Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out For The Whole Day!

Woke up at 8.30am. Used the laptop for awhile before going to the bathroom. Then, I tried the new SONIC Electric Toothbrush. It was kinda noisy. Just like SONIC the Hedgehog! Haha...

At 9.10am, all of us were ready. Then, the whole family went to IKEA to meet SS, SS and K for breakfast. SS already bought some Char Kuey Teow, Chicken Wings and BBQ Chicken Buns. They also collected 7 cups of Free Coffee.

BBQ Chicken Buns (RM 1.04 fore 2)

Char Kuey Teow (RM 1.04 per plate)

Chicken Wings (RM 9.45 for 5)

First Bill (RM 23)

Drinks (RM 0)

While we were chatting, dad went to buy Daim Cake and "KEX choklad". After we finished our meal, we went to walk around IKEA. E followed SS, SS and K to a carnival. After buying a towel, 5 curry puffs and 3 ice creams, we went to SS's house.

KEX choklad

We played CS with C till about 2pm. Then, Mum and Dad came to bring M and J for lunch. C and I stayed home and I blogged. They came back at about 3.20pm.

Then, Mum and I went to GSC 1U to get their tickets for Quantum of Solace. I had to be there because they were using my birthday treat. The line looked quite long but we only waited 20 minutes.

AM called and asked for directions to SS's house. I tried to tell her the way but she couldn't get it. So, I asked her to call C. Few minutes later, she smsed me and said she is not coming anymore...

After collecting the tickets, we asked dad to come pick us. We went back to SS's house. SS, SS, K and E were back. E won 2nd prize for her sand-art competition in the carnival. She won a stationary set. SS also won a dining set from the lucky draw.

2nd Prize Sand-art!

The stationary set E won...

I continued using the laptop. Mum and dad went home and asked us to get ready by 6.30pm. About half an hour later, dad called and said that they won't be joining us for dinner. I blogged and facebooked till 6.20pm.

C came back from her trip and bought us some food!

After all of us showered, we left for 1 Utama for dinner. We went in 2 cars because there were 9 of us. J, M, C and I were in the SLK. We found a parking spot and took the escalator down 5 floors to LG.

Then, we went to this restaurant called BBQ Chicken. This international restaurant claims to use ONLY olive oil to cook. It is located near where the old Giant used to be. They were playing pop songs from about 10 years ago.

C asked if we could have a table for nine and the OLD WAITRESS said NO! Immediately, I said in my mind "Then we might as well leave this place". She then said there is only 2 tables that fit 4. After some discussion, we asked the lady to separate us into 2 tables and add a chair for the second table.

We sat down and ordered our food while waiting for SS and the rest. C ordered Chicken Strips for everyone to share. He also ordered Hot Hot Drum. M ordered Combo A (Charbroil Korean Chicken). J ordered Combo Set B (Original Chicken). I ordered a Chicken Cutlet and Col-Pop Chicken.

Golden Chicken Strips (RM 11.50)

Korean Charbroil Chicken from Combo A

Chicken Bites + Sprite =

Col-Pop Chicken (RM 7.90)

Chicken Cutlet (RM 12.50) - The coleslaw was plain. Nice Meat

Our food came 20 minutes later and SS and the rest arrived right after that. A little bird told me they went to MPH and also bought some women stuff (starting with P). They looked at the menu while we ate our food.

The Chicken Strips were TOO DRY and that's why I disliked it. The chicken that came with my Col-Pop Chicken was nicer because it was steaming hot and crunchy. I tasted M's Charbroil Chicken and it was nice. My Chicken Cutlet was delicious but I was already very full.

The 2 Bills

We spend some time chatting while SS's table finished their meal. Then, SS paid the 2 bills which totaled to RM 167.33. We nearly were cheated by RM 2 because they didn't charge the Col-Pop as an add-on.

Overall, the food was okay but the waiter and waitresses attitude was REALLY BAD! Probably won't be dropping by in the near future...

At 9.30pm, K, M, J, C and I went home in the SLK while SS, SS, C and E went shopping for women stuff (starting with B). At home, C, M and I played Half Life. C said he would only be playing for half an hour but ended up playing for more than an hour.

At 11pm, SS came back with 2 jelly cakes. It was a buy 1 free 1 promotion from QJelly. So, each cake costs RM 25. The cakes were a pink bear and a yellow bear. They chopped the bears in half and connected the opposite ends!

Yellow Mango Bear plus...

Pink 9 Layer Bear equals to...

Pillow Manglayer Bear!!

We walloped the 1.5 of the cakes and kept the other half of the cake to bring home. After playing half life for another 20 minutes, we decided to stop. We packed my stuff and waited for dad to come and pick us.

At 11.10pm, dad and mum came back from their movie. We hopped into the Avanza and dad drove back. We reached home at 11.30pm. I quickly started blogging till now. I also just realised that the sound is not working AGAIN...

It is already 12.35am now and I have a presentation at 10.30am tomorrow. So, I'll be sleeping soon. Night...

