG exam. Got to sleep early today so I'm going to post as fast as possible. Night.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Study Week 1: Day 6

Woke up slightly earlier today. I ate a 2X3 bar of chocolate for breakfast and a "Lor Mai Kai" (chicken with glutinous rice) an hour later. All the girls had to go to school today even though it is a Saturday.
We didn't go out for lunch since M and J came back at different times. Dad bought some noodles for my lunch. The rest of them ate "tai pau" (huge bun). It didn't feel like a Saturday because we usually will go out for lunch.

After lunch, I came up and studied! IS exam is 3 days away so I had to force myself to do that. Quite happy with my progress actually. By tomorrow, my IS revision should be completely finished. After that, was my time to "relax".

I found this game on AddictingGames called Foxy Sniper. It was a nice sniper game. In some levels, you got to use your brains! After that, I played this game called Killer Whale. You play a whale that escapes from the aquarium. The levels are challenging and time consuming. I played that till it was time to go out for dinner.

E only came back after 7pm and we only left the house at 7.40pm. We went to Damansara Utama with the intention to eat in "Hj Samuri Sate Kajang". We saw many people waiting and decided to go somewhere else. We went 3 rounds around Damansara Utama until we finally decided to eat at "Grandma Kitchen Cafe".

They sell Chinese dishes, noodles and dim sum there. Dad ordered some dishes and a plate of pineapple fried rice. I liked the fried rice and the chicken dish (butter chicken I think). The rest just wasn't as nice. The "grandma yin yong" drink was nice but a bit on the pricey side.
..............................My Drink - Grandma Yin Yong
I noticed that when a guy wanted to pay his bill, they ran out of "credit-card-machine paper". They are celebrating their 3rd anniversary but the 3 employees there were so blur. I even thought this shop just opened few months ago. Dad paid later but I didn't bother to ask him the price.
Before we went home, dad wanted to buy some "Satay" home. The guy told him we had to wait 15 minutes as there were MANY people in the line. He decided to go home without buying anything. E was still hungry so dad stopped outside TMC and bought 2 "pau" for her.
We stayed downstairs watching some TV. After 10.30pm, there was nothing else that interests me so I came upstairs. Tomorrow will be my final day of "Study Week". I wonder how much revision I'll do...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Study Week 1: Day 5

I woke up today around 10am. Waffle Crisp with milk for breakfast. After some facebooking, I opened up my Discovering Computers 2008 book. This RM60 book has been on the table since April. Finally, I'm utilizing it.

I had already prepared some topics on Wednesday. So, all I had to do was look for the answers from the book. I got help (ask which page the information is) from ML since I wasn't familiar with the book.

I spend about 2 hours looking at the book and writing down the points. Today is the day I "really" studied and I feel kinda proud. Went down for lunch at around 1.30pm. Then, I stayed downstairs watching TV. When I came upstairs, my "study mood" was gone. So, I decided to call it a day

ML told me that he was studying earlier and his "mood" was gone too! We both agreed that Streamyx (mine and his) was super slow at that time. So, I decided to play BR. At 6.30pm, I went downstairs with the intention to take a shower.

Somehow, I turned on the TV and watched an old episode of "House". When it was over, I showered and ate my dinner. Watched an episode of STS out of boredom. The celebrities that came for this episode were all from "FH II". It was funny as usual.

The rest of the night was a bore. Watched some shows on Disney Channel (Astro 615). After The Suite Life, dad turned the TV off. So, everyone got ready for bed and I came up to watch Bleach. The latest episode was loading since this evening and I only got 3 minutes of it!

I gave up and went to YouTube to watch it. The video there finished loading even before I finished watching. But to get this speed, I had to compromise the quality. So, the entire episode was quite blur, which didn't bother me at all.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Study Week 1: Day 4

Woke up today at 9.30am and ate some biscuits for breakfast. I spend the rest of my time upstairs until lunch. At around 11pm, AC came to our house because he wanted mum to drop him at 1utama. They left for 1U the same time E's school van came.

At around 1pm, I went down for lunch. GM cooked some fish and broccoli. M came back from school and we watched Hellboy together. The only reason I watched it was to pass time unlike M who forgotten the storyline. This was her so called "preparation" before watching Hellboy 2.

I walked away from the living room more than once when the movie was playing. This is because it was quite boring since I know roughly what is going to happen. After the movie, I went upstairs.

