Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 06

Woke up at 10.15am today. Washed up, get some water and M made a slice of tuna sandwich for me. Wasted about an hour searching for character editors and diablo2 stuff. It was a fruitless search.

I then continued to blog and did some facebook. At 12.20pm, GG called and asked me to bring him to buy 4D. I then drove him to Lucky Garden and waited for him to get his stuff done. Then, we dropped by Chun Heong to look for Prawn Mee.

Since they didn't have, he hopped back on and I drove to Rocky. Waited for him to buy his favourite noodles. Reached home at about 1.10pm. I completed blogging by 1.20pm. Since we still had time, M and I went down to 112.

Everyone was there and we spend the half a hour watching WM's Chiang Mai trip. There were a few interesting parts in the video. At 1.50pm, we received a call from mum saying everyone was ready to go.

It was raining so we borrowed their umbrella to get inside our car. Once home, all of us got in the Avanza and dad went to 97 to pick GG and PP. We then rushed to 70. We arrived at 2.30pm.

Boxing Chicken, Potato Ball, Sausage, Spring Roll and Curry Puff

At about 2.45pm, the food was served. After eating, we went inside the house. At around 3.45pm, the lion dance crew arrived. We then watched the 2 lions dancing around the house. That lasted about half an hour.

Next, we just went inside the house and chatted. We some how or rather managed to occupy ourselves till 7pm. We then finally left home with some of the leftovers from the buffet. Dad then drove to Damansara Heights to get some burgers for our dinner.

Otai Beef Special

Once home, I immediately ate my dinner and went to shower. It was exactly 8.30pm when I was done. I then drove to 112 to play Mahjong. We watched about 5 minutes of TV before proceeding.

AP, YM and I played till 12.30am before finally going home. Stopped at around 11.30am for some food. Overall, I lost about RM 12. The only consolation was that I won the final round!

Came home and started to blog. It's 1.10am now and I'm going to sleep in 5 mins. Night...

Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 05

Woke up around 7.30am this morning. Went back to sleep and eventually woke up at 9.30am. Washed up and changed plus had some water after that. Then, I played D2. M made some tuna sandwiches and gave me 3 slices.

Played until 1pm before Dad brought mum, M, E, PP, GG, AC and I for lunch at Lau Kau (Bak Kut Teh shop in Segambut). The food was quite good but unfortunately they ran out of "yau char guai".

Long Bean Rice

Dry, Wet, Sour Vege and Fu Chuk

We ended u packing back 3 bags of BKT because dad ordered too much. Dad paid the RM 99 bill which included a mandarin orange for everyone. By the time we reached home, it was about 3pm.

I then played D2 till about 4pm. WM came to visit and stayed till 5.20pm. Then, I used the laptop till about 6.30pm. Showered and got ready for dinner. The initial plan was to buy burger from a stall and have dinner at home.

Once I came out of the shower, dad called to say we are having dinner with DGG. So, we waited for him to come back and we went to Mama Sayang for dinner. We ordered some noodles and little dishes to try.

Vegetarian Yee Sang - RM 33

Cold Sea Coconut

Ordered the Sea Coconut again but the standard wasn't maintained. Disappointed. DGJ paid the RM 133 bill and we left. Reached home at about 9.15pm. I smsed YM and asked her if I could go down now.

At 10pm, I decided to call her. She then told me her phone was outside and asked me to come NOW. I then rushed down. YM gave me a crash course on "mahjong". We then started playing the game.

I played till about 12.40am before going home. In the end, I just lost RM3 which wasn't too bad compared to AP who lost RM 10+. Once home, I went to sleep...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back To College

Woke up at about 6.40am and laid on the bed waiting for my 7am alarm to ring. Once it did, I got out of bed and went to to bathroom to wash up, shower and get dressed. At 7.35am, I left for college.

Reached TPM at about 8am. Bought 2 parking tickets before going to park my car. As I was early, there were plenty of parking spots. Once in the building, I noticed how little people there were in APIIT.

The worst thing was that the lift was in "exhibition mode" whereby the lift went extra slow to allow visitors to "admire" the view. Anyway, I was the first to reach class. I called AC and found out that he was already in campus.

Moments later, more and more people started showing up. AC and I then accompanied DY to the cafeteria to get a drink. We then came back up and waited for the lecturer.

At about 8.35am, the lecturer arrived. He was our "managing business" lecturer and this is the only subject that we have combined with Group 2 of our course. The lecturer gave quite an impression for the first day.

During the break, AL suggested we play cards. We ended up playing "Chor Dai Dee" and I won about 3 rounds. We wrote down who owed who and planned to pay each other at the end of the day.

After class, we went straight to the lab for our "Internet Application" lab session. Our lecturer was this guy from Pakistan called Omer. He seems like quite a patient and nice guy.

One hour later, class was over. We then went to Kuchai Lama with the intention to have "pan mee" in Jojo as recommended by AC. Unfortunately, it wasn't open. So, we ended up in Station 1 instead.

All of us ordered the set which came with soup and ice plum lemon. Mine was set B which was some noodles. While waiting for the food to come, we played cards again.

Ice Plum Lemon

Set B - Noodles + Soup + Drink

The bill

The noodles were okay and so was everything else. I paid the RM 71.50 bill and the paid me back later. We then went to ENT3 for our IA class with Lili Budiman.

Class was from 1.45pm till 3.45pm. All of us waited till 2.45pm and the lecturer still didn't come in the class. Numerous attempts made by AC and JW to call the lecturer failed too. So at 3pm, everyone decided to go home.

It wasn't all bad though. While waiting, we played cards again and had some sweets. Before we left, I collected my winnings which came up to about RM 7. Went to college with RM 50 and even after lunch, I came home with RM 47.

Once home, I did some facebooking till about 4pm and chatted till about 4.45pm before playing D2. Played D2 all the way till 7.10pm. Then, I stopped and all of us went over to 97 for dinner as GM didn't cook.

After dinner, we watched "The nanny". Once it ended, all of us kids went home. I quickly went to shower and called YM to come over when I was done. Moments later, she arrived with her laptop.

