Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Wednesday

Woke up at 8am and heard from the radio that fuel prices have dropped. Had some pie for breakfast. Downloaded another episode of TF and LOS as usual. I only left the house at 9.50am because I was waiting for the download to complete.

I reached AM's house at 10am. She was about 15 minutes late when she reached APIIT. Hope she didn't get told off by her superior because of this. After parking my car (at the roundabout), I saw AL arrive and I waited for him.

We walked to APIIT and saw ZS. We hung around there and chatted. Then, WL and I went to Student Services to look for Mr Pehza. We were told he was the one in charged of the German classes. The receptionist told us that there wasn't such lecturer and asked us to look for Mr Jerry.

WL then told me that she saw Mr Jerry yesterday and he gave her Mr Pehza's contact. We decided to leave that aside and went back to talk with AL, ZS and KW. I found out that KW passed his driving test. After a while, we went into class.

We were the first few to come in the class. I was actually surprised that Mrs Kwan had not come in because she was usually punctual. 5 minutes later, Ms Bridget came in and started talking to us. She asked us if we had any problems and she left 10 minutes later.

Mrs Kwan came in and started our lesson. Earlier, KW called DY and DY told KW that he won't be coming to college. After I showed AC the Chocolate brochure, he treated it like it was his TREASURE.

At 12.30pm, class ended. It was the end of our "financial mathematics" topic. WL and I went to the library and talked to Mr Pehza while AL and the rest of them went to look for Ms Intan. When we were done, we went for lunch.

Somehow, the six of us decided to squeeze into AL's SAGA. We had lunch in KFC and I ordered a Toasted Twister Combo. ZS and I ordered the same thing. Both of us felt it wasn't enough and we went down to buy another piece of chicken each.

We went for ProCom class after lunch. The class was scheduled to start at 1.45pm but it only officially started at 2.30pm. Mr Jonathan then taught us about the types of reports. At 3.45pm, the class was finally over.

ZS showed us what he drew during the class. 7 cartoon guys which are supposed to represent the 7 of us. I took some pictures of it with my phone before returning it to him. AL then dropped me at my car. Then, I dropped KW at the station before going home.

ZS artwork

Can you guess who is who? Don't worry, all will be revealed. Introducing...


DY and AC


KW and ML

and ME!!

At home, I watched some episodes of LOS. Then, I took a break and went to shower. After that, I watched the latest episode of TF. I then continued to watch LOS. At about 7.30pm, dad came home.

J got told off by dad. I went down for dinner and asked E what happened earlier. E told me dad got angry because she came out of the shower and went to call her friend WITHOUT even bothering to dry her hair.

After dinner, I ate some cake that mum bought from House and Co. When there was only about 1/8 left, J came in and wanted the rest of it. I let her have the small piece of cake and teased her by indirectly telling M about what happened to J earlier.

Came upstairs and watched more LOS. I finally decided to stop watching at 11.30pm because I've already watched 9 episodes today (from 10 to 16). Went downstairs to eat another pie that dad heated up.

When I finished my pie, I came up and started writing this post. Should be sleeping early today because I have to go to Wong Electronics to do some research again tomorrow. Night...

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