AM called and asked if I wanted to buy some clothes from Jusco. She said today is J-card Day and there is discount for clothes. She said she asked dad and he said it is up to me if I wanted. I told AM to go ahead and buy me few pieces of clothes.

I took a nap and woke up n hour later. We had dinner around 7pm. We had additional plate of egg along with today's lunch for dinner. When dad came back, he said AM told him that my clothes were all worn out. I told him she was just looking for an excuse to shop and he AGREED!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Study Week 1: Day 3

I went to APIIT today again. When I parked my car, an Indian guy came and told me I knocked him over while coming into TPM. He showed me the damage of his bike. I asked him if he was okay and also said "sorry". He said he was from Seremban and is here to collect something. He wanted some cash but I didn't have any.

After telling him for the third time I DON'T have that mush cash (there was only RM 30 in my wallet), I asked him for his number. He gave it to me and I called dad. Dad asked me not to pay him anything (in case it was a scam) and told him to go and make a police report if he wanted the money. So, I wrote down his license plate and he left.

I went into ENT3-2-6 Discussion room and saw ZS sitting alone. This time, I made progress in my revision, the biggest yet. ZS and AL were doing their stuff and I continued with my revision. The whole time we were there, some construction and noisy drilling was going on.

We decided to go and watch "The Dark Knight" (aka. Batman II - Remake/Redirected Edition). AL's gf tagged along as usual. I purchased the tickets online and they paid me later. After 1pm we left TPM and went to MV. I parked in Gardens while AL went to pick his gf.

ZS and I walked to MV and looked for Nando's. We finally found Nando's and ordered our food at 1.45pm. I ordered a 1/4 chicken with "Peri chips" and "Peri potato" for RM 14.50. Everyone ordered the same thing but with different side dishes. Overall, the food was nice and the price was reasonable.

ZS and I left AL to finish his meal and pay for the food while we went to collect the tickets. After that, we bought drinks and waited for AL and his gf. We went into the cinema at 2.15pm. The movie finally started 20 minutes later.

The movie introduces the rise of "the Joker". The mobs in town hired to solve their problem (Batman). The story goes on about how they try to capture "the Joker". Towards the end, we get to know how the villain "Two Faced" came about.

We had an enjoyable 2.5 hours watching "The Dark Knight". This is actor Heath Ledger's last movie. He died of drug overdose just recently at the age of 28. It definitely was an interesting movie to watch. ZS followed AL back to BJ and I went home.

On the way back at about 5.20pm, the road from MV to Bangsar had NO CARS! That was totally amazing and weird. At home, M told me that someone put the bucket of Maltesers in the fridge. At 6pm, I had to sent M and her friends to tuition. Then, I went straight to pick E up from school.

Once again, I saw that amazingly weird and weirdly amazing phenomenon. It was almost 7pm and there were just a few cars and no JAM coming back to Bangsar! That road usually is JAMMED up every weekday. I mostly get stuck there for about 10 minutes when coming back from college.

When we were having dinner, I finally found out who performed the "magic trick"! It was mum that put the bucket of Maltesers in the fridge! After dinner, I went upstairs. Not long after that, the worst thing in the world happened! I already knew what happened the second mum asked me to come downstairs.




The "World Dumbest Move Ever Made By Mankind" Award
goes to none other than, E

I was disappointed and DEVASTATED. Luckily, we already ate 2 thirds of it. The bucket of chocolate was planned to be gone by this week but now, it has left us. So sad. The saddest event ever! (I know I sound dramatic)
Mum helped me take some pictures since I was too lazy to go downstairs. I regretted that because the way she took the pics is so NOOBish! Now, I'm just waiting for dad to come home. Not sure if we're going to the police station to make the report.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Study Week 1: Day 2

Woke up after 9am today. Checked some stuff out on Facebook. Then, I got ready and went to ENT3. We were supposed to meet at 10am but I was an hour late. ZS asked met to come so that I could help him with maths. We did a good amount of questions.

When AL came, we were all distracted by GB. So, our revision ended. Around 1pm, we went for lunch. We took a long time before deciding to go to Alison (coffee shop in Sri Petaling). We couldn't find any place to park nearby so we decided to go to another coffee shop.

ZS and I ordered our food first since AL was still in his gf's house. I ordered a plate of "Roasted Pork Rice"(RM 4) and a cup of Barley (RM1.20). This was the first time I ate the Chili Sauce that came with it. I did that because it cleared my blocked nose.

