Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to College

Woke up at around 8.30 in the morning. Had a cream bun with the packaging of HSM2! I was amused to see that Disney had produced bread. Probably just an imitation. Watched an episode and a half of TF.

Then, I drove to TPM. I parked FAR (I'm just exaggerating) from APIIT and had to walk all the way to class. I reached class just when Mrs Kwan started calling our names. DY told me he called but I didn't answer. I then found out that I have to activate the "Radio" in the blackberry before using phone functions.
bought 1/3 eumora for rm90
She gave us our exam papers (the one we took before the holidays) and I had 77! 20 marks lower than my NS test. And this time, I didn't get the highest (top score is 80). She then continued teaching us about financial mathematics.

We went out for lunch at 12.40pm. We decided to eat at Good Tea. I ordered a Char Siew Wanton Mee (RM4) and a cup of White Kopi (RM1.80). After lunch, we went back to APIIT. Just as we got down the car, it started drizzling.

Then, we went to our class for CT. AC finally came (he was absent earlier today) and sat next to us. During the break, I transferred Heroes Season 2 to AC and AL's laptop. We also chatted about some stuff and I discussed some minor stuff about our assignment with my members.

After class, I dropped KW at the station and I drove home. There were nobody when I reached home. GM was already in the hospital to prepare for tomorrow cataract surgery. I turned on the laptop and SS called. He said he was coming so I waited for him to arrive before showering.

While waiting, I watched TF and ate some Cadbury Almond Nuts. Then, J came back home. So, I went ahead and showered. When I came out, SS was already here. He went in the bathroom and fixed what was broken by the DESTROYER we EMPLOYED to CLEAN our house!!

I watched TF till it was about 7.40pm. Then, all of us went over to 97 for dinner since GM wasn't around to cook for us. After dinner, we (mum, dad, J and I) went to visit GM at Assunta Hospital. M and E couldn't go because they were sick.

We stayed there for about half an hour chatting and watching TV with GM. Then, a nurse came in and checked her blood pressure. She had a shock because it was AFTER visiting hours and there were 9 visitors there!

She told us to let GM rest and so we left the hospital. Just after we left, C called and asked if we wanted to go to A&W. I agreed and so we met up again in A&W. I went to buy the ice cream while C and SS went to buy food.

I ordered a Bear Essentials (all mint as usual), a double-scoop waffle for K (vanilla with strawberry sauce) and SS ordered a Tidal Wave ( 8 scoops of ice cream with cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce, nuts and cherries!). Total was RM 21.40.

The service here was slow and the cashier didn't know how to do his work with a smile. SS bought some rootbeer, curly fries, a coney dog and some chicken. Mum and J just ate the mint ice cream while dad and I had some of K's waffle and SS's tidal wave.

We went home at 10.40pm. The road home was blocked because some neighbours were burning something for some ritual (because someone in the neighbourhood passed away). So, we took a detour and reached home minutes later.

M's CBox and Sitemeter on her blog got screwed up so I helped her out abit. Everyone is asleep now. That's all for today. Night.

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