SONY Isn't That Bad After All

**This is a follow up post to Never Buy Sony VAIO Laptops!!**

Few days ago, dad and I went to the Sony Service Center in Northpoint. After some talking, the guy told us that RM 1482 is to fix the cosmetic side of the laptop. We could choose to NOT repair the crack and stuff and still get the internal stuff fixed.

So, dad asked them to go ahead to repair the sound and bluetooth problem WITHOUT replacing the new casing and stuff. Then, we went home.

Came home yesterday and saw the VAIO on the table. Reinstalled some programs and tested it out. The sound is working but not the Bluetooth. Dad said we might go and send it in again. Haih...

Before I end this post, I RETRACT what I said in the previous post. Although the CR may have problems, I'm sure the patient Customer Service Workers would help you solve it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day That Ended Quickly

At 10am, AL woke up and tried to wake everyone up. I ignored him and went back to sleep. Finally decided to wake up at 11am. After getting ready and packing, we put our stuff in my car. Then, DY led us to another BKT shop.

According to DY, this Ah Kee BKT is quite famous and they have about 4 to 5 branches. We ordered 1.5 servings of Dry and 1.5 servings of Wet. The food came pretty fast too.

1.5 servings of Dry BKT

1.5 servings of Wet BKT

I liked the Dry one but the Wet one was kinda tasteless. Yau Char Kuay was of course nice as usual. We finished our meal by 12pm. I paid the RM 36 (RM 9 per person) and the paid me back right after that. Now, DY owes me RM 5.

After that, DY sent ZS home while I dropped AL in MY's house. Then, I drove all the way back home. Enjoyed the drive home.

At home, M told me she ordered pizza. I went straight into the shower and came out all fresh 20 minutes later. Mum brought the VAIO back and the sound problem seems to be fixed. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth still has problems.

Spent about 5 hours re-installing and transferring those important programs and files. Meanwhile, I played "Monopoly" with M for about 2 hours. I didn't really bother about the game but my happy-go-lucky attitude made me a WINNER! M got bankrupt and I had about 9 hotels.

I then wrote yesterday's post while playing cards with M and J. At about 7.30pm, we drove to Quan's for dinner. We arrived at about 8pm. Just then, SS called and said they were just leaving their house.

I ordered French Toast, Quan's Special Sizzling Chicken Chop in Barbecue Sauce and shared a Mint Milkshake with M. Went over to Bata and looked at some shoes. Then, we came back. We finished the Mint Milkshake even before the food arrived. E's Iced Chocolate was tasy too!

Mint Milkshake (RM 5.50)

Iced Chocolate - Not bad. Quite rich in Chocolate

About half an hour of chatting later, our food finally arrived. The portion has really shrunk. The French Toast was served with HARD butter! It didn't taste as nice anymore because they didn't give me a pot of honey to pour.

French Toast

Sizzling Chicken Chop with Barbecue Sauce

I regretted ordering my Sizzling Chicken Chop with Barbecue Sauce. This is because the Barbecue Sauce was heaty plus the Sizzling pan which is also heaty. In the end, I managed to finish what I ordered but my stomach was FULL!

Waited about 20 minutes before SS and family arrived (they got lost). After they ordered their food, we had to chat for another half an hour before their food came. Then, the girls ordered some ice cream for dessert. I didn't eat that because I wasn't in the mood.

Click to view the handwritten detailed bill

Dad paid the RM 122.20 bill and we left the restaurant. We reached home at about 11pm. I came up and turned on the VAIO. For some reason, it took about 20 minutes to startup. It was "configuring updates".

Right after that, I started finishing up yesterday's post. At 1.10am, I completed it. I then decided to write today's post once and for all. It is 1.43am now. Sleeping soon. Good night...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Wild Night!

Woke up at 10.40am today. Used the laptop till 12.30pm. Showered and got ready. Went to pick ZS from APIIT at 1pm. Then, we went to MY's house to meet up with MY and AL. Then, we went to eat Cendol at a nearby stall.

The stall had NO tables but yet they had about 30 customers willing to sit on chairs and eat. The cendol I ordered had Glutinous Rice, Corn and Red Beans inside! It was also too sweet for me. I forgot to bring my wallet (IC and Driving license too!) so AL paid for me.

Roadside Stall Cendol in Sri Petaling

It was 2.20pm then. AL drove us to Old Klang Road because MY wanted to buy a compass and take some pictures of an old house for her assignment. Then, we went to Fatimah Church in Brickfields to take some pictures.

After that, we drove to the Mosque in Bangsar to take some pictures too. MY didn't have a "tudung" and I was wearing shorts. So, AL and ZS went in to take some pictures. After that, we dropped by my house to take my stuff and print my free birthday movie ticket.

AL left the 2 free movie tickets (won from Malaysian Today) in his car and we were in MY's car. So, we drove all the way back to MY's house. After that, we went in my car and MY's car to MV.

We found a parking space at 4.30pm. I then realised that I left my complimentary birthday movie ticket at home. Haih. So, ZS and I ended up paying for the 2 tickets to watch Madagascar while MY and AL got it free.