Due to some technical errors, we only played D2 at 9pm. We played together till about 11pm. Then, we discussed some FW and other stuff. I then let her out at about 11.30pm.

At 11.45pm, YM called and asked me to go to 112 and help her move AM's bed. There was water leaking onto AM's beds and she wasn't strong enough to do it alone. I quickly rushed down to help her because I needed to be back by 12am.

Once there, she opened the door for me. We then went ahead and moved the mattress. While moving the bottom mattress (which was EXTRA WET), the "mattress juice" flowed out! When we finally moved the mattress out, I quickly asked YM to let me out because it was already 11.55pm.

I rushed home and got ready to book courts for Feb 19. Once the clock hit 12am, I submitted the form and managed to book the court for dad. I then started blogging till now, 1.15am!! I'm going to sleep NOW! Night...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 03

Woke up at 8am again. Went downstairs to get some water. Came back up and started playing D2. At about 10am, I went down to eat some buns that dad bought. Watched the ending of "The Mad Monk" before coming up to play D2 again.

At about 1pm, SS and family came to our house. Dad then suggested we go to "the Coast" for lunch. We then went into our cars and dad led the way. He brought us to Hartamas Shopping Centre and dropped GM and us at the entrance.

Not long after we were seated, the rest of them arrived. We then looked through the menu and ordered our food. The menu was very similar to Chili's as they were serving Southwestern food. I ordered Caesar Salad for myself and we ordered Trio Dip to share.

Trio Dip ( = Triple Play??)

Plain Caesar Salad

After eating, we (the kids) came to the conclusion that most of the dishes weren't that nice. The only dish up to standards was the Caesar salad. The adults didn't complaint as usual but mum said PP's chicken (the one we had last night) was much nicer.

When all of us were done, dad paid the bill. Few of us then waited with GM for dad to drive the car to the pick-up point. We then hopped in the car and reached home at about 3.30pm.

2 bills = RM 183.50

I then came up and played D2 till about 5.20pm. Next, I did some stuff on facebook and started to blog at 5.54pm. After that, I went down to watch some TV with the rest of the family.

At 6.50pm, I came up and showered to get ready for tonight's dinner. We then left our house at 7.10pm and went to pick up MM and AC. Dad then drove to Chef Low for our dinner. We waited a while before SS and family arrived.

The food was quite good and I was bloated after dinner. I was then shocked when dad told me it cost RM 330!! I kept asking him about the food until he finally gave me the detailed bill. CRAZY!!

Expensive and unnecessary dinner bill

Anyway, we decided to go to Chocolate for dessert. Since there were 11 of us, mum managed to persuade the cashier to give dad a tiny complimentary cake. We also ordered some drinks and fondue.

Since it was CNY, we ordered the Fortune "Lou Sang" Fondue. I also ordered a Miss Coco (Belgium Dark Chocolate Drink). They gave us a tiramisu and use chocolate syrup to write "Happy Birthday Dad". It was so lovely and beautiful!! Tasted good too!

RM 79.40 worth of sinful desserts!

Miss Coco and Fair Lady

"Lou Sang" Fondue - RM 38.80

Comes with the Fondue

Happy Birthday Dad!!

After some chatting and eating, we left the place at about 10.15pm. Dropped MM and AC home before we went home ourselves. I then came up to blog. It's 11.45pm now. I should sleep soon because I have class tomorrow! Yikes!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 02

Woke up at 8am again today. I guess I'm biologically set to wake up at this time already. Went downstairs to do some "business" and showered. Then, came up and blogged. Since I still had time, I played some D2.

At about 11am, we left the house. We finally reached our destination (GM's sister's house) at about 12++PM. It's a central place for all the relatives from GM's side of the family to meet up every 2nd day of CNY.

Quite a few people were already there. After greeting everyone, I just sat at the living room and ate junk food, chat and watched TV. We stayed there till about 4pm before we finally left. Stopped at a petrol station before going home.

Reached home at about 5pm. I then watched 15 minutes of Phineas and Ferb before coming up to blog. Went to shower and get ready after that. At 6.50pm, we went to SS's mum's house for dinner.

We arrived at about 7.15pm. We waited a few more moments before we had dinner. The food a good and I ate quite a lot today. SS then put on "Ip Man" for us to watch. Movie ended at 10.20pm and we decided to go home.

Reached home at about 11.50pm and I came up to update this post. Going downstairs to watch some TV before I sleep. Bye...

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY 2009: Day 01

Woke up at 8.20am into the year of the Golden Ox. Went downstairs and greeted dad and GM. Then, I came up and started blogging about yesterday. Before that, I turned on the TV for GM to create the CNY mood.

I blogged till about 9am and went downstairs to eat the breakfast that dad bought. I ate the Roti Planta. It was fresh but only tasted normal. Next, all of us changed and got ready to go visiting.

At about 10.30am, we left the house. As usual, our first stop was my grandfather's siblings house. Moments after we arrived, SS and family did so too. We then stayed there for about an hour eating (dad's auntie makes nice cookies and cakes) , drinking (yummy tea too) and talking before we left.

J was having fever so we had to go back home. We spent about half an hour at home watching TV and lazing around. We then moved on to our next stop without mum and J. The second stop was GM's eldest brother's house.

I didn't realize until then that they stayed directly opposite the shop lots where out exam hall was!! They were having lunch when we arrived. As usual, the adults did the chatting while we kids entertained ourselves.

At about 2pm, we left the place. We then drove to Kepong to visit SS's mother. PP made her once-in-a-year-CNY "Zai Choi" (Vegetarian noodles). I ate some of that and also ate some (quite alot) of her snacks! Oops!

We were watching Kungfu Mahjong 2 till about 5pm. Then, GM went in to try the Zai Choi. After that, we said bye and left. In the car, we called GTA and told him we were coming. We then went to his house.

We were at his door but nobody was there. So, dad called GTA. Few minutes later, he came and welcomed us. He was walking the dogs earlier that's why he couldn't hear us. Went in and wished GG and PP Happy CNY.

