Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drinks and a Duck

Woke up around 7.30am today. Use the computer till 8 something and went back to sleep. Had some twiggies for breakfast. After that, I showered and got ready to go to college. Wanted to go collect my phone before going to class but the weren't open yet.

Reached TPM at 10.20am. AL, AC and I walked to APIIT. Went to QM class. Then, we had lunch at Good Tea after class. AC and AL drove their car and sent it in for Car Wash (RM 8) per car.

I ordered "wat dan hor" which cost RM4.50 and it tasted quite good. I ordered Iced Milo this time because I have been drinking too much coffee lately. Went back to APIIT after lunch.

Everyone had a shock when Mr Jonathan came in the class today because he was BALD! He told us he did this for a reason (protest against ISA). He then started our ProCom class.

The class ended early. We stayed in the class and used our laptops, played DOTA and some were even playing old maid! At 4.50pm, we went back to the main building for Moral Studies.

AL was playing with AC's panda. When he wanted to give it back, Mr Warren encouraged him to throw it to AC. Right after the panda flew to AC, Mr Warren said "Thank You" and took the bear.

All of us laughed because we realised that Mr Warren once said if we throw anything, it will be his. So, Mr Warren took it and displayed it with it's but FACING us on his table. He taught us about the similarities of Moral and Religious Studies.

Then, he showed us our marks for our assignment. After that, we were allowed to go home. At home, I finished the reaminder (one third) of the small tub of Cremeria Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation.

Then, dad came home with MY PHONE! It wasn't laggy anymore and all the problems were solved. Everything was reset so I spent some time reconfiguring it. They went over to 97 for dinner while I waited for M.

M came back from tuition at about 7.45pm. She came in and put her things upstairs before we went over for dinner. After dinner, the four of us (mum, dad, J and I) went to Assunta to visit GM.

At the lobby, I asked dad to buy the PINK duck! It was RM10 for each. The purpose of it was just to show support to Breast Cancer Awareness. So, this duck will be proudly sitting on my dashboard tomorrow.

Quack! Quack! Quack!

There's a message around it's A**hole!

When we arrived at the room, SG and family were already there. Mum then decided to prank C! She pretended as a nurse and called C and asked him to buy Hot Chocolate from Starbucks! We were laughing away!

After he put down the phone, he realised that something was fishy. He then asked C to call that number on her phone. That is when mum's name appeared and he then realised he was pranked!

They came to the hospital and we stayed there for about an hour or so. At 9.30pm, we left GM to sleep and we all went to Starbucks. The 13 of us spent about RM 100 for 8 drinks. C and I ordered cold drinks while the others ordered hot ones.

We sat there chatting till about 10.30pm (they were supposed to close at 10pm). We reached home at 10.50pm. Changed to my pyjamas and came up and used the laptop. Its 12am now. I'll probably be watching Distraction later. Bye.

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