At 4.45pm, we went to McD. I wanted to buy the Happy Meal but cancelled the order at the last minute because they didn't have Marty the Zebra. Then, we went in the cinema in time for Madagascar 2.

Overall, the movie was fun. It was kinda touching when the Giraffe said he loved the Hippo. The show ended at 6.40pm. We went to toilet after that. Then, ZS and I drove to MY's car. AL then hopped into my car and we drove to Sunway Pyramid.

We parked our car and took the lift to the ground floor. Then, we found Republic and lined up. We were here for the Malaysian Today's Heaven & Hell College Night Out! It advertised Free Drinks and Free Entertainment.

We waited in line for quite awhile. About 20 minutes later, the four of us (ZS, AL, DY and I) went in. We had to show our student ID before going in. Then, a guy stamped "Malaysian Today" on our left hand. He also gave each of us 3 "free drinks ticket".

Overflashed and adjusted version of the Voucher

The choices were Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Beer, Cocktail, Vodka, Tequila, Pepsi, 7Up and Ice Lemon Tea. We had 2 different Cocktails, 2 Whiskey, 2 Beer, 1 Gin, 1 Rum, 1 Vodka, 1 Tequila, 1 Pepsi and 1 Ice Lemon Tea.

2 different flavours of Cocktail

Behind: Ice Lemon Tea
Middle: Vodka, Gin, Rum
Front: Tequila

Whiskey, Beer, Beer, Whiskey

My favourite was Whiskey, Gin, Cocktail and Ice Lemon Tea. And the drink I disliked most was the Tequila and Pepsi. The Pepsi was flat without any gas...

There was this King and Queen competition and there were 5 couples. They did some performances and stuff. At around 10pm, it got boring so we just left right after we finished our drinks. In the end, we left 2 cups of mixed drinks on the table.

Leftovers mixed into 2 cups

While walking back inside Sunway Pyramid, ZS spotted Miss Hema eating in some cafe. We waved to her and went in and had a little chat. After that, we came back out. AL and ZS said DY and my face was red. So, we decided to take a picture to check it out.

**Picture would be posted when DY agrees**

We decided to eat our dinner at BBQ Plaza. When we went in, they were already closing but they still accepted our order. We ordered a Family Pork Set for RM 39.90 and Green Tea for RM 2.50 each.

Hot Green Tea

The Empty Stove

Family Pork Set

When the food came, it came along with the bill. This is because they wanted to close their cashier. So, We paid RM 55.90 for the four of us. We stayed there and ate our food. Refilled our tea a couple of times too.

At about 11.20pm, we left the place because we were the only ones in the shop excluding the workers. We went to the lift but forgot where we parked. After checking CP2 and CP3, we went to CP5. At last, we tried CP4 and found my car.

ZS went to pay the parking and we drove out of Sunway. Waited for AL and DY to lead us. After 10 minutes, they passed us and I followed them. Stopped at a Petrol Station for a toilet break. While they were at it, I went to pump petrol for my car.

Then, DY bought lollipop for everyone of us. It was actually the first time he ever "belanja" us anything. We then continued our journey in the rain to Klang. We reached his house at about 12am.

Went in and changed to my shorts. Then, we played about 5 rounds of Cluedo. The fifth round was the best because ZS, DY and I was laughing so hard to confuse AL. In the end, AL hesitated and I won!

At 2am, We decided to go play Cluedo in McD. So, we packed the Cluedo and DY drove us to McD in Bukit Tinggi 2 Petronas. I ordered a Sprite and 2 Apple Pies. AL was already setting up the Cluedo.

When I came back with my food, AL said there were some missing cards. I was disappointed because we wasted our money and time to come McD. Anyway, we sat there gossiping about one of our classmate.

When I ate my Apple Pies, one of them was actually Banana Pie inserted into the Apple Pie packet. Since I didn't mind Banana Pie, I just ate it. Refilled the drinks twice and brought our drinks to DY's house to continue our game at 3am.

Then, we played another 2 rounds of Cluedo but ZS was kinda blurred and gave wrong information due to his tiredness. So, we decided to sleep at 4am after the game ended. They went on talking and chatting till I fell asleep...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

End of Week 14!

Woke up at 8am today. Played 7s and also did my CT presentation slides till 11.40am. Went to shower and get ready for college. Made some Peanut Butter Sandwiches for myself as Brunch. Left the house at 12.50pm.

Reached APIIT at 1.15pm. I thought I was late but then the lecture wasn't there yet. 10 minutes later, Mr Jonathan came in and our 10 marks writing test started. He have us 10 minutes to check on our book and discuss among us before officially starting.

We waited till all 7 of us finished (at 3,15pm) before we handed in our papers. Then, we went to Pit Stop to meet JW, WL and FK. I ordered a chocolate waffle (RM 2.30) that wasn't as nice as expected. It was still quite nice though.

AL and I wanted to introduce AC and DY to Cluedo. Unfortunately, I didn't bring Cluedo to college. So, we came up with APIIT Cluedo. Since we didn't have dice, we just made a rule that each turn we can go to one room without throwing the dice.

The people were replaced by our names, the weapons were changed to handphone, laptop, pen, ruler, knife and scissors. The 9 places were changed to the places in APIIT.

