Saturday, July 31, 2010

900th Post - I Murdered My Phone

Woke up at 11am and started studying. Finally at 1.30pm, mum came back home with E. They then told us that they had lunch. So, J and I had to find our own lunch. I then brought her to McD and I ordered GCB. It was okay.

GCB - RM 11.90

Later, I came back home and did revision till it was about 3.45pm. Then, I decided to go pick JW. J tagged along too. I brought dad's new GPS but it wasn't working. We went to Snowflake after picking JW.

The place was FULL and there was no place to sit. So, we asked them to pack our dessert. But just as it arrived, we found an empty table. Therefore, we sat there and ate with the Styrofoam bowls.

Sea Amber Jelly - RM 6.00

After that, we went back to my place and took a short nap. Woke up at 6.15pm and started my revision. Then at 7pm, I showered and got ready for dinner. All of us then went to IKEA and brought the GPS along.

Garmin Nuvi 1350

This time, the GPS was working fine and we were having fun. Arrived at IKEA and went to get our food. I had 10 pieces of meatballs and some dessert. We also bought the dark chocolate which didn't taste good.

Meatballs (15pcs) - RM 14.00

Dark Chocolate Cake - RM 5.80
Daim Cake - RM 5.20

Apple Juice - RM 1.50

Dark Chocolate - RM 3.90

Later, we went to buy a bowl from IKEA before going over to the Curve to buy cupcakes and coffee from CupcakeChic. After that, we drove home.

4 Cupcakes - RM 16.00

Iced Cappucino - RM 3.00

Back home, we used the laptop till 11pm. Then, I drove JW back home. Federal Highway was jammed so I detoured to Damansara and took the LDP. By the time I got home, it was already 12.15am.

Then, I realized that I can't turn on my phone. Unscrewed it and the problem still couldn't be fixed. Continued unscrewing it until the phone was in FOUR PIECES! Now, it's totally ruined! To make things worst, I just realized that I bought it on 8th of November and the warranty is still valid! xD

Anyway, what's done is done. Dad gave me his old blackberry and now I'm using it. Came up to blog till now. It's 2am already and I shall end this post here. Night...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Day with JW and Her Friends

So I woke up at about 10am after hearing some weird sounds from the computer E was using. Used the laptop for a while before doing some revision. Then, I went to shower and left the house at 11.30am.

Picked JW up from the hostel and we drove to Sunway Pyramid. Then, we walked to Tony Roma's and decided to have lunch there. The main reason we were here was because JW collected 2 receipts and each of them entitled us to RM10 off.

So we ordered our food and waited for L to come join us. At about 12.40pm, she arrived. Our food then arrived together (we told the waiter to do so) and started eating.

All of us ordered the set lunch. The cheapest was RM16.90 but it was SO WORTH IT! Our set comes with a soup, drink and a main course. I had Iced Lemon Tea, Potato Soup, and Chicken Tenderloin Platter.

Complimentary Bread

Potato Soup (from set)

Iced Lemon Tea (from set)

Chicken Tenderloin Platter - RM 16.90

Big Stake Burger - RM 24.90

Buffalo Sandwich - RM 18.90

The soup was filled with CHUNKS of potato and it was GREAT! The biscuit that came with it was nice too. Chicken was just okay but there was so much, I only managed to finish the chicken and left 3/4 of the fries untouched! Super STUFFED after lunch!

Later, we walked around before ending up in Guardian. There, I decided to buy some contact lens solution and saline. After that, we went to the ATM to check the balance of the TnG card that mum gave me.

Then, we went back to JW's hostel and I actually studied for an hour. Later, we hung out till about 6.45pm. VV, AF, JW and I then went into my my car and drove off to attend JW's Cell Group Outing.

First, we drove to CHC. Waited for AW to come lead us to XY's house in USJ2. We were having steamboat at his house. Met up with the rest of the Cell Group and we started preparing. Then at about 8pm, we started eating.


I only survived till round 2. After that, a few of us went to watch TV. Some of them stayed at the back and continued eating! We watched a documentary on Jack the Ripper till 9pm. Then, we watched "Semi-Pro" till about 11.30pm.

As it was quite late, we said goodbye and left. Dropped JW, VV, and AF back at their hostel before driving home.

