Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Stress

Got up at 12pm and had my brunch. Then, I did some revision before working on my assignment. I managed to convert address to coordinates but when implementing into my page, it failed.

Stopped for dinner. After cleaning up, I went to my room for 2 hours of reading. Came out and worked on my assignment again.

Unfortunately, I still can't get it to work. It's 11.30pm now. Gonna take my shower and do some revision. Night...

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday!

Got up and did some laundry. Washed my bedsheets. Played 2 rounds of Catan. Later, I tweaked my assignment before making notes for "The Web".

At 5pm, I left the house and went for Lifegroup. Got there at 6.10pm and good food was waiting for us. G guided me to say grace.

Later, we ate and had some game time. Next was a celebration for our May babies. Then, we were split into groups and had our discussions.

Didn't have much to contribute this time but I learned a lot. Before going home, we played "Jungle Speed" which was quite fun. Something like snap but with more twists. Within 5 minutes you'd understand the game. But playing it is a different story because it takes SPEED.

Got home at 11.40pm and took my shower. Used the laptop and wrote this. It's almost 1am now. Goodnight...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awesome Thursday

Got up and did some revision. Then, I solved my upload problem. Amazing. After that, I ate pasta for lunch.

At 3pm, I cooked Shepherd's Cottage Pie. Took it up the bus at 5.20pm and went to Auchenflower.

Cottage Pie Filling

It was our first "Guy's Night" so each of us brought a plate (same meaning as dish) to the party. Food was good!

TL's vege

J's Mushroom and Chicken

AW's Sweet Potato

AW's Pork Knuckle

AH's Chili Padi Grain Spaghetti

Later, before we played games, J surprised us by announcing a change in LifeGroup. Among us guys, we were told to change from STAR to MESH.

Basically, instead of always communicating through J, we are asked to get to know everyone and support and learn from everyone else. Though it may be hard at first, I'm sure we can do it.

Next was game time. We played "Settlers of Catan" which AW bought for AUD100. It is actually a great game despite the fact that it is time consuming.

At 11.15pm, we went back home. I got home by 12.10am and took my shower. Used the laptop till now. Going to bed already. Night...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Woke up at 7am and snoozed the alarm. Then, the alarm rang again and I woke up. It was 9AM!!! I was suppose to take the 9.10am bus and go for my group meeting. Damn!

I quickly washed up and got ready. Took the 10.10am bus and arrived in uni at 11am. The meeting went on till 12pm and we split up.

I did work till about 3pm. Then, I went to get my lunch from Japanese Bento. Ordered the Cheap Chicken Special as usual. It was delicious.

Cheap Chicken Special - AUD 5.00

Went back to uni and did more work till it was 4.30pm. Then, I headed to Coles and bought some ingredients for Sheppard's Pie. And since it was after Easter, the Easter chocolates were all 50% off! Bought myself two Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Cadbury Creme Egg - AUD 0.80 (each)

Then, I bought some pasta before going home. Back home, I took my shower and did work till now.

It's 9.12pm. Gonna do more work. Bye...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not Like Tuesday

Got up and had french toast for breakfast. Then, I worked on my assignment till 1.50pm. After that, I took the bus to the city.

Had our SSD group meeting for about an hour. Did my work till it was 5pm. Then, I took the bus home.

Had dinner and took my shower. Then, I watched some TV will working on my assignment.

It's Tuesday today but it feels so much like a Sunday. Productivity is below average too. Damn!

Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here and continue working. Bye...

Monday, April 25, 2011


Didn't do much today. Woke up at 10.30am and AS made me some noodles. For the rest of the day, I was trying to figure out how to upload using php.

I had some Singapore Fried Noodles for lunch while working on my assignment. Then at about 4pm, I started reading till dinner time.

Dinner was spaghetti. Today is noodle day I guess. Later, I continued reading till 9.40pm.

Took my shower and continued cracking my head for my program.

It's 11.54pm here and I still have no idea what is my mistake. It's frustrating.

Anyway, I have to end this post now. Bye...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


To some Easter is about chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies. But to Christians, it's the day Jesus conquered death.

