Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Woke up at 9am today. Used the laptop and had some "Tim Tam" for breakfast. Then, dad wanted to go for breakfast. Since I needed to go to CzipLee, I followed him. Mum came along too.

We planned to eat at Nirvana but it was closed. So, we parked our car and went to CzipLee. Dad went to BV to cut his hair in the RM15 shop. After 10 minutes, I choose my testpad and mum paid up.

College Pad (RM 3.30) - Cool looking right?

Then, we walked to "Kopitiam 71" and met dad there for breakfast. Dad didn't cut his hair because there were too many people there.

I ordered a Chicken Porridge and dad ordered a Kopi. Mum and dad talked about Moleskin and other stuff while I finished my porridge. It was NOT nice at all. Too watery!

Chicken Porridge (RM 6.50) - Bad, bad, bad...

Dad paid and he went to cut his hair. Mum and I went to Berry's to buy Cappuccino Bun for GM. Then, I drove home. Before we reached home, dad called. We turned back to pick him up.

In the car, he told us he decided not to cut his hair because there was only an old-man there. The old guy even asked a customer permission to have breakfast. And he even told him that his hands were SHAKING!!

I used the laptop for awhile before we went out for lunch. Mum brought E to Gardens for Thai food. Dad brought the rest of us to Hing Kee (somewhere near Maluri??) for lunch.

They had air-cond rooms but the waitress was very rude! Hate her attitude! Dad ordered 2 noodles, 5 "sui gao" and some meat (char siew and siew yoke). I didn't order any drinks.

Sui Gao (RM 1 each) - Tasted fine.

2 Noodles (RM 30) - Nothing Special.

Char Siew & Siew Yoke (RM 32) - Crazy price. Liked the Char Siew. Can't say the same for Siew Yoke.

The Receipt (RM 70.30) - Dad paid.

After that, dad went to his client's place to collect something. Then, we went to DGG's house to visit them. Stayed there and played with the baby for almost an hour. We also talked about the cruise trip.

We left at 4pm and went home. Stopped at a bank before that. Came back and used the laptop. Dad went to Puchong and J went out with her friends. I then wrote yesterday's post till 6pm.

Went downstairs to eat some ice cream. There was only 1/4 of Chocolate Temptation left so I quickly finished it! Watched "Don't Tell My Mother..." on National Geographic Channel.

At 7pm, we went for dinner at Rendezvous close to DGG's house (taman maluri). The place was very dim, stuffy and had many mosquitoes. I ordered a SourSop Ice (drink) and a Spaghetti Carbonara.

Spaghetti Carbonara (RM 9.80) - Too watery but smells very nice!

Soursop Ice (RM 5.80) - Too SOUR! The soursop was GREEN!! Not bad.

The Receipt (RM 82) - Dad paid again.

A car was blocking us so dad honked him. We went to AA Pharmacy in Bangsar before going home. Mum bought some stuff while dad went to TMC to buy bread.

He bought "Gardenia: Breakthrough" which cost RM 4.50!! The usual white bread is only RM 2.10. You know what they say, Health is Wealth. Haha. Does that even make sense?

At home, I showered and used the laptop. Currently discussing some maths with KW through MSN. Should be sleeping early today. Bye.

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