Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My 50th Post

I have just reached my 50th post. I have been posting everyday since 30th April. Thanks to all my readers for their support or I wouldn't have got the stamina to post so much and come this far.
Actually 50 posts is nothing, but to mark this occasion, I changed my labels. The Food label is still there but the "Interesting" and "Kinda Boring" labels have been deleted. So from now on, interesting or boring will be for you to decide not me. I also added these labels, one for each day of the week :
  1. Mondays
  2. Tuesdays
  3. Wednesdays
  4. Thursdays
  5. Fridays
  6. Saturdays
  7. Sundays
This is actually for my own recording purpose. So next time, when I ask myself "what did I do last week?", I'll be checking from here. Some times, you will see that a post is labelled Sunday when the date on Blogger is Monday. This is because it was meant for (or written on) that particular day.
I'm really looking forward to my 500th post!! But first, my 100th, 200th, 300th and 400th will have to come first. How long shall that take?? Maybe by then I would have graduated!! For now, I'll just keep you guys entertained...

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