Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Day in Sunway

Woke up at 7.20am and went back to sleep. At 8am, I woke up and used the laptop. Ate breakfast at about 10am. Then, went to shower and got dressed. I checked my MSN and saw AL left me a message.

I smsed him and he told me MY hasn't woke up yet and asked me to come later. I left the house at 10.30am and reached MY's house at 11.50am. Went into her house and watched LOS on AOD while waiting for MY and her dad to get ready.

AL drove My's dad to 3 different banks to run his errands while we waited in the car. We then dropped him back home and went to pick ZS. We reached ZS house at 11.40am and only reached Sunway at 12pm.

I smsed AC to ask him to meet us at Ming Tian (below One Academy) for lunch. ZS and I ordered a Fried Chicken Rice (RM 5.50) and I ordered a Iced Kopi. The food came quite fast.

Fried Chicken Rice

AC came and saw what we ordered. He then decided to order the same thing. When his food arrived, AL decided to order that too!

The chicken was very tasty and crunchy but the vege was RAW! The curry was kinda sweet and I didn't take much of it. Donated my egg yolk to ZS while I ate the egg white.

We left the place at about 12.40pm. Then, we went into Sunway Pyramid and walked straight to the skating rink. DY and HX's brother joined us. I paid RM 13 for the entrance fee and extra RM 8 for gloves (Don't have to buy gloves if you already have a pair).

After we went in, we went to measure our foot size and collected our skates. We put our skates on and rented a locker and dumped our shoes inside. Then, we went into the rink. I didn't know how to move at first. After some advice from them, I managed to move slowly.

I stop holding on to the sides after 2 to 3 rounds. We stopped at 2.30pm because they had to resurface the ice. Continued skating at 3pm and stopped at about 4.10pm. Really admired those young kids that skated like professionals.

Skates - AC, ZS and I

At the end of the day, AC fell many times and even scratched his arm. AL fell once while ZS and I didn't fall at all. Actually, there were many times when I was about to fall but was either saved by my friends or regained my balance just in time.

I had a great time skating with them today. Definitely going to come back and skate some time in the future. ZS, AC, AL and I bought a cream puff each (RM 3.40). HX, her brother and DY didn't want to try it.

It was my first time trying it and it was quite nice. Quite expensive if you ask me. AL, ZS and I choked because the powder in the cream got stuck to our throats. After that, we went to look for some snacks to eat. HX, her brother and DY then left us and went to find their own food.

We decided to go to Uncle Lim for snack/tea. After walking all the way there, we found out that Uncle Lim was no longer there anymore. The four of us then walked to Old Town (inside Jusco) to eat.

I ordered a French Toast and a cup of "Enriched Old Town White Coffee (gao)" with ice. The food and drinks were okay. We sat there and chatted till about 5.10pm. We paid up and AC went to his car.

Enriched Old Town White Coffee (gao)

Old Town French Toast

AL went to but Herbal Eggs for My to eat later. Then, we went to Asian Avenue because ZS wanted to buy a comic book. 10 minutes later, ZS paid and we left. Walked to the car park and drove to the Autopay Station.

I went down to help AL pay the ticket. Then, we drove to the photo shop behind One Academy to wait for MY. At 6pm, she got in the car. AL was too tired so he asked MY to drive. I slept in the car for a while.

Before we reached ZS's house, I woke up. We dropped ZS at the main road and he walked home (only 100 metres away). AL then drove back to MY's house. It started raining before we reached her house.

Once there, I said bye to them and I drove home. It was raining quite heavily and it was quite dangerous because the only way to know if there is a car behind me is by their lights. What if a car's light were spoilt?

There was a slight jam going into MV. Surprisingly, the way back to Bangsar was VERY smooth. Of course, I managed to reach home safely. Had dinner and came upstairs to download Heroes Ep6.

Showered and used the laptop again. Couldn't find anything to do so started writing this post early. It's already 10pm now. Heroes is still going to take a while to complete. Will post again if anything interesting happens.

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