By the time AL came, we had already finished our lunch. There wasn't much food left in the shop so AL, his gf and his gf's dad went to Alison for lunch. I dropped ZS at APIIT and came home.

At home, ML asked me to play GB with him. I joined him and PAWNED him. Hehe! While playing, mum asked me if I wanted to go to Coffee Bean and I REJECTED! Oh no!

The bucket of Maltesers is placed so STRATEGICALLY!! Every time I go into the kitchen to get water, I always take one or two Maltesers! At this rate, It'll finish VERY soon!

For the first time, I'm watching Pushing Daisies. I finally know why the main character, a pie maker, is always with the detective. It turns out he has some magic to revive the dead for a minute and ask them how they died. Will watch DH after this. I have a feeling this will be the last episode of the season.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Study Week 1: Day 1

It is the first day of my study week. I woke up and facebooked as usual. I was in front of the laptop till lunch. Mum and dad was home so we ate together. After lunch, I came up again and played BR.

I saw this on the table downstairs. Dad brought it home yesterday. It can be stacked to form a circle. It looks cute but I have no idea what it is for. Any clue?

What do you even call this??


After dinner, I came up again. The days become boring when there isn't any class. At about 9.30pm, SS, SS, C and C dropped by. C brought a BUCKET of Maltesers!! She bought it from KLIA after coming back from Brunei.

A BUCKET of Maltesers! It is gonna be finished THIS week!

I was first introduced to Maltesers in a book named "The Falcon's Malteser" writted by Anthony Horowitz. Set in London, the book tells the story of Nick Simple, teenage brother of hopeless detective Herbert Simple, who is hired by a midget to protect a box of Malteser chocolates.

When their client is found dead, and Nick's brother Tim is charged with the murder, Nick has to solve the crime to clear his brother's name. My first bite of it was a year later when I joined Kasturi. I went to 7eleven and saw it. I bought it to try and loved it since then.

Soon, SS got to know that it became my favourite. SS bought me 2 packs of it for me to bring to NS once. Now, C bought it for us. a very big THANK YOU to you! Everyone can't resist Maltesers! We finished more than a quarter of it in less than 20 minutes!

C told us about her experience in Brunei. I watched House after that. They went off early to pick C from the LRT station. After the show, ML invited me to play GB with him. Since I was the one that introduced him to it few days ago, I said YES.

Day 1 of my study week is over and I didn't study ANYTHING! It's okay. I'll definitely do some revision tomorrow. I might be going back to APIIT to study.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two Dinners in One Night

We went to D'lish for dinner. It is actually inside Cold Storage in BV. They actually pack all the food in containers ready to be taken home. But we decided to eat there. Some of what we ordered ran out. So, we changed our orders.
GM banged someone's car door again. haizzz
M didn't see anything she liked so I shared my Carbonara with her. In the end, all of us weren't that full. J and E was rushing home to watch HSM 2 What's What Edition. It wasn't their first time watching but they were still as excited.

Chicken & Ham Carbonara

At 8pm, mum wanted to watch The Oprah Show. So, they had to switch over to 702. After Oprah finished at 9pm, we went to McD in Bangsar for our SECOND dinner. We ordered 4 apple pies, a "fillet o' fish" set and some ice cream. I ate an apple pie and most of the fries! M was angry and everyone mood was spoiled.
What we ordered!
When we reached home, we saw dad outside the house. He just came back from Penang. We went in and everyone started getting ready for school except me. Tomorrow will be the day I am supposed to study IS...

Lunch at Spring Garden in KLCC

I woke up at 8.30am and skipped breakfast. Waited for M and E to come back from BISDS. Then, mum wanted to go to KLCC and we had no choice but to follow her or STARVE! There were many parking spots there! Nice!

We went to Kinokuniya first. Mum went there to exchange an item she bought earlier. After that, we were thinking of where to eat. We walked along the shops and decided to go to Spring Garden.
We ordered dim sum. The cheapest dish is RM 5!! I ordered "流沙包" (flowing egg custard bun) for everyone. It wasn't as nice as those in Soho (1 utama). Mum ordered a bowl of porridge. The porridge was very nice!
Pictures of some food we ordered

I skipped desert because I was bloated! It is kinda weird because I didn't eat much. J ordered Honeydew Sago with Ice Cream. She said it was very nice. Mum ordered a black jelly (guai lin gou) but she didn't like it.

