Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

*this picture is part of the contest for Sherlock Holmes which I didn't win*


Woke up at 10am today. Used the laptop as usual till about 11.30am. AM called and said she was going to see a doctor. She asked me to come along and so I did. KK then drove us to "Poliklinik Lai" in Brickfields.

The doctor shocked me when he said I only had 3-4 ulcers in my mouth when there is MORE THAN 10 all over my mouth. Anyway, he gave me some meds and AM paid for it. RM 38 for everything.

They dropped me back home and I continued using the laptop. Ate the pills before having plain porridge for lunch. Took a nap, used the laptop, took another nap and used the laptop again.

Showered at about 6pm and went downstairs to swallow some pills before dinner. Watched TV while having plain porridge for dinner again. Came upstairs to continue using the laptop. Took another short nap till it was 8.50pm.

At about 9.30pm, mum brought J and I to Starbucks in BV. I ordered a "Mango Passion Fruit Frappucino" since I shouldn't be taking coffee or chocolate. The drink was quite nice anyway. Surfing with my phone there was kinda slow.

Mango Passion Fruit Frappucino (Venti) - RM 13.50

We came home at 10pm and I continued watching OP. Gonna sleep soon. Bye...

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Woke up at about 10am today and used the laptop till it was my turn to wash up. At 10.30am, dad brought us out for breakfast at SNM. I ordered Iced Milo and Roti Planta. Milo was okay but the Roti Planta was tasteless.


Roti Planta

Dad paid and we went back home. Used the laptop for less than 2 hours before we went for lunch again. This time, MM and AC tagged along too. Dad brought us to a Taiwanese noodles house in Damansara Utama.

I was not in the mood to check the name of the restaurant. Anyway, since I still have MANY ulcers in my mouth, I decided to order a "soupy" dish so I ordered the Chicken Mushroom Noodles.

Chicken Mushroom Noodles (soup)

It was a very painful experience trying to finish everything. In the end, I just ate the noodles and left the "harder" ingredients for dad to eat. The soup was quite nice though. Maybe I should come back when my condition gets better.

Back home, I used the laptop to read OP. Then, Brook (funny musician who is a living skeleton) made his first appearance. I decided to stream the Anime from that episode because with Brook around, everything would be funnier!

Took a nap at about 4pm and used the laptop for a while more. Then, I took another nap at 7pm and decided not to go dinner with my family. Dad bought some "Ching Tong" Noodles for me and I ate that while watching Oprah. Noodles is currently my best friend.

Anyway, I showered and applied the "Aloclair" on my mouth. It said not to use your tongue to touch the gel and also not to drink or eat for at least an hour after applying. First of all, I have ulcers on my tongue. WTF am I supposed to do now?

After I applied the gel, I was drooling NON STOP! This made my entire mouth even drier. I was so desperate for water! Finally an hour later, I quickly went to drink water. Watched another episode of OP (anime) before I started to blog.

It's 11.52pm now and dad just gave me a lecture. Basically, telling me stuff I already knew. But it's fine, I just kept quiet and accepted it. And yeah, M found a cockroach in the Kitchen and everyone is freaked out! Night...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do I Look Old?

Woke up at 10am and instantly got an sms from YM. She asked if I was awake and I said yes. Went to wash up and have breakfast before using the laptop. At about 11.30am, AP, KK and YM came to pick me.

The four of us then went to Genting. Stopped at Petronas before paying the toll and saw this funny counter for the first time. Continued our journey and finally arrived at the Genting Car Park at 12.20pm.

Cashier is in between the petrol booths. WTH?

We then made our way to this restaurant called "Genting Palace". KK and YM ordered some dim sum and tea. Couldn't really enjoy the food because my mouth was full of ulcers. But with my remaining taste buds, I can tell that the food was quite good.

The Entrance

Interior of the Restaurant

Main Menu

Dim Sum Menu

Table Number

Porridge with Salted Eggs - RM 3.80

Chrysanthemum Tea - RM 14.00 (per pot)

"Siew Mai" Dumpling - RM 9.00

Dumpling with Salted Egg - RM 7.00

Char Siew Cheong Fun - RM 5.80

Sweet Corn Bun - RM 3.80

BBQ Chicken Bun - RM 5.00

Black Sesame Bun - RM 7.00

Loh Mai Kai - RM 7.00

KK spotted something funny and weird sitting at next table. There was this girl dressed EXACTLY like her doll. I managed to sneak a picture of her without looking like a weird pedophile.