The Game Board. Creative right?

At 4pm, AC and DY had to go. To end the game, all of us wrote down what we suspect. Then, we opened the cards to see who got the closest answer. In the end, all of us had one correct. So, no winner was crowned...

They all went home except me. I waited another 2 hours for AM. While waiting for her to finish work, I watched episode 2 of Hot Shot. At 6pm, it started raining. We drove home. Again, there was an accident. It was jammed up in MV also.

Came home and used the laptop till 7.30pm. Then, I went on an "adventure" that turned out to be the most funny event that happened to my car! Came back and ate dinner. at about 8pm.

Then, I came upstairs to use the laptop and blog. Spend some time just staring at the monitor. Chatted with M and E till 11.46pm. That's all for today. Bye...

Malaysia's Funniest Story

A car passed by MV. Suddenly, a funny cracking sound is heard. Everyone looks for the source. They then saw a Toyota Avanza dragging a 50 meter long plastic chain! Everyone was in shock and so where the drivers. The car only stopped after reaching Lucky Garden.

That's me. I should start from how I went to MV.

At about 7.30pm, M called me and asked me to pick her and her friends from MV. I drove all the way to the South Court taxi stand to look for them. I didn't see them so I stopped next to the bus stop where there were some cones connected by the yellow plastic chain.

I went too close to the chain so M and her friends had to take a big step up my car. After I drove, we heard a snapping sound. I was confused because I was sure I didn't hit anything. All the way back to Lucky Garden, we heard some weird noise.

My passengers then tried to peek at the back and saw a LONG and I mean REALLY LONG yellow chain being dragged by my Avanza. We then came to the theory (which was correct) that CK (M's friend), closed the door with a small bit of chain trapped in between. So, we yanked the whole stretch of chain!

We kept laughing about it because it seemed so impossible! Just thinking of what those people in the bus stop would have thought makes me laugh! How about the MV guard? Was he mad, surprised or shocked?? What a crazy day!

I finally stopped at Lucky Garden because a Police on motorbike was trailing me. I was worried he would ask me to explain or something like that. Once I stopped the car, he just went off without stopping.

All of us got down and I finally saw the chain for myself. It was about 50m (3 cars long). Once CK opened the door, the front end of the chain fell to the ground. We looked at it for awhile and took some pictures.

Click on the pictures to see the REAL LENGTH of the chain!

CK and OJS used their leg to gather the chain. Then, I dropped CK and OJS at Nam Chuan. I suppose if someone passes by Dominos in Lucky Garden, they would still be able to see the chain for themselves.

At home, I told dad about it. M kept saying we should report to the police or take the chain and give it back to MV. She was so worried and paranoid about me getting into trouble. Haha.

On the other hand, dad kept saying it was not a serious problem and we shouldn't bother about it. He also said that I should have brought the chain home so I could tie my BIKE!!

Now I just hope that no accidents was caused by this. Who knows? Maybe someone was frozen in shock after seeing my car. Maybe in that shock, he crashed his car? Haha, if that really happened, I'm truly sorry!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last QM Class!!

Woke up a few times during my sleep last night. Woke up at 8am today. Showered and got dressed. Then, used the laptop and waited for the other 2 to wake up. At 9.30am, I woke them up and they got ready.

Just before mum left the house, she realised her car tire had been punctured. Since she had an appointment, I had to let her drive my car for the day. Because of that, AL had to send me to college and I was supposed to find my own way home after class!

Flat tire!! Haha!!

We drove thru McD for Brunch. I ordered a Sausage Mc Muffin and a Coffee. Total Rm 8 for me. AL and ZS ordered the Move It Breakfast Meal. Got a free Banana Pie because we had the Drive Thru Sticker.

We reached APIIT just in time for class. But, we didn't go into class until we finished our burgers. We brought the coffee into class though. Mrs Kwan didn't really teach us today. She just let us ask her questions and let us do our own work.

After class, we went to the Raoltz booth in the Foyer to check out the new online game. After 15 minutes, we went outside. There was a Malaysian Today truck there and they were giving free drinks of "revive". We went there to take some free drinks.

After chatting with the girls there, they asked us if we wanted to play a game. Being sporting, all of us took part in the "celebrity" game. We were supposed to think of celebrity names. If the previous person said Celine Dion, the next guy must say a name starting with "N".

In the end, AL and AC were the last 2 standing. AL was given 2 movie tickets to watch ANY movie and AC was given a Keane CD. We walked to our cars and drove to cars out for lunch.

We ended up eating lunch in Lucky. I was still full from the Breakfast so I didn't eat anything. I just ordered a Iced White Kopi to drink which costs me RM 1.80. At 1.30pm, we left the place.

Reached ENT3 at 1.40pm but Mr Jonathan wasn't here yet. The whole class was present because there was a class test today. When Mr Jonathan arrived at 2.30pm, he told us the test was postponed!

He then gave us some tips on where to focus for our exam. After an hour of explaining, he then taught us the format of a Short Report. He then dismissed the class at 3.45pm.