The staff were well trained and their service was good. Each time a waitress came to the table, they would ask us if we want to buy their moon cake. Mum declined all of them. The bill was RM 90.57.
After lunch, we walked outside Petrosains for fun. Then, we went to the Petronas gallery. There was a survey exhibition titled "Disclosure" by Ahmad Zakii Anwar going on there. Entrance was free but we had to register and give some comments.
.I just noticed that there is a moustache and beard growing.
We went back home after half an hour or so. It was VERY hot so I turned on the air-cond in my room and brought the laptop inside. After an hour or so, M joined me in my room. She is now reading while I'm updating. At 4.30pm, mum said "Let's go for dinner". My mind was saying "WTHOMGWTF".
I wonder how fast it'll grow.

Dinner at Sakae Sushi in BV II

We went to Sakae Sushi for dinner. It was my first time there and I ordered a chicken teppanyaki set. We also took some stuff from the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt was at eye level so every time see someone looks at you, they are actually looking at the sushi!

Taking tea

The one in the front has caviar but the 2nd piece is JUST rice!

Chicken Teppanyaki set (RM 19++)

This was part of my set that came 15 minutes later!

mixed vege tempura. yummy & healthy!

We over ordered and ended up with a plate of fried beansprouts. After we finished, we hung around drinking tea and chatted while M went to MPH. More than half an hour later, we paid (RM 132) and went to get M. We went home after that.

Streamyx was EXTREMELY SLOW! I couldn't do anything with 1kbps so I typed out my post in Notepad and am only posting it now...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lunch at Chili's in BSC

We decided to go to Chili's for lunch. MM tagged along and I drove there. Since BSC was having a major renovations, we had to go through a "tunnel" before going into Chili's.

The tunnel begins here

The entrance

I ordered Chicken Crispers. The food took quite long to come but it was yummy! This time, I didn't order any drinks except warm water. The bill came up to RM 119 and MM paid. We went to cold storage and M & J before going home.

Chicken Crispers

At home, the internet speed was getting slower and slower. So, I played "Battle Realms" and managed to complete the Wolf Clan's campaign. Before I end this post, I would like to say


Friday, July 18, 2008

My First College Exam Experience

Last night, I was double checking for my docket. I found out that it is WET!! I quickly brought it out to dry. For some reason, there are brownish stains on it. Weird.

Gosh! How can this ever happen?

Woke up early in the morning and got ready. Turned on the radio and listened to JJ and Rudy's street gotcha while I was driving. I managed to find my way to the BBJ Exam Hall. Earlier last night, I have already memorized "right. 4 left. 2 right. 2 left". This means right turn, another left at the 4th junction, right at the second junction I see and left again at the second junction.

I met RS and we went to another APIIT shop lot. We sat at the table and used the time to refer to the notes. Then, at 9.30pm, we walked to the Exam Hall. There were so many people waiting outside! We sat together with our classmates while waiting to go in. Soon, we were asked to go in.

The invigilator gave each of us random seat numbers. Mine was 91. We went in and put our bags on the shelves provided. The exam hall is actually 6 shop lots combined together! Plus the other 2 lots next door, that makes 8 lots. This is a preview of how rich APIIT is.

Anyway, back to the exam. It was the Malaysian Studies exam that was going on. We were given 10 minutes of reading time and 2.5 hours of writing time. None of the invigilators said anything about my docket. Phew! The exam questions was simple enough for me to score a "B" or "C". I managed to finish the paper before 12pm.

At 12.10pm, the invigilator said that we weren't allowed to go out 30 minutes before it ends. If we wanted to leave, we should leave now. So, I got out of my seat and went out. Outside, I saw JW, AC, KW, AL and KS and I went to sit with them. We chatted while waiting for the others to come out.

At 12.40pm, more than 150 students came out of that door. CQ, WL, AH, JJ, KW, JT and I then went to Pizza Hut in Sri Petaling for lunch. We ordered a set meal (1 large pizza, 1 regular pizza, 6 soups, 8 breadstix and 1 jug of pepsi). It has been a long time since I had the "stuff crust" pizza, which I liked.

AH and CQ was "fighting" the whole time. That made us laugh a lot! The total was RM 80.50. So, each of us forked out RM 12. Before going home, I dropped KW and JT in the LRT station. There was a slight jam on the way home.