As usual, we spent some time walking around the house. The adults chatted too... The only difference today was that the dogs were let out to run (usually not when guests are here). Amber kept going to E and even licked her! E got scared and went far away.

After warming up, LC, M and I decided to play with Amber. Patting Simba was a failure because he'll just walk away when you do it. Occasionally, Simba and Amber would go down and play with each other. It was fun to watch...

At about 6.30pm, we left GTA's house without E (E followed GG, PP and GTA to 97 for porridge). The rest of us then went around looking for a vegetarian restaurant. Finally, we decided to eat at Section 17.

The restaurant was packed so we decided to eat outside. We weren't that hungry so we just ordered 1 Lotus wrapped glutinous rice and 2 dishes of noodles. Few of us then ordered Longan Sea Coconut.

The rice was ordinary (what do you expect form a vegetarian restaurant, right?). But, the Sea Coconut was quite good. They also gave quite a generous amount of ingredients (although they charged RM5).

SS paid the RM 45++ bill and we left. Reached home at about 9pm. About 15 minutes later, we wanted to visit CM in CKK's house. Just as we stepped out of our door, CM and family plus AP, KK and YM came too.

They stayed for about 30 minutes before going home. Meeting those babies was quite a fun time. After they left, we continued to watch TV. M, J and I watched the ending (last 30 mins) of Shopaholics and Guess Guess Guess CNY 2007 Special (till 12.30am).

It was late and I was already tired. I then quickly went to brush my teeth. Immediately went to bed after that...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CF Reunion Dinner

Woke up at about 9am. Washed up, drank some water, and started to blog for the previous day. At about 10.30am, M said dad is bringing us to McD for breakfast. I then went to change. E, M and I went with dad.

I ordered HotCakes with Sausage Set which was quite expensive if you ask me. Even so, at least it didn't taste bad at all. After I finished my coffee, I played with the cup and broke it! No refills for me...

Hot Cakes with Sausage

By the time we got home, it was already 11.30am. M and I played some D2 till about 1.30pm. Dad bought some food back from the coffee shop and we went down for lunch. I had Dry "Lou Shu Fan" which was quite nice.

After lunch, we called AC and told him we were coming over. M and I then brought the laptops over to 97 and the 3 of us played D2 again. We played till 5.30pm and managed to finish Act 1 in Nightmare mode.

Then, we rushed home in the slight drizzle. We then took turns to shower while the rest watched TV. All of us got ready and left the house at 6.30pm.

Dad then drove to Chef Low to get the Suckling Pig. He then revealed it was RM 150 for 1 small pig!! I was shocked but GM said it was a standard price. I guess I'm just a "Frog under a Coconut shell"... Haha!

We reached GTA's house at 7.10pm. We waited for about 15 minutes before everything was done. All of us then started with the "Yee Sang" from One Noodle. This Yee Sang was said to be more healthier because they added pear and mango. It costs RM 60 per plate and we ordered 2.

After that, we started eating our dinner. The kids (including me) took some food and sat at a separate table. The suckling pig was BAD because it wasn't fresh anymore. The lamb wasn't even half as nice as the Christmas lamb. It was too dry and the less juicy.

I didn't have much that night. We then walked around after dinner. Luckily, they started making fruit punch. That at least made my stomach contented. After a long and boring time walking, talking and watching tennis, M suggested Gin Rummy.

M then took the cards from our car and the grandkids played Gin Rummy with their Grandmother. We played about 8 rounds before MM and family had to go. We stopped playing and wanted to go home too.

Inside the TV room, M was watching tennis. It was on tie-break so we watched with the intention of watching Novak win in straights. He then lost the 3rd set so we decided to go home.

It was already 11.30pm when we reached home. The tennis match was already over because Novak won the 4th set. I then flipped between 8tv, AEC and WLT. Watched those channels and counted down with some Hong Kong stars who were at Citywalk.

Since it was CNY, I stayed up and watched some performances till about 1am. I then decided to go right to bed...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

LF Reunion Dinner

Woke up around 8am again. Went downstairs for awhile before coming up to use the laptop and play D2. Then, went downstairs to eat some SunMoulin pastry for breakfast. Came back up to use the laptop.

Moments later, M and I were called down to help GM burn some "Gam Zhi" (so called money for the dead). After a long burning session, I came back upstairs to play D2.

At 12.10pm, all of us left the house and went for Dim Sum lunch with MM, AC, GG and PP. J didn't go because her friends came over. They had pizza for lunch. We then went to 97 and MM followed behind dad's car as she doesn't know they way to New Eden.

Besides us, there were only one other table! The rest of the staff were already getting ready to close for the day and preparing for the next. Anyway, we still had quite a good lunch. I didn't really eat much but I was still full after drinking some tea.

We then went home after dad paid (RM 80++). Once home, I turned off (it was left on) the laptop and packed it up. M and I then went downstairs and waited for MM to reach home. Once they were home, AC called us.

M and I then went over to 97. We played D2 with AC. I then started giving away all my unique items for them to use. When we were ready, we played the game. It was fun playing with so many people. We even managed to kill Diablo in less than 5 minutes.

We were too into the game until we heard AC's watch's hourly beep. M asked if it was 4pm and AC answered 5PM!! We quickly did one last quest for M before packing up and going home.

SS and family were already there. Went to shower and get ready for the dinner. It was only 5.40pm then and still lots of time to kill. So, we chatted. Suddenly, someone thought of playing a family game.

Mum put in some money into 22 packets of AngPau (one RM10, one RM 6, one RM2 and the rest were RM1). Then we stuck them onto the railing for us to have a lucky pick after dinner. Next, we just played some Uno Stacko until everyone arrived.

22 Ang Pau on Railing!!

Bowl of Red Scrolls

At 7pm, I turned on the laptop and waited for C to get online. Luckily, she came online just on time. After chatting for awhile, we started to "Low" the "Yee Sang". We even brought the laptop to the table so that C could "Low" with her FINGERS!!

After it was all mixed up, I even took some of it and "fed" it to her. Next, we left the laptop facing the dinner table so she could see all of us eating. At about 7.40pm, LC, M, K and I went to TMC to get some stuff.