AL dropped ZS and I at APIIT and 5 minutes later, Dad came to pick me up. He then drove to JPJ in PJ to settle his customer's road tax. I waited in the car for about 20 minutes before he came out.

Then, we went to Northpoint to settle our VAIO. There was no parking in Northpoint so we came out and parked in Gardens. From there, we walked to MV and then walked to Northpoint. Finally, we arrived at Sony Service Center.

After about half an hour inside, they told us that the RM 1482 was to repair the crack and dent ONLY. They won't charge us for the sound problem! So, dad agreed to let them fix the problem WITHOUT letting them fix the dent and crack (which is totally pointless).

There was some miscommunication with the lady and my mum which wasted our time. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore because in a few more days, the VAIO will be fixed, hopefully...

Dad and I then walked back to our car and went home. Once I turned on the Vostro, dad said he needed it. So, I went off and let him use it. I watched M play some games and I went to shower later.

All of us had dinner at 7.20pm. Dad then brought the Vostro for his appointment at about 7.40pm. Since I had no laptop to use, I stayed downstairs to watch TV. Out of boredom, M and I watched "21" till 10.30pm.

The movie was kinda slow-moving and it wasn't that great. After that, we watched Predator CSI till 11pm. Just then, dad came back. So, I quickly came up and used the laptop. Facebooked, FBM and wrote yesterday's post till 12.20am.

Then, I continued to write today's post. It is already 1.03am now. Should be sleeping after I finish this post. Night...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Such A Lucky Day

AC called me at 9am. I was still blur when answering the phone. I then realized I had badminton at 9am!! I quickly apologized because I thought he was already there. He told me he just picked ZS and is on the way.

I quickly washed up and got ready. Waited for AC to pick me from my house. At 9.20am, he arrived and we drove to BSC. Amazingly the court we booked was empty. Usually, we had to chase (kindly tell) the previous players that it was our court.

Just as I poured the shuttlecocks out, a Chinese lady shouted that it was her court. I showed her my receipt and she started bickering that it was her court and it had clashed and asked me to go tell the guy.

While looking for her receipt she still continued to crap. When she showed me the receipt, she was still making annoying sounds. I then SHUT HER UP by pointing out to her that she BOOKED court B and C!!

That idiot then quietly went away to court C to chase the other players away. Ignoring them, we went on with our game. AL and MY came at around 9.35am, we played till 11am and bought some 100plus during our break.

After the game, we came home and took turns to shower. After that, we spend some time playing "Taboo" and "Guess Who". ZS helped me download Heroes 10 before we went out for lunch at 12pm.

We wanted to eat at Capri Cafe but then it was closed. So, AC suggested we try Ipoh Old Town. The old lady waitress was so RUDE! We nearly wanted to leave right after we ordered!

Hakka Noodles with Mince Meat

My Hakka Noodles with Mince Meat was served. It was okay and the price was still reasonable. On the other hand, my Iced Ipoh White Coffee was nice but TOO UNREASONABLY PRICED! It was RM 4 for an iced cup compared to the Rm 2.20 hot white coffee!

Whenever we wanted something, we asked the pregnant waitress that was so patient and kind. After we were done, I went to pay the bill RM 60.60 and they paid me back later. AC went straight home while the four of us came back to my house.

We played a game of "monopoly". At 2.30pm, MY left for college. After opening the door for her, we continued the game. In the end, AL won! It was his first time playing so I guess it was "beginner's luck".

Heroes just finished downloading before we ended the game. We went down to eat some ice cream before coming back to my room and watch Heroes. After that, we spent the rest of our time playing other board games like "Cluedo", "Boogle" and "guess who". I won all 3 rounds of Cluedo!!

At 7.20pm, we drove to Sri Petaling. Due to the jam near Sri Petaling, we only reached MY's house at 8pm. After she hopped in, we drove to the Pasar Malam. It was drizzling when we bought our food.

ZS and I shared the stuff we bought. Some chicken pieces called "Nuggeto" and some Taiwanese Pizza. Just when I thought we could buy many new and interesting food to try, it started to rain HEAVILY!

Nuggeto - RM 5.50

Red Bean Ice Cream - RM 1

We made our way to shelter but still got wet eventually. We then realized we didn't have enough food to fill our stomach. So, we walked to KFC and bought some stuff. I ordered a Zinger Burger. The cashier here was so rude too! I still remember that Malay PITA girl's name, Liza.

Zinger Burger from KFC

So, while waiting for our food (we had to wait 5 minutes for ZS's toasted twister), we ate our night market food next to the cashier! When ZS's Toasted Twister arrived, she sort of threw the thing at us!

It was still raining so we went to MY's house to dry ourselves before eating all the food we bought. While eating, we watched AOD too. At 9.20pm, we finished our food and I drove us home.

After all of us showered, we played another round of "monopoly". This time, ZS won (with my help). The game ended at 11pm. AL and I used our laptops while ZS watched 100% Entertainment and Love Bread on my TV.

We finished watching Love Bread at 2am. ZS and I went to bed while AL was still playing DOTA...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh My Gosh!

