Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Great Plan!!

Woke up at 9am. SS made all of us a Western breakfast. I used the laptop and watched Pokemon till it was 1pm. SS and SS dropped C in college and went for lunch. The other 3 of us stayed at home.

My Western Breakfast by SS

SS packed some rice and noodles from Chan Kee for us. We watched more pokemon until it was 4pm. Then, C and I drove the SLK to the petrol station to redraw money from the bank. The ATM there was Out of Order so we drove to Centrepoint.

We parked and went to 7eleven and bought a Large Slurpee for each of us. Then, we walked to the new wing and saw C's college peeps working in Baskin Robins. We tasted the flavour of the month and everyone agreed that it wasn't nice.

Then, we went to the ATM but they were out of RECEIPTS. So, we decided to go to Taman Tun instead. When passing by the housing area, we saw the BU guard PISSING in the drain!! We drove on and realized that we were low on petrol.

So, we detoured back to SS's house and asked SS for her credit card. After that, we drove to TTDI to redraw money. Then, we drove to the Shell Station in BU. Before going to BU, we saw a car skid 270 degrees at the junction! After feeding the car, we went back to watch more TV!

We showered and drank soup before going for dinner at 7.20pm. Dinner was with everyone from the guys side of L family (11 of us - C was not there). It was somewhere in PJ that specialises in Hokkien style cooking. The food was average.

We paid and left. During the drive home, we were actually thinking hard on where to picnic. Suddenly, SS (our genius) thought of this brilliant idea of Picnicking by the beach!! Dad and the rest came over to SS's house.

After discussing, we came out with the conclusion. L Family Picnic Trip to Bagan Lalang!! We watched TV and went for supper at 10pm. We went to Kayu for Roti Tissue!

When we reached there, it was raining. So, everyone squeezed and sat inside. We ordered a Roti Tissue, 2 Roti Canai (one for E, one for GM) and drinks for everyone. We also ordered a naan that wasn't that nice.

3-plate long Roti Tissue

We left before dad and family because we wanted to buy eggs from Tesco. When we reached Tesco, we foud out that it is closed. So, we drove to 7eleven to buy the eggs. We reached home at 11.50pm. C was watching Pokemon again.

I asked him to turn to 8TV at 12.15am to watch Distraction. Unfortunately, it was screening because they were airing LOTR for Raya. What a waste. I wanted to introduce C to this wonderful show...

I'm going to sleep now because I'll have to wake up at 5am tomorrow to accompany K to make Crepes for the picnic!!

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