Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What A Day!

Woke up at 8am again by the alarm. Turned on the laptop to watch Heroes but again, it was too slow. I washed up and went to the get myself a cup of water. Then, I had to go to the toilet for an "EMERGENCY".

After I settled it, I noticed that my sh*t had some purple in it!! Must be from the dragon fruit I ate yesterday! Since we had no breakfast, mum brought us to McD for breakfast. I ordered a Fillet O Fish, ate the free Ice Cream and had one Hash Brown.

We came back and I started watching TF. At around 1.30pm, WM called and asked if I wanted to go visit CM and her kids. Minutes later, KK, AP, WM and LZ came in WM's car to pick me up.

We went for lunch somewhere near CM's house. I ordered a Roasted Pork Rice and Iced Kopi. Both of it was paid by WM!! LZ drank some of my Iced Kopi and liked it. After lunch, we went to CM's house as planned.

DZ and SY was quite shy at first. After awhile, LZ and I played with both of them and we enjoyed ourselves very much. Cute babies, haha. We stayed there for more than an hour before going back.

We also brought back 4 boxes of food for DW's full moon (1 box for WM and AP, 1 box for CK and WK and 1 box each for SS and our family). We went to the tire shop to pump some gas into WM's tires.

Just when we were about to leave, the car couldn't start. WM decided to go back to Honda and change the battery. KK drove all of us back to his house. Then, WM changed her mind and decided to let the tire shop do it. So, she drove the car back there.

In AP's house, we ate some "tong sui", ice cream and also "ang ku kuih". Dad smsed me and told me to collect my phone. I told him I wasn't home and we decided to collect it later when we visit GM. Then, I fell asleep on and off while LZ was doing her homework in front of the TV.

I woke up at 6pm and watched I watched some Hokkien Series with AP till about 6pm. AM came back from Korea and WM and LZ went home few minutes later. Then, I texted mum to ask her to come and pick me up.

She came half an hour later and I went home. Before going home, I went to deliver a box of the full moon food set (or whatever you call it) to CK and WK's house. At home, we took turn to shower. Dad called the Service Center and found out they were going to close in 20 minutes! So, I'll have to bare with the STUPID BLACKBERRY for another day...

When we finished showering, it was already 8pm. Mum told us that she asked MM to cook our share of dinner for today. We decided to stop waiting for their call and walked over there. To our surprise, they didn't cook our dinner because mum DIDN'T TELL MM anything!!

So, we drove out to Nam Chuen and I ordered a Char Kuey Teow. After dinner, we drove back home to drop M and E. On the way home, GM called and told us her HANDBAG got STOLEN!! I was very surprised to hear this because it was a HOSPITAL!!

Once we reached home, I went to take a box (of the full moon stuff) to give it to SS when we meet them in the hospital. We reached Assunta at 9pm. SS and family were already there. They brought some food (as requested by GM) for GM.

We then told the nurses about GM's incident. Apparently, around 8.30pm, GM went to the toilet. Then, she heard the door opening. She assumed it was us coming to visit her. When she came out, none of us were there and she found out that her HANDBAG was MISSING!!

Then, a nurse in charge of the wards came in and we told her the story again. After awhile, a superior came and we told her the story AGAIN. AFTER that, (starting to get boring and annoyed already) two guards came in.

None of us wanted to tell them to story anymore. There were about 10 seconds of awkward silence. At last, dad went and told them what happened. Dad asked them to check the CCTV for the corridors but they said they will do it TOMORROW!

We put that incident aside and started talking about C and Switzerland. At 10pm, a guard came in and told us that visiting hours was over and we had to leave soon. So, we said our goodbyes to GM and went off.

Reached home at about 10.40pm. I waited for M to get ready before we started to watch Heroes S3E4. This episode was really nice and gripping. Looks like season 3 will be the best and most exciting one yet. Night...

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