Got home at 12.30am and I started uploading pictures. Took my shower and started blogging after I came out.

Anyway, it's 2am already. Gonna end this post here. Night...

Impromptu Day Out

Woke up at 10am today and used the laptop to read manga. Then at 11am, mum called and asked if I wanted to join her, GG, PP and AC for lunch. I agreed. So, I got dressed and waited for mum to pick me.

Then, we went to Gardens and ate at Fong Lye. I ordered the salted chicken and their Cheesy Pork Rice. Food was okay, we were stuffed after that. But, we still had room for a drink.

Taiwanese Salted Chicken

Cheesy Pork Rice with Egg

So, we went to San Francisco Coffee and bought 2 Extreme Mocha and 2 Extreme Latte. It was good. We then drove back home. There, I used the computer till 3pm before taking a nap. Woke up at 4pm and started studying.

2 Extreme Mocha (large) - RM 15.50
2 Extreme Latte (large) - RM 15.50

Stopped at 5pm and went to shower. Then, JW called and asked me to pick her up. A few hours ago, she texted me and asked me to have dinner with her Sunway Ipoh gang. Anyway, I went to refuel my petrol before driving to Sunway.

It was pretty jammed so I only reached at 7pm. Then, we waited for her friend, S, to come from work. Suddenly, NM texted me and asked me to go out, too bad they didn't tell me earlier. :(

Anyway, at 7.50pm, she got here. AF came to my car while VV went over to S's car. We then drove 2 cars to Murni.

When we arrived, I shared Roti Hawaii and Chicken Napoleon with JW. I also ordered a Watermelon Special. Talked till 10.20pm before we paid the bill and left. It was fun.

Watermelon Special - RM 5.00

Roti Hawaii - RM 5.00

Chicken Napoleon - RM 12.00

Later, I led S back to a familiar road before I dropped the rest back at Sunway. Just as I was entering the highway, JW called and said her phone is in my car. So, I drove back and gave her the phone.

By the time I got home, it was already 11.30pm. Started blogging and showered after that. Tomorrow, I'd be going out the whole day. Attending JW's CG outing with VV and AF. Should be interesting.

Will have to study in her hostel for at least an hour though. Anyway, goodnight.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GREAT and FUN Wednesday

My alarm rang at 9am and I quickly washed up. Then, I drove to APIIT and met with AC and ZS. We used about 10 minutes to sort or documentation before going downstairs. There, we waited in line till it was our turn. Sent our documentation in for Book-binding.

So next Monday, we can collect the books and submit it! Feel so much better now. We are left with ONE assignment! All of us announced today is "Relax Day".

Drove off to Gardens and went to buy "You Tiao" from "I Love Yoo". Then, we went over to GSC and collected our tickets. We watched Inception. It was AC's first time and ZS's second time.

And, that was my THIRD time watching INCEPTION!! Unfortunately, I did not discover anything new. It was still fairly enjoyable though. I guess the best is to watch it twice.

Movie ended at 2.15pm. We then walked over to Pastis for lunch. As usual, it was the three of us and we ordered one of each set lunch and one of each ice cream. Both of them had Iced Lemon Tea while I asked for coffee.

Coffee (from set)

Ice Lemon Tea (from set)

Linguini Mushroom Spaghetti - RM 14.50++

Chicken Panini - RM 14.00++

Chicken Pie - RM 14.00++

Ice Cream (from set)

Everyone gets some of each flavour! :P

We took food from all three plates and that was real fun. Best dish would be the Chicken Pie. The spaghetti was kinda tasteless while the Chicken Panini was too overpriced, considering it was just a sandwich.

The three of us sat there and chatted. Later, we decided to try their Dessert of the Month, which was the Carrot Cake. It was nicer than expected. Soft and delicious! After that, we paid the bill and said goodbye to AC.

Carrot Cake (Dessert of the Month) - RM 4.50

Then, I drove ZS back home before going over to Sunway. Picked JW up and we went back to my place. Watched some TV before having our dinner at home. Came up to use the laptop again till it was 8.45pm.

Mum and M did not have their dinner. So, they went to Delicious. GG, PP, JW and I tagged along. There, I had some Wedges, Apple Crumble, and some Chocolate Cake! The cake wasn't up to standard for today though.