LC drove the Avanza and I was worried at times. Anyway, we got inside TMC and bought some Longan, Lychee, Peaches, soft drinks, shandy and chips plus a bag of ice. We then made our way back with all the stuff.

Once home, we started making the punch. We had some tough times with the lousy can opener but still managed. This time, we poured Ice Cream Soda instead of water. The only form of water was the ice.

Just when everyone finished with the punch, we started the Lucky Pick. First, we each took a small scroll of paper from the soup bowl. The number in the paper determined who gets to pick the "AngPau" first.

I got "10" so I patiently waited for my turn. SS who got "22" kept asking everyone else to hurry up!! By the way, C pre-picked and got "4". When It was C's turn, LC pointed at one Ang Pau and C agreed to it.

All of us proudly showed our number before taking the angpau. As usual, mum was the photographer. When my turn came, I picked one of the middle angpau and went back to my seat.

Once everyone got their ang pau, we opened it together to see who got the "Grand Prize". M turned out to have the RM10, LC got the RM6 and CQ got the RM2. The rest of us got RM1...

DGG and family left after the game. Before that, LC distributed the fortune cookies to everyone. Not long after that, SGG and family left too. As it was still early, the rest of us watched a Magic Show on NTV7.

My Fortune Cookie + Message

After the show, SS and family left. J went to bed while mum and dad watched "7 Pounds". Since I had nothing else to do, I took E's bolster and laid on the sofa while watching with them. I didn't cry that much this time. But, I still managed to shed one drop of tear during the final scene.

The movie ended at around 1.40am. Went right to bed after that...

Friday, January 23, 2009


Woke up around 8am as usual. Again, I had biscuits for breakfast. Then, I came upstairs to use the laptop and played some D2 too. At 12.20pm, I stopped and went down to watch 10 minutes of TV.

The show ended at 12.30pm and I went to SMKBB to pick M and J up. We had lunch after coming home. Then, I decided to watch "Clique" but there were problems with the DVD. So, I watched "Martian Child".

It was a movie about a male widowed writer adopting a child. This child thinks he is from MARS!! Anyway, the movie showed us how they got together and bonded. The ending was quite good too. The most irrelevant part was that I cried when their dog died! Don't know why...

After the movie, I started getting a headache. M woke up from her sleep and said the same too. We then continued watching some TV. After awhile, I came up to play D2.

At 4.45pm, GM asked me to drive her to a clinic in Lucky Garden. I dropped E and her there and went round Lucky Garden to look for a parking spot. There were many parking spots elsewhere but if I parked there, I wouldn't be able to know when GM will be done.

So, I went about 10 rounds without getting a parking space. Just then, GM was done so I stopped and let her get in. Went right home after that.

E and I then watched some TV till about 6pm. Then, M and I started playing D2. At 7.45pm, I stopped and went down for dinner. After dinner, I lazed around and ended up watching Oprah.

Once I came out of the shower, SS, SS and K were here. They came to help GM clean up the altar. The few of us then watched Discovery Channel. Out of nowhere, dad smsed me and said he won a 32 inch Hitachi LCD TV!!

Anyway, M and I watched CSU (crime scene university) at10pm till 11pm. Then, we watched "I survived a Japanese game show" on 8TV. Next, J and I stayed up to watch American Idol at 11.45pm till 12.45am.

My headache was on throughout the day but after American Idol, it mysteriously went away. Headache or not, I still decided to go to bed without blogging as it was late...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad For Health

Woke up at 8.11am today. Used the bathroom and went downstairs for breakfast after that. Just had some digestive biscuits and water before coming up to use the laptop and play D2. This time, I streamed some CNY songs like YM taught.

At about 11.45am, GM called me down and ask me to drive her to TMC. So, I stopped by TMC and she went to buy the chicken while I waited in the car. After she bought what she wanted, I then drove home.

Continued using the laptop till 2.15pm. Then, went down to have lunch with E, J and mum. After lunch, I wanted to watch "The Eye". Unfortunately it couldn't play so I decided to watch "Seven Pounds" instead.

Will Smith starred in this show. It started confusing and mysterious at first. The best part of the movie only started during the last half an hour. It was emotional and I even cried a few times. Probably the most tears I shed for a movie.

After sitting there for 2 whole hours, I came up to use the laptop for a short while. Then, I went back downstairs to watch TV with M and E. At 6pm, I stopped watching TV and went to shower.

Next, I used the laptop to facebook till 7pm. Had a 10-minute nap before going down for dinner. After dinner, I came up to play D2 again!

At about 8.30pm, all of us went to 97. M and I went upstairs to watch AC play D2. We stayed there till about 10.10pm before going home. I then came home and watched the remaining 20 minutes of American Idol.

Then, we watched the Finale of "make me a supermodel". At 11.30pm, I came upstairs and remembered that I left my D2 game hanging. I then finished up a section of it before turning it off.

After that, I quickly started blogging because it was already 12.08am. it's 12.30am now and I will be sleeping as soon as I post this. Night...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday M

Woke up at 10am today. Went downstairs for a drink before coming upstairs to use the laptop. Mum then told me about the surprise lunch that M's friend was planning. I then continued using the laptop till 2.30pm.

E came back from school and got ready. When mum came home, we then went to pick M and J form school. Mum then told M we were going to Chili's to celebrate her birthday. Once there, M already spotted the bunch of girls from outside the restaurant.

Anyway, M had lunch with them while Mum, J, E and I sat in another table. I ordered Chicken Crispers and Mango Juice. The chicken was disappointing because the portion shrunk and the batter was completely different and NOT NICE!!

Chicken Crispers - portion shrunk, taste failed!!

4 person bill!!

After an hour of late lunch, mum paid the bill and we left. All of us were FULL!! We left M and her friends there and came back for them later. We followed mum to the bank and ended up in a stall after that.

Mum then decided to buy a RM 99 Japanese Cat for M as her present. Moments later, M and OJS and K came to look for us. As I predicted, M didn't bother about it. Anyway, we paid up and went to the car.