Doesn't it FREAK you out?

KK paid with his "food card" and we visited the toilet before leaving. Many people would love what I saw in the toilet. There's a MIRROR for you to check your hairdo while you are tending to "other businesses".

Bill - RM 71.75

Clean and Shiny Toilet

Cool huh?

After that, we went to the Casino. I managed to walk right in without being stopped! Does this mean I look old? Wakaka! Didn't really matter because I didn't gamble. Anyway, there were some free drinks and I had a few cups.

KK and AP went to the "Silver Card" area so YM and I were left at Monte Carlo. We walked around looking at those "uncle and aunties" lose their money. About an hour later, AP and KK came to look for us.

Since they got more than 1 GP (genting point) from the "Silver Card" area, they were entitled to 1 free meal each in Fortune Corner (restaurant inside the casino). So we went there for tea.

We ordered a bowl of "Tom Yam Noodles" and a bowl of "Pork Meat Porridge". Each meal also came with a drink. I had a few scoops of porridge and let the 3 of them share everything else.

Tom Yam Noodles - RM 13.00 / 9 GP

Pork Meat Porridge - RM 13.00 / 9 GP

By the time we finished, it was already 3.20pm. We had nothing else to do so we drove back down to KL. Had a nice nap on the way home. Reached home at about 4.40pm. Laid on my bed for a while before using the laptop.

Read OP (manga) till it was 7pm. Then, I went to shower and waited till it was time for dinner. Dad then brought us to "Nam Chuan" at 7.20pm. We ordered some dishes and noodles. I also had a can of 100Plus.

100Plus - RM 2.00

Sweet and Sour Pork - RM 20.00

Asparagus fried with Siew Yoke - RM 15.00

Fried Beancurd - RM 15.00

Tomato Bee Hun - RM 6.00

Pan Fried Noodles - RM 6.00

Dad dropped us home after dinner and went off to Subang to meet a customer. I then started reading OP but the Internet was super slow. So, I decided to upload the pictures and started blogging instead.

While waiting for the pictures to be uploaded, I continued reading OP. It's 12.15am already and I can finally end this post. Night...

Friday, November 27, 2009


For the first time this week, I woke up after 11am. Washed up and started using the computer till it was time for lunch. Went downstairs to eat lunch and continued reading OP. Later, I went downstairs to watch TV.

Had to pick M and her friend from another friends house at about 3pm. Had to sent her friend home too. When I got back, I went to shower and continued watching TV till it was time for dinner.

At about 7.30pm, we had to drive 2 cars out for dinner. Went to Damansara Utama and had dinner at "Toast and Coffee". I ordered "Fish and Chips" and "Nescafe (si)". SS and K came to join us too.

Nescafe Si (cold) - RM 2.50

Fish and Chips - RM 10.90

Dad paid the bill and we went home after that. I'm ending this post here at 9pm because I'm trying to sleep "early" today.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

On The Road

Woke up at 7am today and got ready as usual. Had Koko Krunch again before taking a shower and driving off. Along the Mint hotel, there was an accident and both cars were quite badly damaged. No one was hurt though.

Arrived early today and the lab wasn't even open. Had to wait a while before I could go in. Turned on the computer and waited for everyone else to come in. Class started at about 8.40am and it went on till 10.30am. Stayed in the lab for a while before going to our next class, L1-9.

This was our first class with our lecturer, Mr Stanley Goh. He then taught us "numbering system" for 2 hours. Everyone were allowed to leave after we showed him our work. We didn't have much time so we went to Lucky for lunch.

I ordered a plate of "Chicken Chop with Spaghetti" and a cup of iced coffee. The food came quite quickly and it was nice too. In my opinion, this is worth it. While finishing our food, a student from UPM came and something "interesting happened.

