Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Temporarily Unhappy

Woke up in the morning and didn't eat anything for breakfast. Got ready and left for APIIT. Brought some biscuits along though. Just when I came out of the house, an old Chinese lady asked me to drop her at TMC.

I decided to help her because she was carrying 4 bags! The whole time in the car, I was crossing my heart hoping she doesn't turn to me and ROB me.

We did some simple chatting and I managed to drop her at TMC without getting hurt. I probably shouldn't do such acts of kindness and stupidity anymore.

Reached ENT3 at 10.10am. ZS told me ENT3 was closed. So, we sat in my car and waited for AL to arrive. AL came at 10.30am and drove us to McD.

He bought 2 hashbrowns while we did our QM. At 11am, I went to buy a regular Sprite and shared it with ZS. Later, we ordered 4 Apple Pies (one for each of us and another for MY).

At 12.30pm, we stopped doing our assignments and went to pick MY and went for lunch. I went to the toilet in her house because I was having an "emergency" (small one, hehe). Then, we continued our journey.

We went to Mooi Mooi in Old Klang Road (opposite the 4-face-god temple). I ordered a Char Siew, Siew Yoke Rice but didn't order drinks (because I HATE the rude waitress there).

Char Siew, Siew Yoke Rice (RM 4.50) - Ordinary

After lunch, we went back to MY's house to do our work. AL and I ended up playing with few of her dogs while ZS (afraid of dogs) played some games on my phone.

We left her house at 3pm and went to APIIT. Surprisingly, we managed to get in even though I wore slippers and all of us wore SHIRT and JEANS! We accompanied ZS till 5pm for his mother to come pick him.

After driving home, I had a bad headache. I downloaded Heroes and went to sleep. Woke up at 7pm and saw my download at was 60%. Then, J came upstairs and the Internet DISCONNECTED!!

I was FURIOUS!! I intentionally unplugged her connection about 4 times. She went downstairs and started her drama. Before that, I quickly went inside the bathroom and showered.

After I came out of the shower, dad was waiting for me outside. He talked to me and I told him what happened. He gave me a short lecture and went downstairs to ask J to apologize to me.

M came upstairs and told me about J's drama earlier. I was happy to hear how DRAMATIC she became when I was in the shower. Downloaded Heroes again and went to have dinner.

M, J, E and mum went to 97. I smsed mum and asked her to buy a cup of Hot Chocolate for me. She went to Coffee Bean and got me half a cup (she drank the other half).

AM came to pick me up for Badminton at 9pm but I told her I didn't want to go. I carried on with my assignment. This time, I was slightly more serious. After some asking help and also giving some, I managed to finish all questions except the last one.

Mum came back with the Hot Chocolate and I gulped it down. It wasn't hot anymore because she bought it quite long ago. After drinking, only did I noticed that it was not from Starbucks! No wonder I still had a slight headache!

At 11.30pm, dad came home and I asked him to help me with the last questions. We discussed till about 12.45am before I found the answer. He misled me earlier.

I quickly wrote a draft for this post and went to carefully rewrite parts of my QM assignment. Finished everything by 1.30am and downloaded Heroes. After getting ready to sleep, I went to bed at 2am...

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