Mum dropped us home and went for her appointment. I then used the laptop for awhile before going down to 112. Just as I left, it was raining. Still went down though.

Once there, I transferred GOL to WM's laptop. Then, I helped KK out a bit with the altar. After some chatting with WM, we decided to go to BV. I wanted to get a hair cut while WM needed to buy some food.

LZ followed me to Cut N Go while WM went to Village Grocer. While waiting, I was wondering when the lady hair dresser would come. I then gave up and decided to let the guy cut my hair.

Just as I paid the machine, the lady came back from her break! Even better, the lady was taking odd numbers and my number was "101". All I had to do was wait another turn before I get my hair cut.

WM then brought LZ home first. At 6.06pm, my turn came. She took just about 10 minutes to get my hair done. After that, she even said my "ang pau" will multiply by 2 with this haircut. I said "whatever" in my mind.

To my surprise, WM was waiting for me. She came with umbrellas because it was raining. Aww, what a good auntie. We quickly went back to 112. I got my hard disk and car keys, then I ran into the car.

I drove back home and it was already 6.25pm. M and her friends were already 10 minutes late for tuition. Anyway, I dropped them off and came home. Settled some stuff in D2 and used the laptop till 8pm.

Then, mum came home. Once everyone was ready and dad came home with M, we hopped into the car. M wanted to go to TGIF and dad claimed there is one outlet in MV. We went all the way there and found out it was "Prince".

Since we weren't hungry, we decided to drive to the TGIF near Digital Mall. Once there we were seated in the non-smoking section. I then realised the 3rd floor was closed! All of us weren't that hungry.

Mum got this for M too - M didn't appreciate it!

In the end, we ordered a soup, 2 appetizers (Boneless Wings and something else) and a entree (Chicken Fingers) plus a dessert (Chocolate Malt Cake). The wings were good and so was the other appetizer that mum ordered.

Boneless Wings - Not bad

Chicken Fingers - BOO!!

Chocolate Malt Cake - Tasted weird

Unfortunately, we had a rude waitress plus the chicken fingers was just as bad as Chili's Chicken Crispers. The malt cake was not really nice too. E ordered some ice cream thing but they served us a plain ice cream and charged us the more expensive creation.

After pointing that out, the rude waitress cancelled and didn't charge us for the vanilla ice cream. Again, all of us were bloated. Overall, the food was okay but we still chatted quite well.

Bill, Bill, Bill

Dad paid the bill and we went off. M went to 7-eleven and wanted to buy "anything" and "whatever". When she checked the expiry date, all the cans were expired. So, she bought Justea instead.

We then went home. It was already 10pm while we were in the car. Once home, I relaxed a while before coming up and blog. It's 11.33pm n0w and I better start uploading the pics and go to bed. Night...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Computer, Computer

Woke up at 8.45am today. While waiting for my turn to use the bathroom, I went downstairs and read the newspapers. After washing up, I had some biscuits for breakfast and went back upstairs.

Started using the laptop till 2.30pm. Facebooked, checked some blogs and even played D2. E came home and I had lunch together with her. After lunch, I came up and used the laptop again. M and J came home at 5.30pm and I was still using it.

I finally got off the computer at 6.50pm and went downstairs to watch "The Nanny". At 7.30pm, I went to the kitchen and had dinner. Next, I went back out to the living room and watched "The Nanny" till 8pm.

After taking a shower, I started to blog. I'm now waiting for YM's que to go down to 112. We're going to play Mahjong Gin Rummy as AM and SC won't be in town until the 6th day of CNY. So, consider this the last night...

**Ended up going to 112 at 9pm. Waited for everyone to get ready before we watched "The Hills Have Eyes 2". The movie ended at 11.45pm and I drove myself home. Went to bed after that....**

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Day in 112

Woke up quite early today. At 7.45am, went down and read some newspaper. At about 8.30am, I had leftover pizza for breakfast. Then, I played D2 till about 1pm. Managed to finish the whole game just in time.

AM called and asked me to join her for lunch. Before I came down, she called me and told me she needed RM 30 exact. Apparently her taxi didn't have the change. So, I took RM 20 from GM and gave her my RM 10.

After she paid, we went inside and settle down. Then, we walked to SNM for lunch. As usual, we ordered 2 banana leaf meal and, teh tarik and a "ayam kicap". AM paid for the lunch.

Next, we went to Public Bank because AM had to do some stuff and change some new notes for "ang pau". While waiting, we chatted (we were the only ones talking). After she got the few stacks of money, she stuffed it in my poor little pants pocket.

Then, we walked back to 112. AM turned on "Lau Fu Zi" (Old Master Q) cartoon series for me to watch. It was kinda slow moving story and not as funny as the comic. After about more than an hour, we went out again.

This time, we went to BV. We lined up at the ATM to get some cash. While in the line, I found out that the hair-dresser on duty was the guy. So, I didn't want to cut my hair. Next, we went to Village Grocer to get some Spaghetti Sauce and Pineapples.

AM paid the total of RM 10. Then, we walked to the post office because AM wanted to renew her licence. After that, we went back to 112, put our stuff down, and went cycling.

Once we reached my house, it started to drizzle. I then accompanied AM half way back to her house before going home. I then took a shower and packed the laptop. Then, I drove the car down to 112.

When I reached 112, I rang the bell, called the house phone and even called AM. After 5 minutes, there was still no answer. I then went inside the car and wait for her. Moments later, I saw her walking back with some groceries.

I then parked my car into 112 and went in. Apparently, she went to buy more spaghetti because the old ones were eaten by the lizards. She also bought Campbell soup for dinner.

While she was preparing for dinner, I played D2. This time, I just wandered around re-killing monsters. I played till about 8pm before we had dinner. We chatted till YM came home.

Tomato Spaghetti

Campbell Mushroom Soup

At about 8.30pm, AM put in "Mid Night Meat Train" and all of us was glued to it. It was a silly show anyway but we just watched it for the gruesome killing scenes. Next, we used our own laptops and chatted.

