Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time Out

Woke up at 9.15am and had some biscuits for breakfast. Showered and drove to TPM. Walked over to ENT3 and waited for the lecturer to arrive. He then briefed us on our SDP Presentation. After that, he dismissed the class.

All of us then went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Today, BL decided to join us. We ordered a Large Fish-Prawn Pizza Set and a 2-person set. Both sets came with the new "Garlic Bread Stix" which is actually Garlic Bread sliced horizontally.

Pepsi (comes with both sets)

Soup (comes with both sets)

Garlic Bread Stix (comes with both sets)

Fish-Prawn Set (large)- RM 48.00

Hawaiian Chicken (2-person set) - RM 25.50

Food was good, we had 2 upgraded drinks for free too! All six of us paid RM 14 to settle the bill. Then, we drove back to APIIT and went to class.

The one-hour tutorial ended at 2.45pm. We then packed our stuff and went back home. Got back at about 3.30pm. I then decided to take a nap as I felt tired.

Had a really bad dream that involved LOTS OF cockroaches! Yuck! Woke up at 5.30pm and started using the laptop. Hung around Innit for a while. Went down at 6.30pm to have some cereal. Later, I read one chapter of notes.

At about 7.45pm, I went downstairs and watched "Ultimate Cake-Off". Then, we waited for E to come out of the shower before we ate dinner together. After that, I came back up and continued reading.

At about 9.30pm, Dad drove Mum, C, XZ and I to BV. We then ordered Mum's birthday cake. After that, we went to Village Grocer and bought some stuff. Got back home at about 10pm.

Finished up the chapter of notes before I started to write this post. It's almost 12am. Gonna end this post now. Bye!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of Accomplishments and Fine Dining

Woke up at 9.30am today and had cereal again. As usual, I showered before driving to college. Went to class with AC. We then sat in class till it ended at 12.30pm. For the first time, I saw this weird message on my laptop.

This never happened before...

Ignoring that, we went to DNL for lunch. I took some taufu, vege, and curry. Gave it to the lady cashier and she gave me a good price for it. Happy :)

Mixed Rice - RM 3.50

After lunch, we went over to APIIT. The five of us then camped in "Discussion Room 1" of the Library which AC booked for us. We then worked on our assignment till it was 5.30pm. It was a very productive 4 hours because we managed to finish one module. :D

When we were done, we packed our stuff and drove to Taylor's Lakeside Campus. The four of us (KW, AC, ZS and I) were here for dinner. CW, KW's friend, is having her "Restaurant Practical" for her final exams. We were her invited customers.

We got there by 6.15pm. Walked around (aka. got lost) the campus till 6.30pm. Found "Tangerine" and waited outside till it was time. At 7pm, we were ushered to our seats.

CW showed us the menu and told us what we would be having. Everything was in french but they had translations in the menu. :P

Table Setting


She then gave us some bread. I was actually shocked that they gave us CARREFOUR potato bread! Felt so cheated. :S

Potato Bread

After that, she served us some Onion soup. I didn't really taste onion-ish and was quite sweet. Also, there were so little soup. Very very shallow bowl.

CW serving us our soup

Onion Soup

After she cleared our bowls, she took out the WINE! CW told us some facts about the wine. Then, she poured some for KW to try. Upon KW's approval, only did she pour the wine into our glasses. :)

CW opening the bottle of wine

Wine (France, 2008)
Can't remember the name*

I liked it. While waiting for our main course, we looked around. We then spotted CW talking to one of the lecturers. She then came over and told us that the lecturer asked her not to refill our wine!

That was because he thinks we are DRUNK! WTH, we were just joking around and having fun. Later, ZS then pointed that my face was RED. Goodness, and I haven't even drank one full glass. So, I stopped drinking and left the remaining wine for my friends to finish. :S

Next was our main course. Fish with lemon sauce, potato, vege and some carrots. It was quite good. Wasn't that filling though.

Shallow fried Soles with English style potatoes

After that, she cleared our plates and took out a stove. CW then flambéed (flamed in French) the crepe. That was our dessert. She actually used lots of sugar and orange juice for this flambé.


After the flambéing

Pancake Flambé

I do not like orange, so I won't comment on that. AC loved it though. Also, it'd be nice if the crepe wasn't that thick.

Later, she asked us if we wanted coffee or tea. All of us asked for coffee. Moments later, she served us our coffee and poured us some milk.

Coffee with Milk

We sat there talking and sipping our coffee. Later, she led us out of the restaurant and we thanked her. For RM20, this was quite a good experience. Also, I'm pretty sure she will pass this exam. :D

AC dropped ZS back at his house. Then, we drove back to APIIT where I hopped into my car. Said bye to KW and AC before driving home.

Got home at about 10pm. Then, I took my shower and revised a chapter of AI. After that, I went downstairs to have 2 slices of Cheese Bread which was made by dad. :)

Came back up and started writing this post. It's 12.05am already and I shall end this post here. Goodnight.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The END is NEAR!!

