Friday, October 17, 2008


Woke up at 8.30am. Started downloading TF and LOS. Used the laptop for a while. I went downstairs to look for something to eat. I opened the freezer and saw FOUR MINI TUBS OF CREMERIA!! I then decided to take a can of 100 plus for breakfast.


Then, M came home. She was happy her PMR was over. I came upstairs and watched LOS. Then, I went to E's room to see what she was up to. At 12pm, I followed mum and dad for lunch.

Mum's uncle came to KL and we were going to bring him out for lunch with GTA. GTA parked his car at our house and we all went in the Avanza. Dropped by Eukanuba to because GTA needed to pick up some stuff.

Then, we drove to Jusco in Taman Maluri to pick GK, GL and AF. We sat in the car for a VERY long time because the traffic was heavy EVERYWHERE!! Dad parked outside Jusco and mum called them and asked them to look for us outside KFC.

We then drove to a Hawker Center. Once we reached that place, we realized that it is only open at night. So, we went to another coffee shop for lunch. They chat while eating. We left the place 45 minutes later.

When we walked to our car, we saw another car BLOCKING us!! That IDIOT didn't even bother to leave his contact number. After more than 10 minutes of HONKING, he finally came out and reparked his car.

Dad drove us home and went off to work. I stayed home while GTA brought GK and family to his house. Used the laptop and watched TF. M and her friends came to our house and watched TMMR on the desktop. At 6.20pm, her friends left and both of us went to pick E up from school.

Traffic was terrible! A 10 minute drive took us 40 minutes! We took another 20 minutes to get back home. I used the laptop and showered till about 7.40pm. Came downstairs and had dinner.

Loud and Scary flickering lamp near our house...

Then, we watched TV till about 11pm. Took some snacks and water while watching TV. I didn't bother touching the puzzle today. M only managed to fix 8 pieces. The rest of the 300++ is going to take FOREVER...

Mum and dad came home together at about 11.30pm. I started using the laptop while dad heated up some spring rolls (leftovers from Crystal Crown Buffet, thanks to WM). Then, the Internet kept having problems. Restarted the modem 3 times before things finally worked out.

Tried to ask DY and YM about the problem but none of them knew how to solve it. Now, I'm downloading LOS (sendspace speed is at 80kbps!! Amazing!!) and a song for C. Going to bed after all downloads are completed...

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