AM then searched and loaded "RK House" on youtube. Although I watched it before, I was laughing very hard with everyone else. I then started blogging till now (11.20pm).

Everyone are in their own rooms now. I'm going to leave soon too. Bye...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

M's Birthday Party

Woke up at 8am and went down for some pastry breakfast. After that, I came up and started using the laptop. Did some facebooking while playing D2. Managed to finish act 4 and did some of act 5 before 1pm.

At 1pm, I called mum and asked her whats for lunch. I then told the kids to get in the car in a minute. Next, we drove to 97 and picked mum up. Then I drove to BV.

Dropped mum and E first before I continued to look for a place to park. After parking the car, we went to Mizu. GG and PP plus their friends and MM joined us too.

I ordered a Tori Katsu Don (Fried Chicken with Breadcrumb Set - RM 23). As usual, it was very nice. The portion was quite big and I forced myself to finish it. MM paid the huge bill.

Tori Katsu Don

After lunch, we went to MPH for a while. Then, I drove home. M played D2 while I laid on the bed and fell asleep. After I woke up, I watched Bleach 202 on the desktop. Next, I watched M play D2.

At about 5pm, I came downstairs and started watching TV till 6pm. Everyone else was showering so I went to play D2. At 7.30pm, I stopped and ordered the Pizza from Dominos online.

Then, I went to shower and get ready. Once I was out, MM and family already arrived. Went downstairs to talk to some of them. Moments later, dad came home with most of the food. We then helped him unpack those stuff.

At 8pm, the pizza arrived. Just then, mum and M came back from buying the cake and some other drinks. All of us then started eating as we were hungry. Not long after that, SS and family arrived.

When I finished my meal, GTA and AJ arrived. We then talked and kept each other company. GTA and M went to ride the bikes while LC used the laptop. K played Uno Stacko with E. I just hung around talking with SS and others.

After some talking, "longan and lychee' and relaxing, it was time for the cake. M's birthday cake was the Blueberry Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe. When all the singing was done, it was time for eating.

The cake was okay but I still preferred Chocolate Indulgence (which I just had yesterday). Not long after that, most of them went off. Another 15 minutes later, SS and family went off too.

I then started blogging and chatting. Stopped for 10 minutes and ate some Mashed Potato while dad did his work. Dad handed me back the laptop and I blogged till now.

It's 11.55pm now and I shall sleep soon. Night...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back To Blogging

Woke up at 9.45am and went to wash up. Then, I started playing Diablo 2 till lunch time. Stopped for a while to call Pizza Hut and ordered the Golden Fortune pizza and another Hawaiian Chicken.

It was 2 pizzas for RM 40 but I had to pay RM 8.80 extra for the Golden Fortune. So, the total after tax was RM 53.50. Pizza arrived at 1.50pm. After another few moments of D2, I went downstairs for lunch.

M and her friends were watching some comedy. Watched a little bit of it before coming back up to play D2. I managed to finish Act 3 and move on to Act 4 just before 3pm. Then, I decided to get ready for the gathering.

After I was done and dressed, I called H and told her I'm coming now. I then picked H, ZW and A all from H's house. Next, we had to go to TMC because LA requested to buy Jalapenos. I dropped the girls down and waited in the car.

Few minutes later, they hopped back in the car and I drove on. I then managed to get us to Kelana Jaya without getting lost. Once there, we had to call LA and ask her for exact directions to her house.

We passed the guard house and found LA's house. After I parked, the guard came in the motorcycle and told me to go back to the guard house and register. So, I drove back there to register...

After I registered, I went back to LA's house and parked again. MR and T were already here. Went to the kitchen to say "hi" to her mum. After chilling for a while, MF and Y arrived.

Then, MR, T and LA went to buy some ice while the rest of us stayed and hang out. La's dad then got hungry and asked everyone to start eating. We all had the mee rebus except H (vegetarian).

When they came back from buying ice, they sat with us at the table and chatted for quite some time. After that, the other guys went out for a smoke while I stayed with the girls and we chatted more.

LA gave everyone a "Eiffel Tower" keychain and we took some photos. When the guys came back, it was time to cut the cake. MF, H and LA all cut the cake because their birthdays were close to each other (22/12, 25/12, 12/1),

It was a chocolate indulgence! After patiently waiting for my turn, I finally got my piece. We then sat there eating the cake and chat some MORE. Since H needed to go back early (and the other 3 of us have to follow her), LA asked us to go upstairs.

She asked everyone to write stuff on her cupboard with a permanent marker. After we did, she gave us some "snickers" and "skittles". Before leaving, we took a big load of photos. After a long long goodbye, we hopped in the car at 7.15pm.

Traffic wasn't that bad but it wasn't smooth either. Anyway, since H was in a hurry, I sent her home first. She reached home at 7.40pm and I felt sorry for that (her dinner in Cheras was at 7pm).

Next, I dropped ZW at TMC and dropped A at SMK Bangsar as usual. By the time I reached home, it was 8.08pm. I texted mum and found out that they already left for dinner without me.

Anyway, I was still full from the food so I didn't eat dinner. After a shower, I then started blogging. The rest of the family came back at 8.50pm. M then asked me to go over to 97 and play D2. I told her to go first and will join them after I blog.

So, I ending this post here and going to over to play more D2. Bye...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Food Poisoning!!

Sorry for not blogging for the past week. I had food poisoning after eating Mee Siam at BabaLow. It gave me a very upset digestive system. I thought I could recover in few days but it took me about 1 week and I'm still not fully recovered...

I'm not going to re-post about those days because it's too disgusting and disturbing. Plus, I was really sick and could really keep track of the events. Just a quick fact, I went to the bathroom 80 times over the first 3 days!

Whatever it is, I hope nobody gets food poisoning or any form of stomach disease. It really makes you weak and in some cases might even kill. :-)

I'll blog on from today... See ya...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Oh Friday

**Eat the following food at your own risk. It caused food poisoning to me and my family**

Woke up around 10am today. Used the laptop to chat, blog and facebook till noon. When the girls came back from school, I went down to eat lunch with them. Watched some TV before I came up and used the laptop again.