At home, I found this game from addicting games called Indecision. It is mostly a strategy game where you build and manage your city. Each round will have its own goals that you need to achieve ( e.g. earn 50000, build 50 cars, reach global happiness, pay off debt). There were 15 levels and I spend my whole afternoon playing that.

Now that I have finish my Malaysian Studies paper, I can relax for this weekend before starting "revision" next week. It is good that the other papers will only start the week after next. We wanted to watch KungFu Panda tomorrow but it is NOT SHOWING in the cinema anymore!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Running Out of Petrol

Woke up and got ready to go to college. It was 9.30am so I thought I would finally be able to listen to JJ and Rudy. I started the car and "Pump It Louder" was playing. Suddenly, my car started to jump! I turned off the engine and tried again.

Every time I started the car, the RPM will be at "2000" and quickly drop to "0" then, the engine would go off. After a few times, I called dad. He asked me to try another time and if it didn't work, I was to call some mechanic.

The second time wasn't any different from the previous attempts. I looked at the petrol gauge and I noticed that the petrol was EMPTY! I went in and asked mum to go and buy petrol with me. She came up with this bright idea of cutting a 1.5litre bottle and fill that with the petrol we were going to buy.

What a smart a**! Imagine we were holding that with the cover cut off and we come to a bump. *~Splash~* the petrol will be all over the car! I told her it was a bad idea but we couldn't think of any other way. So, we brought that along to the Shell station.

We went there and told the guy what happened. He suggested we rent a square 5 litre Aluminum can for RM5 and pump petrol inside. Another petrol attendant picked up my phone from the floor and gave it back to me. I said thanks to him. He could have stolen it and not say anything and I would have noticed it. He deserves a cheer! WOOOOOT!

So the guy helped us fill that tank with RM9 worth of petrol. Mum asked for a funnel and we left after that. At home, we had trouble opening the can. Mum got our neighbor to open it for us. It was impossible to use the funnel because the "mouth" was slanted. If we poured the petrol into the funnel, only a little bit of petrol would get into the car's tank and the rest would just be wasted on the floor.

The Aluminum Can and the Funnel

Then, someone came up with a barbaric idea. She forced the funnel and cracked it. That managed to get some petrol into the tank, filled their hands with petrol and also left some petrol on the road! I knew I had to come up with an idea quick to STOP this ridiculous thing from continuing.

So, here is what my brain came up with:

Step 1: Pour the petrol into a 500ml bottle with the help of the funnel

Step 2: Carefully pour the petrol into the "mouth" from the 500ml bottle

That helped us get the job done without wasting much petrol. It took us 5 to 6 rounds to pour everything in. When we were doing that, it attracted some busy-bodies to slow their cars down to look at us.

After that, I managed to start the car and drove to Shell again. I pumped RM90 of Super into the car. I also returned the aluminum can and the funnel and got the RM5 back. Then, I continued my journey to APIIT. I was already more than an hour late and the Morning Crew was already off air.

The lesson for today is to always check the petrol gauge when driving. Might not be so lucky next time and I could be stuck in a Highway! Anyway, at least I had a good "hands on" experience rather than just listening to boring advice. Besides, at least now I know (you too) that petrol is actually yellow and NOT black.

When I reached ENT3, I met up with CQ, LY, AL and ZS. We studied by ourselves and halfway through, some of them played GB or listened to their music. I forced myself not to be distracted and read through some the notes.

Around 12pm, we went to Old Town White Coffee in Sri Petaling. ZS and I were the first to arrive. We waited for the others before ordering. I got myself a bowl of "Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun" and a cup of "enriched old town white coffee (gao)" with ice. The Hor Fun tasted ordinary to me but the drink was nice and bitter. CQ ordered Assam Laksa and she told me it wasn't nice.

After lunch, I dropped ZS in the LRT station and went home. Read through more of the notes. I got bored after a while and gave up. Facebooked and chatted till 5.30pm. I decided to take a nap. I woke up at 6.50pm and continued surfing/chatting.

We had dinner at 8pm. Mum and I was telling M about our dramatic event earlier this morning. We laughed and had fun. Mum asked us to go for ice-cream but no one bothered to reply her. Tomorrow is my first paper! Malaysian Studies! Luckily we have a weeks break after that before the exam of our other subjects starts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is This Revision?