As for me, I conquered my sleepiness and woke up early. Took the bus to UQ and attended the Morning Service. There wasn't any afternoon service because most of them went to OC.

The guest pastor wasn't really interesting to me. I enjoyed the testimony from an African sister better.

Met a new friend from China. He's currently studying an English course in QUT and he was very curious about the language in Malaysia. Haha, this really proves how diverse and multi-cultural Malaysia is.

After that, few of us went to Wah! for lunch. I shared a Bulgogi with N. After that, I went back home and made some notes till it was 6.30pm.

Bulgogi Hotpot (medium) - AUD 27.00

Then, our neighbors, P and V came over for dinner. They gave us kids a Chocolate Bunny each. I got one too (which means I'm a kid :P).

Chocolate Eggs with fillings from AS

Chocolate Bunny from P and V

After dinner, we had sago pudding for dessert. This is AS's signature dish. It was quite interesting because I've never ate it like this before.

Sago Pudding (drizzled with milk and palm sugar)

Later, I cleaned up before taking my shower. Continued working on my notes till it was 11.30pm.

I'm gonna end this post here and continue with more reading. Night...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Got up at 12pm and had some cereal. Then, I worked on my notes till it was 3pm. Made myself a tuna sandwich for lunch.

Continued doing work till it was dinner time. Later, I showered and did some reading in my room.

It's 11.20pm already. Now its time for me to get back to work! Night...

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Different Friday

Woke up and did some work till about 2pm. Then, I uploaded the rest of the pictures onto my Noosa post.

Then at 4pm, I went out. Arrived at SouthBank by 5pm. Walked along the river and took some pictures. Browsed the lifestyle market but found nothing of interest.

View from bridge

Southbank Park

Wheel of Southbank

Looking back to the city

I find it funny to have the lanterns along the walkway.

Ping An Deng. Safety Lamp? Why?



Out of nowhere, there's a Nepalese Pagoda.

More walking...

CityCat dock

There's a pool in the city!

Lifestyle Market


Waited till 6pm before meeting up with the others. The movies we wanted to watch (Thor or Fast Five) we both sold out. So, we bought "Arthur" instead.

Walked around the market again till it was 7pm. Then, we went in and watched the movie. One thing about this cinema, its free seating! :(

So we had to seat about 5 rows from the front because there isn't any place left for us to sit in a nice row.

The movie started at 7.25pm and it was good. Nice to see Arthur spending money like crazy. And in the end, it had some moral values to it too.

Movie ended at 9.20pm. Then, I took the bus to King George Square before taking another bus home.

Got home by 10.30pm and took my shower. Started blogging till now.

Had fun today. But I miss Lifegroup though. Anyway, night...

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Got up early and went to uni. Met J at 10am and he guided me through some material. It was quite interesting.

Later, I went to the library and finished my tutorial. Then, I went to the city for lunch. Bought a Lemon Chicken Rice from InHouse but the portion was really small. Not bad though.

Lemon Chicken (Small) - AUD 4.00

Went back to uni and worked on my assignment. Before that, I bought 2 'Mother' energy drinks. It has double the taurine of Redbull! :P

Worked till 5.30pm before going to the city. Took the bus home. Later, I had fish and chips for dinner.

GTM said I forgot to close the door this morning. And 10 minutes later, he went out and said I didn't close the door again. Damn!

Did some reading in my room till it was quite late. Then when I came out to use the internet, it was SUPER SLOW. Damn...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Junk Food Day

Woke up at 8.30am to put my clothes to wash. Went back to bed and woke up an hour later. Put the laundry to dry before getting ready for uni.

Then, I went to Toowong and had a BigMac set for lunch. Later, went to uni for class till 6pm. Had some problems with the printer again.

For dinner, I had no choice but to eat at Hungry Jacks. I ordered Hamburger Stunner deal but the Sprite was CRAP! Should have went to McDonalds or Oporto.