Iced Coffee - RM 1.50

Chicken Chop with Spaghetti - RM 9.80

She started introducing herself and went on to explain about some fundraising and awareness night. It was about the origins of our surname and also some stuff about Chinese culture. That lady asked me "You don't know meaning behind your surname right?".

Well, I'm kinda guilty so I just kept quiet even though she kinda insulted me. AC then got annoyed and told her "No" and waved her away. She then asked AC, "Your a foreigner right? It's okay, foreigners are also welcome to come and understand the Chinese culture".

All of us could feel fire burning inside AC. We started ignoring the lady and she went away after a while. But that wasn't the end. AC was pissed and I asked jokingly asked him "Don't you wanna complaint to UPM?".

He replied, "I would if I knew her name!". AC then asked me to accompany him and we went to look for the lady. I went to King's (bakery) while AC went to talk to her. In the end, he found out that her name was "TWS".

AC wanted to scold her again but luckily he changed his mind. We then went back to APIIT for our last class of the day. On the way back, we saw this cute little "pooh" doll hanging below a MyVi. To get a picture, we were cheering AC to get closer!

Isn't that the weirdest/funniest/cutest thing ever?

Went to class but shortly after that, we had to move to a bigger class. Again, we sat there for 2 hours before we were dismissed. All of us then went home. Arrived back home at about 4.30pm.

Watched some crazy shows on Nickelodeon with the girls while eating some ice cream! Later, I used the laptop to read OP (manga) and watched the latest episode of Heroes. Dad then came home at about 6.30pm.

Continued reading till 8pm and had dinner then. Later, I came up and tried to find out the cause of the constant disconnection. After about half an hour, I can confirm that it was the phone line that goes from downstairs to upstairs. Now all we need to do is replace it. YEAH!

There wasn't much to do except reading OP again. You might think I'm wasting my time but the storyline is really gripping! There is never a boring moment in One Piece!

Anyway, it's 11.20pm already and I guess I'll end my post here. Will continue reading OP and probably go to bed later. Night...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Catching Up

Woke up at 9am today and had cereal for breakfast again. Took a shower and used the laptop before going to class. Arrived in the parking lot at about 10.30am. Took me quite a while before I managed to get a parking spot.

Was late for class but the lecturer didn't mind. Class went on till 12.30pm. KW went home and ZS went to meet up with some other friends. The rest of us then went to Good Tea for lunch. AC and I sat in DY's car since we were lazy to drive.

AL and MY joined us later. I ordered Iced Coffee and Claypot Chicken Rice. After lunch, DY dropped me at my car and I drove home. Arrived safely at home by 2pm.

Iced Coffee - RM 1.50

Claypot Chicken Rice - RM 4.50

Couldn't do anything except use the laptop as my cousins were playing with the Wii and M had friends over to watch a movie and hang out. Read about 20 episodes of OP (One Piece manga) before taking my shower.

Had dinner at 8.30pm and continued reading OP. SS's and DGG's family came over at about 9pm so I went down for about an hour. At 10pm, we decided to go to Chocolate for supper! It's been a while since I went there...

We went in 2 cars to BV and got a nice seat in the restaurant. Then, we ordered a Chocolate Affair (fondue) to share and each of us ordered a drink. As usual, I asked for the Ms Coco Frappe.

Ms Coco Frappe - RM 12.90

Chocolate Affair - RM 25.90

Chatted till 11pm and we decided to go home. Started using the laptop to blog but I ended up chatting and blog-surfing. It's 12.20am already and this post is done. All I need to do is upload the pictures. Bye...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Learning Lessons

Woke up at 7am today and nobody was awake. Quickly and quietly went downstairs to eat Koko Krunch for breakfast. After that, I went to take my shower and got dressed. Drove off to college at about 7.50am.

It's been a while since I drove the Avanza to college. AC told me he missed the Avanza last friday and somehow today, I ended up driving it. Anyway, I arrived at TPM early so I walked to class alone.

Our lecturer started the class at 8.30am and it ended 1 hour later. As usual, we used our laptops for another hour before going to our next class. Before that, DY went to check his car because he parked in the TPM shed.

It was meant for lecturers so obviously he got clamped. This wasn't his first time parking here so he kinda "untung" already. So lesson 1, don't park at the TPM shed. Went to class and sat there for 2 hours and we stayed in class for another hour.