Woke up at 7.30am and had cereal for breakfast. Quickly showered, got dressed then drove to college. Went to ENT3 for class. Stayed there for 2 hours. Couldn't line up to buy the tickets. Thankfully, AM was able to help me buy it.

Later, we went to IOI Boulevard and had lunch in TC Special. They serve the same food and are the same management of "Toast and Coffee" in DU but for some reason, the name is different.

TC Special, IOI Boulevard

Anyway, I ordered the Nasi Lemak Biasa and a Crispy Toast. The food here was quite good. Had their Iced Cham which was just okay. The pricing here is quite funny though. Nasi Lemak and Toast is the same price. :P

Cham - RM 2.20

Nasi Lemak Biasa - RM 2.50

We sat there for more than an hour. Then, we drove back to APIIT and went to our next class. Waited till 2pm before the lecturer came in. He then started the lecture till 3.30pm.

Mr Jawad then came to class at 2.10pm and continued the lecture. Finally at 5.45pm, we were dismissed. Walked to the car and drove home.

On the way home, it started to rain. Fortunately, it wasn't that heavy and the traffic was real smooth. Got home at about 6.30pm.

Rested for a while before I took my shower. Then, I started working on my assignment till 8pm. Upon realizing I haven't ate dinner, I took a break and went down to eat. Later, I came back up to chat for about 45 minutes before facing my work again.

Finally completed my work at 11.15pm. Started writing this post and talking on Innit. It's 11.40pm already and I am going to end this post here. Goodnight.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Betty's Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria

Mum brought us to this restaurant called "Betty's Midwest Kitchen" for lunch. This place is in Aman Suria. For directions, click here.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

So we sat down and ordered looked at the menu. I then decided to order the Beer Batter Fish. Mum shared the Soft Ribs with E and J. M had a "Jucy Lucy" and we also ordered a Classical Meatloaf to share.

Mum had their Lemonade while I decided to try their "Must Have" Root Beer. The root beer cost RM 5.50 and I thought it would be something special or huge. To my disappointment, it wasn't that great nor was it huge. It was the same size as thez Lemonade. WTF!

Root Beer - RM 5.50

Lemonade - RM 2.50

The second disappointment was my Beer Batter Fish. I expected it to taste like beer. But, it was just like any other batter. It's quite an unhealthy dish too, nothing was green in the plate!

Beer Batter Fish - RM 22.00

Mum's soft ribs came next. She said she loves it but I didn't. It tasted bland to me. I prefer the one in Bad Ass Coffee.

Grilled Soft Ribs - RM 25.50

Our Classical Meatloaf then arrived. The mashed potato was GOOD! Love the texture and sauce. The meatloaf was nice but had a little weird taste to it. This dish is worth paying for. :)

Classical Meatloaf - RM 15.00

M's burger came last. It has HOT cheese INSIDE the patty. As she was eating it, I saw sauce dripping down the burger! Must have been JUICY! Should try this too.

Jucy Lucy - RM 13.50

After our meal, we wanted dessert. So, we tried their Apple Crumble. I expected the crumble to be in a bowl. But, they just layered it on the plate and put 2 scoops of ice cream on top of it. It was just okay. Could have been better if the crumble was crunchier and if they made the apple more sour.

Apple Crumble - RM 8.00

Overall, the deco and environment here is good. And if I ever come back, I'll definitely order the Meatloaf and Lemonade. Feel free to come try their other specialties though. :)

Like this post? Please nang.

Out of the House

Mum woke me up at 11am and asked me to get ready. I did get up, but I used my laptop instead. She then came back from picking the girls at 11.20am. M and I then quickly changed before mum brought us to Betty's Midwestern Kitchen for lunch.

After lunch, we went back home. Just as our laptops started to warm up, we already had to get dressed and go out. Once we were ready, Mum, Dad, M, E and I hopped into the Avanza. We then drove to Auditorium DBKL and watched "Sparks of Broadway".

Sparks of Broadway

The show was better than I expected. They kept singing song after song. I prefer this rather than watching some story/musical. Enjoyed most of the performances except a few solos. Choreography was fun. :)

Show ended at about 5.20pm and we drove back home. We only had 40 minutes to laze around before hopping into the Avanza again. Dropped J off at her friends house before going to The Sphere, Bangsar South.

The Sphere

View from the second floor

Once there, we decided to eat at Little Taiwan. After scanning through the expensive menu, I finally ordered the Salted Chicken Set. It was expensive and yet it didn't even taste good. Sigh.

Salted Chicken Set - RM 13.90

Later, we went to San Fransisco Coffee. We ordered 2 Extreme Chocolate and 2 Extreme Latte. Both were on Buy1Free1 promotion. So, we only paid about RM30+ for 4 drinks.

2 cups of Large Extreme Latte - RM 15.50

2 cups of Large Extreme Chocolate - RM 15.50

Sat outside and finished our drinks before driving home. Once home, I started blogging till it was 10pm. Took my shower before I continued writing this post.

Anyway, it's 10.40pm already. I shall end this post now and go study. Night.
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