Thursday, October 30, 2008


Woke up at 9.30am in the morning. Used the laptop till 11am. Went downstairs to have some pineapple tarts for breakfast. When I was about to leave, I spent 10 minutes looking for my phone.

In the end, I found it but suffered a HEARTACHE! My phone was under the table and in THREE pieces! Phone, battery and lid! I stared at it for awhile before picking it up. Luckily, there were no scratches or dents. Everything is fine!

It was already 11.55am. AC called and I told him I'm coming now. I drove to TPM and met him at ENT3. I went to park my car and noticed I ran out of petrol. Hopped into his car and we went to Old Town for lunch.

He ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang and "Xi Mut Lai Cha"while I ordered a new set that comes with Homemade Chicken Rice (minced meat) and Ice Lemon Tea for RM 8.30.

RM 8.30 SET - Reasonable and tasty

We went back to APIIT just in time for class. Mr Jonathan taught us about resumes and CVs. After class people from SARC came to promote the Dance2Nista.

Dance2Nista is a Inter-College Dance competition that will be held in APIIT this Saturday. For RM 15, we get a goodie bag (worth RM 30), entrance to Dance2Nista and also a ticket to EUPHORIA (worth RM 40).

DY was interested in this and he convinced the rest of us to go too. We went to CT class and Miss Intan's class went on for an hour. Then, she gave us a break.

After some discussion, we went downstairs to buy 5 tickets for Saturday's event! Did I mention AL was sick and did not attend class? AC paid for him temporarily.

5 Dance2Nista Tickets = RM 75

We also bought some Bubble Tea. They were selling many flavours of bubble tea. RM 4 for Ice Blended and RM 3 for milk tea. I ordered Nescafe Ice Blended but only remembered to take a picture of it after I finished.

Nescafe Ice Blended Bubble Tea (RM 4) - The pearls were nice and sweet!

Miss Intan continued her class and we sat there for another hour. After class ended, AC dropped DY and I near our cars (just next to each other).

I remembered I was nearly out of petrol so I asked DY where was the nearest petrol station. He lead me to the one along the main road to APIIT BBJ campus. He left me there while I refilled RM 15 of petrol.

Then, KW and I sat in the car for 10 minutes before we finally came to a U-turn to go back to Sri Petaling. I think I used up RM 5 out of 15 of the petrol I pumped.

Dropped KW at the station and came home. JL's mum was here so I couldn't park at my usual spot. Came in and watched Mythbusters with M. This episode was "Spy" themed. They busted myths related to heists and robberies.

Then, I showered and used the laptop. Had dinner and came up to do our ProCom assignment. At 10pm, I brought the laptop downstairs to discuss with my group members while watching Mythbusters.

This episode was a follow-up of the episode we saw earlier. At 11pm, I brought the laptop back upstairs and continued with my assignment. I finally stopped at 2.40am and decided to blog.

It's 3.12am now. Going to sleep now. Morning!

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