Hamburger Stunner - AUD 4.95

Went back to uni for my last class. Then at 8.45pm, I took the bus home...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Milestone In Life

Woke up at 7am to get ready for uni. Left at 8am and had to wait till 8.40am before the next bus arrived.

Got to class and discussed about our assignment. Then, I went to the library and got some work done.

At 12.15pm, I went to the city for lunch. Had Japanese Curry with Breaded Pork. I regret buying it from Sushi D'lite. From now on, I'll go to Japanese Bento.

Japanese Curry Breaded Pork with Rice - AUD 4.95

Walked around before going back to QUT. Met up with Jason we went to sit facing the river. I asked him a few questions regarding verses inside the bible.

Before we went off, he asked me if I wanted to accept Christ. After some thought, I said YES. And so begins my journey with God. Before this I already had a journey but now it'll be official.

Perhaps some of my readers/relatives/friends will be shocked till you can't speak by now. But I hope you have an open mind. And maybe one day I get to share my experience with you.

Back to my day, I went to the library and attended the final workshop for "IS: Working In Australia". We did some simple interview exercise before "graduating". We were given certificates.

Then, we had some pizza and soft drinks too! Met 2 girls from China. One of them were from Hainan island. It was fun chatting with them.

Later, I went to the city and took the bus home. Got back at 6.10pm and the sky was as dark as it would be at 10pm!

Anyway, had dinner and cleaned up. Watched some TV before taking my shower. Then, I spend the rest of the night on MSN, Facebook, and Blogger.

Although I didn't do much work tonight. Today is one of the most important days of my life. Spiritually and emotionally.

Good night.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh No, It's Week 8

Got up at 11.50am and quickly got ready for uni. Ate brunch and left the house at 1pm. By the time I arrived at uni, it was 2.10pm.

Went for class till 3pm. Spent an hour in the library before going to the Security tutorial. Then, it was time for dinner.

Bought pasta from the food court and ate it while I read the newspaper. Then, I went to Coles and looked around.

Mac and Cheese / Tomato Pesto Penne - AUD 4.00

Printed some lecture slides from the library before going to the Security lecture. The lecture was quite long today.

It ended at 8.50pm and I quickly walked to the bus stop. Caught the 9.10pm bus and got home by 9.50pm.

Took my shower and wrote this post. Time to do some work now. Night!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Woke up at 9.30am and had pancake for breakfast. Then, I started working on my assignment till it was 1.20pm.

Reheated some pizza as my lunch. Then, I went out to catch the bus. Got to Steele Building in UQ by 3pm.

J and I stood outside to chat and at the same time mentally support E and J as they were ushers for this week.

Church afternoon service ended at about 5.30pm. Today's topic was about marriage and relationships. It was interesting.

After that, we hung around and had some snacks before attending the OC briefing (AH and I went although we aren't going to OC).

Then, we walked to Hawken Drive for dinner. Ended up eating at "Song" which sold Authentic Malaysian Cuisine.

I looked at the menu and decided to try their "Kung Pow Chicken with Rice". But when it arrived, I was disappointed. What I expect to be black and red turned out to be orange. It was more like sweet and sour chicken with some cashew nuts. :(

Kung Pow Chicken with Rice - AUD 8.90

Had a great fellowship time throughout the dinner. Then at 8.40pm, we left to take the bus back to the city.

From there, I took the bus back to Kenmore Central. Got home at about 10.30pm and took my shower.

Another week has come to an end. I must say, I was quite productive this week. I wonder how next week will be.

Before I end this post, I wanna wish everyone a great week ahead. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Got up at 1pm! Ate my breakfast and did some reading. After that, I touched-up my assignment and did some revision.

Had dinner and did more reading. Then I submitted my assignment after some final touches. Then, I did my tutorial till now.

It's 2am. Night.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Woke up at 10am and had my breakfast. Worked on my assignment till it was 1pm. Finally finished my Web assignment.

Made myself some garlic bread for lunch. After that, I studied till 5pm. Quickly got ready and went to wait for the bus.

Garlic Bread

Got down at Toowong and went to Coles. Bought drinks before taking the train to Auchenflower. Walked to G's house.