At about 2.40pm, M and I cycled down to 112. We went in and took YM's Diablo II CD (with permission of course). KK and AP also told us that WM's bag got snatched. The 2 of us then cycled back home in the hot sun.

Once home, I spend a couple of hours installing and cracking "diablo 2". Even after cracking, it didn't work. In the end, I went onlne and got some support. At about 6pm, I managed to get it done.

I then took the rest of the time to burn more DVDs (because it requires CD to play) and testing out the game on all 3 computers. Once M came out of the shower, I went in. Came out at about 7.10pm.

Then, M, E, mum and I went to BabaLow for dinner. GM and J stayed at home (dad packed for them) and dad went to somewhere else for dinner.

Once there, I ordered Mee Siam, Kaya Toast Bun and Iced Nescafe. The mee siam was the usual. Toast bun was quite good. Nescafe wasn't that bad either. I also took a Pai Tee from M which was average.

Iced Nescafe - RM 2

Mee Siam - RM 4

Kaya Toasted Bun - RM 1.50

Pai Tee - RM 4.50

After E finished her food, mum paid and we left. While mum drove home, I called AM and asked if we could go to 112 now. She told me she was still in office but asked us to go because AP and SC is there.

The bill - RM 29.90

AP, KK and SC were finishing their dinner when M and I arrived. When dinner was over, AP brought out some Cempedak and I ate some of it. After eating a few of it, I went to wash my hands.


Not long after that, AM came home. We waited for her to finish dinner before we stated playing Gin Rummy. We played till about 10pm before dad called. He asked if we wanted burger. I then took orders and told dad to get 4 chicken burgers.

Otai Chicken Burger

About 20 minutes later, dad dropped the burgers at 112. When we finished the round, we took a break and ate the burgers. We then continued to play till 12.10am. Since it was getting late, we ended the game.

SC drove M and I home after that. Mum stayed up to give us the key! Once back home, I quickly came upstairs and turned on the laptop. Started blogging and chatting till now (1.27am). Should be sleeping soon...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Woke up at 8.10 am today because I wanted to give myself time before going to PBE. After using the laptop for an hour or so, I felt tired and decided to go back to sleep.

Woke up around 10.30pm and went downstairs to eat some cake for breakfast. Came up and used the laptop for another few moments. I then went down at 11.30am.

At that time, I was 15/16 about going ahead with the lessons. Dad suddenly told me to follow him to get my car done. I then came up and called Stanley (PBE guy) and told him I won't be coming.

I was about to tell him I will call again when I'm interested but he went ahead and asked me why I wasn't coming and if I could come tomorrow. Without thinking, I told him tomorrow morning.

Went back downstairs and took all the stuff in my car out. Then, I tailed dad to Permaisuri where the workshop was. After about 15 minutes of talking to the person in charge, we left.

Dad drove to a run-down bakery to get some nice kaya puffs. Unfortunately, they were only making new year cookies this month. Then, dad drove to his customer's place while I waited in the car for him to be done.

We then made our way home. In the car, my headache started. It was almost 1pm when we reached home. I came up and slept for a while. Then, I went downstairs and watched TV.

Had lunch after E came home from school (2.30pm). Next, I came upstairs and used the laptop for awhile. Then, I ate some ice cream and watched TV again. Fell asleep while watching TV as usual.

Still with the headache, I came upstairs again. Used the laptop to help mum transfer some pictures and also burned POT into a DVD. SS came and visited us and I chatted with him for awhile about C.

At 5.30pm, the architect came and look at our house. Dad didn't come home yet so we didn't let the guy come in. When dad came back, dad showed him around and I followed them too.

At 6.30pm, M and I went to cycle around the area. We did about 5 rounds of our usual till 7pm. Then, the "raj students" started coming out. We did another 2 rounds to pass them before riding down to T4.

We then rode back up to our house. As we went in, dad left for badminton and the architect was leaving too. We then watched "the nanny" till 8pm. I waited for M before we had dinner.

After looking at the dishes, I didn't want to eat. I then gave my rice to M while I ate some chocolates and biscuits. Next, I came up to shower and use the laptop again.

At 9.15pm, YM smsed me and told me to come by and get the CD from her. I asked mum to drop me but she just ignored. I then slept at the sofa till 10pm. Then, I woke up and watched some "Steps".

When it ended, I came upstairs with a bad and disappointed mood. M then asked mum why she didn't want to send me. At last, mum offered to send me. But, I just decided to ignore her. So much for helping her...

Anyway, I chatted with some people and started to blog. While blogging, I went to Meetoto and listened to random people singing. It's 11.44pm now. Should be sleeping soon. Night...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week 1 Of 2009 Gone...

Planned to wake up earlier today because I wanted to call "PlayByEar" and "MK Edutainment" in the morning. I woke up too early and slept back. When I woke up, it was already 11.30am!

I went downstairs, changed and had some water. Then, I decided to call PBE. The guy then told me to come today and I didn't want to rush so I told him tomorrow at 2pm. So, I decided to go tomorrow and check it out before calling MK.

I then watched POT 15 and had lunch after that. Dad brought home some "sui gao" from Sungai Wei as add-on to our lunch. After lunch, I came back up to watch another 3 episodes of POT.

Yummy Sui Gao

Next, I went downstairs to have an ice cream. Then, I came back up and watched the remaining 2 episodes of POT. It was a happy ending at last for the family. By the time I finished, it was 5.20pm.

I then used the laptop to chat and search for keyboards. At 7.20pm, I showered and had dinner. After watching some TV, I came up to use the laptop. Few moments later, I went down again.

Watched TV till 11pm and came up to chat, facebook and blog. It's 12.30am already. Should be sleeping soon. Night...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coffee Bean At Last!!

Woke up at 9.45am today and went down to have some biscuits. Then, I transferred POT into my thumbdrive in case dad needed the Vostro. Then, I came up and used the laptop to blog and download POT 20.

Then, I watched some POT till 12.50pm when dad asked me to join him for lunch downstairs. After lunch, I came back up and watched POT. After watching another episode, I went down for an ice-cream break.