Wedges with Sour Cream - RM 9.90

Blackberry Apple Crumble - RM 10.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

The texture was not how it should have been! :(

By the time we got home, it was already 10.15pm. JW and I challenged each other in TTR3 before I dropped her back at the hostel. Got home by 11.20pm and started writing this post.

Used the laptop till now, 1.35am. This marks the end of my day of relaxation and fun. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Day

Woke up at 8.30am today and had breakfast. Later, I showered and got ready for college. Drove out to college and it was raining. Just as I reached, the rain stopped. Walked to class and met up with the others.

Two hours later, our AI class ended. ZS, AL and DY was touching up their assignments and binding it. Finally at about 2.30pm, we submitted our ISWE and JP assignment!

Then, AC, KW, ZS and I went to Puchong for lunch. We went to KungFu PanMee and I ordered their Teo Chew Pan Mee. It was a bit too plain for me though. After lunch, I sent ZS home and dropped AC and KW at the LRT.

Teo Chew Pan Mee - RM 6.00

Got back home by 4.30pm and slept till 6pm. Woke up to shower and worked on my assignment till 8pm. There wasn't enough food at home so mum brought M and I to BSC.

We ended up in Monte's. Shared some Ribs with mum and ordered a Garlic Bread to share with everyone. I also had a Mushroom Soup. Food here was good but overpriced. Their Moist Chocolate Cake was too watery, you can barely feel that you are eating!

Complimentary Bread

Garlic Bread - RM 3.60

Mushroom Soup - RM 9.00

Cajun Chicken - RM 22.00

Charbroiled Spare Ribs - RM 55.00

Moist Chocolate Cake - RM 12.90

We got back home at 9.30pm and I continued with my SDP assignment. Was done by 1am and will be sending it in for book binding tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to bed soon. Night...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Salty Monday

Woke up at 7.30am and had some biscuits. Took my shower and drove to college. Went to class but the lecturer did nothing but check our assignments. What a waste of time. Anyway, I used that time to finalize my ISWE.

After class, we hung around till it was 12.30pm. We then decided to go try the GCB in McD. But once there, I found out that they don't have the Lunch Set for it. So, I treated myself to my favourite burger, BIG and TASTY!!

Big and Tasty Set - RM 9.40

Later, we went back to ENT3 for our class. The ISWE lecturer just gave us some tips and our CSFF. Half an hour later, class ended. We then waited till 4pm before our AI lecturer came in. Class went on till 5.30pm.

Then, I dropped KW off at the LRT before picking JW up at Gardens. Went back home and I took my shower. After that, we went back to MidValley. Was lucky to find a nice parking spot.

Had dinner at Popeye's as I wanted to try their Wicked Chicken. I also ordered their "3oc Chicken Tenders". The food was okay but there was too much fried stuff and meat. Mashed Potato gravy was pepperish, which I found weird. Coleslaw was just okay.

3pc Chicken Tenders Set - RM 9.50

Wicked Chicken - RM 2.99 (add-on)

After dinner, we went to GSC and queued up. We were in the middle of the queue. Just as it was our turn to collect the tickets, they ran out of merchandise! :( Anyway, we took the tickets and decided to camp at McD.


Apple Pies - RM 2.10 (each)

We both ordered an Apple Pie. Then, we brought it upstairs where we ate and chat till it was 8.50pm. Later, we went into the cinema hall. Just before the movie started, the 3 best blog posts were announced. I didn't win...

Then, it was time for SALT! The action in this movie was quite realistic. Though there were parts where the backgrounds were quite poorly done. The train scene and the elevator jumping scene, to be exact.

One thing I like about SALT is the storyline, which I can say is INCREDIBLE! Many twists and turns in the story. But, I still predicted the ending. Wahahah!!

The movie ended earlier than expected. It was only 10.35pm! Dropped JW back home and realized that my radiator is faulty. Whenever I speed, the indicator goes to normal. But when I slow down, the indicator shows HIGH temperature.

Back home, mum and J shared some "interesting" stories. Then, I started using the laptop to chat and blog. Later, I helped mum update her long dead blog.

I'm gonna end this post here. Pictures are still being uploaded though...
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