At 1.30pm, we were all hungry so we drove the Avanza to Sri Petaling and had lunch at "Hong Kong Miu Kai". The atmosphere here was noisy and the service was also very bad. Most of the food tasted bad too so lesson 2 of the day is, NEVER come here again!

I had the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea and Black Pepper Pork Rice. The milk tea didn't taste nice as it was too milky. The pork was so tough and the sauce wasn't even nice. To make things even weirder, they also served a bowl "Phoenix Claw" soup.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea - RM 2.80

Black Pepper Pork Rice - RM 10.80

We finished our lunch at about 2.30pm and paid up before leaving. Parked in front of APIIT and we went to the Admin and got our Academic Report for Diploma Part I. I got 3.6 GPA. Nothing much to boast, it's kinda disappointing actually.

After that, we went to an empty class and used our laptops till it was time for our 4pm class. The class was boring as usual because she just revised on C programming and discussed about our assignment.

At 6pm, we left the building and was almost going to go back home. That's when some of my friends spotted my punctured tire. I can saw I'm lucky because it was punctured by a nail, which means it wasn't some mysterious enemy of mine.

Punctured tire...

My tire got SCREWED!

It was also good that they told me because I wouldn't have seen it and would have continued driving. Can't imagine what would happen if the car stopped moving on the highway and I have no form of communication as my handphone ran out of battery.

So back to the tire, we were trying to find where the spare tire was placed and came to a conclusion that there were no spare tire. Then, our classmate, K, came and told us that the tire was at the bottom of the car. That's lesson number 3.

I couldn't find my tools so K went to take his. AC then helped me jack the car up but unfortunately he failed. Lesson number 4, you shouldn't jack the outer area. Nice try AC, but you suck! Lol!

AC's failed attempt. See what he did to my car! ARGH!

So K helped us jack the car properly and went to figure out how to take the spare tire out. After quite some time, we realized that we just had to unscrew one thing and down came the tire. DY took the punctured tire out but didn't know how to put the new one in.

This is how it's done! Thanks K!

Again, K took charge and did it in a few seconds. They screwed the tire in place and that was the end of the "hoohah" in front of APIIT. Packet everything and thanked K for his help. I was so hopeless the whole time, just watching them do everything.

So, this paragraph has been reserved to thanks you guys. K, AL, DY, AC and some random Indian taxi driver, THANKS!

Dropped AL, AC and DY at their car. Since it was gonna be jammed, I left without waiting for DY to settle his unclamping. Owh and DY asked for small change for RM 50 and I gave him 4xRM10. That's why I owe him RM 10 now. Posting it here so I don't forget. Lol!

On the way back, I passed a bump and there goes "KLANG KLANG KLANG". So KW and I went down to tighten the screw of the metal frame that used to be carrying the spare tire. Both of us managed to do it in a few minutes and continued our journey.

Drove to the LRT station and dropped KW there. Drove above 80kmh subconsciously when K reminded me many times not to (because the "new" tire isn't balanced with the other 3 old ones). Luckily KW was there to warn me again! Thanks KW.

Tried very hard to MAKE SURE the car didn't go above 70kmh and I finally reached home at 7.10pm. SS sent GM back home and I told him what happened. He then said that he would help me take my car to the workshop tomorrow. Thanks SS.

Before he left, M called and asked me to sent her a set of clothes. All because she went to a pool party and her friends threw her into the pool! Since SS was heading home, we asked SS to pass her the clothes. Lesson 5, don't go to a pool party without an extra set of clothes!

After SS left, I read OP (manga) till it was my turn to shower. Later, I had my dinner and continued reading OP. At about 10pm, SS and SS came to take the Avanza. They brought some pastries so I heated some bread and had them for supper.

Used the laptop to read OP again till it was 11pm. Then, it was time for ICE CREAM! Went downstairs for some "Chocolate Obsession" while watching a bit of "Gossip Girl" on 8TV. Came back upstairs to blog and read OP.

It's 1.40am now and I finally reached the end of this post. Am probably gonna read another few chapters of OP before going to bed since my class only starts at 10.30am tomorrow. Bye...
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