Friday, May 30, 2008

Lunch at Ichiban in Plaza Damas

Mum brought me to this restaurant called Ichiban in Plaza Damas. I slept in the car and only woke up when we got there. The shop is actually outside the complex and is 2 doors away from Starbucks. If you know come out from staircase 18, you should be able to see it.
We asked for a non-smoking table and they sat us in a tiny table. The other tables were all reserved. I ordered a unagi+ yasai tempura set (RM 18). And mum ordered California handroll (RM 6) and Dragon Maki (RM20 for 6). They placed 2 plates for each of us. I don't know what that is for and we didn't use/need it.
What to do with these plates?

Dragon Maki.

unagi+ yasai tempura set. It comes with

Miso Soup,

Chawanmushi and...
The unagi was so hard to chew, worst unagi I tasted so far. Yasai tempura which means vegetable tempura was okay. The fruits that came with my set was just a piece of pineapple and honeydew. The usual Miso Soup and Chawanmushi came along with my set. All the miso soup and chawanmushi tastes the same to me. The Dragon Maki wasn't as nice as Mizu Maki because there was less stuff inside. I suppose what you pay is what you get. Mum said the California Handroll was one of the best she ever ate.
With tax, the bill totalled up to be RM 50.60. Mum paid. After another few cups of green tea, we left. On the way to our car, we saw some event happening downstairs. It turned out to be the "Aussie Fair". There were two groups of girls from some Australian international school dancing on stage. We watched for a little while before going home.

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