Yesterday, I had the idea of opening an Ice Cream Parlor in KL. Today, I thought about it again. This time, fantasizing of how it will all fall into place. Someday, after my exams, I hope to do a more detailed research and hopefully, this really comes true.

I was supposed to do revision at home. Then at 11pm, ZS told me that AL was coming to ENT3. So, to accompany them, I got myself ready and went to ENT3. When I reached there, they were playing GB! The worst thing is I joined them! I won most of the games though.

We went to KFC for lunch after that. I ordered a X meal. ZS ordered a snack plate and AL and his gf shared another snack plate. ZS spilled his drink so he bought another one. Before we left, ZS went to the washroom. AL and his gf left while I was still waiting for ZS.

He came out after a long time. Washed his hands and we walked to my car. He told me that he vomited in the washroom earlier. I asked him what happened and he told me that the chicken skin was probably too oily. I dropped him off at the LRT station and he went to town to meet Yoga Lin.

I drove back to APIIT with the thought of studying there. Once I parked my car, I changed my mind. So, I drove back home. At home, I was too lazy to read so I turned on the "Windows Narrator" and it did the reading. She was talking too fast and pronounced some words weirdly.

I fell asleep listening to that. When I woke up, it was already 5.30pm. At 6pm, I sent M and her friends to tuition. Then, I forced myself to read a chapter of the notes. Chatted with some people, facebooked and played some GB in between.

I just finished playing GB with M. I won most of the time. The only time she won is when she got lucky. I told her something just now and she said "WHAT??". I told her she has hearing problems (just like some people in the family) and she said "WHAT??". I told her that proved my point (surprisingly, she heard this) and then she got angry.

I just spoke with LC and he told me his holidays started already! Turns out, after their last class end, they have a study week and exams are on the following week. After that, one MONTH of holidays! For APIIT students, we get a buffer week, a study week, exam week then one WEEK of holiday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anything BUT Revision!

Woke up in the morning and started to play GB. I was rushing to collect the puzzle pieces. In the end, I only completed 2 sets of puzzle. All I needed was 1 pieces each for the other 3 puzzles. But unfortunately, the server maintenance started and nobody could play GB.

So, I watched Dragon Wars instead. After a few minutes watching it with the DVD player downstairs, I came up and watched it on the VAIO. This is because the player downstairs was too sensitive.

In my opinion, the movie stinks. It's story is based on a Korean legend. The name "Dragon Wars" (aka. War of Dragons) made me think that both sides were dragons fighting each other. Turns out, the evil snake (not yet a dragon) and his army (weird dinosaurs and nonsense creatures) were fighting humans. The DVD was also another problem. At times, the colour turned into black and white.

After that, I went to my room and slept. I dreamt about seeing HZ in a cinema. And when I paid and got in, everyone started to leave. Haha. Anyway, when I woke up, I thought that it was a whole new day. I was so blur. I went out and realised it was still Tuesday!

Mum suggested we go to Haagen Dazs. So, mum, MM, M, AC, J and I went to the outlet in BVII. We ordered the FONDUE!! It was yummy! The only flaw was that they used a candle to heat up the chocolate which made it cold quickly. They should have used the fountain! And most importantly, they gave TOO LITTLE chocolate. Maybe it is jsut us that used too much chocolate.

Fondue from Haagen Dazs

Someone dripped chocolate into the cup of water

The bill came up to RM 50++. Luckily, Mum had the 30% birthday voucher or we would have paid about RM 70! We went to CB after that and I ordered the new Pina Colada Ice Blended. It has no coffee in it and tasted kinda milky. I still prefer the ULTIMATE better.

Ice Blended Pina Colada

We went home to watch DH. Before that, I watched the ending of Pushing Daisies. It looked like an interesting show. Something like a detective series that has no connection to the previous episode (example: CSI) with 50% of the dialog which belongs to the narrator (Arrested Development).

Monday, July 14, 2008

This Is NOT Revision!

I woke up at 7.30am and went back to sleep. After 10am, I left for TPM. I haven't eaten anything so I decided to drive thru McD. I asked AL if he wanted anything from McD and he said no. I asked ZS and he ordered a McFlurry Cornetto Chocolate.

After buying my brunch, I went to TPM. Just when I parked my car, AL came and parked behind me. He told me he wanted to park there earlier. He decided not to do so and went a few rounds and gave up when he saw me park there.

