Friday, October 3, 2008

Time Flies!

Woke up at 9.30am today. used the laptop for awhile before going downstairs for breakfast. Dad heated up some croissants and pie for us. I ate a chicken floss croissant and a pie. Then, I went to the bathroom and washed up.

At 10.20am, DY and HX came to my house. I hopped into their car and we drove to BSC. We waited in the car for AL and MY to come (10 minutes later). Then, we went in and played badminton.

DY, HX and I came home at 12pm while AL and MY were still playing there. After showering, I transferred some TF and LOS to HX's phone. Then, AL called and told us he was outside my house. We went to the post office (HX wanted to settle some stuff) before going for lunch.

We drove to Chun Heong for lunch. After going about 2 rounds, DY decided to parked an illegal spot. Once we entered Chun Heong, DY and HX said that they are going to MV for lunch. Forgetting about them, we found a table and ordered our food.

After lunch, AL and MY sent me home. I used the laptop to chat, facebook and update my blog. At about 4pm, dad came home. I he called Sony Ericsson and they told him that they could fix my phone.

So, we left the house and went to Gardens. We went to the SE Authorised Service Centre and they told us we should go to Amcorp Mall instead because they are only a Level 2 service centre and Amcorp Mall is a Level 3 SC.

If we send it in at Gardens, they will help us send to Amcorp Mall (1 weeks). But, if we send it straight to Amcorp Mall, it only takes a couple of hours. To speed up the process, we decided to sent it to Amcorp mall ourselves tomorrow morning.

Then, we went to Maxis and I asked them to help me configure my 3G settings. Next, we went to Big Apple to buy half a dozen of donuts. After that, I told dad about the problems on the VAIO. He then insisted we go to the Sony Center on the 3rd floor.

Notice that all the patterns on the donuts have been smeared?

After telling the salesperson about our problem, he told us to send it together with our warranty card to the Sony Service Centre at Northpoint. We then went to pay the parking ticket and drove to Lucky Garden.

Dad went to AA to get some medicine for E. Then, he went to TMC to get M a birthday wrapper. All this while, I waited for him in the car. I already ate one donut while in the car. Haha.

When we reached home, J was watching Disney Channel Games 2008. I joined her for awhile before coming upstairs to collect my earnings from "friends finance". Then, I went down for dinner.

Mum cut some dragon fruit and I ate some of it. After dinner, I turned on Disney Channel and watched the movie "Zodiac: The Race Begins". At first, dad was the only one that accompanied me.

When dad thought it was interesting, he asked M to come and join us. Then, everyone else started paying attention to the show. It ended at 9pm and I came upstairs to watch a random episode of Pokemon.

This is the first time this week that I wrote a post without drafting and posting a few days later. Haha. Enough for today. Bye.

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