Sunday, October 5, 2008

Movie Day

Yesterday night's movie (Mamma Mia!) was fun, happy, cheerful and whacky! If you like ABBA songs, you have to watch it. The movie ended at 11.30pm and we reached home at 11.50pm.

Woke up at 8.40am in the morning. Had some Cremeria Ice Cream for breakfast. This flavour was YUMMY compared to the Pecan one. I downloaded and watched episode 00 of Heroes Season 3.

I also booked 4 tickets to watch Eagle Eye at 4.30pm. After watching the trailer yesterday, we were very interested to watch this. Mum and dad had a lunch appointment so dad just went and bought us some chicken rice.

After eating, I came upstairs and watched Wall-E on the laptop. It was a fun movie. Mum and dad came home just when the movie ended. We (mum, M, J and I) got ready and went to Gardens to watch Eagle Eye.

Even before the movie started, the Malay fellow beside me started to shake his leg and caused an EARTHQUAKE at my seat! That got me very annoyed! Luckily, he stopped when the show started.

Eagle Eye was a nice movie. I like the parts where the mystery women calls them and ask them to do crazy stuff. After M mentioned, I realized that they probably took the idea from Get Smart for the ending (to use music to activate the bomb).

The movie ended at 6.40pm. We called dad and told him to come join us at Tony Roma's for dinner. We went to TR to get a table for 9. 15 minutes later, they (our family plus MM and AC) arrived.

We ordered our food and talked. AC brought his 4x4 rubix cube to solve it. The food arrived quite quickly. After finishing everything on my plate, I was stuffed and bloated. The waiter just brought the bill and gave it to GM. All of us were surprised because nobody asked for the bill!

Anyway, dad paid. Dad and GM went to TMC while I drove the rest of us back home. J went to shower as soon as we reached home (because she was the only one that hasn't showered). We waited for her to finish showering before watching Spiderwick Chronicles.

The movie ended at 11pm. It was quite exciting but lame and predictable at the same time. The girls got ready to sleep and I came upstairs to update my blog and settle some FBM and Facebook.

Ah, the holiday week just finished. Tomorrow, everyone will be going back to school and college already. Haih... didn't even do a single bit of my assignment.

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