We went to meet ZS and AC. After eating, we tried to start our MS revision. After half an hour, we finally got serious. Then, we asked AC to tell us the story since he is the best among us in MS. Then, we decided that AC should do that at home and we shall meet another day.

So, we ditched our revision plan and I started playing GB. ZS and AL was interested too. So, we took turns playing. At 12pm, AC was hungry and wanted to go for lunch. We exited GB and they found my mini video library.

So, AL took his pendrive and copied STS and all the other drama's specials. Then, after him, AC wanted FH and CMN. While the files was transferring, we watched the episode of STS where they came to Malaysia. I laughed quite alot considering I watched it before.

Around 1.30pm, we finally turned off the computer and went for lunch. We went to Lunchbox again. Since lunch hour was over, there was only a few people in there. AC and I ordered their Spaghetti Set and ZS and AL ordered Fish and Chips. In my opinion, the spaghetti wasn't very nice.

AC wasn't full so he ordered fries. After about half an hour, it still didn't come. When we asked them to check on it, the lady came out and told us she forgot that it was there. She left the fries in the deep fryer all the while! The fries was the worst I ever tasted! We went back to ENT3 to drop the others near their car. Then, I went home.


After dinner, I played a few rounds of GB with KW and CQ. It was fun although I keep getting thrashed. The game got so laggy that everyone got disconnected. So, we stopped playing. I just finished watching House. As usual, every episode is amazing, surprising and confusing!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Rest of the Sunday

Since M wanted to play GB, she installed it on the desktop. I was battling KW while she played with in another server. This is because she is still a chicken (newbie) and chicken's can't come into our server (intermediate).

We went to a Chinese restaurant named "Tong Kee" in Paramount. It is a pretty old restaurant that has been in KL since about a decade ago. The food was okay but I didn't like some of them. We over ordered and so we had to pack some food back.

At home, M created a new GB account for me. With this, I, now a chicken, can play together with her. We had a fun time battling each other. At first, I was leading. After awhile, we lost count. If you ask me, I won! M will probably tell you a different story.

Well tomorrow is my course's buffer week. None of the lecturers are using it so we won't have class. But I am still going back to study. I don't think I'll be able to study at home without being distracted so that's why I'm doing this. Hopefully I can concentrate and study together with the others that will be coming tomorrow.

Lunch at Harvest Tuck Shop in PJ

Woke up in the morning at 10am. Dad and the girls all went to BISDS. I went online for awhile. They came back at 11 something. That is when the Internet started to fail, AGAIN! So, I played "Battle Realm" again. SS and SS came. At 12.30pm, we decided to go for lunch.

We went to "Harvest Tuck Shop" restaurant for lunch. It is located in Section 17. It opened few months ago and it was our first time there. The waitress there provided us with a very good service. Before we finished ordering, she already went to the kitchen and place some of our orders.

The rojak was served first. The rest of our food came quickly after that. My "Kai Jeow" came the last. It is a Thai dish with chicken and egg. The chicken tastes different. Probably because of the sauce. I didn't finish it because I was too full.

These were the salt and pepper shakers. Cute!

"Kai Jeow"

Harvest Tuck Shop Restaurant Sdn Bhd (759682-P)
603, Jalan 17/12, 46400 PJ, Selangor Darul Ehsan
012-5448700 / 012-4213931
11am - 9pm (Sun-Fri)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dinner at O’Ngon in SohoKL

We went to SohoKL to look for food. Dad read about it somewhere and decided to go to Michelangelo's. We went there and it was full. The waitress there was rude. M standing by the door and she squeezed through. Another waitress told mum that the place was full. She didn't even bother to ask us to wait.

Rising hot spot: Encompassing 13,9354sqmetres, SohoKL is a double-storey stretch mall offering F&B and entertainment outlets.

We walked around and finally decided to go to this Vietnamese restaurant called O'ngon. We ordered five dishes to share. I ordered this drink called "famous trio colours". It was just like a Chinese dinner with a slightly different style of cooking. The inconvenient part was to sit in rectangle table.

Famous Trio Colours

After dinner, we went home. Dad and I watched "Jumper". The storyline was short and simple while the effects was nice. M was playing GB upstairs and I watched her after the movie ended...

Lunch at Rakuzen in Plaza Damas

Woke up quite late. After a light breakfast, I did the usual stuff. My Internet Explorer crashed 4 times! I downloaded Opera just to try it out. I didn't like it. So, I installed Mozilla Firefox instead.