Woke up at 8.30am and used the laptop till 9 something. After washing up and getting ready, I drove to TPM. Once I went inside TPM, AL's car came from behind and trailed me till I reached the parking lot.

We walked to class together while chatting. Once we reached the second floor, we met our classmates outside because the previous lecture was still going on in our class. At 10.40am, we went inside.

The whole L2 (second floor) had no air-cond. 10 minutes later, a guy came up and told Mrs Kwan we could go to L1-4 to conduct the lecture. We moved downstairs and she distributed our Test papers.

I had 46! It was my first time scoring so low in a math-related subject. I was disappointed but at the same time accepted it. I got this kind of marks only because of MYSELF! There were so many CARELESS MISTAKES!!

Besides that, it is not even the exam format. We spend the whole night revising on the exam format but she didn't give us exam-format-papers. Anyway, thanks to my assignment, I have 34 /50 in my incourse.

So, in the coming finals, I have to get at least 82/100. That way, I can get another 41 total marks added tp 34. Which adds up to 75 (minimum 'a' range)! After that, she discussed the answers. Class was dismissed after that.

We (JJ, AH, JW, FK, CQ, KW, ML, AC, AL and I) went to Secret Recipe in Sri Petaling. Some of them didn't attend JJ's party so we took this lunch as his "celebration". We went inside and didn't feel like paying so much for food.

Since we were already here, we decided to order a piece of cake (JJ chose Tiramisu) and stuffed a candle sideways into the cake. We then sang the "Birthday Song" for JJ and he made his wish. He then ate the cake.

JJ's Cake!!

After paying the bill (all of chipped in), we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. We ordered 2 Regular and 1 Large Pizza to share among the 8 of us (KW didn't want to eat and AH went to a CyberCafe). We had a nice time eating and chatting. AC paid with his debit card and we went back.

After parking, AC told us the class had just been shifted to ENT3-2-6-5. So, we drove our cars and parked it in ENT3. In class, each of us paid RM 14 to AC (12.50 for the pizza and 1.40 for JJ's share).

Miss Intan taught us the final chapter of our syllabus. Before the class ended, she arranged our slots for next Monday's CT presentation. After class ended, I dropped KW at the LRT and made my way home.

The traffic was smooth until I turned out of Desa Water Park. There was a very slow crawl for about 10 minutes. This was caused by a terrible accident involving a black Saga. The back of the Saga was COMPLETELY smashed. Didn't take any pictures to avoid more jam.

When I reached home, I dropped my phone while getting out of the car! The phone was on my lap and when I got up, it fell to the floor!! And because it was a tar road, my phone suffered some SCRATCHES!! Not so scratch-proof after all. Real heartache...

Then, M told me that people from Sony called mum and asked her to PAY for the repair. Was kinda disappointed then... Watched an hour of cartoon with E before finally coming upstairs to play 7s and Facebooked.

At 6.30pm, M called me and asked if I wanted to cycle. I agreed and she asked me to cycle to BSC to meet her. So, I cycled to meet her. We went 3 rounds around BSC. On our third round, we saw AO and his friends.

Once I saw the orange T-bolt, M and I quickly rode home. We don't need a stalker now, do we? Before that, I rode uphill till the very end of T2. About 5 houses till the end, I started to pant heavily. Going back downhill was a breeze.

Inside my house, I walked around for about 5 minutes and stood still for another 5 minutes before deciding to sit down. Watched TV till 8.30pm while eating Fried Rice for dinner. Came upstairs to shower and went back down to continue watching Cheetah Girls 2: Alternate Ending.

After watching CG2 for abut an hour plus, we were so disappointed because the so called "alternate ending" was just an additional ending which didn't make a drastic change in the story line! We were expecting Raven to leave the CG for good!

Anyway, came upstairs and started facebooking and fbming. When mum came home, I went down to ask her about the VAIO. She then told me they were asking for RM 1482 to service the VAIO.

After listening to her, I came upstairs and wrote the previous post with DISSATISFACTION! Then, chatted for awhile before writing this post. It is 11.46pm now and the rest of the family is watching a movie downstairs. Going to join them after I complete this post. Bye...

**Only slept at about 2am because M was GOSSIPING to me about her FRIENDS! Didn't know she had my Gossip genes!! Haha**

Never Buy Sony VAIO Laptops!!

*This post is the only BIASED post I have so far. It is only my personal experience and point of view. I have no intentions of defaming SONY in anyway.*

NEVER BUY Sony VAIO Laptops!! I repeat, NEVER BUY Sony VAIO Laptops!! Especially the CR models.

I got that piece of junk for free because mum reached a specific amount of sales last year. We received this block of metal on March this year. It is a lousy 1GB RAM, Sony VAIO VGN-CR22G. 200gb Hard Disk and White in colour.

After using it for the first few times, I noticed that there is some problems with the battery. I started telling the people I knew to NOT buy VAIO. Few weeks later, the problem was gone and I had not problems.

Around June, I noticed that the sound driver is faulty. Everytime after hibernation, there would NOT be ANY SOUND produced no matter what you do. I decided to live with it and re-hibernated it whenever I wanted SOUND.

