Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sleepover at AL's

Woke up at 7.15am automatically. Then, mum told me that she is having breakfast with GG and PP. Mum told me that they need to be at Sentral at 8.30am so I decided to join them.

I got dressed and went to 97. PP told us to come in to wait because GG wasn't ready. When we went inside, GG was clueless about the breakfast. He continued eating his breakfast and read his papers.

So, mum made toast with pork floss for herself and me. I stayed there till about 9am. They loaded their luggage into mum's car and mum drove us to KL Sentral. In the house, they gave me some "pocket money". RM150 total

Toast Bread with Chicken Floss

After dropping them at Sentral, we went home. DY was waiting outside and he showed me his car's rear windscreen. It was cracked into many many pieces because there was a grass-cutter cutting grass on the highway. They probably hit a rock and the rock flew into his windscreen.

Dy's Rear Windscreen

He came inside and I quickly got ready and packed my stuff. At 10am, we left my house. Went to BSC to pay for tomorrow's court but the man wasn't there. So, I left dad's number to his coworkers (lifeguards maybe).

I then went back home to give dad the details and asked him to pay for us when the guy calls him. Then, I led DY to APIIT. We arrived at ENT3 20 minutes later. AL and AC were already there.

We did and discussed some of the QM assignment till 12.10pm. Then, we went into AC's car and he drove to McD for lunch. AC ordered a Big and Tasty Regular Value Meal for me and I paid him.

Big and Tasty!!

After lunch, we went back. ProCom class was at 1.15pm. Next was CT at 3.30pm. CT was okay. She discussed the previous tutorial and gave us a break after an hour. skipped procom. jonat refused to teach.

AC and ZS went and bought some Bubble Tea from a booth in the foyer. They said it was nice but JW commented otherwise. Miss Intan continued her lesson. After that, she marked our attendance and we were dismissed.

JW and I stayed back to let Miss Intan check our assignment. Then, I drove to MY's house. We played some Street Badminton before leaving for AL's house.

Reached AL's house at about 5.30pm. Went to his room and did some QM again. I was stuck with a question for more than 45 minutes. Went down at 7.30pm for dinner with AL's parents and aunt.

After dinner, we came up and did more QM and used the laptop for awhile. At 9pm, we went out to Maluri to cut our hair. We went to AL's friend and he charged us RM10 per head. An hour later, AL and I came out with new hairstyles. ZS didn't want to cut his hair though...

We then went out for a drink with the hairdresser (a guy). In the mamak stall, we listened to his stories from work (teaching at Kuen Cheng). It was quite fun to hear stuff from a teachers point of view.

At 11pm, we paid up and left. We then took turns to shower in AL's house. We then continued doing our assignments. After that, they played DOTA while I facebooked and blogged.

At 2.30am, we did more QM till 3am. We then finally decided to sleep. AL kept disturbing us with his cold and lame jokes. Somehow, it still made us laugh very hard... That kept us up for another 30 minutes before we slept.

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