Lifegroup today was quite lively. It ended late because we watched the last half of "Passion of Christ".

The guys who wore RED! :)

TL, J, and AL

Then, we played 2 rounds of Monopoly Deal. The bunch of us walked back together. Waited till 11.17pm for bus.

Got back home just before 12am. Took my shower and wrote this post. Time for me to sleep now. Night...

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Woke up at 1pm and had my breakfast. For the rest of the day, I sat in front of the laptop and worked on my web assignment.

Had a pork roll for lunch and dinner was at home. It's 4.30am and I'm glad to say I'm 99% done. Goodnight...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Woke up at 10am and did the usual stuff. Went to uni and bought a Footlong Ham Sandiwich. This time it was AUD7.

Footlong Ham Sub - AUD 7.00

Then, I hurried to class. Today's session wasn't that interesting. Later, I had another tutorial till 6pm.

After that, I ate the other half of the sandwich. Relaxed for a while before going to the Web lecture.

From now on (second half of the semester) our lecturer will be Mr W. Class ended at 8.15pm.

By the time I got home, it was 9.30pm. Took my shower and started working on my assignment till 1am.

Gonna end this post now. Night...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Woke up early and went out at 7am. Later, I went uni and had the scrum meeting. I got 12/15 again. I think that's all he will give us for the rest of the sem. Sigh...

Later, I worked on my assignment till it was about 12pm. J called and we went to the city for lunch. Bought the Cheap Chicken Special from Japanese Bento.

Cheap Chicken Special - AUD 5.00

After that, we went to the Law Library. Continued working till about 3pm. Was quite productive in that few hours.

Went to Officeworks and managed to get a refund. And this time, I bought the correct folders. Waited till 4.30pm before the bus arrived.

20 folders - AUD 9.98

V Energy Drink (250ml) - 3 for AUD 5.00

Back home, I used the laptop for a while before having dinner. Watched some TV and did some work.

It's 10pm already. Gotta do some work now. Night...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 7

Got up and did some work today. Later, I went to the city and bought a stack of folders and a stapler. (When I got home only did I realize I bought the wrong folder :S).

Stapler and Folder

Went to class as usual. Then at 3pm, I went to the library. Took me half an hour to logon to the computer.

Then at 4pm, I went to the Security tutorial. Got my quiz results. I'm quite happy with it because I scored 45/50.

When the tutorial ended, I walked to the city and hunted for "closing" deals. Ended up buying 4 sushi rolls for AUD 5.00 from "Japanese Bento". It was delicious and they let you pick any sushi.

4 Sushi Rolls - AUD 5.00

After dinner, I went to the library for a while. Then at 7pm, I went to Z block for class. The lecture was slightly longer today.

Ended up taking the 8.45pm bus. Got home at about 9.30pm and used the laptop till now...

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was a bad start today. Woke up late and didn't get my work done. One of my group members told me 3 hours before the meeting that he couldn't come.

Later, I went to uni and didn't really enjoy the meeting. Then, I printed some stuff. But the printer printed someone else's documents.

Went to the library to get it solved. After that, I printed more documents but it didn't appear in the queue. Tried it again and it still didn't get through.

So, I went to the QPS and they printed it for me again. Felt so frustrated. Walked to the city and missed the bus by a few seconds because of the traffic light.

Thank goodness I found my peace and de-stress in the afternoon service. The message of the day was "Work is meant to be life-giving, enjoyable".

Later, we helped pack up before going for dinner. Went to Wah for Korean. This time, I ordered "Raw Beef Dol Sot Bibimbap". It wasn't spicy at all and was quite nice. The one in Da Sa Rang was better.

Raw Beef Dol Sot Bibimbap - AUD 11.70 (after discount)
*forgot to bring my camera :( *

Had a really fun time because some of them went crazy. We even had a cake but the birthday girl wasn't here. We still ate the cake though.

At 10pm, we went back home. I took my shower and started using the laptop. It's quite late already. So, good night...

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today was amazing. I was late and missed the bus by a minute. Walked to Kenmore Central and caught the 444 bus.