I googled the problem and found out through some forums and boards that MANY OTHER VAIO OWNERS SUFFER THE SAME PROBLEM!! I told dad about it and he told me to get it serviced while the warranty is still there.

I ignored dad's advice. At around September, the sound goes OFF even WITHOUT HIBERNATING!! I searched online alternative methods to fix this. I then found a very effective but troublesome way.

Everytime the sound went off, I had to turn off all sound related programs. Then, I had to disable the sound driver from "Device Manager". After re-enabling it, the problem would be solved, TEMPORARILY!

The other alternative way is to quickly make use of the sounds WITHIN 30seconds after start-up. So, everytime I turn on the laptop, I quickly turned on WMA and kept all my songs playing...

On last Friday, I got fed up and decided to send it to Service. Mum brought me to the Sony Service Center in Northpoint, Mid Valley. I was looking forward to using the VAIO again WITHOUT its stupid problem.

When I came back from college today, M told me that Mum got a call asking her to PAY for the repair. Their lame excuse was because the laptop have been DROPPED (by me) and it is dented in one corner.

They are just giving a lame excuse to charge us RM 1482.00 just to repair that piece of SHIT! With RM 1.4k, we could easily get a fully functional second-hand laptop. Sony is CRAZY and CHEAP. What kind of customer service is this?

There are at least 1000 people having the same problem (this is just an estimation)! Could it be that ALL 1000 OF US DROPPED ALL OUR 1000 LAPTOPS??

OBVIOUSLY, there is something wrong with the factory production line that made not one, but MANY audio-faulty VAIOs!

Anyway, as a conclusion, I'm going to collect that piece of RJS (Rubbish, Junk and Shit) tomorrow without it getting repaired. This would be the FIRST and LAST VAIO in the family.

Message to everyone: NEVER buy SONY VAIO or you will REGRET!!

Message to SONY: Considering the way you treat your customers, I can foresee your downfall in the near future!

**Going to stick with Dell for now...**

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Learning New Stuff

Woke up at 10.50am and saw dad outside. I quickly asked him to help me look for the way to JJ's house. After about half an hour, he identified and taught me the way. Took the rest of the time to facebook and get ready for the party.

Left the house at 12.30pm. I followed dad's directions but still took the wrong road. I u-turned back into the highway and after a while, I ended up in Sri Petaling. I stopped the car and called dad. He then asked me to go by another way.

At 1.30pm, I finally found the housing area with the help of my memories (from looking at the online map). Just as I reached, JJ called me. I told him I parked in front of AL's car and he walked out to bring me to his house.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for me to arrive (VIP haha) because once I arrived, they OFFICIALLY started the party. We had some spaghetti, duck, chicken, sushi and many other food. They also made a punch out of Ice Cream Soda with Mint Leaves and some Lemon. Yummy.

After some chatting, we decided to tour JJ's room. About 7 of us squeezed inside his room and explored it. After some discussion, we went back down. The cake cutting ceremony was at 3pm. His Black Sesame Birthday Cake was nice!

We hung around till about 5pm before going home. I managed to find my way home without any help. Kinda proud of myself, haha. Earlier, I taught myself a way to ease the Avanza from the bumps. I tested it on the way back and it was so satisfying.

Reach home at 5.30pm. No one was home except the Indian cleaner. Came upstairs to use the laptop for awhile. To ease my curiosity, I called M and asked her where were the rest of the people.

She told me that mum and dad are going for a dinner and asked me to drive to SS's house so that we can go for dinner together. After I took my bath, I drove to SS's house. Before that, I dropped by 112 and gave AM her receipt.

Reached SS's house at about 6.30pm. It was already raining while I drove here. Somehow, the traffic wasn't that congested. They were watching Wall-E in SS's house. After awhile, I fell asleep.

Woke up at 7pm and waited for SS to come home. After she showered and Wall-E ended, we went to 1u to meet up with DG and her family. SS went to meet them while M and I browsed a new (to us) of the mall.

After 20 minutes of deciding where to eat, we finally went to Kura at 8.10 pm. The 14 of us (including baby XZ) sat inside a room. I ordered Hot Green Tea and Beef Teppanyaki Set (RM 35). While waiting for the food to come, we played some games among ourselves.

Beef Teppanyaki Set - RM 35

My dish was the last few to arrive. It came with many side dishes which I struggled to finish. The beef was too tough and I didn't like it that much. At the end of the day, everyone finished what they ordered EXCEPT me who still had a little bit of vegetable left.

SS paid the RM 393.30 bill. A big THANK YOU to him! We left the place at about 10pm. Dropped SS, SS and K home at about 10.30pm. Then, I drove the rest back to our house and reached home at 10.50pm.

Came upstairs and chatted online for awhile. Then, I spend some time to facebook and blog. It is 12.26am now. Better sleep after I post the pictures. Night...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The 2nd Time

Woke up at 6am in the morning and heard my annoying alarm. As I went to turn it off, I saw SC's message (sent at 3.23am) saying he had food poisoning so he can't go to FRIM. So, I went back to sleep and woke up at 10.50am.

