Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Day, Long Post

Woke up at 8am and used the laptop till about 9.30am. Showered and had SunMoulin bread for breakfast. When GM showed me the bread, I was SHOCKED because I saw many BLACK SPOTS!! I then realized it was a raisin bun...

Drove to TPM and parked my car. Just then, AC arrived and parked in front of my car. We walked to class together. Mrs Kwan just started teaching when we walked in. She didn't scold us or anything for being 5 minutes late.

At 11am, she stopped the class and allowed those interested to go down to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Business Week. Our group decided to stay in class and chat/play DOTA/watch the play DOTA.

QM Class continued at 11.30am. We were dismissed at 12.30pm. All of us sat in the Avanza and AC drove it to McD. Before that, I drove AC's car and helped him park it at my previous spot.

In my car, AL was playing with my Honk. He kept sounding the honk for no reason while AC drove. ML at the back of my car, played with my PINK DUCKY instead. He kept squeezing the duck and irritated DY and ZS.

Once I reached McD, I realized my phone was NOT in my pocket. I ordered a Large Big Mac McValue Meal. After I bought my food, I went to my car to check if I left it there. Unfortunately, it wasn't there. The only possibly place left was AC's car.

I went back inside McD and ate my burger. All the while, I was eating and worrying about my phone. When we were done, they wanted to stay in McD to relax but I asked them to hurry up. During the drive back, I even told AL to drive FASTER!

When we reached the parking area, I quickly went to AC's car. THANK GOODNESS! My C902 was lying on his chair. Luckily nobody broke his window and stole the phone. I quickly took the phone and put it in my pocket. The phone was kinda hot though...

We were 30 minutes early for CT class. As usual, we used the basement door to get into APIIT so that we didn't need to wear tags or tuck in our shirt. (I'm a good boy = I was wearing my tag and had my shirt tucked in)

To our surprise, APIIT has installed a device that only allows the door to be opened from the inside. Luckily, we saw a student at the other side and signaled him to open the door for us. We went for CT class and sat there for 2 hours.

During the break, AL asked me for Heroes S3E4, KW asked me for Heroes S1 and MZ asked me for Heroes S3. I was pleased to share Heroes with AL and KW but as for MZ, who is like almost a stranger to me, I felt reluctant and selfish.

So, I took his pendrive and left it there without transferring anything. After class, he asked me if it was done. I told him NO. He came back later and saw it still lying there. From then, he kinda realized what I meant. He then took his pendrive and went back to his seat.

I admit I am a selfish bully. I'll do anything for people that mean something to me but if somehow I don't like you or your attitude, it is very rare that I'll do something for you. That is just me. Can't change it. Well, at least I felt kinda bad for him.

I drove KW and WL to the LRT station. On the way, we chatted about stuff. Came home and used the laptop. Asked how M did for today's papers. Then, I looked for the Mamma Mia! Lyrics and saved it in a Word Document. Sang along till it was 7.20pm. M joined me near the ending.

AM called and told me to pick her up at 7.40pm for badminton. It would only be me and her playing and I were to find extra players. I went down and ate dinner. I then realized that I was supposed to be vegetarian today!

After eating, I went on MSN and asked LC if he wanted to play badminton. He said he will be coming soon and he'll try yo find another person. I went to pick AM up and she made me an egg sandwich that was for me to eat after the game.

We reached BSC at 7.50pm. CKK was there and he came to talk to us. If you ask AM, she will tell you a long story of what he said. Anyway, at 8pm, we played 1v1. I couldn't believe I lost to AM. I used to play better but somehow I play badly today.

I felt kinda embarrassed because all the other people in the court (except us) play like pros and yet we (lousy players) come and play. LC came about 15 minutes later. AM and I teamed up and played against him. My performance still at the bottom.

At 9pm, AM took a break. I played against LC by myself. This time, I seem to play better. Anyway, we went back to AP's house at 9.15pm. YM just reached home too. AM made us Mango Juice and I ate the sandwich she made for me.

My Egg Sandwich

My Mango Juice

Then, SC came home. After a short chat, we left their house and went to mine. Mum then decided to bring us out to eat something. We waited for mum and E to change before leaving. Then, LC drove us to BV with his SLK.

Here is where the BEST part of the day begins. We parked and went to CHOCOLATE! I've wanted to go there for quite some time now. They are using a self-service concept and we had to pay first.

theobroma's CHOCOLATE lounge

Our bill. No Extra Charges!!

We sat down and looked through the menu. After deciding what to order, LC, E and I went to order our food. We ordered a Chocolate Affair (fondue) to share, Princess (iced chocolate) for me, Queen (milk chocolate shake) for LC and Lemon Grass and Ginger tea for mum.

Philips Water Dispenser

We took water from the water dispenser. The food was served to us later. My Princess was yummy. There was a scoop of chocolate ice cream inside too.

Princes of Iceland - RM 10.90

Minutes later, the FONDUE arrived!! The chocolate was VERY VERY YUMMY!! But, the only fruit that goes nicely with it was the bananas. Other fruits like strawberry, kiwi and orange were too sour. The marshmallows weren't nice too. Anyway, this is the cheapest Fondue I've found and it's NICE as long as the chocolate is DELICIOUS!!

Chocolate Affair - Side View A

Chocolate Affair - Side View B

Chocolate Affair - Birds Eye View

Mum LOVED her Lemon Grass and Ginger Tea. I tasted some of it too. Before she left, she asked the waiter where they got this brand of tea. They told us it was bought from Singapore and imported from Sri Lanka.

Lemon Grass and Ginger - RM 9.90

On the way out, I saw some chocolates that they were selling. All of them were RM 4.90 per piece! That is really unaffordable for students like me. 5 pieces of that could get me one Fondue!

Would you buy these for Rm 4.90 per piece?

LC dropped us home before he left. I showered and used the laptop. I then signed in and saw Mr Warren left me a comment. I then went to his blog and saw Mr Warren's post about his last day with us. I then left him a comment on that post.

Chatted with LC (not the previous LC) and O. Both of them told me their stories and I was giving them advice! That was totally rare! Wrote this super long post till nearly 3am! Going to sleep now! went to live cam site

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