Then, I came up and watched 2 more episodes. Next, I went down to watch TV. M and mum was going to CzipLee and mum asked if I wanted a drink. So, I agreed and went along.

We parked at BV and walked to CzipLee. We spent about 15 minutes in CzipLee. After M paid for her hardcover exercise book, we went to Delicious to eat the Classic Chocolate Cake.

All the food there increased their price to about 10% extra. Even so, the Classic Chocolate Cake tasted even NICER than before. We also got a free serving of scones (worth RM 6.90) because mum had a voucher.

Classic Chocolate Cake *improved!*

Scones (free)

The bill - RM 12.30

It was still raining when mum paid the bill. So, we decided to go to Coffee Bean for a drink. The last time I visited Coffee Bean was in Pavilion on 16th September 2008. I then promised to never go any other outlet except the one in Pavilion.

Unfortunately, I broke my promise and ordered a Large Ice Blended The Ultimate. Mum ordered a cup of Cappuccino and we sat down and finished our drinks. Mum said she still preferred the cold drinks here.

Large Ice Blended The Ultimate + Cappuccino

When mum finished her drink, I brought my half-drank cup along and we walked to our car. When we reached home, it stopped raining. I then went upstairs to continue watching POT.

At 7.30pm, YBH talked to me about PlayByEar. At 8pm, I went to shower and had dinner after that. I then came upstairs and searched for the courses and the price of a keyboard online. I even watched some videos posted on YouTube by the academy.

At 9pm, M and I then watched POT 14 (complete the 7-episode-a-day quota) till 9.50pm. Next, we rushed downstairs and turned on AXN Beyond (Astro 809) to watch "The Middleman" at 10pm.

After the show ended, I rushed upstairs to blog. I typed pretty fast today and managed to finish this post at 11.24pm. Now, all I have to do is upload a few photos. Bye...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wasted Time

Couldn't really sleep the whole night. Keep waking up and going back to dreamland for about 5 times. I then decided to put on my glasses at 6am to check my download. After that, I laid on my bed till 7am before I returned to dreamland.

Woke up around 8.45am and all my downloads were complete! Went downstairs to have some biscuits for breakfast. Then, I came up to use the laptop to blog and download more POT.

Pages of Treasure

At about 11am, I started watching POT till episode 4. M and J then came back from school at 2.30pm. I then joined them for lunch. After that, we watched some TV and I ate some ice cream.

Then, M and I came up and watched POT again. M watched with me till the beginning of episode 7 but left to return her uniform and get a smaller size. After I finished episode 7, I went downstairs to watch TV.

At 6.45pm, mum and M came back. M suggested we go cycling and so I agreed. We cycled about 4 rounds and then, AO APPEARED!! We quickly cycled another round and went home immediately.

We reached home at about 7.25pm. We watched "The Nanny" till 8pm before the lot of us had dinner. I then came up to use the laptop but dad had to bring it for an appointment. So, I gave it to him and used the desktop to burn some DVDs.

After I showered, I watched half an hour of nothing before turning on "Narnia 2" on the TV to watch. Few of them joined me to watch this show. At 11.55pm, the movie ended. I thought of sleeping but remembered I needed to "voyage to BC".

So, I turned on the laptop to settle those stuff. At 12.30am, I went to bed...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Boring Weekend

Woke up at 11.33am and washed up. Then, I started using the laptop and downloaded POT (Pages of Treasure). At 12.30pm, went over to 97 for lunch as MM already bought some food back.

She bought Char Siew and Chicken rice for me and I just ate it up while they chatted. Mum even spotted a "love bite" on AC! Anyway, I finished my lunch and MM let me try some Singleton Cheese with crackers.

Weird Looking Cheese with Crackers

The cheese was brown in colour with yellow boxes. The texture was just like the normal cheese but I couldn't really taste the cheese because the crackers had some salty flavouring too.

I then laid at the sofa while we chatted. At 2.20pm, we finally went home. I came up and blogged about day5. I then downloaded more POT.

At about 4.20pm, SS and SS came back with GM. They bought some curry puffs and I went down to eat one. Mum suggested I borrow the drill from MM so that SS could help me drill on the bike hook.

I then went over to MM's place and borrowed the drill. I had to go back another time to get the drill bits. After that, we measured the bike and even moved the things away. At the last minute, mum said that the bikes were blocking our door.

In the end, we decided to drill the hook near the store room. That alone took some time because it was quite hard to drill. After drilling 3 out of 4 holes, somehow the drill couldn't penetrate deep into the wall.

So, SS used a smaller screw to screw my bike hook. We then tried to drill 4 more holes for the second bike rack. Unfortunately, the drill wasn't strong enough again. So, we decided to call it a day. SS is going to borrow a industrial drill from KF some other day to drill the second one.

The bike hook in Action

We then packed the stuff and cleaned the area. M's gary fisher was then hooked up to the wall. We bought some bread when the breadman came. After that, I waited for my turn to shower.

I came out of the shower at about 7.20pm. All of us then went for dinner. Dad brought us to Taman Maluri and we ended up eating at Old Taste Ipoh White Coffee.

I ordered a Old Taste White Coffee (cold), Old Taste Kaya Butter Thick Toast and a Old Taste Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken. The coffee was okay and the toast was good. But, I still like the one from Old Town because their bread are more crunchy.

Old Taste White Coffee (cold)

Old Taste Kaya Butter Thick Toast

Old Taste Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken

The Nasi Lemak was quite nice too. The chicken was good and tasty, the ikan bilis was crunchy and yummy too! The sambal was great too but I only took a bit and gave the rest to dad. The nuts tasted like the usual...

Our dinner turned out to be RM 94.50. After paying, we came home. It was 9.20pm when we reached home. E was supposed to sleep at 9.30pm but she didn't finish her holiday homework.

The dinner bill

It's 10.30pm now and nobody has even touched their beds. Luckily, I don't need to go to class tomorrow. Still have about 3 weeks of holidays, HAHA!! Should be sleeping early after I get my stuff done. Bye...
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