Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Woke up at 7.45am just in time to hear my reminder ring. Rushed to turn it off. Used the laptop and downloaded another 2 parts of Heroes. Did some stuff on the laptop and smsed AC.

He told me they were meeting in APIIT at 9am. I wasn't told anything so I decided not to go. Left the house at 9.40pm and reached APIIT at 10am. Had few pieces of chocolates for breakfast.

Went to the second floor to look for ZS, FK, JW and DY. Taught JW and ZS some questions and also compared my answers with JW. I realized I had some mistakes and corrected them on the spot.

At 10.35am, we went downstairs for class. Mrs Kwan taught us a new topic and let us choose between doing the tutorials or our assignments. At 12pm, she dismissed us.

After AL and AC finalized their assignment, we went to submit our assignments. ML stayed behind because he still had some stuff to do. The rest of us squeezed into AC's car and went for lunch.

We decided to go Yoke Heng for lunch. We ordered vege, "lala", "har gou", "specialty tofu" (wet one), "specialty pork ribs" and a kettle of "kuk pou". I loved the tofu and ribs! The total bill was RM 94 for 6 of us (RM 15 each).

Then, we drove back to ENT3 for ProCom. Waited till 2.30pm before Mr Jonathan said some stuff about our assignments for 10 minutes. Then, he dismissed the class and went back.

We sat there discussing our ProCom assignment before we left. Today, I dropped KW and JT at the station. Then, I came home.

Reached home at 3.40pm. M's friends were here. I went upstairs and used the laptop. I brought the tub of La Cremeria and finished the rest of it (half of it). Tested out the "remote desktop" that AC taught me.

Then, wrote yesterday's and today's post. Downloaded songs from HSM1 and HSM3. Now, I have all the songs from HSM1, HSM2 and HSM3. Burned TF into 2 DVDs.

YSY sent me this funny pic. Enjoy!

After dinner, I'll going to watch Heroes. Bye...

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