Thursday, October 9, 2008

Too Much To Handle

When I turned on the TV, they were not airing Distractions anymore. Instead, it was replaced by another show called "Love You To Death". Each episodes tells a story about a wedded couple. At the end of it, one of them will kill off the other. After watching, I went to bed.

I woke up and watched TF. Mum bought Wanton Mee for our lunch. Dad brought GM home from the hospital. After I settled everything, I drove to APIIT. There was a nice legal spot waiting JUST for me!

ProCom class started late as usual. During the break, we made this video. It looks so COOL but unfortunately it is not perfect. Class ended early and we went downstairs to buy some stuff to eat.

Can you spot the mistake we made?

I bought Nasi Lemak from the Cafeteria and bought a packet of Chachos Original from the Convenient Store. After eating, we went upstairs for CT class. She gave us a crossword puzzle to do and also asked for our Minutes of Meetings for the assignment.

After class, I went home. The cleaner came today. The rest of us went to 97 for dinner while GM stayed back to make sure the lady does her work. Food was delivered to GM when we were eating dinner.

When we finished our dinner, we had a talk about how the financial crisis works and also a theory of the melamine phenomenon. Came back and watched another episode of TF till 11.45pm. Then, I was suppose to blog and go to bed.

Suddenly, I ditched that idea and started thinking of ideas of making a better video to win over ZS video. After 40 minutes, I came up with some stuff that didn't really satisfy me. So, I decided to give up. I made quite a few but here is the 3 best I came out with.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 3

Search the Internet again for Magic Tricks and watched Zeroes for ideas. At 1.50am, I decided to just go to bed...

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