Around 12pm, we went to Rakuzen in Plaza Damas for lunch. There wasn't any tables left in the non-smoking area. So we sat at a room in the smoking area and closed the door. There were still timeswhere M coughed.

We started to order 5 minutes later. I ordered a "Mini Udon to Soft Shell Crab Zen" set. The food was okay, met our standards. We sat on the floor just like the outlet in Chulan Square. But this outlet wasn't as comfortable as the one there. The bill came out to RM 170++ for 5 of us.

Mini Udon to Soft Shell Crab Zen - RM 28

After that, we went to Times bookshop. Half an hour later, we all wanted to leave. Mum was still taking her sweet time reading. After a century long's nagging, mum finally paid and left.

At home, I played Battle Realm since the Internet is not working. I am suspecting the problem is caused by the modem. Maybe because we overheated it? I dunno. This sucks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Digital 3D Movie Experience

I was on my way to APIIT. I was coming out from a side road to a main road. In front of me, was a brown car. I didn't bother to notice what brand or model. I told myself to wait till he leave before accelerating. After I looked to the right to make sure it is safe to go out, my foot instinctively stepped on the pedal! BANG!
Shit! I was so panicked and scared! Luckily, I only stepped on the accelerator lightly. We moved our car forward so that we didn't clog up the traffic. He got down and checked his bumper. Since there were only scratches, he didn't ask me for any money. He even asked if I'm an APIIT student.
I continued driving to TPM and went for class. Today is our last Malaysian Studies class. He finished off the syllabus by discussing about "Malaya to Malaysia" and MSC. Hopefully he will teach us Moral Studies in our next semester.

During the break, I asked KW, ML and the rest if they wanted to watch "Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D". I wanted to experience it after reading some stranger's blog. KW said he has no money and ML didn't want to because he has no transport home.
Later, I found out that WL, CQ, AH and JJ was going for that same show! Argh, How can go movie without me! For no reason, JW asked me if I'm interested in watching Dragon Wars aka War of Dragons. I said okay and she borrowed me the DVD.

All our friends using DiGi was having some problems with their line. When I call in, it says user busy or the call would just end. Then, they will receive a message telling them they have a miss call. The worst thing is, they can't make any calls!

I went home and asked mum if she was interested in the 3D movie. She agreed and went out. I purchased the tickets online later. The normal price was RM 17. I choose the Twin Seat for RM 19 each because there were no more nicer seats.

Mum came home at 2.45pm. We rushed to the cinema. When I reached the kiosk, I logged in and everything. After selecting "print", the credit card came out but there were NO TICKETS! I was so panicked! I asked the guy selling popcorn and he didn't seem to know a thing.

I then went to the guy that collects tickets. He told me to go to the Gold Class counter. The girl then printed out the 2 tickets. Phew! We went in at 3.15pm they were still only asking us "who gives us the best rates?". Haha. Good to know we didn't miss anything.

This Digital 3D movie is different from iMax. iMax is "Film 3D" while this is "Digital 3D". If you scratch the glasses, you'll have to pay RM 200!! The storyline was typical. The only reason I watched it was to EXPERIENCE this technology that is "First in Malaysia".

After the movie, mum and I took pictures of ourselves in the "Special Glasses". We already paid for it, why not? Before we left, we returned the Glasses. I didn't get any headaches after watching. Usually after watching a show in iMax, I would get a headache for sure!

Expensive glasses from another universe. Kidding!
Do we look like space men?

Aliens, perhaps?
After that, we went back to Gardens and went to Alexis. We ordered a Tiramisu. Mum said it used to taste better last time. After finishing the cake, we went to pick E from school. It was jam on the way out as usual.

Tiramisu from Alexis

After dinner, I came up and went online. I found out that J had a blog! But I don't think anyone would even understand what she has written in there. It is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors! I just told mum and after reading it, mum said "so LAME!". Haha!
KW invited me to play GB with him and I agreed. Just when I opened the program, the modem went crazy again. M switched it on and off a couple of times and finally gave up. Around 11pm, I tried again. Finally it works!

After connecting back to the Internet, I checked some stuff and only started updating at 11.30pm. It is now 12.34am. So, good night and sleep tight everybody!

**Uploaded the photos. "Such lousy quality and low resolution" you say? I agree. That is why I need a new digital camera! When will they understand? It's 12.54 am already...**
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