Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Places, New Food

Last night, I watched Iron Man till it was 1.30am. Dad came home with 2 boxes of ORIGINAL Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007!! Went to sleep and woke up at 9.15am the next morning.

Dad bought some Roti Canai for our breakfast. Then, I started downloading some stuff and went back downstairs. Mum, dad and E went to a friends "open house". So, we were left at home watching The Incredible Hulk till 1.30pm.

I opened the box of Cadbury Chocolates with Nuts while watching the movie. I ate the chocolate nuts NON-STOP! They were so thick with chocolate and YUMMY!! I ate about 20 in total. That's very HEATY!!

When they reached home (around 2pm), they brought J and I for lunch. M decided to stay home instead. We dropped the ladies at the ground floor while dad and I went to park the car.

After parking, we went straight to the 3rd floor and looked for the Sony Ericsson Service Center. We went in and told the guy what was the problem with my phone. Then, we left it there and I'll only be able to collect it after Tuesday!! So, there will be NO PHOTOS till then...

We then went downstairs to look for the girls. I didn't feel like eating where they were eating. So, I went around to look for other food to eat. I found this stall selling Fruit Kino (some fruits with shredded ice cream).

So, I asked mum for money and went to line up. They were out of Fruit Kino so I just ordered a Ice Kino (RM 3.90) and a cup of corn (RM 3) for E. Dad bought some chiffon cake from a stall nearby. It was some famous chiffon cake.

Then, all of us went to the bookstore on the 3rd floor. We stayed there for about 45 minutes. After that, I pestered mum to leave the place. We went to pay the ticket and couldn't remember which lift we came from.

Luckily, my memory didn't fail me. We found our car and drove home. Dad dropped mum in BV to collect the photos. At home, I used the laptop and played some DOTA. This time, with AI. It was quite fun and challenging.

Then, we went downstairs to watch iCarly marathon. It was a crazy and funny show to watch. Not bad at all. At 6,30pm, I went upstairs to shower. Next, we watched Disney Channel Games 2008.

I wanted to watch Mamma Mia in GSC tonight. I asked everyone but only J and mum answered. So, I purchased 3 tickets for Mamma Mia online. Then, when I went downstairs, M got upset because I didn't buy tickets for her.

We told her that she could still buy it online. Knowing her and that stubborn attitude of her, she would purposely NOT got to prove to us that it's okay to not go. Confusing? Anyway, I guess correctly. She decided not to go.

When all of us finished showering, we went out for dinner. Dad decided to bring us to eat chicken rice in one of the sheds in Lucky Garden. I ordered a Roasted Pork Rice and the pork was okay but the rice was too dry and hard!!

The guy at the table beside us started smoking. So, mum, J and I shifted to another table. Then, the people from the guy's table kept looking at us and wondering why we moved. Those idiots didn't even realise we left because of THEM and their UNHEALTHY act!!

Dad paid and we left. Came home and started writing this post. It's 9pm already. Leaving now to watch the 9.20pm show. Bye!

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