Went downstairs since I had no laptop to use (dad took the Vostro for his appointment). We watched Amazing Race and THREE episodes of The Nanny afterwards. We turned off the TV at 1pm before we went out for lunch.

Dad brought us to this place in Pudu called "Huat Kee Fish Ball Noodles". I ordered a Kuew Yeoy Soup with Fish Balls. Dad also ordered an extra plate of fish cake to share. I didn't order drinks.

It is RM 4.50 no matter what you order

RM 6 fish cakes...

My noodles was okay. Nothing quite special. The expensive fish cakes (RM 6 for a small bowl) were also nothing much different. After eating, dad paid the bill (RM 33 for food and RM 3 for drinks).

We reached home at 2.30pm and decided to watch KungFuPanda on the TV. Everyone sat there for about 2 hours watching that funny show except J. The storyline was abit expected and it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be.

Came upstairs and used the laptop for awhile. Then, M and I spent 1.5 hours watching an episode of HotShot. It was already 6.30pm then. So, we decided to go for a bike ride. After half an hour of riding around our housing area, we came back home.

Dad packed some food back for us. GM went for a dinner far away from town while Dad and Mum went for a friends 50th Birthday celebration. So, the kids were alone. We ate our food and watched Teen Titans.

At 7.30pm, I came upstairs and turned on the laptop. Then, YM invited me through MSN to go to 112 for CS LAN party. I told them the VAIO as been sent for service and invited them up here instead.

After some preparation, they arrived at 8.30pm. I also invited LC who arrived at about 8.40pm. We took some time to get ready and settle down. The party officially started at 9pm. The 6 of us played and had fun till it was 12am!!

YM, AM and SC left at 12am and LC went home at 12.30am. Had some pastry that dad heated up. Then, I came back up to use the laptop. After settling some facebook stuff, it was 1am. Then, I started to blog. It's 1.26 now. Will sleep after I upload the pictures...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Woke up at 10.30am today. Was suppose to follow mum and M so that I can bring the VAIO for service while they went to MV. Unfortunately, they already left. I ate the last piece of my birthday cake for breakfast.

Came up and used the laptop till 12.30pm. Mum came back and we got ready to go out. Brought along the VAIO for servicing. I directed mum to Northpoint and we made our way to the Sony Service Center.

We waited for less than 5 minutes before it was our turn. We were directed to counter 8 and an Indian lady served us. After I told her about the problems, she gave us some forms to fill and sign. In about 15 minutes, we were done. The laptop will take 5 working days to complete its servicing.

Mum wanted to check out the restaurants since we were already here. We spotted this interesting name called Ninja Jones Izakaya. So, we decided to look for it. We stood outside looking at the menu. The waiter then said the set lunch is much CHEAPER for us!

Ninja Jones Izakaya - Northpoint A-G-5

Mum gave her a short laugh while inside my mind, I was thinking about what that Blue Ocean Strategy guy said. " NEVER say your product is CHEAP!!". Anyway, we decided to go in and try their food.

The 2-storey restaurant was very nicely decorated! It was a mix between some modern and Japanese designs I think. The waitresses here were also very well trained (except for the "cheap" part). After looking at the menu for 5 minutes, we decided to order.

The Menu - Can you spot the NINJA?

I ordered a Ninja Bento (lunch) while E, J and mum ordered their stuff. Hot Green Tea for E, mum and I. Mum called M and asked her if she and her friends would want to join us. M agreed so she and her friends made their way to Northpoint.

**due to dark lightings and not such a pro camera, the pictures didn't turn out so nice**

Hot Green Tea and Salad (comes with set)

Ninja Bento - RM 40
Raw fish, Tempura, Unagi and Braised meat! Yumm!

Our food came in about 15 minutes. It was served by a waiter dressed in Ninja costume. The Green Tea was nice, Salad was nice and Everything in the set were YUMMY!! I finished everything I ordered except the raw fishes that came with the set. I packed that back.

While we were eating, M and her firends arrived. Their food only came after we finished ours. We sat there chatting while waiting for the 3 of them to finish their food. After that, mum asked for the bill.

Bill, Bill, Bill

The total amount was RM 289.80!! Kinda expected for the nice food and nice environment. We were the last table to leave this place (there were only about 5 to 6 occupied tables when we arrived). They were already closed and will reopen at night.

Mum dropped me at home and I went upstairs to use the laptop. It was about 3pm then. She brought the girls to 1utama to do some shopping. At about 5pm, they came home because E had piano classes.

Went downstairs for dinner at about 7.40pm. Then, watched Oprah and also Sweets for My Sweet from 8pm to 9pm. Came upstairs to play 7S till about 10pm. Went downstairs to eat an ice cream cone and read some newspaper.

Came back up and used Wikimapia to look for JJ's house (which I would be going on Sunday for his Birthday). Then, dad came and asked me to find his friends house for his appointment tomorrow.

By the time we were done, it was already 11.30pm. Used the laptop again till 12am. Started writing this post after that. Going to bed soon because I have to wake up 6 hours later and go to FRIM with SC. Night...
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