Once I got down the bus, my right contact dropped out! This is the second time this week! I quickly put on my glasses and looked around on the floor. Luckily I found it. Washed it and put it back on.

Hurried to QUT and managed to get on the bus. We then departed for Eumundi. Once there, I bumped into 2 of my friends.

Eumundi Market

So we walked around together in the market. It was way better than Carrara. But unfortunately, we only had an hour here.

Look at his face! :P

This beautiful frog was painted onto a utility box

Polish Food Stall

I forgot what they call this but it taste exactly like wanton - AUD 2.00 (each)

Potato Pancakes with sour cream (delicious) - AUD 2.00

Tacos - AUD 3.50

"The Paella Fella"

Seafood Paella (large) - AUD 10.00

Another part of the market

Saw some amazing things today. One was the Italian wine glasses that could sing. Another was a metal wind ornament.

Metal Ornament

Next up was Noosa. I knew nothing about Noosa except that there was a beach. So I wore slippers and shorts.

They actually had a National Park which my friends and I went. We hiked on the Coastal Track and took lots of pictures along the way.

Walking to the National Park

Noosa National Park

The view

Koala Statue

A life koala lazing in the trees

We walked for about 90 minutes and other people from QUT already went back to the beach. We didn't know what was ahead but just walked anyway.



Boiling Pot

This was the "dead tree zone". No idea why.

There were quite a number of these trees with weird roots too!

Tea Tree Bay

Continue walking. B taking pictures.

Dolphin Point

View from Granite Bay

I thought this way why it was named Granite Bay.

THIS is the actual reason! Too bad we can't get down there...

This plant's leaves looks like petals. Interesting.

Rocks along the way.

Taking pictures...

More sea views.

We saw the sign "Hell's" Gate" which gave us a morale boost. But after a while, we got tired again. I then told B that Hell's Gate was probably one of the beach areas we passed.

The sign

More walking and scenery

But after more walking, we arrived at the corner of this land. It was amazing! The winds were strong and the view was just BEAUTIFUL! I got more excited when a sign there says dolphins and whales occasionally pass by.


The blue line is our track.

Unfortunately we didn't see any of the animals that the board mentioned.

The landing


Hell's Gate, Noosa

We sat the for about 20 minutes enjoying nature's beauty. Saw the birds diving into the sea. And the fact that there is no land ahead of us until more than 12000km (Chile is there) made it AWESOME.

Sea view


Looking at the secluded beach (no idea how to get there)

Birds at sea

Beautiful waves hitting the beach

We were down there

All the hiking was made worth it. Later, we took an alternative route back. About 10 minutes into it, we decided to detour and go back the way we came. That's because we were afraid that we might not make back in time.

Going back

In the alternative route

When we passed by Tea Tree Bay, we decided to go down to the beach. Dipped my calves into the ocean and it was great. This part of the sea has no jellyfish. :)

Tea Tree Bay

the Beach

Later, we went back to the Main Beach and walked on the sand for a while. Sand here is fine but slightly damp.

Main Beach

And for the first time in my life, I saw people setting up tents on the beach. WTH! Wonder what's the logic behind that.


After that, we went to get some drinks. I bought a big bottle of Sprite Zero and shared it. From now on, I'm never gonna order anything "Zero". Original is always better.

My first Sprite in Aussie

Streets of Noosa

Before going back, we popped by the souvenir shop and I looked around. Saw some interesting items which cannot be display in this blog. :P

Then, we went to this shop called "Simply Pies" and got some food. I bought the Cheese and Bacon Roll which was quite good.

Simply Pies

Cheese and Bacon Roll

By the time we finished our food, it was already 4.15pm. Hurried back to the bus and got on. At 4.30pm, the bus left and headed back to QUT.

Got back at 6.45pm. Took the 7.20pm bus back home. By the time I took my shower and settled down, it was 8.30pm.

Don't really feel motivated to blog at first. But somehow after writing the first few chapters, the plan to keep this post as simple as possible failed. Lol.

Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. Do come back in a few days because I'm too lazy to upload the pictures now. Night...
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